Muslims are now Weak in Faith, Strength and Knowledge. Their Situation is the Worst

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The next question from a brothel hack from Kashmir, Peace and mercy be upon you. There is no doubt that Almighty Allah has taken great work from you.

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May Allah make your bounty more common? Dr. sahab the way we see today is that there is a lot of effort to defame Muslims. And the Muslims themselves are going astray, day by day and the Muslims are now weak in every way, in terms of faith, in terms of strength in terms of knowledge, the condition of Muslims now would hardly have happened in any era. My question is, how do Muslims get the heritage back? What do we need to do to regain a position

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the brother has rightly said

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that the Muslims today are weak,

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when it comes to the condition of faith, where it is regarding strength, where it is regarding knowledge, via V.

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What should be done to regain our past glory, there are various things to be done, so that the Muslims can get back the path theory.

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The full speech again given that time will not permit me to speak in detail, but I can give you three important points that the Muslims should lay stress on to solve this problem. Number one,

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the Muslims should go back to Quran and authentic hadith of the Beloved Prophet Musa.

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If we look in the past, at the time of Musa al salaam, at the time of the Sabbath at the time of call Farah Shaleen,

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the Muslims are powerful.

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The Muslims were top of the world so much so that during the reign of the tama Mala be visiting the second Caliph of Islam,

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the Islamic empire, it expanded and Hamdulillah we were one of the most powerful people in the world. But today we find that we are looked down upon, we are criticized, we are pointed fingers that we are laughed upon. And I do agree with the question. The reason is, we have gone away from the Quran and Sunnah.

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If we go back to Quran and Sunnah, if you follow the guidance mentioned the Glorious Quran, and the authentic hadith of the Beloved Prophet, inshallah we torchbearer the world again. If you

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read the history of Europe, it fades from the eighth to the 12th century, it was the Dark Ages, that for whom, that for the Europeans, not for the one,

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the amount of advancement that the Muslim Arabs made from the eighth to the 12th century phenomenon. If you go back to history, and you read that in terms of science and technology, from the eighth to 12th century, the Muslim on top of the world the father of chemistry, was, they say gamble, it is Jabir Ibn Hayyan not give her the rest of the name is Giovanni Yan, in mathematics, in astronomy, in physics, the Muslims on top of the world. So my thought that if you wanted to excel in science, it was compulsory, you learn Arabic language. Today, you have learned English language, because English is the international language. At that time, Arabic was the most sought after language. If you

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wanted to excel in science and technology, and in literature, you had to learn Arabic, which is not the case today. Because that time the Muslims were close to the Quran and Sunnah we were on top of the world.

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Number two, Allah says in the Quran in surah Al Imran Chapter number three was 203 while at the same will be humbly like Jamil while at the whole strongly to the rope of Allah Akbar not divided the rope of Allah is the Glorious Quran and authentically number one, number two, we have to be united and we should not be divided. So this was the Quran gives the two most important solutions for the advancement of the Muslims. What the same will be humbly lie Jamil, hold strongly to the rope of Allah will at the end we not divided so we have to holster

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On the Quran and Sunnah, go back to the Quran. sunnah. Number two, we should be united and we should not be divided. Unfortunately today, most of the Muslims are divided in most parts of the world. They're divided into different schools of thought in different sects in different ideologies. They are divided in two different groups,

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different organizations, you may have different organizations, no problem you may have different schools of thought, no problem, but we should be united you should be as one Oma.

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Today the non Muslims are taking advantage of us because we are divided.

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If you're united, this will never happen. And the third is that today, the Muslims are caring more for dunya than the Hara.

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Allah says in the Quran, that if

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you strive for the dunya, Allah will give you dunya but will not give Asha but if you stay for that Hara, Allah will give Accra Ivan as dunya.

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All of us know

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one of the most important words that we make very often is from Surah Baqarah. Chapter number two was number two and anyone Rabbana Artina fifth dunya has netofa lakra there has nothing other than that, oh Lord, give us the best in this world, and the hereafter, and favours from the torment

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of the Hellfire. Rabbana attina Fifth dunya has not offered Accra there has nothing other than that. We know this dua, but do you know the verse that comes before this, and majority the Muslim No, no. There was before this dua faith that those who strive for this dunya Allah gives you the dunya does not give Yatra then this word comes even in this dua if you analyze the first 1/3 Dua is talking about the dunya Rabbana Athena finned dunya Oh Lord, give me the good in this world.

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Banana fit dunya has no we're actually just gonna take another banana and give me the good in the hereafter and save me from the torment of hellfire. So 1/3 of the DWIs give me the best in this world. Number two, if give me the best in the Acura

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and the third is save me from the torment of hellfire. So first 1/3 is talking about dunya the nephew third is talking about akhira the best in that era and save me from the torment of the Hellfire. That means even in this dua 1/3 is only for this dunya 230 for the Hara. Unfortunately today, most of the Muslims majority they are running after dunya so much that they're forgotten their Hara.

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If you strive for that Shira inshallah Allah you the dunya and caribou

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if you do offer the dunya Okay, let it be maximum month or not more than that. Today we find the Muslims, whether they be in any field, whether it be business, whether they be at the professional, whether they be as a politician, they are striving more for this dunya the NACA

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if you strive for akhira Allah will you actually run this dunya also. So these three criteria are in brief, that if we pay attention on these three things are the most important three factors and there are other factors also for upliftment of the Ummah but this year, according to me, are the three major factors that if we go back to Quran and Sunnah and we follow the guidance of Allah in the Quran, and in the authentic hadith of the Beloved Prophet number one, number two, the Muslims should be united and should not be divided. And number three, that we should strive more for the ACARA Stepford Asherah Allah will give you the dunya also, if you stay for dunya it should not be more

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than 1/3 if you stay for Accra Inshallah, Allah you the best in Accra, as well as the dunya hope this answers this question.