Yasir Qadhi – The Fiqh of Salah #12 – Optional Prayers Sunan Al Rawatib

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The Bible has five types of non categorical Islam, including the holy month, daily affirmations, and the number of non categorical Islam. The importance of praying for and authentic hadiths is discussed, along with the number of RIT records and the number of RIT records because of a hadith of Omar Habiba. The number of RIT records is confirmed by the speaker, and the number of RIT records is because of a hadith of Elmo Habiba. The discussion on the matter of the opinion of the media on the matter of the opinion of the media on the matter of the opinion of the media on the matter of the opinion of the media on the matter of the opinion of the media on the matter of the opinion of the media on the matter of the opinion of the media on the matter of the opinion of the media on the matter of the opinion of the media on the matter of the opinion of the media on the matter of the opinion of the media
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Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad in early he was so happy he married, unmarried. So we now move on inshallah to Allah to the next chapter in Kitab Salah and I had a request to also have some time for q&a today and brother has also sent some questions inshallah via email. So, we will pause it a little bit earlier so that I can do these questions as well inshallah Tada, and also questions for you guys as well. So, let us begin today we will finish up Bible Salah toto work. The chapter of the Salah was that our supererogatory ie they are Neville salah, they are the Salah, that are not wajib So, in this section, all of the Salawat that are not

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obligatory. So, there are Salawat that are obligatory other than the five daily Salah watch, these will not be discussed over here. So, an example of a Salah that is not of the five daily Salah and yet it is only good Tori is what what is another Salah that is obligatory Juma switch Joomla has a separate chapter will do Joomla another chapter according to the humble you might have your EAD is also wajib. So, that is discussed in another chapter okay either is wajib and other modes have say too soon, but for the humble is it is wajib and therefore, because it is wajib. So it is discussed in a separate chapter. So this chapter is only about salatu Totowa, or the

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prayers that are not obligatory and therefore if you don't pray them, then you are not sinful for not praying them. And there is a lot of empty law for Monster Medina about the categories of total war. And for our purposes we're sticking with somebody might have and as I said, it's always good to begin with a madhhab master the MME and then once you understand one conception, you can move on so from the humbly madhhab we're here Allah hum Sati Aldo, and there are five types of Total War five types of non wajib Salawat number one of the five as soon as a robotic as soon as a robotic. These are the routine Sunnah prayers, the routine Sunnah prayers, okay, so the Sunnah robotic, are the

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prayers that are linked with the five Salah What's the definition of Dawa tube is the prayers that are linked with the five Salawat either before or after them? Okay, these are the Sunon are robotic, and the humbly made hub and the Shaffir image hub and the Maliki madhhab says that these are 10 records and the Hanafi madhhab says there are 12 records. Okay, so the Shaffir is the Maliki's and the humble is they say sunnah robotic are 10 in number and the Hanafi is they say they are 12 in number as for the three majority the reason that they say it is 10 And number is because of a hadith of Ibn Omar Mota Macaulay which the author mentions that I should work out in Hatfield. Tahuna min

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Rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam 10 or the raka that I memorized from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and then he goes on and he lists them. Or Kartini popular votary or Kartini, Bhaja or Kartini, bipedal Mazuri, beefy Beatty, he ORAC artania, by the way, Shafi Beatty he woroch artania copula al Fajr these are 10 Two before the war two after World War Two after maghrib two after Isha and two before Fajr this hadith is Bukhari and Muslim Mustafa Kali. Because of this hadith it is the most authentic hadith in this regard. So they said that the number of robotic are 12 or 10, excuse me. As for the HANA fees, they also use an authentic hadith, which is

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the hadith of OMA Habiba and the Hadith of Omar Habiba mentions that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever prays 12 raka

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daily, Allah will build for him a palace in Jannah. And then he lists them or the Hadith excuse me list them. And in this hadith, it says For before the war, so everything is the same except that Lohar has four before it. So the majority, which is the three methods they say that

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the hadith of Omar Habiba demonstrates that you can pray for if you want, but the hadith of Ibn Omar demonstrates that what is the regular is the 10. Okay, so the three might have said the 10 is the regular and the Hanafi say 12 is the regular and insha Allah Fucoidan Highland, there's no doubt that the Hanafi position in this case is the safer one. And it's not as the other three say, Don't pray the extra two is simply that one

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What are the robots? They will say these 10 and a half years what are their whatever they will say the 12. And the difference is say basically how many are before the horse. That's the difference. Okay? So the Hanafi said there are four before the horse and the other three say there are two before vote, otherwise the concept of Sunon erotica is something that is agreed upon, and all of the media have basically agree upon it. So this is the first of the categories and he mentions these two. And then he says, in particular, what had they said they have, sir, under Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam Kana editado al Fajr. Well, other than Elmo as they know sulla raka teen, so the

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prophets are sent when the Fajr was already called after the dawn. He would pray to the gods, and even Kodama, the author says, well, Houma, kudu, Houma and these Tura gods are the most important of the Sunon erotica. And so therefore, the Sunnah, Rajib are not of the same category. And of the Sunnah, relative or that which is the most important and these are the two raka out of Fajr because in one Hadith our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, The Toorak as a Fajr or more bless him, then this whole world and all that is in it, the tow truck as a Fajr are more blessed than this whole world and all that is in it. And in another Hadith, he said, Pray them, even if the enemy is

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chasing you on their horses, it's an expression in Arabic. No matter how tight your circumstances, make sure you pray the Sooners of Fajr and therefore, the Hanafis make these two Sooners even more important and they say even if I just saw that is going on. So then the back you should pray to Sooners and of course the other say they are not watching you. They cannot be watching or else they would become the actual Fajr Salah rather they are sunnah, but these two Sooners are the most important sunnah. And for these two we also learn what used to help Bucha Kofi Houma will do Houma Phil Beatty have been waka daddy Karrakatta Al Maghrib and these two raka art it is recommended that

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you make them very short. And it is also recommended that you pray them at home. And the same applies to the tool rocker out of mothering that they should be short and you should pray them at home. And the evidence for this.

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The evidence for this is the Hadith reported by Aisha Radi Allahu Allah, in which she said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prayed the the Toorak out of Fajr and I was asking myself did he even read Fatiha are not in those two regard. So he was saying I was asking myself did he even read Fatiha, which means Isha was questioning this length? How quick is it? And she was wondering did he even have time to read the Fatiha and In another Hadith we learned that our Prophet system would read surah till Catherine as soon as a class, which is not his custom and habit to read small sutras, he would generally read long Surah So the fact that he's reading caffeine and a class in

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both the regatta Fajr and the rocket of Mazuri demonstrates that those two Sooners it is sunnah to make them quick and short. So the terracotta Fajr and the terracotta of Muslim. The Sunnah is to make them swiftly and by swiftly we don't mean that the Archon are not met of being calm, quickly means smaller caught quickly does not mean your motion increases speed. This is a common misunderstanding which I think everybody should clear up immediately. When it says quickly, it doesn't mean you speed up moving up and down quickly only means it's a smaller recitation that's it. Otherwise in terms of record and moving and staying there coming up coming back down, it is the same

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in terms of the gentle calmness as is to be expected in the Salah. So these are the Sunon erotica. So we said there are five types of nothing the first of them is when an erotic and as I said the definition of so neurotic, those Salawat that are linked to the five prayers either before or after

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