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Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A carpenter and a man named Benjamin introduce themselves as a Hopeful Agent and explain that musical instruments are allowed in French, but not in English. They discuss the importance of belief in one God for acceptance in Islam and emphasize the importance of learning English and practicing in Arabic before committing to a religion. The speaker also references Deuteronomy chapter 18 and John chapter 14 as evidence of the church's belief in the holy spirit of God. They emphasize the need to practice in Arabic before committing to a religion and encourage individuals to practice in Arabic.
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My name is Benjamin and I'm a carpenter by profession.

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I'm a lover of music and my Muslim friend sees any music with instruments. It's not good. I want to know why.

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It is so, or any explanation to that statement. The brothers the question that Muslim French tell him that any musical instrument is not correct why a prophet masala Salam said He prohibited the use of musical instrument except the duff. The Duff is in one side open. Dumb, he's going to drop it softly.

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The reason is that when you play music, there are chances that you can get deviated you get carried away,

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in poetry etc, you get carried away, they start praising people and they go beyond the limits. So music takes you away many times you hear in the songs of songs beat a beat it what does it mean? You understand it, people are repeating it

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Funkytown what Funkytown it doesn't have any meaning only. So when people hear music and they start singing, they say things which have no meaning and they enjoy. It takes you away from the worship of Allah subhanaw taala takes us away from worship of Almighty God. That is the reason it is not allowed in Islam.

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Brother, but these are all minor issues. The main issue today we are discussing is our Almighty God. Do you believe there's one God?

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Yeah, I believe in one God, do you believe Jesus is God? No, very good. Do you believe Prophet Mohammed is a messenger of God? I believe he's the messenger of God. Mashallah. So if you believe that there is no one worthy of worship, except Almighty God, and you believe that Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God, Visa, Muslim, these are minor issues, but the music is allowed or not. The main issue is that if you believe there's one God, and if you believe Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God, you enter into the fold of Islam. Would you like to say it in Arabic?

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I came to ask questions, please. Can you let me finish my questions before your question? I already answered your question didn't answer your question. You asked me why is musical instrument not allowed?

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That's the first question. I have a different author. We have one more question. Yeah, I have more questions. So I should know that I cannot read people's mind. Okay. How many questions do you have? Brother?

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Should we have any more questions we have?

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About four? Four? Yeah.

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Normally, we ask one question at a time. And for next question. Go beyond the queue. If it's hot questions, I'll take you there. I'll go beyond the careers but what's the next question?

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believe in Prophet Muhammad, is the messenger of God makes you a Muslim? What about believing Jesus Christ? Is the message of God? Very good question. If you believe that Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God, become a Muslim. If you believe Jesus is the messenger of God, that also makes you a Muslim. You cannot be a Muslim if you do not believe Jesus is the messenger of God. I told you earlier that Islam is the only non Christian faith which makes it an article of faith to believe in Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, no Muslim in the Muslim, if he does not believe in Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. We believe that he was one of the mightiest messengers of God. We believe that he

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was born miraculously without any intervention. We believe that he gave life to the dead with God's permission. We believe that he healed those born by leopards is God's permission, the Muslim indication that weren't together but we do not believe He's God. So if you believe in all the messengers, Adam, Abraham, if my Isaak Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, peace be upon them all, then you become a Muslim. And we believe that Mohammed Salah Salem, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him is the last and final messenger. If you believe this, and believe in one God, then you become a Muslim. Next two questions. Okay.

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Should I believe in the Bible? Should you believe in the Bible? As far as should you believe in the Bible as the Word of God? According to me, Bible is not the word of God, what we Muslims believe, if the Injeel the revelation that were he which was given to Jesus peace be upon him, but the present Bible is not the original way. It's a corrupted form, all the revelation that came before the last and final revelation, the Quran, the torah, the boule, the Injeel, because they were meant for a particular group of people, as I mentioned in my talk, Almighty God did not think it fit to be preserved. It was meant for those people and that time, all these books have been changed. But

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because Quran is the last and final revelation of Almighty God, it was not revealed only for the Muslims or the Arabs. It was revealed for the whole of humankind, and it's supposed to be followed till eternity because of that.

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Almighty God will preserve this book. It's mentioned in surah, chapter number 15, verse number nine, that we have revealed the Quran and we shall get it from corruption. So this Quran is in the pure authentic form, the present by Bill, the changed form. It contains words of God. It contains words of Prophet, it contains words of historians, it contains *, it contains contradictions. It's a mixture. So whatever matches with the Quran, we have no objection agreeing that part is the word of God.

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The last question, if you believe the Bible is not the word of God, then why do you quotes from very good question. If I do not believe the Bible to be the word of God? Why do I quote I quote it because the Christian believe it to be the word of God.

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For example, the non Muslim doesn't believe the Quran is the word of God. But because I believe Quran is the word of God, he will point out anything from the Quran I will follow. I will not tell him I don't believe in the word of God. Because I believe Quran is the word of God, I have to follow every word, every letter of the Quran. Similarly, I do not believe everything of the Bible to be the word of God, but the Christian belief, not because the Christian believe Bible is the Word of God, he has to follow every word, every letter of the Bible, as I told you, some portion of the Bible are correct. So I'm trying to bring the commonality between Quran and the Bible. And one commonality is

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the mention of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. So from the Bible, which I feel is a mixture of correct and wrong things, but the Christian believes everything is correct. So I'm proving from that Bible, quoting Deuteronomy chapter 18, verse number 18, Gospel of John Chapter 14, verse six, all these verses, and proving to the Christians who believe the Bible is the Word of God, that if you believe in the Bible, you also have to believe in Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem. And if you believe in Prophet Muhammad,

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you also have to believe in the Quran.

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So I'm getting him closer to the truth.

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I'm a student of comparative religion. I even called the Vedas. The Hindus believe that the word of God and from the way that I get them closer to the Quran.

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So I hope I've answered all your question or do you have one more question? There are many questions, but

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no, but for now, you said there are four questions.

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When I asked you earlier you said for now, you said many, but the basic four questions have been answered Correct.

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Yeah. And I asked you a question earlier. Two questions. Do you believe that none worthy of worship except Allah and you said yes. I said, Do you believe Prophet Muhammad as a messenger of Allah?

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I believe is the Messenger of Allah, Masha, that means they're Muslim. So now what I told you if you agree, that there is no one worthy of worship except ALMIGHTY GOD, ALLAH and you believe Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, these are the minimum two requirement for a person to become a Muslim.

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The other things are later on. So if you believe in these two things, you become a Muslim

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would you like to sit in Arabic?

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Brother, would you like to sit in Arabic Now after make after make more research? No, no, when you agreed Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God colors, the research, you can yet do more research, no problem, even after the more and more about Prophet moment, the more I study, the more I like I keep on doing you see that? One time, two time 10 Time I love it. I'm not telling you after you become Muslim, you have to stop reading yet you have to continue. Even I keep on reading the Quran. The more I read the Quran, the more knowledge I get. Correct. So I'm not telling you to stop reading. But if you agree, these are the minimum two things required.

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Then if you accept it, the chances of agreeing is more. You say you want to learn English. First you have to take admission to the school. Correct. You can't stay outside and then learn. You have to join. And once you join, you start going regular. If you don't join then you don't want to you know the chances of you learning is less correct.

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Would you like to join the religion of Islam?

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You believe there is one God. You believe Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God. These are the minimum two things according to me already a Muslim.

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According to me, you're already a Muslim, so usually means one who submits his will to God. If I believe Muhammad is the Messenger of God, and I believe there is only one God, should I repeat what you say before I become a real Muslim? No exotic man.

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Once you believe you become

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it between you and Allah. It'd be really fun to sit in public also.

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You can even hide quietly and follow the religion. No one can stop you. But normally when you proclaim the chances you will grow in that religion is more if your life is in danger.

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Yeah, and you do it hiding, it's accepted.

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You don't have to say it in front of the public. It's between you and Allah, I don't have to interfere with it. But normally when you proclaim it, the chances you will grow in it, and the practice increases better. If you say no, I don't want to proclaim it no one can foresee. Therefore I ask, is anyone forcing you have that question? First thing Islam is prohibited. Allah says in the Quran in surah baqarah chapter two verse number 256, like a 15 there is no compulsion religion to standard clear from error, but it continues, if you hold the hand of Allah, He will take you from darkness to light. If you hold the hand of the Satan, he will take you from light to darkness.

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But when you see it, there are chances more that other people now will come and give you more information. You will do more research.

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And the chances of you growing going to standard 234 10 graduate post graduate here do you

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seeing is not compulsory? It is preferable? I

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would like to say it

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according to me already Muslim?

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Would you like to say? I want to say say yes otherwise no no one can force you

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know, I don't I don't want to say okay, but do you believe keep on believing it? You can practice even individually no problem or request you to read more? And if you believe that there is no God but Allah and Prophet Mohammed is a messenger you become a Muslim. And may Allah grant you good in this world and that Hera May Allah put you in Jana, thank you. Thank you for that most welcome.

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