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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim see

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what am your Oh,

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I mean, that's a big

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one then farming how farming how often

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we have an idea or a woman shot even

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swallowing now yourself

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you're in the room

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Java Today we're going to be setting is number 71 through 76

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to 76.

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So number 71, we'll be starting here in the previous passage, we actually, yesterday we introduced, the final passage of the pseudocode serves as the conclusion of the surah. And what it basically talks about while

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is I explained how the conclusion of the surah the final passage of the surah is very similar to the introduction, the first passage. So just as the sutra unfolded itself, it is now basically being wrapped up again. So yesterday's to AI, as they talked about before on in the conference a lot. He said, they talked about how the Koran is not poetry. Rather, this is a reminder, this is providing itself, evidence itself, proving and it's clarifying. And secondly, that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, a lot of very, very good, a lot of very powerful bring. In a very strong tool, the law said, we did not teach him poetry that's not appropriate for him. Rather than mission, the

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job, the objective, the role of the messenger, is to warn that person who is still somewhat spiritually internally alive, still has some level of decency left within him, we have a meaning for other people who do not have the decency still within them. For them, it's sort of a completing of the argument against those people and solidifying the evidence against those people. Now, here in this passage, just like in the beginning of the surah, last kind of Machado, talks about his great blessings, all the blessings, and the last one went on as given all the things that was created around this human being, and that he has facilitated for this human being to enjoy, to benefit to us

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how he should look at this, reflect on this, realize that Allah has given him all of this. And as a result of that become grateful. We talked about gratitude. And the human becoming the human being becoming grateful, is somewhat of the basis and the crux of the foundation of the message of this neuron, that this human being must, he must become grateful to Allah. So this is the same thing we're going to see repeated here. And then finally, it's going to talk about well, what is the reaction of these people, what they should be doing is becoming grateful to Allah, but when they don't become grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala rather, what is their reaction? And what will be

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the conclusion of that? What will be the outcome of the choice that they are making in the life of the here outcome? So let's go ahead and read the if now. And last time I tell it, I am number 71. He says our lm yellow has been unseen. And whenever I use this word, have they not seen meaning haven't been taken into consideration? How do they reflect it haven't been thought about? Haven't they understood? Alright, because seeing just for the sake of seeing, just glancing over something is not the objective. The objective is to see it, and then think about it, reflect on it and realize something profound. So that's realizing Oh, well, I mean, oh, haven't they realized, and not

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that most definitely, Allah says that most definitely we have created for them. So there's a very interesting sequence and we're going to see this being repeated, this tone

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Allah says we have created. So let's obviously attributing this blessing, that this blessing should lead them back to who or to where, to Allah. Because Allah created this, and he created it for them not exclusively for them. And the word love in the Arabic language can also be made up for their benefit. That Alliance created it for their benefit for them to use for them to enjoy.

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It's a facility to facility allies provided for them to them. So this is a law, in the middle of his passage where he was trying to remind me, he's reminding these people their purpose in life, what they need to be committed to, what is the reality of the life of this world, and what is the reality of the Hereafter, in the middle of this last panel with Allah is using a very powerful method of reminding people, and that is not just reminding them of what's important, but reminding them of what's important by means of reminding them of what he's done for them.

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You know, and this is something that's very natural, this is very psychological, it's just, it's a very natural method of convincing somebody of something. When you're, when somebody wants you to do something for them, when somebody wants you to show show you, wants you to show them some level of respect, some level of gratitude, gratefulness, appreciation, and you are not doing so you're not respecting them, you're not appreciating them. What did they immediately revert to? What did they resort to? They mentioned all those things in memory. You'll disrespect me for everything I did. I did this for you. And I did that for you. And I did. Isn't that always without argument or that

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instruction goes? Well, you know what, because that's a very natural mode of discussing something. And human beings, our minds work in such a way we that's how we process information.

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We need to be reminded of what this person has done for me. And sometimes, you know, you're being disrespectful to someone, or you argued with someone or you were mean to somebody, and later on, somebody tells you that you should talk to him like I got helped you out. Remember when you're going through.

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You needed help, nobody would help you. And that guy helped us today looking disrespected. And what immediately What's it what hits you like a ton of bricks, you're right. I was mad. And immediately you become remorseful, you regretful and you go, and you apologize, you try to make up for what you've done. Because as humans, that that that makes a difference to us, we need to be reminded of that sometimes, definitely lost,

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or whatever, we all have not taken into consideration. And

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that was definitely we created for them for their benefit member. I mean, that's enough. From that which our hands have done. This is a last round. That's like a figure of speech. And it's an expression in the Arabic language in classical Arabic that from where I had to make a lesson.

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Meaning like I was trying to show that look at look at the lengths to which allow into facility and to make your life easy for him. He made it with his own hands.

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Like everything that you enjoy everything that you that you benefit from Colombia with his own hands for you. It shows care. It shows concern, he did it with you, he did it for you, himself.

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And what's interesting here is, if you remember in the beginning of this raw, these three IR that we're studying now 71 through 73, they are very similar to highs number 33 through 35. If you look back at it, number 33 through 35, you'll see a loss phenomenon. This is where I get to a level below

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that for them a miraculous sign a powerful side is the dead Earth. I hate. We brought it to life while I was running having that happen. And we took out from it the scene coming out for doing a scene or a grain and the eat from that which I'm not big enough in you and I went from there we made for them, gardens of grapes, and date palm

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springs came shooting out of the earth

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so that they can eat them his fruits are Indian, and they did not mean this with their own hands.

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Why don't they?

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Why don't they realize.

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So now it's time to read a laser symbolise machine that's anything different from an internet go over there. Our law says look at everything that you enjoy, human beings. Everything we eat, we enjoy we benefit from it. We didn't do with our own house. We didn't make these things grow. And when these things happen, we didn't put the ocean and the rivers and the the trees and the fruits that we didn't do that with our own hands from the blessing of Obama here rather than saying the human being didn't make it with his own hands by saying we made it with our hands. So it's like he's showing them the other side of this. What's the flip side of this argument? The Alliance raid

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distributed, Alliance facilitated disagreement member oriented that from that which we have made for that with our own hands on loss. It's an island. One of those

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things from amongst the things Allah says that we have made for this human being that we have given to him as a blessing is an

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N basically means livestock, like four legged animals like livestock. This includes camels, and cows and cattle, goats and sheep, all these livestock raising.

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So lessons, we've created all these animals for them. Now, why does it let us this animal, these type of animals as an example, for very simple reason, because so many basic human needs and necessities are fulfilled from these animals, and ally has used these types of animals. Again, and again, as an example, throughout the 11 G, we're gonna

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do the Nazi app don't don't look at don't go and look at the camel case have been created in the last month, and I mentioned these animals time and time again. And even when trying to make the human being realized that how we need to live up to the standard of being a human being, or even over there, all of us. This is what I call an animal model, that when somebody has eyes, but they don't see the truth, they have ears, but they don't hear the truth. They have hearts and minds. They don't reflect on the truth. What does Allah say these people are like, they're like livestock, they're like cattle, like cows. But rather, they're even more loss. They're even more strict, that

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at least though that livestock and fulfills its purpose in life, it's a benefit somebody for something, this human being is not benefiting you, in fact, you harm themselves probably harms other people as well.

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If you are completely lost, they're there. They're just wandering about aimlessly. So this, this is an animal that Allah uses. Often for an example, and I'll mention one other Ayah later on.

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So much, says these, these livestock it's from it's from those things that we have been for them with our own hands.

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And then those human beings are exclusively in ownership of these animals. We think only animals now. Look at the blessing of Allah. He says, we created these animals last week, created these animals for this human being. And we gave him full ownership of these animals.

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He completely owns them. When you buy a cow, when you buy a goat energy, you own it. Now why is Allah talking about ownership because he explains this in the next few

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in number 72, now begins to explain what's what's the benefit of owning this album, when then then

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we have a completely submissive to him, this word that little Nah.

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It comes from the root of the word vanilla, or vanilla. It's the opposite of the word, a certain strength, the ability to dominate something, strength, power, might realize the opposite, to be helpless, to be humbled to be helpless, to just completely be at somebody or something's mercy. So let's say that we have completely made this animal these animals, we have put them to the mercy of this human being, you can do with it whatever you want, tie it up, slaughtering, milk, it, use it for farming, tie a heart to it, make it carry alone, you can do whatever you want with it, we made it completely submissive to you, to the point where you can completely bend to your Will you can do

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whatever you would like

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to completely submissive. And why is this a blessing that somebody might be sitting there thinking, of course, cows and goats and dumb animals, of course, they're human beings can use them and do whatever they want with them. But it requires reflection.

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There are lots of creatures that have lots of creation and lots of animals. And last,

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but not all of them are as accessible and at our mercy, as much as like livestock. There are other animals as well their own desert, but not only can we not control them that we cannot dominate, sometimes even a form of danger to human beings. But these animals are completely ours. We can do whatever we want with them. And not only that our all of our needs can be met from these animals as well how solar lights plants, farming, how

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from them, Roku, is their transportation. So from these animals, some of these animals, from livestock from cows and camels and hops and goats and sheep, and some of these animals serve as transportation for people. And that's self explanatory, but that's not it, I mean, how yakun and from that they also eat and this is also a form of nutrition, a source of food for us that allows provided abundant food, plentiful food, endless food, endless supply.

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And not only that, but in the next time, I mentioned more things.

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And exclusively for human beings in these animals are Malathion when FM means benefits. And this is a plural. In fact, this is a form of the

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neuro which is like a great plural of big flow, there are lots and lots and lots of benefits that come from these animals from the skin the high of these animals, the bones of these animals, we use them to carry loads and cool things and I mean, so, many benefits come from these animals, we do so many to use their bodies and what comes from their bodies is used for so many to meet So, many of our needs not only that.

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So, even such a basic human need of the need to drink something thirst can also be quenched from these animals because the female from these animals the people,

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so we even drink from these atoms. So now look at these blessings I was mentioning, we made it

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we made it completely we've subjected these animals to the human being put them at the mercy of the human being for me now okay. So from them is transportation, I mean a balloon food whenever you have an out there and lots of other benefits as many as you can think of all so many ingredients and so many different types of products are made from them.

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And even we even get milk from these apples we can even drink from these out. Now finally the last hour tell us so what should be the culmination of all of this effort? If

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so, why don't why not be grateful?

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I know the show gratitude.

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And one thing I told you I we mentioned another Iowa uses the cow as an as an example of a beautiful example of Alice's mean being in Windham, Lebanon, Holly son 70, showed me that the cow is just in and of itself, this animal is so fascinating that you're at this point where Allah mentions my shouting, he even facilitated provided you something to drink that comes from this animal. What a great blessing that is. Allah tells us another place in the Koran, that inside the body of this cow, there is from the waist down, there is blood between the both of them level and how this pure milk comes out of the

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waist inside of the waist in it, and it has been in it. But beach tune from the both of them are watching often provides pure milk. So

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now we just pure milk, but it's very satisfying. It's very nutritious. It's very fulfilling for the people who drink it.

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So what an amazing lesson.

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In just this common average animal, we just we kind of find them funny. noises driving, we just see cows kind of just you look at them,

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at least for city kids.

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Right? So it's just a dumb animal just standing around. But look at the blessing though. Like, what an enormous, huge blessing of Allah. And so how long alleged This is the conclusion of the trc.

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Let's talk about rusada dorene, talking about such amazing, huge topics and issues. And he's concluding it. And he wants us to reflect on the blessings that he's given to us for these things that make sense to us. And so what does he present them as, as an example?

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Because that's enough. Now think about all the other blessings.

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But just one cow is such a huge reminder, such such a profound reminder of the blessings of Allah that we enjoy that we use that we don't we take for granted. We don't even realize how much our lives lessons and the scholarship of Allah. Yes. This is in the Medallia form, which is the present and future tense form that why don't they become grateful? Well, they never become grateful, it's such a blessing, well, they never become grateful, because these blessings will go away, watch, when you wake up. Tomorrow morning, you're probably gonna drink some milk, or you'll make some tea and put some milk in your tea, or you'll eat some cereal.

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And then the next day again, and then the next day again. And then when you come in for your milk in your tea, it's you constantly using these blessings over and over again.

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So if you didn't realize now realize maybe an ad is dark, I realized the next day and so then I

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realized some time or another unless I'm constantly day in day out multiple times a day, you're just using this same one just as one blessing of a lot. You're using it over and over again. Will they never realize will they never ever become grateful for that.

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Now, when they don't become grateful when they don't realize what choice do they make, what is the outcome of that? Look at look at how when a person rejects the two basic I mean, with a barrage presenting as an argument is so basic a child apprehended a child can understand. When somebody rejects such a basic evidence that's right there in this space that's obvious as the night of the days

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then it's almost as if stupidity manifests itself with numbers.

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stupidity manifests itself

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So look at the choice that they make, I remember 74 lessons, what do you mean do

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they have taken other than a lot, aside from a lot of

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false gods idols, false deities, false objects of worship, devotion, dedication, why have they done this, so what they end up doing is okay, they're obviously they're not grateful to a lot. So then they commit themselves to something. Now, you don't often when we read this off of these ayato, this type this nature, one thing that is often confusing to people is we understand it, or we translate it as simply

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Irish. So somebody sitting there might be thinking, you know, I obviously don't worship an idol.

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But that is not that simple. That means any object, any idea, any concept, any person, anything,

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that somebody in slaves themselves to devote and dedicate themselves, and they given priority over a law, and what pleases and what a lie is asking of them, and what was demanded of them. It could be money can be fame, it could be power, it could be the pleasure, or it could be to just impress a certain person, or a certain group of people, or an idea or a notion or a concept, whatever it is, but realizing that they've taken something else other than the law, and they've committed a dedicated themselves to it. They've devoted their lives to it.

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And what is the moment? What is the reason behind it?

00:21:34--> 00:21:40

And I've explained this before, as well, in the Arabic language, it means maybe, hopefully, possibly,

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because of the hope, they're hoping that maybe possibly, hopefully, who knows that they will be helped, that this idea and this concept, this person, this notion, this idol, this money was fame, this power, whatever it is, that this will come to their aid in their rescue, that this will be able to help them when they need help, when they find themselves in a difficult situation. Because remember, they have conducted themselves, they chose something else.

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So now they're looking to something they're hoping that whatever they committed they dedicated their life to, we'll be able to say that we'll be able to help them. Well, you know, what Allah says, What is the reality? What is the outcome of that choice in that decision, they mean, Allah says there is something wrong.

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Those things that they devoted, dedicated themselves to whether they be idols or whatever it is, they will not be able to help like us, but they will be able to help them that

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will be of no benefit, no help to them.

00:22:43--> 00:22:52

They won't have the ability, they won't even have the ability to help them, let alone be actually be of any help to them, they won't even have the ability to help them.

00:22:53--> 00:23:03

They won't even be an option for these things to help them they'll have no ability, no strength, no power. And now it goes to the point this this very powerful.

00:23:05--> 00:23:06

illustrator says well,

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and though they these items, for the people who they are these these idols or these false gods, these false deities that they committed, they devoted themselves to, they will be present for them Judo in the form of an army.

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And in the Arabic language when you use the word June, it, of course means an army. But what it really points to is that, you know, if you've ever seen a movie or a documentary, and you see like an army lined up, what's the one thing that impresses the person when you see that

00:23:44--> 00:23:45

is the sheer number of

00:23:46--> 00:23:58

the row after row after row after row ever. That's what's impressive about an army lineup is just the sheer number of people. All right, that's the implication of using this word to not just be a huge army,

00:23:59--> 00:24:15

like an endless row of these false gods and false idols, these these false deities these things that they committed and devoted themselves to and they chose over alone. So these items will be present lined up like an army is lined up for these people.

00:24:16--> 00:24:19

Right there right by them, watching them.

00:24:21--> 00:24:37

They won't be able to help them but they'll be lined up right by that watching them. What is this referring to? The Buddha explained that this is talking about what these people are being punished in the hellfire. When these people are putting gentlemen by Allah. Remember, we read the I had the gentleman let's go to Toronto is slow. Hello.

00:24:39--> 00:24:59

This is the journal that you were promised that you were warned about. Now enter into it because of the disbelief in gratitude. You should do a lot. All right. So when they're putting in the firewall, they're being punished in Jannah as another form of torment, torture, emotional psychological torture to them and to show them what a foolish to

00:25:00--> 00:25:14

choice they have made, that they'll be being punished at the firewall. And these idols or false gods or these things that they used to worship and commit themselves to, other than a lot will literally be lined up right by them.

00:25:15--> 00:25:22

They'll be standing right next to them lined up watching them being punished. And they won't be able to help them and these people won't be able to get

00:25:23--> 00:25:26

this picture, that's very powerful imagery picture

00:25:27--> 00:25:39

for somebody to be punished. And the person that you thought was going to rescue him, help him, come to his aid protect him, instead of right next to him watching him being tortured, tortured.

00:25:41--> 00:25:46

Imagine the anguish and the pain and the remorse and regret that that'll cause

00:25:48--> 00:25:52

well, who knows. And it won't just be one person or one, it will be an army,

00:25:54--> 00:25:57

standing right there watching over them, watching them being punished

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00:26:02--> 00:26:05

finally lost power to other consoles, the profits,

00:26:06--> 00:26:11

this is that consolation to the profits. So this is very, very profound lesson the lesson.

00:26:13--> 00:26:21

So what they say, should not cause you any grief, it shouldn't bother you, it shouldn't cause you any grief.

00:26:23--> 00:26:43

It should cause you any trouble in that. Now I know, most definitely we know less than we know everything in our lives. One that will speak to quietly, secretly what they say about you, but they plan against you, when they can either be the create these evil plans against you.

00:26:46--> 00:27:23

And that which they publicly humiliate you, when they curse you, they slander you, they lie against you. They try to disgrace you in public. We don't everything what they're doing quietly and openly, privately and publicly. We're keeping tabs on them. It's very powerful. Like when somebody tells anybody I'm keeping my eye on what does that mean keeping tabs on. I'm watching this guy, and I want to come get him. I'm gonna take a note of everything. I'm gonna let this guy dig his own grave. I'm gonna let him dig his own grave. And then we'll come in after him. And I'm gonna get him and then catch him redhead. Smoking Gun.

00:27:24--> 00:27:30

That's exactly what I was trying to say here. Don't don't don't bother yourself. Just ignore. Let them do what they're doing.

00:27:32--> 00:27:46

Look into the cow look over last week about them, the foolish choices that they're making the just the pure stupidity of the choices that they're making. Unless I think these people, they've lost it. They're just crazy. Now, they're like, why would we

00:27:47--> 00:28:27

just leave them be, we're keeping tabs on, everything's being recorded. And when we come to get them, then I was already mentioned what happened, they'll be punished, they will be completely helpless. Nobody will come to their aid and rescue and in fact, those things and those people that they expected to be able to help them and come to the rescue will be standing right next to them, watching them being tortured, but they won't be of any help or any benefit to the to the student. So this is the message that Allah provides in this last ayah. And in this message embedded within this is well is one other very, very important thing. And that is that this is honor and distinction

00:28:27--> 00:28:31

being granted to the profits of others. Imagine a law himself and saying,

00:28:33--> 00:28:41

don't let these people bother me. You're above and beyond. You're better than these people. These people are garbage, they're filled, they're trash, you in the Colorado.

00:28:45--> 00:28:50

Rocky, You are such an amazing person, that Allah praises you.

00:28:51--> 00:28:54

So don't bother yourself with these people. They're garbage. They're trash.

00:28:55--> 00:29:15

And at the same time, so Allah Allah himself says in analemma, imagine a law saying I got everything taken care of somebody very powerful. Somebody very influential. Somebody very rich and wealthy. Somebody important, says, Oh, I got everything taken care of. I'll take care of all the arrangements. Don't worry about how special you feel.

00:29:16--> 00:29:16

He said,

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He's taking care of everything. I got a call from him today. He said, everything's taken care of. You just feel so special. Like somebody that important is going to this much trouble for me.

00:29:28--> 00:29:32

This is a lie himself. I got everything covered. Don't worry.

00:29:34--> 00:30:00

This is Allah speaking on behalf of the province, making all arrangements for the province alone. You've done your job, you've gone beyond what was required of you and got everything taken care of. Don't trouble yourself with these people anymore. Leave them to me. I'll take care of them. I'll handle it. You just take them into the job that you've been sent for. You just keep doing what you're doing. You're doing a fantastic, amazing job. You keep doing what you're doing. Don't worry about these people altogether. This is all

00:30:00--> 00:30:00

Last week.

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So it shows the honor and the distinction being granted to the province. And the last thing I wanted to point out here in is number 71 through 73, if you notice a lot is speaking himself in first person, and not that we created for them with Ellen Allah, we subjected for these creatures, these animals to the human being, all right, why don't we

00:30:24--> 00:31:05

so Li speaking in the first person, then if you look at it, number 4474, and 75, Allah says what the human doing in life they have taken other than a law. Now when speaking the third person about himself, and the first, a couple of ideas talking in the first person, then speaking in the third person, why this is called. This is called transition. This is the same thing that a lot of orientalist Western academics like I talked about yesterday, and the day before, This is that same thing that they pointed out, and they call it an error, or a mistake or inconsistency within the product, that your Lord a law is first talking about himself. And first, he's talking himself, and

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then he's talking about pleasing, we did this, we did this, we did this. And then he turns around and says, All these people have taken other than a law. So that was talking about himself third person. But there's, there's a reason for this, this is from the leery Marvel in the beauty of the bra. There's, there's there's reasons why this happens, this transition occurs. And it's our responsibility, it's of our benefit, it's to our own benefit to realize why this transition occurs and when that occurs. So the reason for this transition than this transition here is that in the first week, I had the lead talking about his blessings upon the human being. So unless says that the

00:31:44--> 00:32:05

first person I do this, like I mentioned earlier, a way to make somebody realized the error of their ways is this for you this this, this, and you still did this with you still treated me like this. So Logan is mentioned his blessings he does in the first person, because he's we're trying to reach out to these people. He's trying to make these people understand and realize, but once they haven't realized one

00:32:06--> 00:32:09

thing, everyone for showing gratitude and gratefulness.

00:32:10--> 00:32:20

Now let's talk about the choice that they made. And they made a bad choice, they made the wrong choice. So now it was kind of Angela transitions to third person. It says if Alice turned away from them,

00:32:21--> 00:32:43

when somebody is disappointed you, you tried everything you could you try 10 different ways to explain this, what was good for that person, and they still don't listen, and they still do. So where you What's a side? What's an expression of showing disappointment with that person or anger with that person? You turn away from them, you don't directly talk to them, let him know this.

00:32:44--> 00:32:46

Let him know that I want you to,

00:32:47--> 00:33:03

you're not directly addressing them because they've disappointed you, unless now turns away from them and is speaking to them in the third verse. He's not speaking directly to them anymore. So this is from the beauty of as well. So go ahead and stop here. And we should be able to complete this show in the next two to three days.

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The ability to practice anything that's been said and heard, so how long or how long? How many