The Wisdom and Blessings of Falling Sick

Yasir Qadhi


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AI: Summary © The concept of sickness and illness is a part and parcel of one's life, and one falls sick or is infected for a period of time. The Mothman believes that the world is for one's long term happiness, and the Jahanna can lead to healing. The importance of forgiveness and finding one's own success is emphasized, as it is the only way to avoid future sickness. embracing sickness and disease is essential, and everyone should be in a state of fear to avoid future sickness.
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Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah Who created everything in pairs. He is the robe of the world and the master of all of our affairs. He demonstrated his power through the perfection of creation, and He manifested His knowledge through the reality of predestination. He created life and death as a trial for us all and attest and to separate the pious from the wicked and to select from amongst us the best. So to Baraka Allah, the One to whom belongs all power and majesty and may Salatin Salah be upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the murky and the Hashimi as to what follows. We are all aware of brothers and sisters that everything happens with the mother of Allah

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and of the Kadar are things that make us happy. And of the other are things that make us sad. In the famous Hadith in Sahih Bukhari and Muslim when the profits are some listed they are can have Eman the six or can. He said why not minimal 30 Heidi he was Shari he was really he won Murray. We believe in Qatar, the good and the bad and the sweet and the bitter. So some Qatar is not good for us. We don't like it, but it is still color. And some color is better for us. And of the most difficult aspects of other for any amongst us is when we are tested with sickness and illness, when we are our loved ones are tested with disease. And especially in this last year and a half when we

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have been surrounded by contagious disease by a pandemic. But even before and even when this pandemic goes away. The reality is that sickness and illness is a part and parcel of living. Nobody is secure from falling sick, and every single human being falls sick Occasionally, some more than others, but all of them fall sick. Some of them fall sick for temporary times. And others have sicknesses that perhaps persist for many, many years before they are cured. And some are tested with sicknesses and diseases and cancers that are terminal. But the sickness of humanity, the sickness of being the sickness that is universal amongst all of us, afflicts the rich and the poor, the young

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and the old, the male and the female, nobody is secure from falling sick. So in today's brief chutzpah, and especially in light of COVID but even regardless of that, I want to remind myself and you have some of the blessings and some of the wisdoms and some of the quranic and Hadith prescriptions that we should be aware of when it comes to falling sick and disease. And we began by reminding ourselves, not just of other but the fact that other might be good or bad for us, but in the long run. always good for the Asherah because Allah says in the Quran, it is possible that you dislike something but it is better for you. And Allah says in the Quran, perhaps you don't like

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something but Allah puts a lot of good in it. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, amazing are the affairs of the believer for whatever happens to the believer happens for his good. So we began this whole debate about sickness and illness with the fundamental reality of Eman that everything that happens even if it is difficult, it is for our good and even if it is bitter, it is for our long term happiness. That is the paradigm of Eman. That is how the movement looks at this world and this life, nothing happens except that the Mothman believes in his heart that this is for my good whether I see it or not. And this goes back to a reality of a man called her snuff, one with

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Allah thinking the best thoughts of Allah. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that a sign of Eman is to think good thoughts of Allah Krishna ven of Allah azza wa jal, the believer always has positive thoughts of Allah

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Now these positive thoughts, they're very easy to have to happen when life is good. When there's wealth and health, everybody thinks good thoughts. But it is when life becomes difficult when money becomes tight when we lose a loved one, when we fall sick or even more difficult when a loved one fall sick. That is when our Eman is tested. And that is when we have to really ask ourselves, do we believe in color? Do we truly believe in color, everything happens by other and my son is sick, my daughter is sick, I am sick. Do I truly believe that Allah's order is all encompassing, and there is a wisdom that I don't understand, and something will happen tomorrow, or maybe even in the next life

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that will help me rationalize today's pain and suffering. It is during times of difficulty, and especially during times of sickness that that a man comes to the forefront of the blessings of falling sick of the blessings of falling sick is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that falling sick is one of the most powerful ways of forgiving our sins, one of the most effective mechanisms for forgiving us before the Ark era. It is as if in this world, we will fall sick so that on the Day of Judgment, we can stand sinless in front of Allah, all of the sins that we've done might have been forgiven because of a sickness because of an illness. Our Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam visited the famous Sahaba Amasa. And he visited her because she was sick, and she was trembling because of the fever and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, What is the matter? How are you doing? And she said, I have fever. May Allah curse it. I have fever. May Allah curse it. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Lata superbill Hama do not curse the fever. Lotta superbill Herma don't curse the fever, for indeed it forgives sins and it causes sins to be expelled from you like a furnace purifies iron when it comes out. The furnace is hot. Nobody likes to be in that furnace. But if you want to purify metal, you want pure gold. You

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want pure iron, you want to purify an impurity. When you go through the few the furnace it comes out 100% solid gold. So are Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam compared a fever and a fever is difficult, but it is not the worst. Cancer is much worse. Things are much worse than fevers, a fever every human being gets it and our Prophet sallallahu sallam said a fever is like a furnace. You want to get 24 karat gold you have to go through the furnace to get that 24 karat so when we are in that furnace when Allah tests us with a fever or with a sickness, think to yourself in sha Allah at the end of this in sha Allah I will have 24 carats Eman insha Allah have the Krishna ven in Allah think

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good thoughts of Allah subhanho wa Taala is causing my sins and I have a lot of sins, Allah is causing my sins to be forgiven in this dunya In another Hadith, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam visited a man who was sick. And he said, I have good news for you. I have good news for you, for Allah subhanho wa Taala has said that this fever is a type of punishment of Jahannam that is inflicted on the Buddha on the movement in this dunya so that he doesn't have to face the Jahannam of the Ark era Hadith was reported Muslimah Muhammad beautiful Hadith, I have good news. He said to him, this fever, it is the Jahannam of this dunya. And Allah tests his believers, because he doesn't

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want them to face the Jahannam of the hero. Now the Jahannam of this dunya is not easy. Nobody likes to have a fever of 102 100 304 It's very difficult. But in the end of the day, it's temporary and it's bearable, is it not? It is temporary and it is bearable. Once it is done, you look back Alhamdulillah I'm fine. And Allah azza wa jal tests those whom he loves, and Allah wants to forgive some people for their own sins in this dunya. So Allah sends the Jahannam have this dunya that's what the Hadith calls it, it is a part of the Jahannam of the dunya the not of this dunya so that Allah will then cause this person to be saved from the Jahannam of the archaea. And that's why our

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prophecies and went to that sick person and said, I have good news for you, even though he's trembling in sickness, even though the fever is so high, still he goes, Look at the bright side. This is meant to forgive your sins in sha Allah, because of this one fever the process of saying, You will not taste the adverb of Jahannam Subhanallah This is the optimism that we have we flip a negative into a positive we look at the bright side. That's what our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us to do, and this optimism was absorbed by the Sahaba said man and father see the famous companion he visited a sick person

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And He said to him up should be happy. Rejoice up sure, because whenever the believer falls sick, whenever the Mothman falls sick, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada uses it for two reasons. Number one, to forgive his sins of Farah, and number two, to cause the believer to reflect and become a better person. When you fall sick. Sometimes Sometimes we get a bit arrogant with the pleasures of this dunya life is good, health is strong, money is coming. We get kind of deluded by this dunya a fever comes a sickness comes and we are humbled straight down to our beds. We understand. We are all mortal. We understand. We are all Abdullah Allah subhanho wa taala. And we taste a dose of humility.

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And that fever causes us to reassess our priorities. We see the love of our family, and we realize how thankful we should be for our spouse, our wife, our children, we should not be selfish and ignore them. We see the friendship of our friends, we realize this is a better blessing than the money we are earning. So when we have a fever, when we have a sickness, we get to reassess our lives. That's what Solomonic fantasy said that Allah uses a fever or any sickness really for two things. Number one, to forgive your sins. And number two, to reassess your life. It is a charging station. Sometimes our battery of Eman doesn't charge but our body is on full charge because of the

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dunya. We are following the pleasures of the dunya life is good business is good. The job is doing good. So our demand dwindles, but our body seems seems to be happy. But inside we're not happy. That sickness comes and it realigns us and rethinks and we are caused to reassess our priorities, to appreciate the small blessings and to then make amends before the end comes. So sentimental Farsi gave us a big piece of wisdom in this regard, also of the blessings of the blessings of being sick, is that when we are sick and only when we are sick, is when we truly appreciate how blessed we are with health. Our Prophet Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, two are the blessings. Most people are

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bankrupt regarding appreciating how much they have. Most people are deceived, they don't understand they're bankrupt, even though they have that blessing. Number one, he said good health. And number two, he said free time leisure the time. You don't appreciate health until you don't have it. You don't appreciate time until you're busy and you don't have time. So our Prophet sallallahu I said I'm said to are the blessings. The majority of mankind are bankrupt in appreciating them. They don't understand them. They have them but they don't appreciate it and will lie how true is it brothers and sisters? When do we wake up without any headache and any fever and we just breathe in the air

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with Al Hamdulillah I am absolutely fine, not a single speck of dizzy when do we appreciate that? It is the day after the fever. It is the day after we've been in bed for five, six days a week a month. And then we are curious Alhamdulillah I now can just get out of bed. I don't have to worry about this and that that is when we truly appreciate. And the goal is that the movement takes that appreciation and uses it for good uses it to change lifestyles uses it to reassess what they're doing with their lives. So this is of the greatest wisdoms of falling sick. Because when Allah pinches us with that sickness, the goal is we then finish that sickness and reassess. And thank

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Allah for those blessings of the blessings of falling sick of the blessings of being ill is that it makes the heart more tender and the soul more soft. We appreciate when we fall sick and then we are cured. We appreciate those who are sick for longer periods of times. Perhaps you fell sick with a headache with a migraine, then you thank Allah that at least I don't have a perpetual migraine. Some people have to battle migraines every single day. Perhaps you fall sick with one small thing you have to go through treatments, do one MRI, then you thank Allah subhanaw taala there are people they have to do MRIs every month every three months because of their sickness. So you appreciate the

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blessings of Allah on you, and you become soft and tender. And that should lead us to increase our charity that should lead us to have a genuine soft spot as the man came to the Prophet system said yeah rasool Allah, my heart is hard. What do you advise me to do? He said, go visit the orphan and feed the hungry when you are interacting with those less privilege, it should make your heart soft. So when you fall sick, your heart should also become soft. Of the blessings of falling sick is that sometimes ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada desires for us a high place in Jannah. But then we fall short in our actions. We don't have the credit that we deserve that place of agenda for so Allah

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gives us extra credit without our actions. When Allah wants to raise us to a high place agenda, and we have fallen short, we don't have the proper good deeds. We haven't done the sadhaka and does the QA and the cm and the rituals when we are lacking and Allah wants us to get an A on the exam. What does Allah azza wa jal do, he tests his chosen with sickness. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said hadith is in a Buddha would that sometimes the servant has been decreed that he has a man Zilla in Jannah, that he does not earn with his actions lemmya Blue family he the Prophet systems that his actions don't get him to that menzi Allah. So Allah tests him in his body, in his

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just said, What is the test of the body it is sickness, Allah tests him in his body, or in his money, or in his children, until he raises him to that rank because of his subber and he would not have gotten there because of his good deeds and of Hadith. Memorize this idea. Brothers and sisters, next time you and I are facing a calamity next time we fall sick next time we have financial difficulty next time a loved one is struggling remember this hadith and have a sense of optimism. Our Prophet system said there, there is an abbot of Allah he has a Mancilla in Jannah but his ama do not earn that man Zilla. His deeds are not commensurate to that man Zilla. So Allah azza wa jal

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tests him in his well in his body, or in his wealth, or in his family, children. Allah tests him in something like this. And because of his sobor, Allah raises him until he earned that rank, and he would not have earned it because of his Amel. This is a blessing for us to consider next time we fall sick or next time our family falls sick of the blessings as well is that sickness and calamities and disease is one of the main ways of earning and learning how to be patient Sobor we are all aware of the blessings of Sobor and many hookbaits have been given out the reality of sobor. But you see Sobor is not learned by reading books. You do not learn patience by listening to hot

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buzz. You might learn the hadith of Sobor you don't learn Sobor by listening to a hobo Saba is only learned on the field of Sobor during a crises that is when you learn Sobor so if you want to be of the Savarin wala who your hippo Savarin and Allah gives the SOB 18 Big Idea hisab and the people of Jen no enter Jana because of Sobor Salam aleikum de Moussa Barton. If you want to be of the people of sobor, you will have to accept that Sobor is earned on the battlefield and that Battlefield will be different. What an absolute one Combi Shea mineral whole fuel jewelry well enough for Seminole Anwar, they want unfussy with a Murad what Bashir is Savarin, we're going to test you in your

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health, in your wealth in your bodies in your children, we are going to test you the only way to earn the badges of Sobor is to be tested. So next time we are tested next time we are sick, understand, in sha Allah, you're earning the badge of sober to get to that high level of sober and also of the blessings of the blessings of being sick is that it causes us to appreciate what we otherwise would not have appreciated, or other webinars Zubayr roadworthiness Zubayr that famous son of a Sahabi, grandson of a Sahabi nephew of a Sahabi Ruben disobeyed towards the end of his life, he actually suffered a lot of sicknesses and tragedies and in fact, he had a a cancer in his photo of

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gangrene, his foot that spread and spread and the doctor said we have to amputate your foot if you want to live And subhanAllah there was no you know, anesthesia, there was no thing to knock him out. You had to literally sit there and watch your foot get sawed in half. That's what he had to do. And so he had his foot amputated. And the the one who was watching earlier said he was constantly saying Subhana Allah will hamdulillah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Akbar, as the song is done going down on his leg, he's simply doing vicar the entire time. That evening, the same evening as he's lying, recovering from his foot being cured. The one of his children, the roof fell down and one of his

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children died. So he lost a foot and the same day one of his sons died, and the one narrating this incident said he said it would have been a survey said Alhamdulillah Hiya, Rob. All praises due to Allah. You granted me seven children. You took one but you left me with six and you gave me two legs. I walked on it for so long. Then you took one but you left one with me. Alhamdulillah this was

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The mentality of earlier webinars zubaid He is always looking at the positive. And the blessings of falling sick as well. Brothers and sisters that are the blessings of having a disease is that when we are sick, we open up the doors of dua, and the doors of Salah and the doors of charity. Ask yourself frankly, when was the last time you may do art from the depths of your heart, and you will most likely remember a time when you were in fear or in pain or your child was in fear or pain. It is during those times when we rediscover the reality of Yvonne when religion becomes so important to us when do our becomes our weapon. And in those times of difficulty, our Eman soars high, even as

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the pain around us is difficult, because the only thing that causes us to overcome that pain is the man in Allah. So of the wisdoms of falling sick, we discovered the joys of communicating with Allah read Quran, read Fatah, read the Quran AYATUL kursi over the person, this is a spiritual blessing, you don't lose anything. And it is baraka from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And other things can be mentioned as well. But these are five for this quote. But the second thing that we do for curing ourselves is physical. So the first was spiritual. The second is physical. And as for physical, this has two categories, number one general physical for all diseases, our prophecies and I'm said that

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honey that this is no Quran, honey is a cure. And he said black seed is a cure. So we should take these regularly for all of our sicknesses if we're not allergic to them, and the second cure physically is the cure to our specific disease. And this we go to the doctors, our profitsystem was asked by a Sahabi who was sick out of school Allah should we take medicine? Should we go to the doctor and get the prescription should we make to take that up and our Prophet sallallahu sallam said, now I'm very bad Allah Tada Whoa, yes, oh servants of Allah take medicine for Allah has never sent down a disease, except that he has also sent down a cure. Whoever knows it knows it, whoever

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doesn't doesn't. But the cure exists except for the disease of death. Every single disease on this planet, there is a cure for it. By the way, this is a good news for our scientists, for our technicians. For our laboratory specialists. There is no disease, no cancer, nothing, except that there's a cure for it except death. You cannot there's no point trying to cheat death. That's not going to happen. Some people want to live longer and doing things that's not going to happen. But every single disease we firmly believe our promises and I'm said, Allah has not sent down a sickness, except that he has sent down a cure whoever knows that knows that whoever doesn't doesn't.

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So when it comes to our sicknesses and diseases, not only is it allowed, it is soon muster up for us, generally speaking, to go to the doctor to take those prescriptions to follow the treatment that we know is going to help us cure our diseases. This is the physical reality of taking diseases along with the spiritual one, we conclude the first cookbook by stating that one of the scholars of the past some say it is or moto Bob, he said, Whenever a calamity befalls you, whenever a disease befalls you, thank Allah for three things. Number one, that it wasn't worse than what it is because it could always be worse. And number two, that you have many other blessings that you don't

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appreciate and being in this dis sickness will cause you to appreciate the blessings. And number three, that the one who sent down this sickness and disease will also send down the amount of sovereign in any manner that you need, or else you would not be in it so you would not be tested unless Allah knows you can pass that test. So thank Allah for these three things. Number one is not worse. Number two, that you have many other blessings that you're taking for granted. And number three that Allah knows you can pass that test may Allah subhana wa Tada bless me and you within through the Quran and may make us of those who is versus they understand and apply as halal and

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haram throughout our lifespan Escalus forgiveness yours will ask him for his liver for Endora human.

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Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah the one and the unique. It is He alone that we worship, and it is His blessings that we seek. He is the Lord of the weekend he answers the drop of the oppressed. Dear brothers and sisters, I talked about sickness and disease and illness. Does this mean that we embrace sickness that we look forward to falling ill? No it does not. Our Prophet sallallahu Sallam visited a man who was otherwise healthy and all of a sudden he felt sick. And he was not eating and drinking. They thought he was on the verge of death. He had lost a lot of weight. He had high fever and there was no cause for him to be like this. And the process of saw him and dua

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that you made that was different than your usual to us. And the man said yes, I made dua to Allah that any

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punishment that I deserve in the our hero, give it to me in this dunya that was the DUA. So that's why he was suffering. The Prophet says, He said, Subhana Allah, You shall not be able to bear that. Don't make dua to be tested in the dunya you shall not be able to bear that. rather ask Allah for more if I ask Allah to save you tonight, have you tested in this manner, you won't be able to take on that calamity if you ask for it. This shows us we do not ask to fall sick. We do not beg Allah to bring about an illness. But when it happens, we should realize this is Allah's mother. And Allah put us there for wisdom known to him. Our Prophet system was asked by his uncle Abass, what do I should

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I make? And the Prophet system said, ask Allah to protect you from all calamities. And this is called more Alpha. ask Allah for Alfia ask Allah for our fear. Our fear means to be protected from sickness to not fall sick, to be healthy, to not be pure, poor, this is our fear. So a bus or the alarm said, Isn't there something more important than our fear and the promises and responded, oh, uncle, nothing is better for you than to be in a state of Afia to not be tested. That's it. We don't want to be tested. Our Profit System said do not desire to meet the enemy on the battlefield. But if you meet them, then be firm. This is the attitude of Islam. Do not desire to fall sick, do not make

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dua to spreads to me to make all of the punishments now, but if something happens if a calamity happens if a sickness befalls you, then take it with patients and take it with a man and take it with us no one and know that Allah has something better decreed for you. So our attitude should be one of pragmatism. We don't want to fall sick. But if it happens, Allah azza wa jal has a plan and we accept the plan of Allah, even as we make dua to Allah to lift the sickness from us and work to cure us. Also brothers and sisters, when it comes to falling sick. We talked about ourselves, how about others, we need to realize of the most important rights that a Muslim has over us our

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professors have said how cool Muslim a Muslim is sit there are six rights that every Muslim has over another one of them when he falls sick visit him while he this is the thing that so many of us fall short. By the way in COVID, we understand if somebody is COVID, you know, visit him but I'm saying other than this, if it's a regular sickness, then yes, we should visit somebody is sick with cancer in the hospital. We should go visit somebody has a regular disease that's not contagious. We go and visit that person. Why? Because the one who's sick feels all alone. The one who's sick feels down depressed when you visit you cheer him up. And that's why every time the process of visit the sick

00:27:42--> 00:28:20

person, he was a cheer up up *. Allah's forgiving your sins, tomorrow is going to be better the Sahaba would do the same. So we should visit sick people in the famous Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim, Allah azza wa jal will sell a tell one of his servants on the Day of Judgment. Yeah, buddy, I was sick and you didn't visit me? The servant will say, Yeah, Rob, how can you be sick, you are the Rabbil Alameen. And Allah will say, Don't you know this servant that I loved was sick, and you knew him, and you didn't visit him, if you visited him, you would have found me with him. Subhan Allah, so Allah is telling this servant you you lost an opportunity to be forgiven, you could have been

00:28:20--> 00:28:56

forgiven and got a higher place if you visited the sick. So when our family and friends fall sick, we should become their caretakers. And the more right a person has over us, the more rights we should give back when they are sick. Also, brothers and sisters realize as well, that there are two types of sickness, there's a sickness of the body. That's what this football is about. There's also the sickness of the heart, which is the spiritual sickness, and that has many other hood buzz. Also, brothers and sisters understand that sometimes when we fall sick, we start thinking of morbid thoughts, thinking of death, and our profitsystem warned us do not desire to die, even when you're

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sick, do not desire to die, do not make dua to Allah to die for the life of the believers always good for him. However, he did give us one way out because sometimes the disease is very painful. And sometimes we really feel as if life is not worth living. If that is the case, we have one exception, and that is the prophet system said, if you find yourself with no other alternative, then you may make dua This is the hour we make. If we are in that stage of Allah, grant me life is life is good for me and grant me death. If death is better for me, even then we do not say Oh, Allah caused me to die. We never asked for death. But if a person is so sick, and so tired, and it's terminal, then

00:29:41--> 00:30:00

there's no future and it's just not healthy for that person. Then this person may make dua to Allah, Oh Allah caused me to live if life is better for me and allow me to die if death is better for me, that is the max we can do otherwise we do not make dua for death unconditionally. And the final

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appoint brothers and sisters that I can call upon our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in that beautiful Hadith, beautiful Hadith, we should all memorize it. Whoever amongst you wakes up in the morning,

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safe in his house, and his body is healthy. And he has food for the day, three blessings he mentioned. There's no civil war, no bombs falling, no problems in society, you're safe in your house, and your body is healthy. And you have your day's food, you're not going to go hungry. Our Profit System said this man. It is as if all the blessings of the world have been gathered and presented to him on a silver platter. Basically, three simple blessings. Most of us have it every single day. Whoever wakes up in your house not worried about anything outside his arm and he's safe. And he has his body fully cured. hamdulillah no sickness, no cancer and he has his food for today.

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Then it is as if all the blessings of this dunya have been gathered gathered up and given to him so we should be thankful to Allah for these blessings and of the greatest blessings to be thankful is the blessing of being healthy. May Allah subhana wa Tada continue to grant us Alfia Allah in the dying for a mineral alumina and IV how they don't need them and Illa Fatah, wa ala Hammond Illa for Raja whether they in Illa Kabita. What am I read on Illa Shia feta while I'm married on inertia, feta, what Emery you want inertia feta, whether I see it on India SATA Allama fildena? Well, if one in the Lydia Saba Kona Bill Eman, one attach I feel Kuru Mina Hilda Linda Tina Amano. Rob burner in

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Nakuru for Rahim Allah whom is Islam I will Muslimeen Allah Muhammad or Adana or the Islam or misdemeanor be su infested who BFC Watch out added mero feeted BD here Kuya Aziz Rivas Allah in Allah to Allah American Gambian better behavior and FC within even I could equal to say with her let's say you Hellman and Imogen here we're in C for all the exam important and Idema in Allah Houma, la caja saloon Allah Nebby you Alladhina amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Bucco SUTA Mohammed was the he was a big marine rebels Allah in Allah to Allah yet mobile idly what you're saying what is it the CORBA Wang fascia it will won't carry?

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Well basically, you're either coming either come to the karoun of Kuru la Lima come watch guru

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Optimus Sala