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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and Jamal Mubarak to all of you. So we have another guest today. But even though his guest he's from Atlanta is the Imam of the masjid Sumaiya

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I hope many of you know Masjid Soumaya is one of our new masalas that was established a few months ago.

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Few months ago is in Norcross

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Peachtree corner. Okay. So inshallah This is Dr. Assad, and he's our hottie today inshallah is

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Salam Alaikum

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Hello and long

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as you heard

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on smooth

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yeah don't fall

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Hi yah

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Are you

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hamdulillah Hina do who understand you know who wanna start Pharaoh

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but now the villa he me should already for Cena I mean say you RTR Marlena Mejia de la HuFa who will motored? When my youth little fella Allahu Walia Murshida

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wash had you on La ilaha illa Allahu Allahu la sharika Liang y shadow unknown Mohammed and Abdullah who are a Zulu wasafi You who are kalila at Del Amana of Allah rissalah Manasa Hello OMA wa la Hapa jihadi Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Muhammad in wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam

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divide along we'll see you come on FCIP top to Allah. Yeah, are you Alladhina amanu taco la Hapa Ducati Walter Martin Illa and Thomas Lee Moon. Yeah, you Halina. Takala how Apolo How did you select glaucoma? Amala calm. Well, young fella calm the Nuba come when my daughter Ella Hora Sula, who fought for the fires I was on Alima and my bad nose doccle Hadith Nikita Allah wa higher Alhaji Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Sharla moody more data to her Bukola Martha Tianwei Kalevi the item God

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Allah, Quran Allah Allah, Allah 10 for now. All the praise is due to Allah we seek his forgiveness as guidance. And we were witnessed that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah. And Muhammad is his final messenger Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Muhammad, the brothers and sisters servant of Allah, I recommend myself a new with a top POA of Allah, God consciousness, righteousness, fearing Allah be wearing of him, in ourselves, in our families, in our deeds, in our sayings, and in all aspects of our law, our lives and we should know that the best of the speech is the speech of Allah, which is the Quran. And the best of the guidance is the guidance of Prophet

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which is his sunnah, and any innovations in the matters of religions and misguidance. And every misguidance is in the fire as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, A man about

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hola to Allah vikita Bilal Karim.

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Subhana Allah the Astra be Abba de la isla Amin al Masjid Al Haram al Masjid Al Uppsala, the baraka, Hula, hula in Oriya, hoomin, Aya Tina, in who who was semi on on him. Translation of the meaning of this idea, Allah says, Glorified and Exalted, exalted, Allah who took his servant does Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam in the journey of the astrong from Masjidul haram, it will measure the upside to the upside masjid, whose surrounding Allah has blessed who surrounding we blessing. Allah said has blessed the surrounding of Al Masjid Al Aqsa in the land all the land around the Masjid lochsa Allah says Baraka, how Allahu Allah has blistered the land around Masjid Luxa, which is the

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land of Palestine, Philistine all of Lessard land that Allah has put in Allah starting with this when he talked about the SR, about taking the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in this journey, starting my Subhan Allah, Allah exalting himself, glorifying himself and wanting to glorify Him for this journey. This great journey that Allah took the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told Majid lochsa

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The question brothers and sister is that there is a message. And there's a reason here. Why Allah took the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in this journey from Mecca, to administer the axon to Jerusalem and put into Palestine.

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And then from there, he takes him to heaven. Allah is capable of taking the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from Metka all the way to heavens. It's not hard. If I'm doing a trip, and there is a city on my way I have to go through it. But for Allah, there's nothing hard could take him from Mecca directly there.

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But don't stop in the Masjid Al Aqsa in Palestine. Allah is sending a message for all of us. There is a reason for it. And maybe nowadays we know the reason we know why Allah has done that for us. Why took the Prophet sallallahu Sallam first to stop in the masjid. lochsa Take him first to Palestine. And not only that, that he gather all the profit and the messengers in Majid lochsa with the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is their Imam.

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There's a reason why Allah gathered all the Prophet and the messenger, the only place on Earth, that all the Prophets and Messengers were gathered together, was in Masjid, lochsa and Palestine and the prophets Allah Salam, their Imam to show this is the last religion. This is a blessed land. This is the land for all the Muslims. This is the land for not the land for the Palestinian, this is a blessed land for all the Muslims to call all the prophet in the messengers gathered there. And with the last prophet last messenger is leading them that this is a Muslim land, this is a land for everybody. Palestine is the work of Islam is an Islamic walk for every single Muslim on this earth.

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That's the reason why Allah has sent the Prophet salallahu salam to and from there from that blessing place from that holy place. Allah raised him up with this great journey to heavens, and we know the story and the incident, just the details without talking about the details of it. That great meeting of all the prophets and messengers, the great historical meeting never happened in history. It happened in the Masjid lochsa. Again, I'm emphasizing this repeating that this is a message from us. Allah is telling us something about this. Palestine is a blessed land for every Muslim. Palestine and unmeasured lochsa is our first problem. As we know, that's why it's the work

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of Islamic that was an Islamic clan

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And that it belongs to every single Muslim throughout history. Palestine is where, what as, as we know, it was mentioned that the prophets have made that public that has the third holiest place which is an image of Luxor, that praying in there that the prayer in there is multiplied by 500 times. It's the masjid the only third masjid, that you can make an effort to go and visit the three massages that we make an effort to shut down rehab to those three massagin al Masjid Al haram with the Kaaba and Masjid never we enter the masjid Lochside there is no other Masjid that he should try to feel it's more holy or more blessed and all the other massages on the world are the same or the

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houses of Allah only those three massages and Masjid closes the third, which is Allah sending us it is it is a blessed land it is the land for all the Muslims. It is the place is where unmeasured Lux our Alma Radi Allahu Han, when they were asked to come to take the keys over words, he traveled all the way from Medina. He didn't do it for any other city for any other place that the Muslim conquered. He came all the way to El Medina to stop the bloodshed to take it in a peaceful way. And when he entered the Masjid Al Aqsa with the famous story that we all know he did. He did not pray inside the church. When he entered the church. He did not pray and he left when it was time for

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prayer. And when they asked him, Is it not a good place for us? That's not a good a place for you to pray in our church. He said no, because if I pray in the church, the Muslims after me they will say Our Khalifa prayed here, and they will take it from you. This is the Islamic tolerance of other religions. This is the Islamic respect for other religion for the practice that we don't see it nowadays from other religions toward our our religion. That's the place when Omar Al de la han and when the Muslim conquered they allowed the Jews to come back and practice in Jerusalem to practice their religion. They did not do that before they will not allow under the Romans and the Christian

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rule. They will not allow to practice the religion that the Muslims at the time when they conquered they allowed them to come back. This is Palestine. Palestine is the land when the Mughal came and swept the Islamic world. The swept the Islam they were defeated in Palestine. That was a battle that if the Muslims lost and Palestine, probably history, the history of Islam and the Muslim world have changed. They were defeated in the land of Blissett land of Palestine, Palestine where the Crusaders were defeated. It was in Palestine when the invader French

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leader Napoleon forever he was defeated in Palestine after he swept the Muslims in the in the western area. That's why Allah has blessed this land for all the Muslims. It was blessed for all of us just that many people were invaders were defeated on on this land. Palestine is where Gog and Magog when they come back and that's for the future they will be defeated in Palestine. When the false messiah comes they will be defeated in Palestine as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Palestine is out of duel. Mashery will mentor Palestine is the land when the resurrection the gathering on the day of judgment and the resurrection will be in Palestine that every single answer

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is a blessed done for all the Muslims will ordain Mubarak and many ayat in the Quran. Allah says this is a Lottie Baraka fee, or Barack nah Hola, or Barack, nah, bless it the whole land. This is the land this is the cause what we are talking about nowadays, it's not the issue of the present that we're talking about is not a is not an issue of a Muslim or Palestinians or others, that Israel is going after what they call terrorist organization. They should not be deceived and fooled by them. They want to take do whatever they want, under this deception that they're after a terrorist organization.

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They will Palestine the Palestinian issue was way before Hamas even existed was even before anybody in 1948. Before that, as we said, the Muslims allowed the Jews to come back and practice in Jerusalem, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he went to Medina, when he migrated to Medina, he made a treaty with the Jewish tribes there, he made a treaty that he would defend them if they if they're exposed to any enmity. He would defend them and he will stand up with them. It's not an issue our war with them is not with the Jewish people is not with their religion of Judaism. And then when when the Jews in the early 1900 start migrating to Palestine, the Muslim never persecuted them. The

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Palestinian let them live there. And they did not even kick them out. When they came with ships when they came barefoot when they came naked. When they entered Palestine. They never

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Stop them. While we know in history, when some Jewish ships came to the United States, they were pushed out and they were not allowed here in the United States. The Palestinians accepted them. The only time when they started having the issues with them, when they start increasing a number, stealing the land of the Palestinian stealing the land of the Muslims, they're trying to take any Islamic thing that take it away to remove it away. The massage turned into a place to make wines or wineries or wine stores. When they tried to take advantage of the upside destroy Majid lochsa claimed that it was a timber there for the brothers who will know what that was, how it will work,

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we're talking about the SR. With the HA attleborough that the wall of unmeasured Luxa where the prophets Allah Selim when he made that trip, when Allah took him with that journey, he tied that that Mount Elbert up to the wall to one of the walls of a metal axon. Next to that rumored Majid lochsa When they took over Jerusalem, there was a neighborhood and it's known in Palestine for the people in Palestine, knowing how to Mahadeva

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the neighborhood of the Moroccan brothers, those Moroccan brothers, at the time of the Crusaders, they came from Morocco to help fighting the Crusaders. They came to help Salah for Deen. And when they came here and helped liberate Jerusalem, and Palestine from the Crusader decided to stay in Jerusalem, and they stayed with everybody there. That's the Muslim land for anybody. But when those when the occupiers murderers came, and they took over, they wiped out that that neighborhood wiped out completely. They said, this is part of their wall, that crying wall, it was wiped out the youth. So the homes of the Palestinian and the Muslim, they were Moroccan that even Originally, the

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Palestinian has been wiped out since 1948. The persecution and trying to remove anything Islamic out of this out of Palestine has been known since 1948. Way before Hamas way before they claim that were our wars going after that they have been trying to reduce the Palestinian cause from an Islamic cause to an Arab cause to a Middle Eastern cause to a Palestinian cause. And then now to only our issues with Hamas to make a stay away. Net feel for our brothers need to know the importance of this land and that it's important for every single Muslim not for the people there is no real estate is not a fight for real estate. It's as I mentioned in the beginning of the hotword it's a work of

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Islam. It's an Islamic works for every single Muslim in this world. And then it goes for every single Muslim in this world. Apolo Kalia had was taught for Allah Allah Lima Do you want to come?

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Hamed and Kathy are on to even move out I can see your a banner like Al hamdu CheMin wa jalla wa Chica Valley all the missile tonic Subhana kala Nasi Thana Allah egg and Anita Allah and aphasic shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow, Muhammad and Rasool Allah, may God Allah, it up Allah Hawa, all three are all female. One two, who were a man who was who after the Jew, dunya and Paolo become they know who it is tabula rasa.

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As, as mentioned, Brothers is the issue is the issue of a human right, as they call it, the issue of civilians, which was our brothers who are civilian there, right. And as we know, I don't want to preach to you we all know that Islam was the first to bring up the human rights, Islam recommend, do not kill order, do not kill children do not kill women do not cannot compete and do not cut trees. This is something basics of our religion, and we understand it and we know it. And as the Muslims we applied. Some people don't apply it. Some people do that in spite of Islam, and in spite of the issue, but our basic understanding of our basic teachings is we don't kill civilians. We don't come

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comparisons. We don't kill elderly. We don't kill women. We don't kill children. Having said that, more than 75% of those who died in Palestine recently and throughout history are women and children. They're just we know what's our our Islam we know what's our religion. We know what our what it teaches us. We don't want people to teach us about the human right. It's day the one half as we all know that the double standard out there. What's next? What's next. What do we do for our brothers? I know we have heard a lot brothers. We

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I've heard a lot of what things we can do. And the first thing we say that Da is before the DA, which is very important, but before the DA is one or two things we have to be careful. We have to actually think of it just before the DA F, our RP that is shaken Allah will not give us victory.

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If our Aveda is shaken, we will Allah will not give us victory. And our Arpita is Allah is in control. That nothing happened without Allah's control. That we some people Eman May, she may get shaken now. The trust may chicken why this is happening now. When Allah is gonna give us the victory. Do you know Mata Nasir Allah, Allah and Allah Allah, Allah has it but it's up to him. It's his wisdom when he gives if our Eman start getting weak and because of this our Eman shaken, the victory will not come to us. The victory will not come we should have strong faith and actually as Allah says in the Quran, as the believers said Alladhina kala Hoonah so in anassa Gemma Allah

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comfort Shalom people that the hypocrite tell the Muslims the people gathering there's a lot of people coming after you they gathering after you becoming familiar with them fear them. What was the response of the believer first, the home Imana their Eman increase. So in the people coming to the seed Eman their increased and they said hustle call who has when Allah who went to Milwaukee and they said has when Allah Allah is sufficient and he's the best to rely on if our email and that to Allah given victory Fen Bella woovina mo 10 min Allah he will follow when they said that Allah gave them the net amount Allah gave them the funnel. So it's just our email should not be shaken that

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before we making dua our Eman should not be shaken our upgraded our belief that Allah is in control, it should not be shaken that Allah is in control and Allah will give the victory the way he want. The way he designed the way he did the time that he designed

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for this and number two is that we have to renew our Amen. We have to repent and we have to make so far if we are indulged in sins and in Haram, then our da Allah, Allah will answer our dua. Allah the prophets Allah Allah mentioned in Hadith, the person who is asking ALLAH and calling him and calling him then the Prophet says and his clothing from haram and his feeding from haram and from haram, how Allah is going to answer him. So if we want to support our brothers, if we want to support them, not only in Palestine, in Reza and Palestine, if you want to support our brothers in Kashmir, if you want to support our brother in India, if you want to support our brothers in in Syria so for making

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the situation of our brothers in Pakistan and in Sudan make situation better the first thing we should do is make it repentance and make so far and then comes the day after an Ironman our athletes should not be shaken then come the DA and then whatever we say after that what what we've been hearing the media and the support and the financial support, but we have to know first that our readers should not be shaken. Our emails should not be shaken and then just and then we have to renew our iman we have to make so far and make repentance few I act in sha Allah that will increase our iman em Cisco Padma sell our macaron Miss Liu will still kill a yarmulke will have been a nurse.

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Well yeah Allah Allahu Latina Amma know what your target I mean come shahada our Allahu La your head bizarrely mean just Allah is telling us for people if they're a man shaken, if people are weakening a little bit if he was saying why that happened, why they did what they did. This is the time to support our brothers not support to start making blames or get weaken or get scared. Allah says if a wound if one touches you then they have been touched by wounds the same as an agent will tell Karla Yamanaka will have a nurse These are the days the authorities the dominance Allah alternated it does it's not happening against Allah rasool Allah alternate this dominance these days the power who gets

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the power and why Allah is doing that he's telling us when He Allah Allah Allah Dena Amanu so Allah can have evidence of those who are truly believe those who are truly have Iman or those who are Eman will be shaken. The Yeah, LM Hola, hola, Dina Avenue. And then Allah says well, your ducky them income Shahada. Allah says people are gonna die and he will take martyrs from you. When you say oh there's lots of people get killed. Allah is saying Allah will take shahada for him. Allah will raise people Hi, give them the Shahada. Allahu Allah Tshabalala mean Allah Allah does not like that transgress trust aggressors are the evil doers, Allah either if we have the power if we don't have

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the power, Allah does

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is not like us to do transgression so do not be transgressive no matter our situation is this is what Islam teaches a transgression or being unjust or being evil doer is wrong and either even if we have the upper hand or if we have the lower hand, we stick to our Islamic principles, but Allah is telling us we're untouchable Allah Hoonah in Quinta Mini, but even if you are in a situation in a heartbeat, you you're weak. You are the superior. You are the superior one because of your Eman. So our victory is with our Eman that our Eman is not shaken. This is our victory brothers and sister Allah is telling them what is the jam open and focus on women as fellow men come they come to you

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from over you from beneath you what you deserve that you will follow that the vision started becoming blurry. Allah describing the situation of the people in other words what will hunt them the trench when that was so hard was Rosie Liu they were shaking Sao Paulo that is people having blurry vision well Bella Hello will 100 Euro the heart started beating fast until it treats the throat when somebody's heart beating you feel like your heart is reaching the throat Allah describing how to add the situation of the people there Allah knows even those little things so Allah knows even those little details knows what's happening see what's happening when we talk Musa any man Akuma smart

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around Allah to I'm with you. I can hear and I can see it just for us here is that Eman should not be we can I'm repeating a ton with what Allah is telling us in the Quran. There is many I had many I just for the sake of time that talks about this in sha Allah just just as make our Eman strong. And then it's the time to support our brothers actually, as we said time to repent and make so far and support our brothers the way that we did as much as we can. Robin attina Dunya Senator Warfield after he has Senator Joaquina other but no Robin Allah to return our hub Lana Millenium Kurama in Tel Wahab Allah who will help I happen we're gonna Teva. What additional Bartylla bouton was

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submerged Inaba on Hola Hola, Atlanta, Ali Whalley, Deena Allah Muhammad whom come out of Buena secara Allah azza wa jal now Urbinati now Aquila Allah the overnighted Muslim yada yada Bella Alameen Allahu masala Muslim enough equally McCann in Yoruba Alameen Allah who must have one and I feel equally Philistine era Bella Alameen Allah Hama, Soren Kashmir Orfila, Hindu of Sudan with you leave your further onions Lemina filmakademie wickedly mccannon Yarrabah Alameen Allahu Malaika in Muslimeen Allah hoomans et al Kitab modulus Surya al hisab has email has a zoom home one sort of one an early chromalox Ramin Allah have a look at him when are already becoming true to him. He altered

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me get a home fitted really him yada but I mean, what are the key don't Milan afford him? Apolo Cody ha That was tougher Allah Allah the mighty welcome after Miss salah.