Medical Benefits of Dates

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Next question. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam we've heard in previous episodes of the series used to break fast with the dates and it's therefore highly recommended to break fast with the date. Can you inform us about the medical benefits of dates, dates is a wholesome food

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Dates contain high level of carbohydrates

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for the four to 8%, it has a low fat content one to 2.5%

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There are about 15 minerals and salts in dates about six vitamins, the protein level is 2.3 to 5.6% it has a high fiber content

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6.4 to 11.5% depending upon the different types of dates, and if you realize that because of the high carbohydrate content, it is very good source of energy. The moment we have date immediately it gives you energy it is far better than any other whether you have to glucose powder, etc. The date gives instant energy. And a person can survive only on dates and water for days and months together. And our Prophet masala Salam, there's to be no food for days and weeks together and how can you survive on your date and water some time on date and camel milk. So date is wholesome food.

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The fat content doesn't increase of it hardly.

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So, there is no risk a person who is you know, afraid or the weight will increase that's not there.

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As far as the minerals are concerned, it contains about 15 different minerals. It even contains fluoride, which prevents the tooth decay. It contains selenium, which fights against cancer and increases the immune system of the human body. It contains about six vitamins go to a less

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degree less content. It can be Vitamin C, Vitamin b1, vitamin v2 medicine, it can divide the money, it has proteins, which have 23 different amino acids. And this through date has amino acids, which are not contained in other fruits, which normally people have. It's not present in apple, orange banana, but is there in the date. And date also has very high content of fiber. It's the fiber type. So good for digestion. When you have date, the digestion gets cleared, it can go constipation.

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And the system is clear. It has various benefits and it is a wholesome food.

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And we realize that hamdulillah in the last 40 years, the production of debt has increased by 2.9 times and the population of the world has increased twice. The population is much more than the population of the human beings because it's very wholesome food and instant energy