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Allah says in surah Al Imran Chapter three was the mantra and for lead they arise out of you, a band of people that invite people to the truth.

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Let the arise out of the Ummah, a band of people that invite people to the truth forbidden from doing what is wrong. These are the people that shall attend Felicity your alleged talking about full time dive. How we are full time doctors full time engineers will turn lawyers full time businessman, how many full time days do you have, you can count them on your fingertips. How many international full time they do have you can count them on your fingertips.

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To be a doctor you want to go and study in the medical college for five years to be an engineer and to study for three to four years die you want to become overnight why?

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So Allah talking here being a part time die 100 affordable every Muslim, but here in Sudan branch apathy was 104 alleged talking about full time dive. Let the two of you full time days. And Allah says these are the people who can attain Felicity will be given a higher status in Ghana.

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Allah says in surah nanjappa 16 was 125 who Illa civilian have become the LACMA Walmart has snuck the military arson in white alter the way of the Lord with the wisdom and which were preaching and argue with them and reason with them in the ways that are best, most vicious. Yeah, Allah subhanho wa Taala is giving you another strategy of Dawa. Oh do II last are building up because hikma in white all the way of the Lord with wisdom, while mother till hasna and this beautiful preaching with either military acid and in white and argue with them and debate with them in the ways that are best, most vicious. This is one of the strategies are less talking about Dawa.

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That invite people with a comma and with beautiful preaching and argue with them in the face the best motivation, you know, many times when I go to give a talk, dog never come and tell me. Reza Zakaria speak with Hickman speak with ACHEMA tell me be softer. There are not

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many people's pain. He come I mean soft.

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He command doesn't always mean soft. To know the context of this verse of Surah NESHAP procedure was 125 Go to the starting of the ruku. If you go through verses before Surah nine, chapter 16 Verse number 119 20 onwards, it says in Prophet Abraham is a beautiful example.

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That means example of,

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of Abraham Wilson was beautiful, how he did Dawa with the non Muslim with the pagans. He said that I want to worship sun in the sunset or the moon onto the moon, then you also worship the when want to worship the other thing then he said there's only one true God. What does he do? He brings the idols

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and when does Hebrew die then? He said at the beginning they said he cannot speak that how do you worship I think he was cannot speak.

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He broke down.

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So he came over doesn't mean some hikma means saying the best thing. Some most of the time being soft is good. Sometimes being harsh is good.

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A father It's cool to be kind. If your son wants to jump.

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I want to jump on to be Superman. What will you do? Oh take toughy don't jump down the gym. You will you want

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to know

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now to jump on the fly in the air.

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You will give Angela

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why? A father is cruel to be kind because slapping is the best

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for sometimes you have to be tough.

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Most of the time.

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So we'll dive in our job.

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Allah says in through nature, people don't even know summer seven. And through chapter 16 Verse number 43 and chapter 21 Verse number seven. First I knew early victory in gundula Talmud if you don't know the personal knowledgeable, this is my job

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in my profession, being a die

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but as I can

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speak with sigma that ain't me.

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I know what he doesn't know the Quran.

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He could my most of the Denisof but sometimes you have to be tough.

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So this is the guidance Allah gives although a la familia Rebecca Malik ma while more what are the military arson in white always aware of the Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching and argue with them and reason with them in the best of the best, most gracious

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Dr. Zaki divided your debate allegedly by Jordan long bility acid, one of the dashes argue one of the definition debate. debate with them in the ways that are best in most cases.

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You do what is best required