Zakir Naik – Jyoti, A Tamil Hindu Woman Accepts Islam Along with her Two Children

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A sister asks if there is any non- Muslim sister and the sister confirms there is no one with the same opinion. The sister then asks if anyone is pressuring them to accept Islam and the sister explains that they cannot force anyone to accept. The sister also talks about the sister's religion and how it has changed the name of children.
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Thank you very much. Dr. Zack and I know may take the next question from the sister side, please. Is there any non Muslim sister?

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Yes, Yes, Yes, sister please. Umberto de la, or in the Ivana Islamic law, Sara Mara.

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She says that her name is Jyoti, and she wants to revert to Islam. Mashallah, remember that Bombay we have many programs and Bombay you know many people can understand English, but they cannot speak. And even in English speeches we have many audiences, you know, hundreds of 1000s coming for my talk and they want to say the Shahada, Mashallah, that reminds me my shallaki dijana saliva. So anessa chapter 110 you find people entering into Islam in large numbers? I'd like someone to translate. I'd like to ask the sister that does she believe? There is no God, worthy of worship except Allah? Can someone translate that to her in Tamil? As she understand English? Sister? Is there anybody who can

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translate to her in Tamil? Number? Do you believe that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah believes? Yes. Do you believe Prophet Muhammad is the last and final messenger of God?

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Yes, Mashallah, sister. Is anyone forcing you to accept Islam? No. Is anyone putting pressure on you know, any economic pressure money involved? No, no, because forcing anyone to accept Islam is prohibited in our religion. You cannot force anyone to accept Islam. Allah says in Surah Baqarah chapter two verse number 256. Like a 15 there is no compulsion in religion. And besides in our religion, even in this country, forcing anyone to accept Islam is prohibited. So I make it very sure. When I went to Puna where Mashallah many people accepted Islam, 10s of people spent on me, Zaki, Dr. Sakina don't in public do quietly.

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See this country of as India, it's a free country. Every citizen of this country has the right to preach, practice and propagate his religion. It is one of the few countries in the world which gives the right to the citizen to preach, practice and propagate the religion. We don't force anyone we cannot force anyone. So when I'm doing in public where the question of force I don't even know these people. It's on television camera. Policeman through there. Do it quite quietly. Not I'm doing something illegal. Ah.

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So, Sister, I hope no one has us pressure on you. I hope nobody's forcing you sister Nyan Posada Mara Mara.

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Gandhi in the parrot cerca de colony looking at Nicola Nicola.

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In column j she wants to revert along with her children. She has two children was

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melawati sister

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and repeated

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you yourself can repeat any four children can repeat that will be appreciated. I say in Arabic and repeated

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eyeshadow Kala Morita.

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The husband has reverted this morning and now she wants to also revert along with mela a guide a complete family inshallah.

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I'll just say in Arabic and repeated eyeshadow

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said, Allah, Allah de la ilaha illa Allah illallah wa shadow shadow Anna anna Muhammadan Mohammedan Abu Abu Zulu, Mashallah.

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In Tamil, I bear witness that there's no God but Allah.

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and I bear witness.

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Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. Muhammad Anna be our girl Mohamed el erian him to the Robin Robin artemia home artemia era Andrew Kira Andrei Saatchi and Saatchi kuririn

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Mela grand family Jana inshallah The system also changed the name she sing it can she change the name of children Sure, sister. It's not compulsory to change the name but if you want it is good. If you can tell to the people that I'm following your religion which is the best way of life and you're proud of it, then changing is better. It's not a fad. But if you want to change it's preferable call us or appear Martinez Moussa llama obtaining a moto number Brianna Mattila as Martina nella

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and amatola man he's she's saying that the names of the children are the goddess god and goddesses of Hindus issue is compulsory. It's a form. If the name involves sick, it is compulsory, you have to change the name Okay, and appearing Hamartoma

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We'll be working katsuyama

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number sanoma

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okay on for the boy what name do you suggest dr sub on? Boy means boy male

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why what is the name in Tamil?

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But the boy inshallah can give the name as Mr.

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Gan Cora Paramatma

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one called the para Hama Hama UNGA pen called the pair, second child, the girl, the girl, girl, you can keep them in Fatima, Fatima Allahu Akbar, the pair on the Fatima Ahmed UNGA polar bear, penguins appear on the Fatima okuyama and we pray to Allah subhanaw taala make it a complete family may give you the best of this world as well as dakara

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para para Mata Rama la nada para Jyoti. Jyoti le Moto Z in Aspen baranda Ravi Ravi Ravi Anna para mattina para la Mata Clara Au Pair Mattila de ninguna Matata rubric Leah.

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Very good. Okay. She's saying that she would like to return her name Jyoti. And her husband, Ravi, but the children will be Amma den Fatima. Allahu Allah. Allahu Akbar.

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okemah Jazakallah

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