Hasan Ali – Are you from the few who are grateful! Reality Check

Hasan Ali
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As I want you to do this, I want you to do this one thing which is, it's a reality check. It's a reality check. First thing I want you to do is I want I want you series to do this is going to make you come closer to Allah.

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I want you to go home and you sit down and you actually start to count the gifts of Allah.

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Allah said to us, you never going to be able to count them. But I still want you to count as many as you can. You know why? Because when you start counting the gifts of Allah just count them just to say to us, okay, I've got the gift of eyesight, I've got the gift of hearing, or the gift of speaking, or the gift to discover the gifts are gonna start start counting gift gifts look around you in your house. Every item you've got, I've got I've got that I've got this I've got that I've got this

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gift of my bones right down to the structure of my bones, the joints that are moving with ease, every joint that moves with ease is a different gift from Allah, start counties or county you know it does to you, after you count all those count and count and count and count and count. You know what happens? You're overwhelmed. You kind of think wow, my Allah gave me so much.

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He gave me so much and I do so little. That's why if you open the Quran, you know what Allah says? Allah said, what Kali mean a baddie, yes Shaku Allah says so few sevens I have that truly appreciate what I gave to them. So few, so few.

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There are people who appreciate but Allah say no, the ones who truly appreciate shackled, shackled means that you are really really appreciating what Allah gave. Allah has talked about that with ALLAH SubhanA Quran and he said that Tao would was a man, he was a prophet that truly appreciated who Allah gave. And he said, What Kali ilumina, a bad idea Shaku there are so few of my seven who truly appreciate what I gave to them. And you know what, when we appreciate Allah like that, Allah appreciates us, because his name is a shackle. He's the one whose name is the most appreciative, he's waiting for us, just to say to him from the bottom of our hearts, with not just one alhambra by

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thinking of all the gifts is given to us and say, You know what, I really, really appreciate everything you given to me. I appreciate what you've done for me. That's why the first you know, when Allah revealed the Quran, and Allah gave us the Holy Quran, when you open the Quran, what's the first word that you read in the Quran of Surah Fatiha so first words Alhamdulillah you know why Alhamdulillah is there? My teacher, my father hate me, he said, he said, the Surah Fatiha is almost like a lie saying to us, oh, human, you want to you want to make contact with me. Let me teach you how to best make contact with me. Let me give you those words. You're a human, you open my book, you

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want to connect with me. You don't know the words. Let me give you those words. Those words that I want you to say to me is Al Hamdulillah. Oh Allah, every gift that you gave me, every blessing that I've ever had, everything that I've ever experienced, everything that I possess right now, all of that the appreciation of all of that, all the knowledge of God, all the every beauty aspect of God, all the cells in my body, every single fiber inside me every knowledge and information that I've been able to store in my mind and keep it there, every single relationship I have with people, every honor and dignity that you've given me and all the different things that I've had from your

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blessings. I want to say to you all of the praise of all of that, you deserve it. Allah says you know, want to you want to make contact with me, the best words I want to hear from you is that you appreciate what I've given to you. That's that's the whole point of our religion, or help on our religion with with salah. You don't want to pray to Allah, it shook us all it is. We appreciate you what Allah gave us. You know, fasting, we appreciating what Allah gave us. Zakah we know when you give the 2.5% of your wealth, you appreciate your saying Allah, you gave me all this wealth. I'm going to show you appreciation by sharing 2.5% of my wealth. I'm going to take what is lovable to me

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take that away, and I'm going to give it to someone that doesn't have it. That was the Kathy's had what is it? Oh Allah you gave me time you gave me well, I'm going to sacrifice my time. I'm going to sacrifice my well. I'm gonna go all the way to my

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karma karma and I'm going to go around your house and I'm going to say to Lubbock, I'm here, Oh Allah, I'm here, Allah, I'm here, I'm going to sacrifice my time. I'm going to sacrifice my wealth just for you. I'm going to appreciate what you gave to me. And solely, it's all about appreciation. You know what I'm going to, I'm going to show you that, you know, because you've given me everything, and I owe nothing. You are my master. I am your slave. And I'm going to show to you that I am happy to be your slave because you gave me absolutely everything. You gave me everything that I've got everything I have everything that is mine, you gave it to me. That's how our entire

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religion, our entire religion tells us how to be in service of Allah, the servitude of Allah to show Allah Oh Allah, You know what, you deserve this. You deserve more than this. I wish I could do more than more than this for you. That's what Allah wanted from us.

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