Zakir Naik – Journey of Sh Ziaur Rahmaan Azmi from being born in a Hindu Family to the Dean of Faculty of Hadeeth

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © Shaykh via House of God and Dr. Sunu have been given Easter framework to inspiration for Muslim brothers, while Shaykh asked him about his birth of Elijah, a teacher in the Islamic University of, and the birth of a teacher in Saudi Arabia. The segment discusses the career of Muslim students in Saudi Arabia, including their birthplace, education, language, and career. The segment also touches on a former professor who promised to give them more time to study Arabic, but spent only a few hours per week. The project was completed four and a half years ago, including the translation of the Hadith book into English and the creation of a condensed version of the title. The project was for three years and involved the translation of the book into English and the creation of a condensed version of the title.
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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Muhammad Bilal from Saudi Arabia.

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I request you to kindly give a brief description on the life history of Shaykh via Rahman asked me, Ls bunkie lol.

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Rahim Allah reward from Uttar Pradesh state of India, who recently passed away in Madina, munawwara inshallah, this story might provide inspiration to many of our Muslim Brothers, and God Willing might also serve as an eye opener to many Hindu brothers that allow heroin

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last month, the Muslim Ummah last and important personality shake professor, Dr. Muhammad xrm and asked me on the 30th of July 2020, on the Yamaha arafa. On the ninth is Elijah, during the Zohan shake German asked me, was very close to me. And he was one of the first few teachers of mind as far as teachers in the Islamic team is concerned

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and upset Allah subhanaw taala that May He grant him tender that for those Allah Allah in the company of Prophet musala, Salah,

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shake CRM and asked me he was the Dean of the Faculty of Hadid, in the Islamic University of Medina

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and he was also a lecturer in the Prophet's mosque. That must be the number in Medina

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who would have imagined that the person who was the Dean of the Faculty in the famous Islamic University of Medina and also a lecturer at the Prophet's mosque, Masjid then Abby was born in a Hindu family in 1943.

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About 76 years ago, in the village of malaria guns

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in Assam get in the state of up in India, imagine a person who was born in Uttar Pradesh, one of the most communally charged states in India, where the Muslim minority, they are harassed and persecuted.

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From their when he was born, Allah transformed him and a person who spent most of his life in the most peaceful city in the world that is Madina munawwara Anna hamdulillah. He died on one of the best days of the year, that Yama arafa during the Amazon of the whole time. Alhamdulillah what a journey

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she gzira man asked me, his name was bunkie lol and he was born in a Hindu family and and the age of 16. He was inspired by the teachings of Islam. Mainly, he was inspired by the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. By the message of tawheed in the region of Islam, and at the age of 16. He reverted to Islam. After he accepted Islam, his life was in danger. In the state of up, he was forced to migrate to ruhija to the state of Tamil Nadu and in Tamil Nadu. He studied Arabic and Islamic Studies in

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Jamia dar Salam in Ahmedabad in Tamil Nadu. And after he completed his course of Arabic and Islamic Studies, after six years, he was accepted as a student for the bachelor's degree in the famous Islamic University of Medina

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Alhamdulillah he was the first Muslim who was a Hindu revert, who was accepted as a student in the Islamic University of Medina. And after he finished his bachelor's degree in Islam, Yudhisthira Medina, he went to Makkah, and he enrolled himself in the king Abdulaziz University in Makkah, and he finished his master's degree.

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And later on this university, is now called as the omal chronicity maka.

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And from Makkah, later on, he went to Cairo, Egypt, and he did his PhD in Al Azhar University in Cairo, in Egypt, and after he finished his PhD, he came back to Saudi Arabia and hamdulillah he was appointed as a professor in the Faculty of audit in the Islamic University of Medina and later on, he took various courses

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Cost of administration of teaching in various institutes, including the Muslim will leave that up to element Islamia and MACRA. Later on,

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he was again appointed as the Dean

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of the Faculty of audit in the Islamic University of Medina where he retired and simultaneously, he was also

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a lecturer in the Prophet's mosque in Madrid, the numbi.

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in Medina, imagine what a journey from one of the worst states of India to one of the most peaceful cities in the world and 100 Lila, shake mamas era man asked me. He has authored dozens of books in Arabic.

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He also authored a book in Hindi, the Encyclopedia of the Quran. And he also wrote his autobiography, in order to do titled, from Ganga to Samsung, but his main and the most famous work, I'll come to it, and show later on. The first time I met, she examined me was in 1997, when I went to Medina to study Arabic as a language before that, one year before that, in 1996, I went to Makkah, and I stayed for one month under professor, Dr. nadvi, who was a teacher of Arabic language, the process of Arabic language in Domo chi newcity. So inside oma visa could not stay for more than 30 days. Then later on, I tried to find out that, who is the best Arabic teacher in the world, who

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can teach to non Arabs. And I got the reply. It was Dr. Farber, he, and he was the head of the law department, the Arabic language department in the Islamic University of Medina. And people told me he is a very busy person, and he mainly takes students of the PhD. So I doubt whether you will be able to meet him or whether he'll give you time. But I said what's the harm in trying? So I went to Medina, and I met Dr. Farber, that he had told him that I am a die in the field of Islam. And I would like to learn Arabic. So he told me Do you know that he gave a talk? A few weeks before in Medina, I said, Yes.

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I was sitting on the first row for a talk. And then I happen to know that Mashallah He attended my lecture, and he was very much willing to give me time, so much for that. He told me that if you spend about six months with me, inshallah, you will know Arabic as a language, and he promised to give me more than five hours every day, after his or her till just before my trip every day hamdulillah. And that is the time I took out my karma, medicine and portrait of Saudi Arabia so that I could spend six months

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in Medina, that's in the year 1997. But unfortunately,

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I hardly spent one month, maybe

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a few days, less than a month,

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where I spent five hours every day with a lot of abderrahim.

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And when I went to his house, I realized that he was a close friend of professor, Dr. CRM and asked me and not only a close friend, he was also a tenant. In the villa that he lived, he lived on the ground floor and on the first floor, was the owner of the villa that his professor Dr. Solomon asked me and that is that I met him and I also became very close to profited off to him and asked me and when I requested him, that can he give me time? So he agreed to give me twice a week, few hours, every session twice a week and with him also Mashallah I studied for about a month and my basics of muhaddith.

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I acquired my knowledge from Dr. Profit CRM and asked me and in the passage of time I became very close to him.

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And when I was studying under him, I asked him the question, that whenever I say in my lecture, that Muslim should follow hold on and say Hadith Quran and say howdy Do we have all this a hadith compiled together?

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And the answer but natural was no. Yes, there are many books of say Hadith will say Buhari, say Muslim, then read, Sita, etc. But we don't have all the scientists combined together. The best work that was done at that time was by shaking hands with a woman beside the to see in Bukhari and Muslim, the remaining four books of the political sector that is soon enough without suddenly say, there may be

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and remaja check out Susan Barney, he bifurcated into size and size. So you have the civilized

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Hey, which has come violation of all this, I had it in the balance books article.

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But to say that all these IDs were compiled, many of the people tried in the past, but no one completed the project. So while discussing with shake prophecies, they are a man asked me, this was the time that maybe the seed was sown.

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And after he retired

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hamdulillah he spent about 15 to 18 years in this project. And he compiled all this, I had this together. And according to Professor CRM and admin, he told me that there are about more than a million Hadith that is dead.

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If you remove all the duplicates, many hundreds are duplicate, the matter is the same, the chain of narrators are different, or maybe the month and the matter differs very slightly. So if you remove the duplicate

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the different genes, but the matter being the same, he told me there are approximately 60,000 Hadith

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from the 60,000 Hadith, he told me at that time, approximately 16,000

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will be sat here.

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And after he retired hamdulillah he took this voluminous project to compile all this I had it,

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of all the books not only the cook the pasta, but all the other books of Hadith.

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And get them together and remove the duplicates so that anyone who reads this book can say that he has read all this, I had it and he told me that to the best ability.

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He finished this project, maybe I think about four years back

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and that was the first edition that was printed in the manuscript form it was in 20 volumes.

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this work was given to the salon for printing and they printed this book, which says they are a man called it as john McConville. The full name is Al Jami at Carmel, Pilates, Asahi, a Sherman, this is a completely short form of zombie comedy with the full name is Al Jami, our common Phil, Paddy Asahi, a Sherman,

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the complete completely, and it was printed in 12 volumes by darussalam, the Arabic and it contained about 16 and a half 1000 had it all the duplicates removed, and it gave the chain of editors, it also gave the whole job. Why the * did he or why this i did is i didn't include it into the main list and he had his own criteria, every scholar besides the basic criteria, that is there have decided they have their own way of analyzing. And they may agree with most of the scholars, they may differ sometimes. So he gave his reasoning, why he differed when some scholars say this he and according to him, it wasn't so he It was a he gave his reasoning, or some scholars said Dave, and he

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said it is so the technology is also there. So all this put together the chain of narrators with the rich, it was approximately 16 and a half 1000 added.

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And he added another 3000 added to it. Those are the words which were very commonly known. It may be safe, it may be more do so people should not say that he skipped it. And even those are these myths were said to be savvy by famous mortician, but he considered it as safe even mentioned that and that was another 3000 added so that no one could say that he missed and I could say that alum the life not 100% we can safely say that more than 95% of all this I added that is available has been compiled in this common column the like was a voluminous work.

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And later on in the next two or three years he spent in revising that.

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And recently, Mashallah, just a few months back. The second device edition has been printed of this jameela Carmen in Pakistan, but this time, the lettering is a little bit bigger, so 2019 volumes

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and hamdulillah. I requested him that why doesn't he make a condensed version of

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a dummy comment? so that it can be translated, because the main book is good for scholars and for researchers. But for normal layman, they are not so much bothered about it at least the AMA was terrible at it. So he agreed and he also made a mocha sir Jama Tamil in five volumes, which doesn't have the courage which only has the son of the Hadith and added number he makes a difference.

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It is also the inside Buhari added number one, so also the same Muslim as number one. So also in Abu Dhabi has his number so and so. So at the end of the Hadeeth, He even gave the references where it's present. And the thematic may be present in three books or in four books, or in five books many a time more than that, so that no one can say that these Hadith have been missed.

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So in the mock tests are missing, but the complete center this day, and a humble Allah, even this mock test is complete. And

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it's under the process of translation. And I took the onus of having it translated into English. And this project we started about four and a half years back after the first edition was completed, along with the book desert, and we give it to someone who was expert in Arabic and English.

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And the project was for three years. But unfortunately, when the translation was completed, I had it checked with some other export and I wasn't happy with the English translation, so we are revising it. And so far we have reached, we have completed the first volume and part of the second volume, I think it will take another one or two years because I believe that the tosteson should be good. Unfortunately, the English translation of most of the books of Hadith is not up to the standard.

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Most of them are poor, some are fair, some may be good, but not have excellent quality. So inshallah we expect to complete the transition of the muktsar, jammy coming in Sharla in the next two years, and we'll have it printed into English, also requested proper DRM and asked me to have

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the full Jamaica will only involve volume without the Senate, which disagreed he said we, as one of the See, we don't believe that this can be with our son. I said, Let's be practical, if you want to give it to the layman or maybe a student of knowledge to make it more compact. So that only write the name of the Saba, who narrated it without the sonnet. So finally, after many years, he agreed and he had just started with the project of making it into one volume so that it is more condensed and easier for the layman or the common Muslim to read. Unfortunately, he could not complete that one volume, I'm in touch with some of my common friends and the children of Prophet the VRM and as

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mean and inshallah we'll try and make this Jammie common into one volume, so that we only have the main Hadith with the name of the Saba so that it becomes much shorter and easier for a common man to read. And if we read this we can at least say that we have read the Quran and we have read almost all the say Hadith. So if it's in five volume now move to sajama comment. It may be one volume later on. It's possible

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for most of the Muslims to read it they want to read but reading all the books of Hadith is extremely difficult or next to impossible for a common man inshallah we pray to Allah subhanaw taala that made this one volume of Dharma come will also come into existence very soon, but At present we have the Mr. Sir Jamia Tamil and hamdulillah Allah is Grace prophet the DRM and asked me He gave an authority to me, he gave a letter to me saying that I have the right to translate his complete

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alchemy, alchemy, fill paddies, after he a shovel into any language or Taiwan.

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he gave me permission even for the MacArthur Jami comment to be translated. And hamdulillah he gave me 20, blank letters, that I can give permission to any publisher to publish this original Arabic version of the jameelah comment.

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But natural I don't intend selling this to anyone but natural for the benefit of the oma to spread the message of the great work done by Dr. Sarah and asked me and I prayed to Allah subhanaw taala that this work that he did, it is really voluminous, many people in the last 1400 years, right, but they could not complete it. Allah blessed him hamdulillah that after he retired, he spent, along with the revision spent approximately 20 years compiling the audit doing Stackridge. He had

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couple of two three of the PhDs who helped him and this project, but he did it single handedly Alhamdulillah he didn't want any other scholar or any other person to interfere. There was some students have PhD or some past PhD did

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Help him in copying that set, but himself want to do it individually and 100 Allah bless him and he completed the project. Both this book is not that famous, I'm waiting for the English translation to be completed and inshallah then we will market it better so that the whole Muslim Ummah can benefit from one of the greatest works done by late shake professor Dr. mumbles era man as me and a mala mela Muslim and a Peter last minute Allah that May He grant Delta for those are Allah to shake mama Zara monosomy

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