When Abu Bakr and Umar Argued – Manners of the GIANTS

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a story of a man named Abubaker who wronged Omar and caused him to ask for forgiveness. He goes on to ask for forgiveness and apologizes multiple times. He also talks about his actions and how he thinks he has done things wrong.
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Abubaker normal, they had an argument and Abu Bakr are the Allah Han, he wronged. He wronged Omar.

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So when he felt that he wronged Omar, he went after him to ask him for forgiveness.

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He felt that he wronged him. So he went after him to ask him for forgiveness or more. Close the door number of acts face.

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Abubaker is very upset how he wronged all and second, how you know how the Dharma treat him. So he immediately went to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and also salam was at our house with the is the one narrating the story.

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With that said, as we were sitting with Rasulillah Salam, Abu Bakr came running, lifting his toe to the level that his knees are showing.

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So in a suicide Salem saw him, he said,

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your companion have quarreled with somebody. This is how much muscle mass I sell them no Abubaker so we are the Allah and came, sat down next to Salah Salem and told him the story and showed him how upset he is that Omar did not accept his apology

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Surah Salah Salem he was upset know how Amara did not accept the apology. He looked at Abu Bakr and said grapher Allahu La que Abubaker refer Allahu

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Allah Who

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doesn't want to forgive you. I'm gonna ask Allah to forgive you.

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Now Subhanallah look at the Sahaba now Amara, or the Allah Han, he felt guilty How did he do this double buckle so he went over to his house.

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A thumb is our bucket here. They said no, is that for Salah Salem. He went through some Lhasa Salam and he sat down quietly

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one of the solos excellent so Amaro, His face changed. He was very angry. How could you not forgive your brother when he came and ask you for forgiveness? When Subhanallah when the whole story is to see the flag of the of the giants. So when I saw this that Selim is upset with Ahmad he came and sat on his knees in front of Sasha Islam and said You are a soul of Allah. I Neverland I'm the one who was wrong him not him. I'm the one who wronged him repeated twice.

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So Salah Salem stood up and looked at the Sahaba and said, in Allah that I can you let them

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were called Abu Bakr Sadat were were saying enough see, when nearly Faloona talk to me sahibi fanola Talk to me Sahibi Allah sent me to you as a prophet, and you said that I'm a liar. And Abu Bakr said, I'm the truthful and he supported me with himself and his wealth. Will you stop harming my companion? Will you stop harming my companion? And the Hadith ended by saying, LEM you the Abubaker about the Delica Abubaker was never harmed after this. So quick couple of lessons. Yeah, one number one, no matter who you are, no matter who you are, if you feel that you wronged somebody go and apologize. And

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he felt that he did something wrong. Go and apologize.

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Sometimes a sister came to me the other day she said me and my husband hadn't spoken to each other for three months. Three months yeah one in the same house. The ego sometimes ruin our our our families ruin our homes. My sister slaughter your ego my brother's look at Oh hello boubakeur reacted second year one. No matter how arguments obviously happen these are the best of the best arguments obviously take place they happen. But do not let that ruin the muhabba ruin the would ruin the love between each other.

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No matter what happens, do not let that ruin the love. They used to make dua for each other. Or Bennett whether Tasha Alfia Colombina Villa de La Nina among the Sahaba used to say to each other from the Quran, they used to make dua to Allah do not make any, any hatred, any malice to our brothers Subhanallah third Subhanallah one

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if anybody comes to you, and you know wants to apologize for their mistake,

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accept their apology.

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accept the apology.

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When the person feels that he has done something wrong Subhan Allah and he goes and apologize. He is so elevated in the sight of Allah azza wa jal. He is Mataram. He is a person with his

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But when somebody said, I will go and apologize, Allahu Akbar. This is where we learn from the sahaba. One, sometimes a brother in the masjid, he does not talk to his brother for months. And he passes by and he put his head down in order not to say Salam aleikum, and they come to fish every day. So why

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would this spiritual teachers, this is what the Sahaba used to treat each other. This is the way they treated each other. Let's learn from them and not just you know, want to be with them without imitating them. May Allah address with them in sha Allah Allah, may Allah goddess with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, may Allah forgive our sins and unite our hearts. There is a common law here there are a couple of them. So how Subhana Allah insha Allah Allahu Allah and the structure of covenant Toba like that