Islamophobia In India And Arab World

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the potential for Islam to spread through foreign countries, but notes that most non-M pizzas are not likely to be affected by the current situation. The backlash against Muslims during the Arab Spring protests came from the Gulf country, where most of theipped and many were arrested and put in jail, leading to a large turnout of Muslims in India. The speaker encourages those who are against Islam to speak up against the president and to stop spreading negative comments and motives towards the Muslim countries. The lawyer in Kuwait suggests they collect data of all non-M pizzas and keep a data bank of all negative remarks and abusive comments.
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What is your opinion about the recent tweet from the Arab world leaders wanting the right to wing Hindu fanatics, to abstain from spreading Islamophobia otherwise they will be kicked out of the country for spreading Venom against Muslims. They even want India to treat the Muslim minorities. Well.

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India just like they treat Hindus in Arab countries. We saw we even saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeting soft messages towards Muslims. After that furore from the Arab world. What is my view? A similar question has been asked him clubbing it together by saying Hashmi from Doha, Qatar. In the present scenario in context of Indian Muslims a planned campaign is being implemented ridiculing the religious Prophet ridiculing and religious profiling and demeaning of Indian Muslims in India. How should Muslim tackle this and what what should be a strategy? Please appreciate

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worship yesterday, appreciate your guidance. As far as what should we do in this situation when, especially in India, it's happening all over the world that Islamophobia you find in the Western countries you find everywhere, but I do agree that in India, it has reached epidemic levels, especially after the new government came to power that the BJP, led by our new prime minister, Narendra Modi, which is in power for approximately six years. And when second time became a second time when he got reelected, it has reached epidemic levels.

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You're what should we do? And Allah says in the Quran in surah facilite, chapter number 41, verse number 34, Repel evil with good, you may never know the per the person who the enemy will become your friend. So if they are abusing you, if they are calling you with names illogically blaming you Repel evil with Could you be kind to them,

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you will be good to them. As far as we in India, we should soften their hearts and Allah said you may never know that enemy become your friend. And that's what I did when I was learning that the reason the majority of the non Muslims who came for my talk the majority of non Muslims who knew me they were my friends.

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There were some non Muslims who even came and touched My Feet which is not allowed in Islam what they're doing, they said no, you're my one daughter. They love me they respected me to say what you want to some of them come unfair. I've been seeing a video for years telling me what I should do. I said accept Islam and they simply immediately they love me they respected me there were very few who are against me. But since this new government came they created a campaign against me and they have given a feeling as though majority of the non Muslim luggage even in Malaysia majority when I'm staying majority the non Muslim they love me. The when I go to the shop, they give me free non

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Muslims, they don't charge me there are yet few who are politically inclined like in India, who for the political world bank, they criticize me otherwise majority of so we should love the non Muslims, especially in India, the Hindus and majority care for them and try and remove the misconception regarding the main question what happened in the Arab world, that there were many people who started maligning Islam, abusing the Prophet criticizing Islam

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calling not so in the last couple of weeks Alhamdulillah there has been a backlash from the people in the Middle East, mainly from Kuwait, from UAE, from Dube from Sharjah from Saudi Arabia, and they came up lawyers came up activists came up from the royal family. They came up and they start with a what is this? And we know that there are more than there are more than 10 million Indians living in the Middle East alone. More than 3 million in in Saudi Arabia, close to 4 million in UAE and the other Gulf countries and the major

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foreign exchange that comes in in India is from the Middle East. And all the Muslim countries put together more than 50% from the Middle East alone 55 billion every year, more than 1 billion a month from Saudi alone, more than 1 billion a month from UAE alone. And out of those people working in the Gulf countries, approximately 50% Are Muslims 50% are non Muslims, the non Muslims on the higher post. Most of the Indian Muslims, they are on the low post fear on the high post the non Muslims most of them on the high post fear on the low post. And if when I did a survey

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when I was when when our the resident earlier of the bed, the top 100 Indians in the Middle East the richest in the Forbes list, the top 100 richest Indians in the Gulf country 80% were non Muslims

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70% of apples and Hindus

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and only 20% were Muslims.

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So when so much money that is coming in

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to India, from the Muslim country majority owned by the non Muslim, that means they're living comfortably. I don't know if any single case in any of the Muslim countries or the Gulf country where a Hindu was forced to sell out, but never. But here the Muslims are forced to say many things which are against Islam like Jai Shri Ram, et cetera. So the backlash came and there was a warning that if anyone is caught on the social media, the non Muslims, mainly most of them were Hindus from India belonging to who are the supporters of the BJP. According to me, most of the Indians, the Hindus, they love missions. According to me, even today, there is a small percentage of Hindu maybe

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before BJP came to power, maybe 5%. Were against Muslims.

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And maybe 15% were in favor, always supported, and 80% were neutral, but had no problems with the Muslims. When the BJP came to power, the percentage increase now I believe, maybe 15% In the first election after a little 10%. Now, when they won the second election, maybe 15%, against hardcore against Muslims, the Hindus, and the percentage favoring now has reduced from 15 to maybe 5%. Fear of backlash from the government being arrested, and 80% are neutral and afraid to speak. We should

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convey the message remove the misconception, this backlash that came from the Gulf country, it should have come wrong before but better late than never. And I agree with it, that they gave the warning and many of them were arrested. They were put in jail miniver sent back, how can you criticize the Beloved Prophet speak against the Quran the country were staying, which is giving you a burden, but they are not forcing you to say anything to do about Islam, you are living comfortably. You're not paying an income tax, you're sending most of your earnings back home. So I'm very much positive. And then one of the lawyers from Kuwait has made even a case in the Geneva in

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the human rights. And he said that anyone who find any non Muslim making abusive remark or in the Muslim, send it to him, he will put it in no court. Very good. We appreciate it. Very good, but I want I want to give them advice a step further. Besides collecting all the non Muslims or speaking in a slum on social media, then percentage wise they may be few. Let me tell you, even the non Muslims were against Muslims in non Muslim in the Muslim countries, Gulf countries would not be more than 10%, according to me, and speaking in the media would be just two or 3%.

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So, this lawyer said that accumulate data data bank of all the non Muslims was beating against Islam. And see to the bottom task, I would like to tell them that go a step further, I would request that we even keep a databank of non Muslims in India speaking and use Islam

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and those which are speaking mainly the hardcore activists of the BJP government, and most of them, they are rich. And let me tell you, that most of the politicians of India, they have their money stored

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in UAE, in the Gulf country, most of them and most of them majority those of the of the non Muslims who traveled abroad, more than 50% they visit the Gulf country or the Muslim countries, I would suggest to that quit lawyer that even collect the data of all the negative remarks and abusive of all the non Muslims in India, and keep a data bank and stored in the computer next time if they come to the girlfriend, whether it be quit, whether it be to Saudi Arabia, whether it be to Dubai,

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whether it be to Indonesia, in the data bank should be mentioned Okay, now they have abused the Prophet which is not permitted by law. And they have abused Islam, bit them to task, have a case against them, arrest them and put them in by and when you do this to five or 10 people believe me, majority of them will stop because they traveled to Muslim countries.

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If not majority, at least 25% will stop. Make it public that we have our data bank don't reveal the names. The moment they come arrest them, take them to the court of law, give them punishment. Believe me, most of these people who are BJP backed who are spreading Venom against Islam. against the Muslim they will get scared and Mullah finishing if let the Muslim countries make a block. The major Muslim country whether it be Saudi Arabia or UAE,

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can be Nigeria, Qatar.

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Most of the oil that comes to India come from Muslim countries from

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from I found the Arabia, from Nigeria, from UAE natural gas comes from Qatar, palm oil come from Indonesia and Malaysia. Let's make a block and we work collectively so that if they say anything against Islam against the Muslim, we can be a better force. So the Muslim donate inshallah and put a pressure on Muslim than the other country which are mining Islam, Inshallah, they will have a positive impact and they will stop doing that activity