Should We Support Muslim Politicians Who Endorse LGBTQ

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the principles of Sunni Islam, including the "arthing principle" of "The Sierra," "araling principle" of "The people," and "araling principle" of "The people." They emphasize the importance of educating others to convince them to stay in their political parties and bringing others back from countries that Trump has banned. The speaker also criticizes the use of trans recommended groups and the danger of political and media influence. They advise against using social media to influence others and emphasize the need to be guided to the right way to support Islam.
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Okay, recently I have a number of points to say a little bit disjointed. I haven't prepared, obviously as a conversation. But let's begin from the basics.

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Let us begin with the principle that is universal across the globe in America, England, Canada, between all of us on this platform, we should all agree with the principle the sort of the paradigm that is stemming from our tradition, our faith, pretty much all of mainstream feminism dare even say shears or whatnot would probably acknowledge this principle. It is Quranic in its essence, it is prophetic, the Sierra demonstrates this over and over again. And that is the following principle is the following. And that is when it comes to engaging with another person whom you disagree with when it comes to align yourself with a third party organization person, then you weigh the pros and cons

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Masada and Matthias at the Mossad Hindemith facet are both worldly and religious. Both of these are weighed. And if you feel that, overall, the Masada of the both dunya we and Dini perspective outweigh the pros outweigh the cons, then you may ally yourself for the greater good. Even if there's going to be an incidental and negative that comes that is not intended, you're not rallying for that you're not calling for that you're calling for a greater good, and it kinda sort of sometimes necessitates a smaller evil, right? This is pretty much universally acknowledged to be the mainstream principle of Sunni Islam. And it is demonstrated in every single strategic alliance,

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every single, you know, the even throughout Islamic history as well. What I want to do to talk about comes from the Quran as well, the issue comes in the application, always the issue comes, who's going away and assess the Messiah and the facet, the what the pros and the cons, who's going to really go through and figure out okay, this con here, it is so negative, that it outweighs every single Pro that you bring to me. And therefore, we come to the very difficult reality, which is that allying yourself with a third party with a third entity with another person always has an element of HD had to it it is not utterly it is not from the pottery yard from the cleaner yard, it has a gray

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area to it. And that is why and Asuna has always made it so problematic to make to veer based upon associations to make excommunication based upon your alliance with even a ruler, even a dictator and whatnot. Throughout the Arab Spring, I gave multiple posts about this reality that many of our scholars just tacitly supported status quo, they didn't sign the photos for the debt warrants, but neither did they stand up and oppose the dictators because they genuinely thought, You know what, this isn't a battle, I want to fight, I want to preach and teach the masses in order to do so I'll have to give a tacit nod to this evil person, I don't like him, this king, I don't like him. But at

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the end of the day, you know, it's better than the instability that's going to come and he has to do something negative in order to get that the overall positive. Now the principle is undisputed. The application may be disputed, however, we have to be brave enough, mature enough, courageous enough, wise enough, that when we dispute the application, we do not make the other person the enemy. We say I disagree with your application, I know where you're coming from, and I really don't like it, but you are not my enemy, because your food is the same. Unfortunately, we don't see this in the online social reality. So when it comes to, for example, this particular another point, by the way, before

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I get to the the this particular person, we need to teach our communities we need to teach our Masjid going, folks that politicians are not their role models. They're role models are the inheritors of the prophets. These are the roadmap, politicians are not where we take our morality from. And if we teach them this, then inshallah is going to go a long way to try to get to what Brother hasn't was talking about. This also means that since the rule is we weigh the pros and cons. What this means, therefore, is that every single person, every single activist, every single shareholder diary, actually can take that rule and apply it to his or her personal life. And the net

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result of that rule might actually be different for that person. Hence, what are the Masada and Mufasa for Yasser called the to come with that politician versus what are the Masada and in the fasted for care national to go with that politician. It's not the same thing. And we have to raise the academic discourse of our communities to understand that sometimes perhaps usually, the older man should have the most narrow definition of Masada and Mufasa. The Redeemer should have the highest caliber that you know what I don't want to associate with somebody who's so evil or whatnot. And that is why to this day, I have never explicitly endorsed a politician said to go vote for a

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politician myself voted for a politician, fundraise for you know, one of these people in office never done so because I feel the people of knowledge have to have the highest but I also understand where Hassan is coming from and others are coming from that if community activists have a different way of

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Masada and Matthias and even if I don't agree with it, I'm not going to demonize them, I'm not going to problematize them. And if need to I'll pull them aside, I'll speak to Hudson directly, but I'm not going to make Hudson, an evil target for my community, I'm not going to say completely nefariously and slanderous lead that has sent Shibley supports, you know, gay marriage because he supports politician X, who has supported policy why, and you make a tough sell. So you make this you know, a complete McCarthyism of what you were seeing with somebody who was dealing with somebody who's saying somebody, we don't work this way. And as soon as Islam is above this soap, let there be

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differences of opinion and let there be different tactics for different people. That's always been my position. I am never and I've never preached for supporting a particular politician. Whoever says so is really a stuff what Allah slanderously line I have never and again, now that you're being specific Subhan Allah is Allah is my witness. I was invited to this conference of economics because of family engagements. I flew on Sunday, I flew back Monday morning. The person who spoke about spoke Saturday will lie I didn't even know she was speaking until after I came back. And some, you know, a storm broke over the internet, the accusation that why q1 Almost study a man who asked

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permission, they gave it They vetted her candidate and slander as usual. Had they asked me I would have personally said no, I don't agree she should be divided to a mainstream Muslim convention. They never asked. If I had known I wouldn't have stood next to I didn't stand extra. If I had known I would have still gone another day. I don't see a problem, by the way, going on Sunday, and she's speaking on Saturday, I wouldn't have changed my position would be adequate. Anybody says, you're going to really make everybody a deviant? Who attends it? what not? That's a level of autism. That's just crazy, to be honest. So even if I know she's coming on Saturday, I would have told it kind of

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Why are you inviting her and maybe publicly said something to show that I don't agree with that. But I'm not going to boycott an entire convention? Because I disagree with one speaker. That's not the way forward. Also, I agree with Hassan's point. And Shadi, I want you to also add to this when you get the microphone back. I need to finish it for words. That yes, I agree that they shouldn't be invited actually agree with that. But now, are you going to demonize economics? And say that Akena or any other organization is tacitly agreeing with everything she says? Or are you going to understand like Hassan Shibly says, they have their reasons for doing so that I strongly disagree

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with, they want to have access to her, they want to perhaps persuade her to tone down, they want to, you know, showcase some positives about her story, the application of the principle was misguided, but it doesn't make them misguided. That's really the key point of this entire conversation before I finish a few final points here, a simple example, a realistic example. I know for a fact that this person is the one that we're talking about. She has helped numerous families

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whose whose passports what's the technical term, they're on the no fly they are they're on the they're not given visas, or whatever. So they would go to this this particular Congress lady, and she would help them do something totally legal bring their wives bringing their daughters and children back from these countries that Trump had banned. Right. So here's a brother here, his wife and daughters are stuck in that No Man's Land years go by, they go to this Congress lady, she helps them and mashallah they're reunited. And this is the law, she has the right to do that. Now, suppose more and more of these refugee families are seeing this is the only person that's helping them being

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hypothetical, even though this is a real example. Suppose they say, this is the only Congress lady that's actually helping my wife and kids are being living with me now. And so they start fundraising for her, and they start spreading the word amongst the community, and they say, you know, what, they're helping bringing our wife and kids back, right? My point as Chef Yasser probably is, I'm not going to demonize those Muslims, I'm not going to go on the platform and raise funds because I disagree with what this lady is doing. But I want to teach my community tolerance and I'm sorry, but sometimes being you know, a person of knowledge means you have to go against the flow. Well, Allah

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had, the easiest thing for me would be to throw her under the bus, the easiest thing from our popularity, and we see what happens when, you know, some internet, you know, social media, whatever, people, when they do that their votes go up, and they become popular, because that's the easiest thing to do. But a personal knowledge has a responsibility. And my responsibility is to raise the board of education and to teach people that, hey, you know, those refugee families, the musalia for them, they take the same rule that we all agree to, and they apply it to this Congress lady, and they say, You know what, I need my wife and daughters, I can have them in the war torn country. And

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this is the lady that's helping me I need her to get into office again, I'm going to fundraise for her I'm going to have the majority of community vote for her. Now you come to this brother say Brother, don't you know she's dancing at a gay parade? You know what this brother is going to say? He says a stop for a while. I don't agree with that. I don't want my wife and kids to be here. Right? That's my point. We need to teach our community that there are two sides I don't agree with this politician. That's why I've never supported her pause here footnote somebody is going to dig through my 2000 hours of videos find a small clip here and there and you know, embarrassed me what

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not so let me say for the record, when she was elected

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And before she danced in the pride parade or whatever, I did have some generic statements that yes, there's nice to have a hijabi because there's going to be some type of symbolism some type of generic so that there was before she danced in the parade or whatever. I've never praised her after that video has come up not one word since then, because I'm really disappointed and irritated. I also one her life was threatened by the far right, you really remember that when the FBI got involved, and she was threatened she was the threat of assassination came because she was a Muslim in Congress, right. And her identity of Islam became paramount right at that stage, when the far

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right wants to kill her. They don't care about her political stances, she becomes a female black, I'm saying this bluntly refugee hijabi lady, every single negative they have in their minds she represented at that point in time, while law he us people have to be wiser. And even if she has views that we strongly disagree with right at that point in time when her life is threatened, because she represents Islam. I hate what she's done in this aspect. May Allah forgive her and guide her. It's a huge mistake. But at the same time, the people who want to kill her are not killing her for that stance. They're killing her because she represents my faith and your faith at that point in

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time, if you are so narrow minded, and so backwards, that you don't see the reality that their hatred of her is, in fact, a hatred of you and your faith and your deen and your profit. And you don't have the sensibility to come together and protect her as a Muslim. Even though you might personally think she's a Muslim. Here's the irony, you might not even think she was a Muslim. But at that point in time, the far right, not only thinks she is symbolizes Islam for them, and they want to kill her voter out of office at that point in time, you know, we do have to come together as a community to say, even if I disagree with this stance of hers, he has a right to be a Muslim or

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claimed to be a Muslim or HIV or whatever, and she had the right to be in Congress. Now that nuance is lost on those. Let me be gentle because my anger is really frustrating sometimes on those who don't think deeply, to be brutally honest to Allah, He just needs to be said, those people that are the biggest critics, they are speaking from the luxury of privileged backgrounds. It's not their families, pot and word tone zones. It's not them who have to lobby Congress for specific issues. They're coming from positions of privilege and power, they've never really been forced to, you know, get involved with, with the reality of the situation, and they're living relatively comfortable

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lives. Me personally, I also come from an under leather type of privileged background. That's why I'm not really involved directly as an another as are. But my point is, as a community leader, as a person of knowledge, I cannot have two fellow Muslims demonizing each other. I cannot have two Muslims who love Allah love the messenger projected their weaknesses and their anger onto each other final point. I know I've said a lot here. Final point. We also have to be mature enough to rise above, finding a simple, a simple, you know, target a scapegoat for the frustration that we feel. We're all frustrated at the rise of the LGBT. We're all frustrated at the stupidity of the trans

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movement right now. It's so easy to blame, you know, it has or even a stuffed alarm or sentiment in the US of it, which I've seen so many times. I mean, this is now the default because of these social media. You no drama queens, they literally say y'all said all the rumors today, man, you know mainstream Ilhan Omar that's pure candidate. I've never fundraise for never introduced her pure ly. They literally say that and that and how Omar is what made trans movements into America. So basically, he also called the anonymous and Amanda directly responsible for this field around you. While the law he Dear parents, your TV sets in your house is a million times more responsible for

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the corruption of your family, then Ilhan Omar much less you know, religious figures so calm down, don't find an easy target because the target is far more difficult and move beyond demonizing fellow Muslims and understand the world is a very difficult place. Well Llahi we are so hurt at what our sister has done in this regard. I make dua that Allah guides or you know, somebody said to me, why don't you publicly cursor if that's the case, and I said, you know, you remind me of Imam Muhammad and his son, Abdullah when Abdullah said to Mr. Muhammad that Oh, mama, what do you love us eat? Annie? My mama said Can any Muslim love yours it can any Muslim love somebody who's supporting LGBT

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dancing at a gay parade? And so Abdullah such as Father Why don't you Chris he has He and Mr. Muhammad said have you ever seen me to be vulgar you know cursing another you know, Muslim? I don't see the point of cursing or whatnot, but I make dua for her. And I have very clearly disobeyed God that Allah geyser and a very clearly have dissociated from such politicians and every lecture I say that look, these politicians we don't learn a morality from them. We don't learn a lot from them. We learn that from the aroma, but I still say it hasn't. Shibley calls her up and wants to get benefit from her. I don't demonize her sensuality, if he cannot wants to invite her for some perverted

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application of their logic

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and their view that you know what she needs to see that these 10,000 Muslims support her because of Islam. So she needs to be guided to correct Islam. They're trying to use it as a token. And by the way, that is what economic philosophy was, they told this to me. And I said, that's really foolish. But that's your business. I learned this that to me right now. But the point is, they agree with the principle, I'm not going to demonize Akena, I'm not going to throw Akena under the bus, which is what unfortunately, so many of these social media warriors are doing. And that is dangerous because it is anyone I've spoken a lot, you're you're you're you are literally considering the bulk of the

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OMA to be misguided and evil. If you're going to take this to a logical conclusion. That's exactly what the hundreds did. Go ahead and disagree, say it could have made a mistake, but it does not evil. Go ahead and say I strongly disagree. But that doesn't make the other person an evil person who supports evil involved. And that's the key point I need to get across. With that shake. Yes, sir. I want to like ask you to clarify something real quick. You've said, just because I'm doing an auditing what you said. And I'm like, thinking about how someone's gonna, like, run through your statement with a fine tooth comb, as they always do. That's a problem. The problem, even this

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attitude, and I've spoken against this so many times Wallahi, if your knee is to just find faults and find the ambiguous word, May Allah help you there. I mean, like any, it's not Islam anyway. This is not the way forward. I anyway, what's your question? I'll ask you. So basically, so you mentioned that, you're right, that people are claiming that, you know, almost eliminate guesswork, or the or platforming, this kind of behavior, this person in there, and therefore this kind of behavior, etc, etc, right? I think you should speak for yourself, because what's going to happen is, you're clarifying your own position here. What they're going to do is you can take that clip and be like,

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well, almost Lomasa did this. I don't know what your commerce gentleman did. But like, I think you could just cover yourself and just say, I speak for yesterday, the only does that make sense. I do speak for yourself.

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Lawyer spoke

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on your lawyer. I have spoken many times. And

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overall, I know that he's in agreement with me about these principles that collide. Right? So even if we disagree about the application, we go back to my point here, right that if he sees a Masada a pro and con that's different than mine, right? Yeah. He understands in his worldview, that this is better for the OMA, even if I disagree, and I will, and I have disagreed and he's disagree with me, and I call them up, we everybody knows we are in direct contact with one another. And we agree to disagree. Sometimes I'll literally text him in Russia, I don't agree you should. And I'm done. And he'll do the same with me. It doesn't diminish the good that he's done. And I don't demonize his

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entire life because of an error in the applique, or what I believe to be an error in the application. And this goes back to another point Heston brought it up very well. So Han Allah, what is wrong with understanding that this rule can change from time to place to person now when I said, I'm going to be neutral in this regard, right? This was in when the Supreme Court was just about to rule in his favor, right. And we knew it was a lost battle. As Hassan said, hindsight is 2020. Maybe we should have done something else. So what the application can change from time to time, it's the principle that does not change. And it wasn't a universal rule that I said, we're always going to

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remain neutral. It was actually about California, and what was it proposition eight or whatever, during a time, people have forgotten? How, you know how Islamophobic the environment was, you know, and the time of Obama people have forgotten, you have a short memory span where these video to DVD DVDs of you know, is the rise of Islamic, you know, fascism in America who's going rampant. And we were genuinely worried about our civil liberties. 22 states trying to ban the Sharia. At that point in time, is it the wisest battle to take on, you know, the lobby at that point in time? And, you know, maybe if I were to go back to that time in place, I would have changed my views, but maybe I

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wouldn't. At that point in time, I gave my best judgment and its application could be wrong, Allahu Adam, but to read into that, that rubella there is a support or there's an endorsement, Ruth Avila Rosabella This is from Annika Bhutan on a limb you know this is a car sir. And see us it is very different very different from the outcome of the shuttle.

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