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Is This Love I'm Feeling?
By: Yasmin Mogahed

Serenity Podcast

Presented on February 21, 2011

This lecture talks about the perilous-ness of infatuation with a created object or a person. It explains who this kind of love can really take someone away from Allah and down a dangerous slope toward shirk. She talks in a way that is easy to listen too without judgment. She explains how we are tested in many ways by Allah. That we are tested not only in bad things happening to us but also in good things happening to us (ie. to make us forget Allah in our good times and in such be diverted from his love and grace.

I like this lecture a lot. It is a beneficial reminder to us in a time when many people are obsessed or becoming obsessed with material items and commercialization. So many people are upgrading their property and even wives/husbands for the next best thing, as Yasmin points out in this lecture. It is said that people today don't find the gratitude in their situations and instead live a life of depression and wanting.

I recommend this lecture to any adult muslim or non muslim living in a confusing times. A person who really doesn't have a way in this life and is lost would benefit from the direction yasmin hints at, the direction of worshiping Allah, the one true God.

by Sister Lisa

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