How Sadness Affects You

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The transcript describes a dynamic where individuals are not allowed to come in alone in a way, and the negative impact on one's immune system is demonstrated. The speakers also stress the importance of avoiding sadness and negativity in life.

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This word person or husband does not come in the Quran by itself, except it is being prohibited.

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It never comes alone by itself in a positive way. Allah tells us in in surah Allah Imran verse 139. Well, that's a new one a Tarzan who

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do not fall week. Do not be in sadness. Allah tells us in the same chapter, verse 170. For Allah how often are they him? Well now whom ye saloon

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that those who are the friends of Allah have no fear

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and they should not be in a state of depression or sadness. Jack DiBello Payam Rahim Allah said sadness weakens the heart and diminishes determination and wanting to go forward, there is nothing more beloved to the shaytaan than the sadness of the believer.

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DiBello Khayyam also said Don't ruin your happiness with worry. Don't ruin your mind with pessimism. negativity. Assadi said Life is short. So don't shorten it with worries grief

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and sadness