Zakir Naik – Barrel D’Souza Asks, Why do Muslims go to Dargah and Prostrate?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A doctor from Bombay discusses a lecture on religion and the concept of religion. The doctor asks a question about the meaning of prayer and the associated partners with God. The doctor also talks about the large number of Muslims who attend grave and the potential danger of their worship.
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Good evening Dr. Zakir and my name is Beryl D'Souza. I'm from Bombay.

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Tonight I must thank you for the wonderful lecture and I must tell you that I used to see you on the television and follow your lectures ever since. Yeah, since the past some years when I was in college.

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I tonight I would like to ask you a question. First of all, I would like to tell you two things. You said two things. One was like, associating anything with God is a sin

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is the biggest sin rather. The second thing you said that the form of prayer is that the Muslims follow is that you put your forehead down

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and it humbles yourself. Now myself being from Bombay, I would, because this is something I've noticed that I and I would also like to know clearly what is the concept about the dargahs that people go to and the people follow

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the SR SOTA. Good question. You asked me a question regarding the Muslims now.

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And very interesting question. She says that in Islam, if associated partners with God is the biggest sin and the best form of worship is to prostate and what happens when their gas people go to Africa and they prostate? So is it right or is it wrong is a basic question SR I do agree with you. We have understood my lecture very clearly and very correctly. That assumes any partners with God anyone does, it is wrong, whether he calls himself a Muslim or non Muslim, whether they call themselves John Abdullah, Zakir Muhammad, anyone who associate partners with God, he is doing the biggest sin and we can prostate to no one but Almighty God. So anyone who prostate to anyone who

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says Almighty God, he shared his story partner with God. So if any human being goes to any grave, and he prostates to that grave, and he worship that grave, He is doing the biggest thing, irrespective whether he calls himself a Muslim or non Muslim

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the sister have connected question. So, okay, if you were to give me the opportunity, I would further like to ask you, so basically, I've seen like you said, anybody Okay, be Muslim or Christian or Hindu, whoever does that. Now, if I tell you I, from what I have seen unknown as like, a huge percentage, okay. They are

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the people, I could call them the Muslims. They go to the Terkoz, then what would you have to say about it? Far the Arabic word Muslim is concerned, a true Muslim, is a person who submits his will to God, a true Muslim, will never vote on 20 grave. I am aware system, I wouldn't say that you're wrong. You're right, that there is quite a large quantity of so called Muslims who bow down to these grades. What do I have to say, I feel they're doing wrong. They're doing sherek they have to change. And that's what in my talks, I will tell them, that if you want to go to a grave, the Prophet said that you can go to a grave it reminds you of your IRA that one day have to die. So when you go to a

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grave, you can pray for the person but you can't pray to Him. You can pray for him, that may Allah give him 10 A day for those may forgive his sins, etc. But you can't pray to Him. This should only be to Allah subhanaw taala he cannot do is gonna stand there alone. He worship they are lonely as well. So my talks I went targeted to these Muslims and I tell them also that I have given other talks that you should not worship you should not prostate nucleus. This is wrong. It's a big sin and Alhamdulillah sama hamdulillah since we are from Malmo, so for Mumbai, there are 1000s of youngsters, mashallah after my talk, who has stopped worshiping

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