Islamic reminder in the woods

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Imagine every single leaf that we're seeing behind us and not only just behind us and around us in this whole forest, we're talking about every single leaf in the whole of the world. Allah azza wa jal says, on my testicle to me what layer Allah Maha, Allah knows when and how every leaf gonna drop to the ground. Allah has got the count of every single leaf, he knows when it comes to drop. Not only that Allah says Allah, He says habit infused automatic law says every seed that is there in the ground, we can't even see, Allah knows of that meaning the life of that seed the future of that seed, how it's going to grow through new tree and how he's going to have new leaves. Allah knows

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that Allah Ropin wala Yeah, be seen. This is a Surah number six and number 59. Allah says, not even any witness or any dryness, Allah has got the knowledge of all of that in the book. Now, what does this teach us? This teaches us that look for what matters to me. What if any leaf falls down, and the next one was when the seed is about to sprout and is about to grow? Last fall, the fall and the growth law has knowledge of both so in our lives, anything that might go and it's not my fault, and it's not my comeback up any benefits any harm or whatever it is. Law has the knowledge of all of that nuts why just before that I Allah said why in the Houma fat, your philosophy, Allah has the

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keys of all the unseen. So anything that we want to unlock of the unseen and get of the unseen we have to go to Allah azza wa jal. That's why we turn to Allah, the Fatah, the one who opens things, that's where the the word the key connects to his name, Fatah. The he's the opener of all the all of these things is the developer he's the one that makes things grow, not whom we turn to for everything.