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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while early he was a woman whether

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continuing in masala Hadith This is week three

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if you wish to title tonight's lesson My dear brothers, you can title it as my daddy, my daddy masala Hadith introductory matters to the science of Hadith

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so all that we've been taking Believe it or not my dear brothers is an introduction it just shows you how deep the sciences are. So tonight inshallah tada the objectives are as follows we're going to look at what we took last week a quick revision and then a definition of masala Hadith and then we're going to look at the purpose for studying this science. So number one

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quick revision

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number two

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definition of masala Hadith.

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You may ask me already define it? No.

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We looked at the pillars of Salalah DS, if you recall. So we're going to define it tonight. And the purpose

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of studying masala Hadith.

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Someone might ask why study the science?

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Or the ahaadeeth philosophy authenticated or the ones that are Dr. have been known. You're gonna come up with a new Hadith Habibi, you're going to come and say this is a new Hadith from the prophet SAW Selim say it's authentic. So how do I know that's not the purpose behind this site as we're going to see. You don't study a science necessarily to bring about new information, but rather there are other objectives other objectives? Good. So that's those are the objectives for tonight's lesson inshallah, quick revision of what we took last week who can recall, what did we take

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sent? Last week we looked at the very important topic of the Anima that they are the inheritors of the prophets. And we looked at the virtues and we looked at the highlights from two great scholars of Hadith who were al Bukhari, and even Muhammad Asad.

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Good and we started off as at the brother Abdullah mentioned the story of masala celeb, which is some of his virtues. And even though he was rasulillah and Ibu La La Mola, what did he do?

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He went traveled distant lands, why?

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To seek knowledge at the feet of a scholar, someone who was also a prophet will know Ireland according to the Maastricht opinion. So he can learn under someone who is more knowledgeable than him in some areas when he got there. What did he say? Hey, listen up. Let me tell you who I am you better recognize now, what did he do?

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can recall.

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Asante asked, hello, May I follow you? So it showed us the humbleness of Musashi sermon, that's what knowledge should do. So namely some of the virtues of the rlms they follow. Any particular order doesn't really matter, as long as we do in a quick revision of the virtues and the importance of the scholars mentioned a couple of things for them.

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They are the inheritors of the prophets who said this rasulillah he sort of slammed himself. So what did he say in commentary of this hadith? Beautiful? He said, usually who inherits from someone else? He mentioned two qualities. Closest,

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most deserving.

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Closest, most deserving right? neighbor could be close, but he's not most deserving. So that's very important mentioned both of them. So it shows you that the fact of the scholars are the inheritors of the prophets, they are the closest to the Prophet, and most deserving of their knowledge. Therefore, whoever wants to drink from the fountain of prophethood let them seek knowledge and this is one shouldn't buy it another time and his book miftah who that is sadder the key to the world of happiness upon the home of happiness. You want happiness Habibi is found in Islam. And you can find some of those points in that beautiful book with death that is solved by him by him. And what's

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another virtue of the skulls?

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Yes, really high status. In fact, to fear an ignoramus said out of foul NASA and the law him and Dylan McCann, I've been a loyal man, I bet he Omarosa Bella Bella, the highest stations with Allah, those people who come in between Allah and the slaves who comes in between the London slaves, the prophets and the scholars, I said, What would that say the famous companion, he gave you a three step process for success, about knowledge you can remember, first signal if you can't do that. Love its people if you can't do that, at least don't hate its people. don't be a hater, right? The world has plenty already. Good. What's another virtue of the scholars?

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They're the most honorable, no doubt, no doubt, because really, that is it. There's no more profits, no more messengers. So who takes their place? These great lofty men

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effect women as well. There's no problem having a higher limit female scholars, but there's no problem. No problem in that and we need some in our time. desperate need. What else?

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They do make things easier. Right they save us the layman a lot of trouble a lot of hassle in trying to find the correct answers. They come. And of course they compile things and make things easy for us. We mentioned also the love that they had for knowledge so much so and remember no we would attend how many gatherings a day 12 halaqaat panela magic doing that. You know, we do three or Monday nights it kills us. Please have a Cutlass In short, right three on a Monday night difficult that we're doing 12 daily and even manoli amongst them. Not 12 a month, not 12 a week 12 daily. And we said Buhari so who running

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and even Mohammed he was ashamed and even Mohamed was the sheriff of Al Bukhari so para la neurone Allah knows why upon light. poles upon poles, you see the chronological history of these men, these giants poles on a string. So Buhari saw Alabama mud running in the streets of Baghdad, what was he doing? He was holding issues going with

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a sense, the Holocaust of knowledge, per se doesn't miss it. Not to catch the next movie trailer. Right? If you missed the previous in the beginning, it's all over some other say. So Allah Mohammed is running to the next halaqaat. Then we mentioned we ended by talking about two great scholars of Hadith, because we're studying Muslim about Hadees. Who were they al Bukhari? Well, Mr. Mohammed, so we said about element mathmagic. Remember a couple of things.

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We said that was at Buhari, what did we say about Alabama? But his books and how we would revise this one?

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Correct. When Alabama had passed away, they needed 16 camels to transport his books and a camel back then well, you can load on it is equivalent to today's you, you right so the Toyota highlights Anyone have one? Anyone have a you? Or Alex? There you go. Right. So imagine what you can put in terms of books on one. They need 16 of those. And guess what he memorized them?

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16 use words. How do you revise with his son? Let's go and play catch. What do you do with your son? No, let's catch this hadith Baba. What do you do? He tell his son What? Take your ebook and

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a random page. Tell me the Hadith. And I'll tell you the chairman ration or vice versa. Tell me the chain. I'll tell you the Hadith randomly. And that's how he would revise the resistance panel. Also, the father's be a practical role model for your kids practical parenting very important. Because what they see they will do before kids listen to your advice that will see you what you're doing. That's very important. Then we mentioned that Buhari was some of his amazing highlights.

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It was a non urban look what he attained in Arabic. Allahu Akbar. That's right. You really wanted to say that tonight?

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Yes, he he took from how many machines? We said 1000 and how many bodies from each shape 10,000 iterations. So he learned 10 million iterations. Since good memory. Follow the next Buhari.

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Then we mentioned about al Buhari one day he was sitting and he was contemplating about

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correct the companions of Addison nomadic. How many names did he come up with? 300. Brothers Just give me three. He gave 300 names in an hour potluck. He went through his own personal library. And we mentioned Another thing we mentioned about alcohol. What was it?

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Yes, that's right. For 16 lessons. 16 lessons. He wasn't writing a thing down. And he's so his peers, his friends in the halaqaat to tease him through. Look at this guy. You're wasting your time. Yeah, Mohammed, his name was Muhammad Yunus man, you wasting your time going over running anything. He'll turn away. You know them, right? The haters, the haters, right, who wouldn't do anything? And they'll call us on the 16th day had enough? They complained to the shift. Are you sure he's not even writing? Right? kick him out wasting your time and our time, right? So he says tomorrow bring all of your notes. They brought them he began to narrate every single Hadith that they had taken the last

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16 lessons, not 16 hours. Actually not even 16 minutes ask you What did I say 16 minutes ago? 16 lessons is that that's why I was writing because I was memorizing it all. So of course, we're not like Al Bukhari. Therefore, it's very important that we write things down, write things down, one of the sellers said, make sure you write and if you don't have anything to write on write on the wall. And if you don't have a wall to write on the right on your shoes, and they will do so and they would walk around barefoot, copy it out, and then put them back on. You find those notes about writing in heylia polyblend Marcia buck, was it a centum? Now the question is today, you can download that

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Buhari Sahih al Bukhari Sahih Muslim mahtomedi Buddha Buddha

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All of these books have sunan into one app on your phone download all you can memorize it right knowledge is fast today. It's much faster. Or you've got planes and trains and transportation if you want to seek knowledge Habibi, Nick chef is five minutes down the road by car. But back then if they wanted to have you sometimes I'll travel for months, or these men are traveling on Camelback and the way they live very simplistic lives in fact, hard lives. But why is it that today we can't produce anywhere near the likes of these great men anywhere need

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a loss and taqwa

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Clawson taqwa what the law or your limo common law la isn't what the hola have, Allah will teach you. These men one camels didn't have four wheel drives SUVs in the you know deserts of Arabia traveling five star hotels, walking around with their iPads like me the Miskin I need this. We said no crime author devil mad from beta Muftis to Mecca all on Camelback hackathon. We do any manager memory without a single book. Today I have it at home. It's six volumes like that.

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And guess what he said about it? I love to freesurfer I made some commentary notes. It's notes.

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All heard. He said the Alico in our lockers to make commentary that's why the more I left is the commentator that makes some commentary notes. My brothers is it stuck where you need some time between you and Allah? You need those times which is doing a line a bad worship. That's what you need. You know, it's it's impossible for a student of knowledge to be a student of knowledge. If he's not spending some time alone, secluded in worship with its claim with a paratrooper and you need that on a daily basis. That's your recharge. You know, you need that V and that coffee for a boost. We need that boost for your Eman and that is no doubt of why I bet you need that private type

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implementation. So that was a revision of last week. As for tonight's lesson,

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the definition of masala Alhaji sorry the Arabic for you. And then we'll look at

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the English translation. Even Jamal when he gave the definition of masala Hadith he said it is as follows malefor to COVID allottee to a phobia of Senate while meten definition in English, he said it is knowledge of the rules that identify the state and attributes of the chain of narrators and wording of the Hadith. I'll write that for you on the board.

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So the definition of masala Hadith

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of the rules

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that identify

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number one,

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the state, I'm going to explain what this means. Number one the state

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to the attributes

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of the chain of narrators. What is that in Arabic?

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And for the wording of the Hadith?

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What's that in Arabic? matin?

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someone asks you what is Mr. nahata? definition? those four things?

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So it's knowledge of the rules to identify the state the hand, what does that mean? Is this hadith week old life, or the seventh of the Hadith week old life, right? That's the hand, but follow how this is not just about the hand. It's also the attributes of the Hadith or the Chinese world. For example, sometimes they'll say, this center is neither who Ireland or it's not the who knows it is not the chain is long, meaning the Raiders or the snare this short, brief a funeral is does that have an effect on the authenticity? Show doesn't doesn't just because it's long, that can be weak, right? Because it's sure it could be strong, but if you so just the length or the shortness of the

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train and Raiders, it's just an attribute they're just telling you about it, they say snad Island, long chain, or it's not Nestle short chain that has no effect on the authenticity itself. They just giving you a description. So that's very important. The state and the attribute, tell us about it. The description of the words attributes description, you know, say suffer to look at the attributes of the law description of Allah. So every Hadith must have these two things, the Senate, otherwise known as it's not, and the mutton the Hadith itself, both must be present.

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When al Buhari, we mentioned a hadith he wouldn't just give you the Hadith Allah Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam know, what does he need with it? The chain, the Son of God said you need the chain of narrators. And he won't just give you the chain of narrators but rather who also give you the Hadith itself. So the wording of the Hadith is called mutton, mutton, the Hadees itself all the wording of the Hadith. Now, don't get confused with the other meten now he met in an article was a two year metal aloe sola terra firma. Those are Mattoon of the element, what is different when we say metal in here, and this definition is referring to the words of the Hadith, where the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Could Lumo luden Morita heroine be acting hottie, every newborn is ransom by xataka. Those words are the meten. But when you he Moton of the Anima, you could translate those as treatises, small booklets, sometimes a scholar, he will take a very big concept and he'll summarize it for you in a small metal, a text. So that's the other method, right? different time when you're referring to the the Moton of the dilemma is referring to

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the texts, you could say booklets, that's probably the best one of the best translation or effective in treatises.

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So for example,

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if you Tamia he authored, he wrote a small booklet LRP called elaphe data and was it a year it's about up to either create a belief right and to summarize that very small booklet, and he authored this between the headmaster

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today in a yeast study in the German universities. Also Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab authored what

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Allah soon as Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah says study today also

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gave 37 lectures I just realized, yes, five pages with literally five pages, right 37 lectures just to explain it. So there's a module, you know, and there are others this will tune in either there's Mouton in third, there's Mouton in Arabic, or the scholars what they do they, they basically summarize these all of these concepts into a small metal. It's easy to memorize and you should learn them the scholar said, Man, have you thought Mouton has alpha known? Over memorizes the Moton has attained the arts. In other words, the sciences about Islam are right for you.

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Man, happy doll Mattoon has an falloon

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that's what makes a strong student. you memorize the most one Why? Because if you ever forget something, you just go over them with tuning your mind and it gives you the rule right there the the deli straightaway. So the layman they just like to attend lessons take notes, no problem, but a strong student has to memorize.

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Yeah, no doubt because that'll improve your Arabic. We asked one of the scholars in Egypt the same question. He said what I just told you. He said if you Arabic is weak, don't worry. So strengthen your Arabic you learn the words and you learn the meaning coushatta and sometimes the chef who authors the mutton will give his own shot on it, right like Nakba, to figure out even harder as Kalani gives his own shot, have his own Mattoon and mutton, but sometimes no other scholars come later, and they give an explanation of the matter. So that's the definition them.

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We see. Now going back to the definition we said two things must be printed in every Hadith. What are they?

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The mutton and the senate? Good.

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I'll give you an example of a senate a chain of narrators. And then the Hadith itself had Athena Isley of No, God, Aparna Olive, no moose hair, and a smile even a Muslim on al Hassan and Samara Khan. Those are the narrators

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memorize them. Good. Give me one of them.

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Ali who

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ever heard your God sent vertical or fake? So that's the chain that's the Senate. And then what's the second part that makes up a salon Howdy. So the definition they met and how the teacher of what the prophet SAW Selim say, he said, Allah Hola, Malta, Hallowed be after party. Every child is ransom by his Africa. I think we've explained this hadith before, but I'll go over quickly. What does it mean every child is ransom by the Africa has two meanings, two meanings the first some of the LMS said it means if that child was to die in childhood, they will intercede for mama dad. So I performed the article for your child's performance. So if they were to die, though, intercede for

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human To me, that's your Ranson. Remember that game monopoly. Get out of jail free card.

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We told you to get out of jail free card. So it'll save you. That's one opinion. The second opinion is that if you perform the article for your child to now be protected from shaitan of a protected against a shirt on and he's whispers so either way, whatever opinion you adopt, they both have great rewards that you should not miss out on. Now what about if you haven't done it? Is it too late? No, you can still perform it. What about if mom and dad didn't do for you? You can still do also. So it's never too late. Never too late. Good. So that's the definition of masala and then as we said, my brothers, this is my bad masala Hadith, introductory matters, right? Really, we still in the

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introduction, three, four weeks in, we're still the introduction. It just shows you how deep the sciences. Finally let's end with the purpose for studying this science. These notes, as I said, are always uploaded the following week. So you'll find week one and week two notes are online. If anyone has checked the Student Services section, it's already on there. So what about the purpose of this site? Someone say why study Mr. Lovell Howdy.

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You're going to come up with a new habit heavy. You think you have an external Buhari? Why study? Firstly, we answer them very easily. That you don't necessarily study a science to produce new knowledge. Not all the time. Rather you study to benefit a person who asked you why you studying was to learn Hadith. Everything's already been authenticated the Hadith or known said to them, why do you study aqidah? What do you study? What you study, see what he studied zero? Why you can go with something you know, it's for your benefit, your benefit, right? So that's the first way you can answer them

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to benefit

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and not necessarily produce new knowledge. That's not really the purpose behind every time you study something, sometimes it is if you're a scholar, you want to produce something must say it right no problem. But it's the benefit.

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Also, number two, to understand the terminology of the scholars of Hadith,

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because you will probably read the books of him hotjar and the great Allah and when you read what they said this hadith is Hassan. If you don't know the intent behind this masala this term Hassan Hagen to understand the actual Hadith. Before you can read the works, you need to understand the technicalities of the particular scores and what they use, what do they mean by

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To understand the Sharia

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the scholar said, the relationship of masala and Hadith to the Sharia is like the relationship of the pupil to the eye. Can you see without the pupil? No, you can either if you want to see correctly, you need to see it via the pupil. So likewise, if you want to look at the area, with a clear line of sight of view, you need to view it via massala and Hadeeth. Why? Because in reality, that's an explanation of the Hadith of the Prophet, which are an expression of an Al Quran.

00:23:13--> 00:23:22

And when you understand the Sharia what happens to worship Allah correctly. That's the fourth and final purpose actually mentioned one more after this.

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So when you understand the Sharia, it'll lead you to correct worship. So that's point number four, to worship Allah correctly.

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So how does that work? Well, you know, a hadith is authentic. What do you do? He implemented? We know how did this die if we could either avoid it? Or you say dump it?

00:23:47--> 00:23:48

Oh, yeah, exactly. Throw it in the bin.

00:23:50--> 00:24:03

It's smolder, right. You don't need it. So it helps you in your worship, how you implement that which is authentic, and you avoid that which is inauthentic. And number five, the purpose of studying this

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science of Hadith which is to protect the religion

00:24:12--> 00:24:12

as the fifth

00:24:16--> 00:24:48

the writer to benefit others that watch out this is the life some people may have already taken and run wrote in other books so the scholar said this hadith is rife that people don't implement it, they'll mention because Allah Buddha will start using these a Hadith, right? So if you just say, Well, what did I even write at one I just forget about all I had a bit out there and forget about it. I keep implementing it. So the scholars have to write this hadith is life. So that's why it's very important. It's upon when you study the sooner properly. When you hear a hadith it's dive even though you don't know if you just hear anything that sounds funny. So finally you start to develop

00:24:48--> 00:25:00

the more you implement the sooner you start to realize what is sooner what is not even if you're not even aware that the habit is actually life. So you start to develop that neck. So does that come later. My brother's with

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We conclude tonight's lesson.

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So a quick revision of what we took tonight

00:25:05--> 00:25:11

to define masala Hadith we mentioned four things. We said it's knowledge of the rules that

00:25:12--> 00:25:14

mentioned four things.

00:25:15--> 00:25:15

The state

00:25:17--> 00:25:33

attributes chain and the metal which is the winning of the Hadith itself, right? So that's what masala Hadith is. It's rules pertaining to knowledge of and identification of the hand, the state of the Hadith, what does that mean? The highlight of the Hadith

00:25:35--> 00:25:38

is doing a katana caper. Hi, Luke, how are you doing? Okay.

00:25:39--> 00:25:43

It's good. Is it authentic or weak? Good. Secondly,

00:25:45--> 00:26:15

attributes right now do the attributes necessarily indicate how hard it is weak or drive? Right? No, we said it's just describing it. Give me an example of a description of a chain long or short. Right? We said it's not the island, right? Long generators or the UN is not as good. And then we mentioned the senate itself and the metal good. What about the purpose for studying the science even though it's on the board? just mention it. So it stays in your mind? to benefit yourself good?

00:26:18--> 00:26:22

How? What did we get? What relationship did we give the other

00:26:24--> 00:26:26

people not correct what else

00:26:27--> 00:26:28

to overlook quickly how

00:26:31--> 00:26:45

to implement as is correct and to avoid that which isn't and protected. And we've already illustrated that in the first session, whether LMS put these principles so people of innovation don't of course add or fabricated Hadith and

00:26:46--> 00:27:19

to worship Allah correctly or to understand the terminology of the seller center because that's very important. the right amount when they authored these books who do they often for those who come after drew so they did it for us so that's why we're studying it Don't let other people deceive you when they say why study this you're not going to produce a new more seller heart or perhaps maybe if we have a scholar amongst you, why not? Why not? We need the LMR desikan Mohammadi brothers for attentive listening so panicle locomobi hamitic duchateau Allah Allah, Estelle felucca, one or two willeke