I’m A New Muslim #04 – Shaytan, A Mighty Enemy!

Sajid Ahmed Umar


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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, my dearest Brothers and Sisters in Islam, by the peace and blessings and safety from God Almighty be upon you. Or, you know, when you enter faith, you develop a mighty enemy, and that is the devil Shavon. And this devil is an enemy and we must take him as an enemy. We shouldn't just believe as an enemy, we should take him as an enemy and God Almighty says in the final Testament, in the Quran, in the Chapin, Allah Kumar, do one factory, though who are doing that, indeed, the CHE upon the devil is an enemy to you. So take him as an enemy. Now, we know that if we are in our homes, and we are informed of an enemy outside, we make

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sure we lock our windows, we will draw our curtains, we will lock our doors, we won't leave our curtains open, we won't risk not double checking that our doors are locked. Why? Because we know there's a predator out there. So shame upon the devil is a predator to everyone who, you know, is a person of faith. Everyone who's a person of faith shall find is an enemy out there. You need to take him as an enemy. And what should you do to lock your doors and draw your curtains and double check that you have bolstered your protection? Well, number one is seek knowledge. Knowledge is the greatest weapon against the devil, the whispers of the devil, the attacks of the devil, right, the

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more you know, the more founded and the more grounded you will be. That's number one. Number two, concept of patients you got to be patients that there will be this pushback from the devil. That pushback is going to bring turbulence you got to be patient and fight through it. Don't become overwhelmed. Don't allow it to beat you. Make sure you beat it. Don't seek the pushback as an obstacle. See it as an opportunity to build a greater paradise that through you being patient through this turbulence. God Almighty is growing your paradise for you and you are going to have greater salvation in the hereafter and greater success and greater gifts in the year after I leave

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you with these two points of advice and for more information please visit Islam wise.org And you muslim academy.org