Zakir Naik – Is it Sunnah to Cover Ones Head during Salaah

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses whether covering the head during a prayer or a culture is considered respectful or cultural. They also mention that covering the head is not a culture practice, but rather a personal preference. The speaker suggests that even though it is not a culture practice, covering the head is considered a personal preference.
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The next question from Arsalan Khurshid, Bihar, India

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if covering one head during salah, Asuna or culture,

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first we'll discuss whether covering the head is sooner or a culture and then come to covering that in Salah.

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Then in the verse in the Quran in surah Aarav chapter number seven

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was the motto one, which says that Archer of Adam,

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take your adornments for every time and place of prayer telling to the money Adam, that take your adornments your beautiful appearance at the time of prayer and the place of prayer.

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This is the only reference you get regarding the clothes of prayer in the Quran. As far as with the covering the head

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if a tsunami or a culture, the difference opinion.

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Some group of scholars they say that covering the head is a sunnah some group of scholars says it's only cultural, but all the scholars unanimously agree that if it is in the culture, that covering the head is respectful, then the Muslims should cover the head.

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But if it's not considered as respectful in the society, by Western societies, it may not be that respectful covering the head. So then if you don't come in okay, but in India, Pakistan in the eastern part of the world and Malaysia, Indonesia,

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it is respectful to cover that for that time, it is better than cover that scholar, the divided whether it is a tsunami or not. But according to NASA, the money should not be the money. He says

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it Asuna to cover your head

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and the Prophet and the Sabbath covered that. She put Islam everyday Mina, he said, the Sabbath always covered that the Prophet covered there so it is not from the sabar to uncover your head. So find to check on Islam. Ibni Tamia covering the head isn't even a nickel you he says that the Prophet wouldn't have been without the cap EVO the cap without the Tobin and you will find several hottie we say that the prophet or Tobin, the profit or black determine the profit to feed the profit or a cap profit or Whitecap 70. So based on these I need this global scholarship that covering the head if it is from the south, from the south this that we should cover that so according to shake

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Nasir Barney, Emily Tamia volume, mela Muslim the mall, it is so not to cover that, as far as I'm concerned also, I believe that covering the Asuna irrespective whether you're in the eastern part of the world, or whether in the western part of the world, since the Prophet covered the head since the fall of covered dead, I believe in those group of scholars that say that covering the Hedison

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regarding the question of covering the head during Salah is so noisy the culture as far as covering this concern, there is no proof, no Hadith, no Quranic verse, that is fun to cover that during Salah. So it is very clear that covering the head is not a further while offering Salah it's not a requirement. But those scholars who believe that covering that generally the Sunnah, they also say that covering the head is most up during salah.

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Imagine if a person comes from the western part of the world and he wants to be a mom in India, Pakistan, and he uncovers his head. It would be very weird, because this part of the world covering that is not only a culture, they consider it a sunnah, that the reason even if the Muslims when they don't cover the head, in the normal times in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, at least my salah, they covered that. But recently in the last few years, five or 10 years, you find many of the Muslims coming from Gulf countries, and they want to show the people that they have knowledge and because it's not further to cover head in Salah. Now you find people reading Salah in the mosque without

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covering that previously, maybe 1520 years back 99% of the people in the mosque, always the head of

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the tab of Ergotron tumble city now you'll find at least 15 20% Or maybe a little bit more because they've gone to Gulf country they come back and they want to show the people that they have knowledge of policy they don't cover that by offering salah, which is not a good practice. If covering people consider covering the Sunnah

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even if you don't belong to that group,

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it's in the culture so actually fell offering silica, why they're going out of the way and praying over the covenant

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Let me tell you it's not fun to cover your head. The profits that only an hour should be covered and if you have to piece one piece of trash will be over your shoulders.

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And the other piece of North Korea, this is the minimum requirement, but natural according to many scholars covering the Sunnah, and even according to the Hanafi school of thought covering the film and according to many forecasts, so I believe that probably the Sunnah and offerings will also have to be covered and even when offering Salah it is preferable that the hetron become

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This is in reference to the gentleman but natural for the woman covering that firm in front of a nametag and offering some supernatural for the woman covering that

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