How to mend a broken heart

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Al Jabbar has a few meanings. So one of the meanings of Al Jabbar is the one who compels. And this name is mentioned a few times in the end. And sometimes it's mentioned talking about describing a human being and in, in those cases it's it's a negative connotation, but when it describes Allah subhanaw taala, it means a few things. One is that it means that he is the one who overpowers compels is the most mighty. But there's another meaning to the word al Jabbar. And that is that he is also the one who mens he's the one who fixes something that's broken, he's the one who rectifies He's the one who completes that which is incomplete. And it's actually an interesting fact that as

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we know, Muslims invented algebra, and that the word for algebra comes from the root of the same root as a jump bar. And the reason for that is algebra is algebra in Arabic, and the job is to fix equations. So it's actually a very interesting fact. But this this route means to fix something and in the case of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah subhanaw taala is the one who fixes our affairs, he's the one who fixes the broken hearts, he's the one who men's anything that is broken, or that needs fixing or completing this attribute is something as we know, every attribute of Allah subhanaw taala is, is a way for us to know Allah subhanaw taala better and to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala.

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In fact, if we look at everything in the universe, everything that is created, and everything that we experience in our lives, the ultimate purpose, the ultimate objective of every single thing that we see, every single thing that we experience, is actually to show us the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala. If we look at the, the experiences that we have in life, or what we've what we've witnessed in life, and we realize that they are actually intended to allow us to know Allah subhanho wa Taala, deeper and better. And so how can we know al Jabbar? What are some of the ways that Allah subhanaw taala allows this attribute to be known by us and experienced by us. And if you think about

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it at a deep level, if something is never broken, then you don't see how it is mended. And so one of the reasons why Allah subhanaw taala allows things to become broken, is that, that by it first being broken, and then mended, we are able to know Allah subhanaw taala as an Jabbar. And moreover, when something is broken, see, you're not going to call a carpenter, unless you first have a break. And so oftentimes, it is the fact that things break that make us call on a job, but it is the fact that hearts break it is the fact that relationships break. It's the fact that our affairs fall apart. It's the fact that we are incomplete by definition, that our our matters are incomplete, that things

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go wrong, that these are actually blessings in disguise, because they push us to call on the one who mens they allow us to know Allah subhanho wa Taala by this attribute, and had we not experienced break, and had we not experienced things going wrong or things falling apart, then we would never have the opportunity to experience at a job board, the one who fixes and men's. And so it's actually very profound, because it becomes a means by which we know Allah subhanaw taala to call on a law by Al Jabbar to to ask a lot to mend our affairs to ask Allah Subhana Allah to mend our hearts when they have become broken. One point that is very, very powerful, very powerful is that Elijah bot is

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not only the one who men's and not only the one who fixes the the things that are broken, but Elijah BOD is an exaggerated form of the word. And so it's not just algebra, like algebra, but it's Elijah BOD and and as you know in Arabic When you take a root and you can have many different derivations of that root with different meanings. And in this case, it is a more intensified version of that route which means to fix or to mend. And when you when you say that he is eligible, not only does he meant not only does he fix but he

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mens and he fixes completely, so that there is no break left. You know, like if you get like,

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I don't know, you have a vase, and it falls and it shatters and it breaks, and you want to put it back together, right? Well, when you put that vase back together, you still see the cracks. And it's not back. You know, you can say I fixed it, but you didn't really fix it completely, because there's still cracks. It's not as it was before. And this is where Allah subhanaw taala is different than the human than the creation. When Allah subhanaw taala men's amends, for example, a broken heart or a broken situation, he doesn't just sort of fix it, he mends it completely, so that there is no break left, there is no fault left. And in fact, this is even deeper, Allah subhanaw taala, not only

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does he have the power, to return things completely to the way they were before the break, but he can actually return them to better and stronger than they were before the break. There's an interesting sign in the universe. And that is that, for example, when you break a bone, and after a bone breaks, and this is you know, any any anybody in the medical profession will know this, that after a bone breaks, and then heals, that bone where it broke and healed actually become stronger than it was before it broke. And that is

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that is the power of Allah Subhana Medina, that he can actually not only restore, for example, a broken heart, to the way it was before it broke, he can actually restore it such that it becomes stronger than it was before it broke. And that is only al Jabbar who can do that which is absolutely you know, Subhan Allah, Allah Subhana goddess power, so we should never despair. When we feel like we're broken, we should never despair when things shatter in our lives when relationships or situations or, or or our hearts, because we can always go back to the one who not only fixes not only men's, but fixes and men's perfectly so that there is no break. And one step further is that

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Allah subhanaw taala can actually fix and mend it to make it even better and even stronger than it was before it broke. So Subhan Allah, you know, it's one of the most beautiful attributes, especially for people who have been through calamities and difficulties and, and Subhanallah it is quite timely. You know, we've had we've had recent tragedies in Ramadan, you know, recently in Afghanistan, this absolute tragedy of the hospital, and the babies that died and the mothers that died. And and you know, I read one of these stories and I was just thinking about what kind of absolute anguish these these people must be going through. And it is so timely to speak about al

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Jabbar because al Jabbar is the only one who can mend these hearts and who can who can allow anyone No matter how much they've been through, to heal and and and not just heal but actually become stronger than they were before their their tragedy or their trauma.