Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Deeds Cause And Solve Problems

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the causes of hesitation and hesitation, driven by people's actions and deeds. The evil nature of smoking cigarettes and the negative consequences of actions that harm people and their homes, such as causing destruction and burning houses. The potential consequences of actions like smoking cigarettes are also discussed.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala ala l mursaleen. Allah Allah He was heavy as may remember.

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Allah Subhana. Allah in sort of the room

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mentioned the issue of

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termites, the issue of tests and trials and tribulations, the issue of facade

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and a lot of other assenza Harrell facade who feel very well by Harry B. Marchesa but at NUS they use a comb by the lady I'm Eliza homier. You

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called see rowville are the funds are okay for Ghana, okay, but to login, I'm in Ghana, Accra, Rome was unique in

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that I said, that facade has

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happened, trials and tribulations and difficulties and, and turmoil has come upon the sea and the land.

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Why demarcos about a dinner because of the deeds that the hands of people have brought,

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because of the deeds that people are doing

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right. Now, you must understand that

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the decisions of Allah subhanaw taala that come down on the people of the earth are because of the smell of the people of the earth which go up to the actual loss monitor.

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And this is one of the biggest deception that shaitan has put us in

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a miserable day.

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halakha *,

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Messiah God mercy batanga *, miles in a multi,

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multi multi worshiping God de prata second Beretta shotgun multigame musavat, Karl barcia cover their company overcome amalco segun is over. And that is a very important thing to understand the trials and tribulations difficulties.

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calamities happen why, because of deeds

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because of deeds, and how can we remove these calamities? How can we seek the protection of Allah subhanaw taala from these calamities, not by early warning systems, not by spending money, not by security guards, not by armies, but by looking at our debts. What caused the calamities to happen will cause those calamities to go away. And that is what allows rather is saying in the Quran, to say that the calamities and the trials and tribulations the difficulties that you see on the face of the earth are because of the deeds of human beings, the Mikasa but at NES, the first thing to understand is what is the cause of calamities if there is facade if there is a problem, if there are

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diseases, if there are epidemics, if there are tsunamis, if there are earthquakes, it is not happening because of trauma on the sea floor. It is happening because of the deeds of people, which then make Allah subhanho wa Taala order his earth to have

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the earth is having a tremor because of the hokum of Allah and the hokum of Allah comes because of the deeds of people. This is unfortunately, science only goes up to that point. It doesn't go beyond the it doesn't go to the Y it goes only to the house.

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And so we have this confusion. So difficulties happen because of these people now allows around abilities Why does that happen? Unless the user calm by the law, the amilo law Nome your June so that we can give them a test

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so that we can give them a small test using

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that data guy?

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Elijah Chikara

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Edo marae yah, yah, Fatah wa ala by Joe Zelda, the people who died do this tsunami or the earthquake or the calamity the disease the epidemic is only a foretaste. It's only a test, Lucy calm basil, Lizzie amilo, a taste of the result of some of their deeds.

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What does it mean? It means that they did the actual amount of evil is far greater. But some of the deeds Allah subhanaw taala is giving us a little bit of a taste of what is the effect of those deeds

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and the home your job so that they may turn towards Allah subhanaw taala

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This is also the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, if Allah had not given this test, then people would have continued into cover. But Allah subhanaw taala gives a taste of this. So that lands the home your job. Now if somebody does not even turn around even despite this, then what do you say?

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Then what do you say? And then our last one and that is it. Go and see the world.

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Go and see the world called zero village. Go and look around in the world funds zero cave Ghana Africa Tula Dena mean covered. See how what was the ending of those people who came before you

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can actually access one machine eco

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can walk through machine again. Alessandra said Verily most of them are basuki

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we have to understand that shirk is a very, very big evil. It is not a very big evil, it is the biggest evil.

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It is the biggest evil. It is something which invites the anger of Allah subhanaw taala. It's something which invites disaster.

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And as we know, shock has many, many, many forms, many forms. And we might say, well, how is it that the Muslims are getting beaten for sure when the other witches again, they have been doing it for 1000s of years?

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Because the Muslims are the ones who are less rather as interested in

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and so on as one Oh, Donna,

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who do you punish? If you find 210 year old kids smoking a cigarette,

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and both of them are smoking and one is your son? And the other one is some strange kid. Who are you concerned about?

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Who will you punish the same kid? You don't get

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but your son eight year old 10 year old is smoking a cigarette oh my god what is happening? You grab him.

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You want to Jim will you explain to him what has happened? What is the you know the evil of cigarettes and so on.

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Unless Ron is that is concerned about the Muslims because the Muslims that lie, lie, lie lie.

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And then if they say Lie, lie, lie lie and then they fall into jail called the wall and do other kinds of evils. Allah subhana wa danas punishment comes on the Muslims. Even though there are others who are doing worse than that nothing will happen to them. Why? Because they are destined for the hellfire. Illa Mashallah.

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But we are not destined for the hellfire. And therefore if we start going towards Hellfire, Allah subhanaw taala likes to turn us back. If you still don't turn back, then that's a different issue.

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And when I sell the new that as we sit today, that doesn't make that that Allah subhanaw taala protects the city and protects the Muslims here. And the poor people, innocent people who are being killed and we're being harassed and whose houses are being burned and the shops are being burned malas vinyl data, save them from these calamities? melas What are the other Muslims that have to do something to help them And may Allah subhanaw taala punish the ones who are causing all this evil with a punishment which is exemplary, which is visible, that we can see that this punishment happened to them for this reason? We ask Allah subhanaw taala we we make God for the destruction.

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And this is one dishonor as well as a result we make dua for the destruction allow machete geminal Well, that made the other woman gentle. Allah honeycomb, gamma, coma adwa mode, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Adam was about

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to destroy them like he destroyed the others. But Nelson Mandela, give us a Dovi to work in order to ensure that we don't invite the Wrath of Allah subhanaw taala on our own heads by our deeds and mellows rather to give us a trophy, to do our Islam of ourselves and to understand that the solution to problems is not material and wealth, the solutions to problems is connection with Allah subhanaw taala It is our honor, if we live our life to please Allah Subhana Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala will protect us in the middle of calamities. But if we lead our lives like everybody else, as if we don't know what is right or wrong, then melas rather protect us from the

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effects of these evil deeds, or Salalah Alana will kill him while he was abused me

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