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Allah knows everything – Al Aleem

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Mufti Menk

Channel: Mufti Menk

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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My duty is to help and assist I'm on Earth, I will worship Allah and together with worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala. I am taught to serve the creatures of Allah that Allah will dangle in front of me when I say dangle in front of me. Allah chooses who you're going to interact with, not by mistake simply because he wants to watch what you're going to do with that person to that person, or how you're going to treat them and so on. You have a worker working for you, Allah planted before you were born, that this person is going to come they're going to steal from you they're going to do this bad and that bad. What is your reaction? That's all we knew this was going to happen? La ilaha

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illa Allah Have you thought of it? You are married to someone Allah already knew that just in order to test you How will you treat her or him How will you treat the families the folks you know, yes, our in laws. There is always a question about in laws in laws, I be honest with you in those are lovely people as well.

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Aren't we in laws, Mashallah, I do have some who call me father in law, Mashallah, because some of my children are married, I would like them to think of me as a good person. The problem is, there is a stigma attached to that term, right? We need to make sure we understand it's a test for all parties to be the best possible version of themselves. My duty unto Allah is not just worshiping Allah, in terms of salah and Zika, and in terms of fasting and so on without being concerned about how I treat the creatures of Allah.