Zakir Naik – Inviting Non-Muslims to Islam is the Duty of Every Muslim

Zakir Naik
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says in the Glorious Quran in surah Imran Chapter number three was number 64. Talia al Kitab co People of the Book theileria Kalamata Inshallah, in binary Romania Come, come to common terms as been as a new, which is the first term, Allah, Allah that we worship and but Allah will unleashing Alicia you that you have chosen to partner with him while he's about to Nevada and Alibaba Rondinella that we elect not among ourselves, lords and pages of Allah find our Lord, then if they don't back for Kulu say bear witness, then number three moon that we are muslims burrowing into Allah subhanaw taala This was of the Glorious Quran according to me, it is a master key for doing

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It says kuleana Kitab co People of the Book, Tala Villa Kalima, things are why in binary come to common terms aspirant as a new

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the most important part of Dawa is Allah, Allah that we worship them but Allah, Allah knows

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that we are supposed to partner with him wala yet

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that we erect not among ourselves, Lord and pages other than Allah, find them allow for cooler shall do.

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And if they don't make say that we bear witness, so Allah subhanho wa Taala telling us away, showing the way in the Glorious Quran, how to do Dawa with the Christian Tala Willa Kalimantan so Sawa in binary Romania come come to common terms as been asking you, when you have to come to common terms, how can you come to common term without in the scriptures.

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So Allah is telling us, we should learn about their religion also, so that you can convey the message to them.

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Talking about comparative study,

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when they're showing the Quran, you have to study the Quran and try and prove the point of Islam to them. We don't have to follow it hook line and sinker. And all these attacks that the Christian missionaries do

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on the Muslims, it is their living on video. The Ansel also the website, Zakir

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It shows them the way how to do that.

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But most of us Muslim, we want to give excuses for not doing the job.

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Many Muslims come and tell me you know, brother, that kid I want you to download but I don't have knowledge.

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Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said it mentioned Sable, Heidi volley number four Hadith number 3461 bling on me while I propagate, even if it be one was

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even if you don't want to miss of Islam, it's your duty to propagate it. You don't have to wait till it become like she cannot do that. You don't have to wait till it become a big day or a big shake on a knowledgeable person. A beloved Prophet said, believer, one Nivola IR propagate, even if you don't want to ask about Islam.

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And doing that, you don't have to wait till you become next at that.

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At least we know. That is one Allah, you know that even Allah,

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go and tell the people if they tell you how can you prove? If you don't know, come back and do your homework.

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I've given a talk on concept of god image of a religion, but a prove the concept of Allah.

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I give that talk

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in Ilorin, and he shall be giving the same talk concept of God and medium on religion and

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On Wednesday, on the eighth of November,

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in the University of Caffee, I'll be giving a talk on concept of what a major religion and my son Farik will give a talk on Islam the solution to the problems of humanity. It's at 930 on Eighth of November Wednesday, it's about 40 to 45 minute drive from you. Then, after saying about one God, you tell them why don't you believe in the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? If they tell you how can you prove if you don't know come and do your homework. I've given a talk on Mohamed Salah Salem, in the various religious scriptures. You have to memorize it give the answer

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about Tauheed concept regarding major one religion about mama Salah Salem, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in the various religious scriptures. Then tell them I don't do for Salah How can you prove it? Don't know the answer. Come and do your homework or give the talk on salah. The program includes righteousness in this way. The moment you start doing Dawa. Allah subhanho wa Taala will keep on giving you more and more knowledge.

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am a medical doctor.

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I'm going to

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They have installed bashing and muddy that I heard the speeches on the video and I started talking and Allah kept on giving me more and more.

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You have to get into the field, start talking. Once you start talking Allah subhanaw taala keep on supporting you, and then inshallah you will get more knowledge and you will be able to convey the message better. You can give the rescue they don't have knowledge. A prophet said believer will never know if propagate, even if you know one verse about Islam.

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Then some people will say,

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the Quran says lacantina.

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To use your widow means mine. So why should you do

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what they're holding is have the only one verse out of context. What they're quoting is for a coffee rune

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chapter 109

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Verse number six, you have to quote the full Surah

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full Surah Surah Caffee, don't ya chapter 109 Was someone to success for ya your coffee rune? Now I will do my job or doing what I'm doing. I'm doing what I now have been doing. But while I

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was laughing didn't say to those who reject Faith.

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I will not worship that what you worship.

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Normally, when you worship what I worship, I will not worship what do you want me to worship? Nor will you worship what I worship, to you your way to me is mine. Before saying to you is your way and to meet mine, you have to deliver the message

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only after you deliver the message. And if they don't accept it then you can say like

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you cannot say that first. According a lot of contexts.

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You have to deliver the message. Explain to them what Islam and then if they don't accept it's not your fault. Allah says in the Quran in surah Joshua chapter number 88 was number 21 and 22 for the kingdom anthem was a kill. Your job is to deliver the message changing hearts in the hands of Allah.

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You have to deliver the message. Let's leave it to Allah

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