Excuses for not doing Dawah

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Some people come and tell me who are unsafe, like graffiti, there's no compulsion. So all you have to do though,

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again, they're coding out of context. But the coating is a verse of the Quran or Surah Baqarah. Chapter number two was similar to 56, which does say like ar 15. There is no compassion religion, but they put a full stop, no stop, there was continues, there is no compulsion, religion, truth stands out clear from error. And whoever is rejected, the evil one has held the hand of Allah subhanaw taala, which is the strongest and the best.

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That means there is no compulsion, Legion but through some not clear formula, you have to reject the evil and come to the truth of Allah.

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You cannot force anyone at the point of the sword or point of the gun and ask him to send me some that's not an orange some, but every conveys the message,

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can read the message. If they don't accept, then you can say like,

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that doesn't mean they don't convince me like

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there are some Muslims who come and tell me

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but that's okay.

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We first want to make the Muslims, more practicing Muslims, you want to make musalman pakka musalman

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you want to make Muslim more practicing Muslim? After that you will talk to the non Muslim

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that time will never come. You cannot say I want to make all the Muslim 100 person practicing Muslim and then I'll do Dawa. That's not what a prophet taught.

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When you meet a Muslim, if he has mistakes you correct him when he will not Muslim you do that.

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In the

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in the federal pilgrimage I did in the talk. The

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the Prophet asked. The people didn't deliver the message to you to the Sabbath. They were 124,000 Sabbath. And all of them said yes be shocked you have delivered the message. Then he said all those present delivers the message to those who are not present here. And more than 80% of the debate outside Arabia doing what making musalman but from Selma,

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they meant to do Dharma outside Arabia to deliver the message to the non Muslims.

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It's the duty of every Muslim that he conveys the message to the non Muslim when he meets the Muslim and he finds some mistake okay Jewish law

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but when you meet a non Muslim you do Dawa.

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Which is one more than

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Suppose there are two patient kung fu doctor, one patient has a common cold, the other the heart attack? Who should you treat? First? The patient with a common cold or a patient with 100 100 that correct? Similarly, when the two people one in the Muslim and one of the non Muslim, non Muslim we want to Jana, even if you're not fully practicing, but the non Muslim will go to Ghana first year to cater to the non Muslim.

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Therefore, in the question answer session, we first give a portion because the non Muslim CLASS Question first treat the patient with heart attack, the person with common cold will not die. But if you don't treat the patient with 100 I can die.

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The first

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if you have to do both Dawa and this last pick to the Muslim and non Muslim board.

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But if your time is limited, firstly speak to the non Muslim.

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When we go to non Muslim and when we talk to them, they see you Muslim, you must not following Islam. Therefore we cannot talk to non Muslim as then this is nonsense.

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I don't agree with them. You know today, the Christian missionary. There are hundreds of 1000s of fish in Muslim throughout the world. That knocking at the doors of the Muslim and do you know most of them, they drink alcohol during the

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day they react who's better you are the

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many of them

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do do it.

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Who is better you owe them

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with all the drawbacks? Drinking alcohol doing it ugly doing flooding, yet they are converting 1000s of people to Christianity.

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Why your faith you only giving excuse for not doing the job? You know why? Doing our non Muslim is more difficult to a Muslim even if he doesn't like it you won't retaliate? The non Muslim retaliate for you want the easy way out? Only giving excuses