Why Destroy Your Own Country? The South African Shock

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Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato

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Bismillah he will hamdulillah he was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah, Allah, Allah, he was happy here to mine.

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My beloved brothers and sisters, we are in the midst of a pandemic,

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that Allah Almighty has decreed. And we pray that Allah grant Rama and mercy to those who have passed on, and that Allah grant cure to those who are sick and Ill every day we hear of both. And we also pray that Allah protect all of us and grant us eradication

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of this particular pandemic, and deliver us from all evil and harm. I mean, my brothers and sisters, it's very important for us to realize that around us there are brothers and sisters of ours who are suffering in a different way as well, in the midst of the pandemic. Here, I'm speaking of our brothers and sisters in South Africa, who have gone through a challenge, nobody would have believed. And indeed, this is the plot of the devil shapen plans and plots. He wants mankind to be divided, he wants them to fight, he wants them to steal, he wants them to loot, he wants them to do things that are unacceptable in order that they don't worship Allah in the correct way, in order that they are

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diverted from Allah in their hatred and enmity of one another. And this is the plan of shaytan. However, we need to continue becoming closer to the almighty number one, we must reach out to those who are struggling at this moment minimum by our prayer. Hence, I'm speaking about this from this pulpit from the Joomla and we ask Allah Almighty to grant alleviation to all those who have struggled and suffered those who are the victims of such crimes. And we ask Allah to guide those who have perpetrated such crimes.

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reaching out to people who have struggled is a duty of ours manana call Jessa dilemma in either steca Minho, toda la husa Iran Jessa DB Sadie when Alma

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we are supposed to be like one full body. If a little organ of this body is struggling, the entire body should be struggling or suffering with sleeplessness and pain, or fever. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the ability to reach out to them even with our da to begin with, and thereafter, we reach out to them in every other way, by giving them words of comfort, by letting them know that Allah will test all of us and Allah has tested them. Take it in your stride by trying our best to speak about positives in the midst of the most negative situation. Do you know that it's almost impossible to know exactly what someone has gone through when they've lost absolutely everything

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they've been building for generations upon generations? It's impossible to know their exact feeling. You have to be in their shoes to know what they are going through. But a good word will do you no harm. In fact, it will do good to them. May Allah grant them alleviation. May Allah give them sobre Jamil, May Allah give them the very difficult patients that they require at this time to look at positives to look at how it could have been worse, although there are some who say, it could never have been worse. May Allah protect us when mankind destroys his own home with his own hands, you need to know the hand of the devil is definitely involved. Shaytan makes us forget that we're all

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from Adam and Eve. We're all from the same mothers and fathers. We're all supposed to be building each other. We're all supposed to be supporting each other in a proper way. Religion never teaches looting, religion never teaches lawlessness, religion and Allah Almighty would never teach chaos and violence or the killing of one another. That is definitely the handiwork of shaitan. When Allah speaks about alcohol and gambling, he speaks about the reasons why it is prohibited. And he clearly says, in

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one bubble wall, the plan of shapen is to create between you hatred and enmity so that you can fight each other so that you can kill each other. Look at the crime of cable of her Bill kaabil the two of them were brothers, the crime of

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Cain, when he killed his brother Abel. What happened? It's clear that shaytan taught him what to do murder your brother, kill your brother, so and so on. And later on. Shaytan says, Oh, I had no role to play in this. You did it yourself. That's the devil. My brothers, my sisters. Those who oppose

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perpetrators? Yes, indeed we come from Adam. We come from Eve we come from one source, we are brothers, we are sisters, we look after each other. We have worked hard to build what has been built. We cannot allow shaytan to make us torch our own homes, destroy our own countries and take our nation's back decades. In a few hours. It's not from Allah. That's not a same behavior. Let's protect ourselves from shaitan. ask Allah to protect you from the devil. ask Allah to protect you from evil thoughts. These are your brothers, your sisters, let's not harm each other. Similarly, those who are victims May Allah make it easy for you? May Allah grant you ease There is nothing more

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that we can do besides that which Allah has given us the capacity of so we are here pleading with you to say let's turn to Allah and levena man Oh amanu atoma

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Allah OBD II Toma

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colo. Those who believe will achieve the comfort of the heart through the remembrance of Allah. Indeed it is the remembrance of Allah that will comfort and cool the hearts. So remember Allah a lot. remember Allah, increase your victory so far, the repentance seeking forgiveness of Allah. People say this is a punishment. No, we want to say Allah alone knows what it is. You cannot say it is a punishment when there are good people involved. Who are the victims Subhan Allah, at times good people are murdered, things are pinched and stolen and looted from good people at times. It cannot be a punishment of Allah. It's a test from Allah subhanho wa Taala. But in order to eradicate the

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small possibility that the perhaps it's the anger of Allah, we seek forgiveness and Allah subhanho wa Taala says, One man can Allah, the man whom Yes,

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Allah will not punish them whilst they're seeking forgiveness. So if Allah has guided you to seek forgiveness, and if a result of something negative has drawn you closer to Allah, it was a gift of Allah.

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It's a gift of Allah, that you turned closer to him as a result of something negative that happened in your life. It's not a punishment of Allah. So when you seek forgiveness, Allah says, that's not punishment, if something led you to seek the forgiveness of Allah, that's not punishment, that's the mercy of Allah. It's the goodness of Allah because remember, we are judged by how we end not by how we started. When your life is coming to an end, if you're a good person you succeeded in life, even though you may have Dilly dallied on the way. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us, my brothers, my sisters, let's reach out to those who are struggling. When we were struggling some time back we

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found many people reached out to us in different ways. Many of them prayed for us today we are here praying for you, my brothers and sisters who are the victims of something unbelievable. That has happened. We have been literally gobsmacked by what has happened in a negative way. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us so we reach out to them, even financially, even through help and assistance. There are so many of our charities that are doing a lot of good work. We have an M dad, we have Ashraful aid we have gift of the givers. We have so many others Subhanallah that are working so well, Africa, Muslims agency doing a lot of good work at this moment. And the reason why I say

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this, my brothers and sisters do you know the victims of this crime are actually those who are probably the most generous when they had, they were the people who gave in the millions today they are unable to give today. Some of them have literally been wiped out. But I tell you, my brothers and sisters, if you're a victim we are here, we will make sure that we reach out to you. We are a network that we would ensure for humanitarian purposes. And because we are brothers and sisters in Allah, we will make sure that we reach out to you in one way or another we stand by you we are with you. We are equally shocked and devastated. May Allah protect us all, a lesson we learn, especially

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in this beautiful country of our Zimbabwe. We should never allow ourselves to destroy our own home with our own hands by hurting and harming one another. People might think that there is a short term benefit while llahi the harm will last decades and it may go on to generations. The only one to benefit is shaytan none other than shaytan. So let's not allow this to happen. While Diana has our Oh fat of shallow water hi Barry from couldn't was below in

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Allah Hamas sobbing, Allah speaks about avoiding disputes amongst each other. So that your your strength remains intact. As a nation, you will only be strong if you can unite, we may disagree on matters respectfully, that is called unity. When you respect someone, you're united, even if you disagree with them, I could disagree with you on so many matters. I care for you, I love you, I won't harm you. That's the reason why Islam has given so much of importance to the greeting that says Assalamu alaikum. Do you know what it means? I guarantee you I will not harm you. Subhan Allah. That's the greeting of Islam.

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People don't know across the globe, what exactly has happened in South Africa? Because we are close. We know a lot because we have family, friends, relatives, business partners, because a lot of our product comes from there. We know and we are aware of what is going on. May Allah protect us? What can we do from the pulpit besides pray? What can we do besides encourage one another to reach out to our brothers and sisters? May Allah subhanho wa Taala, Grant and goodness, honestly, we have so much to do and we have so many lessons to learn. Do you know that the road to reconciliation is not going to be an easy one, but we are forced to go down that path because we have to live together for

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generations to come. We are forced to go back and confess what we've done to ourselves at least, and admit that we were wrong if we were the perpetrators, and we have to change our lives. And my brothers and sisters who are the victims. Once again, I want to tell you don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah. Take it in your stride. A day will come when you will have much more than what was lost Subhan Allah, Allah speaks about it, especially when it came to the Battle of butter and some of the other battles when there were people taken captive and Allah addressed them because some of them kind hearted they wanted to actually do the right thing. By turning towards the messenger,

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sallallahu alayhi wasallam and Allah, Allah says

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paluma vi de como, Asana, a lemon law movie, movie, come on y'all, you come.

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Come via Wolfie lecan

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walking, Allah says oh Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam tell them that if you are kind and good in your heart when Allah knows that your heart is good, and you still have a kind heart with all what has happened. Allah says he promises you He will give back to you better than what was taken from you in the first place. Trust Allah. If that was told to the Assad and to the captives of war. What do you think Allah will do for you and I who utter a shadow Allah, Allah illallah wa shadow ana Muhammadan rasul Allah. The last point I want to raise my brothers and sisters. Although no matter what we've said, we won't do justice to the topic. But I want to say we are believers, one of the pillars of

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faith is well D washer rahimullah, hey, Tyler, I believe and I surrender to the fact that good and bad faith comes from Allah, we did our best. And whatever happened, Allah chose it for us, take it in your stripe, pick up the pieces don't become depressed because it's very easy to fall into that to slide into it. And that would be shaytan tampering with us making us lose hope. But Allah is the one telling us Don't lose hope. pick up the pieces. There are two three pieces. Let's go it will take you a year, two years a little bit more or less. But we promise you we will give you back more than what was taken from you that is Allah's promise. And I am here to let you know my brothers and

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sisters, we are all standing together as humanity when it comes to facing violence, chaos, anarchy, looting, whatever else it may be that is negative, because the impact of it would be negative upon all of us. May Allah protect all of us and guide us. The Hadith says on sort of a haka. volumen, our maluma help your brother whether he is the oppressed or the oppressor, the Sahaba were confused. How can I help the one who's oppressed, meaning who is the oppressor? The Prophet Muhammad wa sallam says, by guiding him towards stopping the oppression? May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us What beautiful teachings there are, may Allah protect the soul akula Kali hada was Allah who was Allah

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