How to Park in a Disabled Bay – Parking tips

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Salam aleikum. Imagine arriving at a parking Bay where you need to park because you want to get into the building. And there are so many cars. It's full. And the only slot you see is a disabled Bay. What are you going to do? Subhana Allah? What are you going to do?

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Subhan Allah, I know a brother who actually parked there and limped off his vehicle, thinking that that's fine. Oh, no, you need to have a disc on your windscreen. There needs to be someone with you or someone whom you're picking up who is disabled? Subhana. Allah had a bit I mean, why do we think we can get away with this? And limping off? doesn't really help. It doesn't make it right. That's actually absurd. But I've seen people do this. I've seen someone do this, actually. And he told me It's fine. It's okay. You know, the guys think that it's fine. In some countries, that's not, you know, you're not allowed to do that at all. And in some countries, you would be fined because you

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need special permission. And you need to display the badge in a specific way. That having been said, my brothers and sisters, when it comes to parking, remember, you will earn a reward when you park correctly, not blocking people not blocking entrances or exits, not blocking the emergency passages, perhaps, and making sure that anyone and everyone can actually leave the place without being disturbed. Many times we go to the masjid for prayers, and we park our vehicles in a way that blocks others. And when this happens, we think we're okay because it's just salah and prayer. And we're going to pray for Allah. But how you parked your car would actually negate some of the reward that

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you're going to achieve or you may achieve a separate sin for that. Because you will not consider it. And people might Curse you, when you come back. Subhan Allah you might have people shouting, you might have them, you know, tempers flaring and whatever else simply because you did not know how to park your car or you couldn't be bothered. May Allah grant us ease. Remember to park your car in a beautiful way, even if it is a bit of a distance, no problem. arrive there early and try to park your car in a way that would be acceptable. People see us we are believers. And imagine they witness the way we do things were supposed to be doing things properly, as per the Hadith of the prophets

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are settling. You know, Allah loves that when you do something you do it fairly and properly. Oh, don't don't do it. Subhan Allah so if whatever you're going to do here, we're talking about a parking Bay parking space. Remember to park your car in a lovely way beautiful way. Don't disturb people. They're your neighbors in a way. Because the people who are parked next to you they are considered neighbors. Make sure that you are courteous to your neighbors don't harm them. Do you remember the Hadith where the prophet SAW Selim says he will not enter Paradise whose neighbors are not saved from his harm?

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Well, here goes. This is a beautiful lesson if you think about it, learn to park your vehicles in the most beautiful way. And remember, you will be rewarded when you have considered others even if they were they didn't realize it but you will consider it and you did things properly. You are definitely rewarded for having thought about others when you parked or when you drove or when you did something on the roads. And you consider the others amazing, be courteous, you will definitely earn a reward for that because you're benefiting people and the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim. He says hi Ron nasi, and found in us the best of the people are those who benefit other people the

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most. So the less you benefit, the worse you become. Until you don't benefit them at all. You're not such a good person. When you start harming them you become a bad guy or a bad person. Imagine where do you fit in? you harm people.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us all, and make us more conscious of this and all other matters as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah