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The speaker discusses the concept of being beautiful and how it relates to one's health and success. They emphasize the importance of being a "hasn't been like" person and how it relates to one's personality. The speaker also discusses the importance of learning that beauty is a virtue and that it is linked to one's health and success. The speaker emphasizes the need to show one's appearance to be beautiful and reject arrogance, as it is linked to one's health and success.

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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen We are going today through another journey, learning about our character something and last pan Hautala love and he loves to see us having this character, this virtue. So we will at the end get the love of Allah subhanho wa taala. Today we are also going to cover a hadith a saying of rasool Allah salatu salam, in it also mentioned a name of Allah, a character of Allah subhanho wa Taala that he wants us as human being to apply this character and this virtue that Allah has we applied and Allah Subhana Allah will love us in sha Allah. The hadith is actually in Sahih Muslim. And the meaning of the

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hadith is a man came to Rasul Allah Who salatu salam. We're actually on a soiree saw to surround start saying liat halogen, no one will enter Jana who has an atom weight of arrogance.

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Then the man responded, and he said, era so Allah, we are the man a human being loves love to see that he dressed beautifully. And even his shows beautiful.

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So the man was thinking that looking beautiful, is a form of arrogance. Then our Swati Sato Sam responded to him, and that's what we are learning in sha Allah He said, In Allaha, Jamil indeed worldly. Allah is beautiful Subhana your eyeball Jamal. He loves beauty.

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He loves beauty. Arrogance is actually bottle will help and bottle will help while humbleness bottle will help is actually ridiculing and rejecting truth. And looking down at people.

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Arrogance so in this hadith, we learn a lot of things. We learn what is arrogance, we learned Allah is beautiful. Allah loves beauty, and we learned indirectly and that's what we're going to comment what is beautiful. So let's start first by the name of Allah subhanaw taala in Allah Hajime, Allah is beautiful Subhana and we should have no doubt, or we just look around us. And look at the beauty around us in every small and big creation of Allah subhanaw taala the harmony, the beauty, the color, the perfection, this is all beautiful. So Allah subhanaw taala beauty, beautiful in His Being Subhana in his attributes Subhana no one is merciful, like Allah, no one is forgiving, like Allah.

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No one is gentle and kind like Allah, no one is wise, like Like Allah. So in his attributes, and then in his actions, beauty, everything around us is beautiful. Subhanallah look at the human being the perfection in the creation of the human being. And look at the animal, look at the flowers, look at everything around us, the oceans, the seas, everything. Allah is a beautiful Subhanallah Your humble Jamal, he loves the beauty. And beauty is what we need to learn. Because unfortunately, in these days, in the human being, understanding of beauty is very different from what Allah subhanaw taala refers to here. Beauty is not only external, and beauty is external. But it's not the

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parameters that we human being, especially recently are putting as a para parameter of a beauty. No, beauty is

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beauty, externally meaning the way Allah subhanaw taala created us is beautiful. And that's what our Roswaal is taught to us and taught us when we look at the mirror. Regardless what we think of our self. Do we think we are beautiful or people think we are beautiful? He absolutely taught us the following. When we look at the view at the mirror at ourselves in the mirror, he's taught taught us to say your Allah, it's application, oh Allah like you beautified me externally, beautify me internally. That means the way Allah created me is beautiful, regardless of what people think. And the beauty is not only the beauty of the external rather, is the beauty of the internal my inner

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being my characters the way I conduct myself. So number one, beauty is not the beautiful standard, the beauty standards that the people put it's actually Allah has put now beautiful externally is

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also the way I dress beautiful, the way I

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talk is beautiful. So it taught, being honest, don't lie. That's beauty, the way I dress that's pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala and clean and well.

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Beautiful if you want to say the word that is Allah, His love, and then my conduct, the way I act and that's what we have been learning since we started this series in Ramadan, so beautiful externally beautiful in the heart beauty, externally beauty in the heart and beauty in the conduct, and there is three kinds of beauty Subhanallah beauty that is highly recommended and we will be rewarded for it.

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Beauty that highly recommended and we will be rewarded for it. And that is any conduct action or dress that will number one, please Allah subhanaw taala number two, support and help the spread the Islam and beautify Islam, and it will lead to beauty in the world and people loves it. So number one is pleasing to Allah, the standards needs to change. The standards of pure beauty needs to change. It's not the standards of people, standards of Allah's pantalla so when the woman is beautifully covered, that's beauty. And when the man who dressed what's in the way please Allah subhanaw taala and if his beard is shaped to beautiful that's pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala now the way

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externally I dress it will help spread my deen and change the way people look at Islam that's pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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there is beauty that is not pleased, not liked by Allah subhanaw taala and actually it is going to be people will be punished. It's regarded as a sin, although it's beauty, any standard of beauty, external or internal conduct or dress that is displeasing to Allah. And that will put the deen lower. So uncovered people who does not cover properly, people who does not say nice words, even if everyone is saying it. That's not beautiful. That's not what Allah loves. And Allah has beautiful love beauty and in between there is things that is not this or not that then that's fine. So we need in our day, again, what do I want to apply? Number one, I need to learn that beauty is a virtue. And

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Allah His name is beautiful. So I need to look at everything around me with the lens that Allah the Creator, the one who is beautiful, does not create but beauty. That's one. Number two, I am going to beautify my external look, not artificially, the way that it is being sold to us rather the way he pleases Allah and what he taught me and the Quran and the Sunnah. And I'm going to more importantly beautify myself internally, my speech, my heart, my conduct, the way please Allah subhanho wa taala. And I shouldn't be looked at, and we should as Muslims looked at as look at how beautiful the Muslims are. So people will look at Islam differently, and so people will follow us. And then in my

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actions. Again, if I'm preparing food for a spa, I'm gonna beautify it, serve it in a nicer way, as long as and this is the second part of the Hadith, as long as my intention in showing the beauty is not arrogance will not lead me to arrogance, or my intention is to show arrogance, and I am better than others. And that's why in the Hadith, he said Kibber arrogance is actually rejecting the truth. So rejecting that the beauty standard by Allah is the rightist standard, not the standards that people put, that's Cubert that's arrogance, and Vamonos looking down at people, I look down at people because the way they look but that Allah created them, they are beautiful, because they are

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creation of Allah, or I think I am better than people because of what I have or the way I look or what's what's my degree, that's a humbleness, you're putting people down. That's arrogance. So what are we going to learn? Allah has beautiful, loves beauty loves to see beauty on his servants, and he does not like arrogance and arrogance will even if it's an atom weight in the heart of the human being will prevent him from entering Jana May Allah subhanaw taala keep beautifying us may Allah subhanaw taala show us the beauty that he gave us and may

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Allah subhanaw taala maker so grateful to his view to the beauty He gave us I mean