Zakir Naik – Importance of Straightening the Rows in Congregational Salaah

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of treating racism and not doing so, as it can lead to negative consequences. They also mention the importance of not being able to win a fight and being able to cover one's shoulder when standing in the same room. The speaker emphasizes the need to avoid any gaps in society and encourage individuals to stay in the same room.
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Okay, can we have the last and the final question from the Sister please

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make people

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very interested and concerned with one of our brothers in this town is asking about the obligatory of championing the role while performing salah.

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Like I will say this now it is hard for some people to straighten the role while performing for Letterman. So can you explain what's the connection between the significance of strengthening the rule and the unity of people? And also the impact of not doing so? And why the other Prophet saw

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the Muslim?

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Thank you.

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This is the question that what is the importance of treating the rose and indeed the Muslim ummah, see, when we talk about unity, people talk about theory Islam shows you practically

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when we talk that we are against racism, we practically demonstrate it five times in our Salah

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that will become together with a king of opera when we stand for Salah we stand in the same row shoulder to shoulder.

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Quran or Hadith doesn't say that the king cannot turn the Richmond stand first and the poor on standby know, whoever comes only

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in the first row, we will stand in the first row you get most of us.

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And our beloved Prophet said, do not let anyone get up from the seed for a person who comes late that is also prohibited.

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So if a poor man comes first,

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he gets most of

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the Prophet said the one in the first to get the maximum Saba then the second row, then the third row, the prophet before starting the Salah, I said, he turned around and said, stating your rules.

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The feet should take the feet and the shoulder to shoulder why, so that if you have any racism that I'm white, and he's black, I'm reaching his for that racism is removed, shoulder to shoulder

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fit to fit

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my lobby presume he said that when the Sahaba stood

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our shoulders, the shoulders, our feet, the feet when they went in ruku if it wasn't straight, the Sabbath used to stay

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when you went to when you realized that the net the surf is not correct, that time, but naturally when the in the record they can feed the feed mistreated

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it is what is the importance the importance is so that if there is any ill feeling between your brothers that ill feeling is removed

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Do not leave any gap for the Satan. Mini what when to that the last of the Brotherhood is increased? It's very important.

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But again, if some people don't have knowledge and they don't want to do it, don't fight because that will be

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straightening is important. But if your neighbor who's a Muslim, he doesn't know the hottie he thinks it is not required and he runs away from you. You don't follow your Salah Do you understand it's a praying Salah is more important

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if you should

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the person doesn't know it doesn't want to come close to running away from you. I know some people you go close they will run what do you want to do? You cannot chase them the full Salah

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you tried once happens good. So don't make it troublesome.

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But according to say, yes, you should sit in the room. You should stand in the same room. It's important don't leave any gap and that's what most of the Imam before starting this Allah say this increases the brotherhood of them sufficiency

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