Muhammad West – Qiyamah and the End Times #19

Muhammad West
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Are we live in a sheet on rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Bucha mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad Ali Ali also huge minor Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Of your Well, I'm Lila. So we continue with the events of the day of Kiana and as I mentioned before, some of the, you know, the Hadith, different Hadith speak about the different events. And if and to piece it together, there's different discussions. But certain of the events, as we said, is confirmed as they will occur, they would obviously begin with a resurrection, there would be this long standing, where the Sun is made low, and mankind would be in a very difficult situation and will be in a frantic mode, as if though everybody is drunk and completely, completely,

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you know, lost on the plains of the AMA, and then then the Salem would do his intercession at the McCollum Muhammad, and then basically the events of Kiama will begin, and it starts off with the angels descending. And as it Hadith mentioned, that the angels are so numerous that there isn't a spot in the heavens and the earth with isn't hasn't been a place where the angels have made sujood to Allah subhanaw taala and so these countless number of angels will descend to the plains of glioma and they would gather all of mankind and the jinn and the animals all of it into a certain place, and everybody will stand in Jannah will be brought Johanna will be brought the Throne of Allah will

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be brought. And then Allah subhanaw taala himself would come in a manner which He puts His Majesty to the plains, to the plains of Tiana and as the is his or her shitless what little money for Latin Illa Hamza, that then they will be this complete dead silence, all of creation standing before Allah subhanaw taala and there'll be absolute silence, no one being to say a single word, no one saying anything. Allah Subhana Allah says, Would you who Yama even Nadira so Allah subhanho wa Taala would there be a direction and this is a very deep conversation of how and when will Allah subhanaw taala appear but the good the people that have a who are successful, some of them their faces will shine

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and in the direction of Allah? Would you who would you yo maybe Nadira that on that day, some faces will be right? In our behind the era looking towards the direction of the Lord. Why would you Yama in ambassador and some faces will be gloomy, that don't know if it will be healthier, anticipating something dreadful is about to before before them. And so this is the moments before the Judgment begins. Some people already have a an already the way you were erected and the company that you'll be gathered around there is this feeling that maybe inshallah things will be okay for me and the faces will shine. And there are other people who already have an anticipation that something

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terrible is about to happen, something bad is about to happen. And then the records will be given. And some scholars the sum total of our life will be in a scroll will be given in a scroll. Everything we did everything we said, every ran, every cent that we spent, every second of our life is recorded, even our thoughts are recorded. In this book of deeds, good and bad. Allah says Allah Subhana Allah Allah smell see Rome when you are home. But what

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led him to Boone? Do they think that we will not did not hear the secrets and the private conversations? Indeed, and our messages of by them meaning the angels are with them all the time recording? It's one long learn Masada, but today your watch can tell you how many steps you took. It can tell you exactly where you went. Your conversations are recorded what you've said some things we think are maybe in the past you think how old is done today all our interactions our GPS tells us how we can entire life is already tracked and digitized and put down in the record and so on Sula, Calif Allah sponsors why will the Al Kitab that the books will be given the records will be given

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for total Majidi mean and we clean Murphy and the people who when the records are laid Bay, and you will see the wicked people fearful of what's inside even before they open it they know person who lived a bad life will know I'm very scared of what I'm going to see in the city code. Which weekend I mean my feet were cool Luna Yahweh Allah, Yahweh Latina, Molly had and keep tabs and wrote to me, What kind of book is this? Maha al Kitab. La Johar delusory rotten, rotten, it doesn't leave out even the smallest detail or the biggest detail in the saga except that it has been recorded in a register it has been accounted for, well, why don't you do my I need to hide it all and they will

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find everything they did present in that book, what if Limra Buka analysis and nobody is wrong on that day. So the records will be given in the Quran mentions three different types of ways in which the record is given the one group of people they will receive the record in their right hand. You

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before they open it, they already get it in the right hand and it's an indication that things inshallah might be good for them. And then there'll be those will receive the record in the left hand and the other ISIS mean what I have already Oh behind them, so either they are refusing to take the records from the left hand, but it's forced to them from behind them for a man who Chiquita Abba, who so Allah says, Whoever receives his record in his right hand, but so far you have SIBO Hassan yesira Then he will be accounted you'll be reckon he'll be judged with an easy to clean. Things are gonna go easy for him his judgment, you must be judged. But there's an anticipation that

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my judgment will be easy. Well, I'm the man who Chiquita who were adultery, but as for him, received his record behind his back in his left hand, for so for the other author Bora. He will cry out for destruction, he will say Allah destroy me. And so everything is within this record. As we said, the records the way the angels record all of the things that we've done, but the record can be changed. records can be changed for example, Toba that removes sin, so even though at some point, sometimes sons a sin was written down, the person goes on Hajj, subhanAllah, and all the years of sin is expunged, wiped off the same with Ramadan who ever stands in the last 10 Nights, catch them to other

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3050 100 years of sin, just wiped out like that, but good deeds Han Allah insha Allah remain a person who committed live the life of Schilke whatever the embrace Islam or those bad deeds are gone, but the good deeds remain. And so the records are they and we should all Allah protect, wonder, what is the state about our books, so now the judgment will begin. So everyone has the records, everyone has the almost we would see the marks the script, if you would think of an exam, you got your, your script, and now we must go and stand with Allah subhanaw taala and one of the things about the AMA is, you know, people always say that you can't judge me only Allah can judge me

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it's through the judgment is only when Allah subhanaw taala the conversation is only between you and Allah subhanaw taala Allah says Allah Himself is somehow what you want, to Allah belongs all that is in the heavens of the Earth, well into Buddha, Murphy and fusi come out to who, whether you expose it, whether you open about what you've done, or you keep it hidden. Your high school can be Hila, Allah is going to bring it out and hold you accountable for your anemia, or your other people may yesha and it will be Allah's prerogative, it will be his decision, which of your deeds will he reward? And which of them which of them will you forgive, and which of them will punish Walla Walla

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coalition codeine and Allah has a power of all things. And then Allah subhanaw taala. Now certain events occur, one event is that you get the record, and you will stand before Allah. And Allah will say what Allah will ask the person, if you looked at your record, is there anything in there that has that you dispute? Have my angels made a mistake? Is there anything that you deny? And some people will say, I will not. I would not accept this record, except as a witness that I would want to witness myself. So Allah subhanaw says, Illuminati Voila, him, okay. Allah will seal the mouth, what to call him when an idiom Salas I will let your hand speak, what's the shadow judo and your

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feet will speak America and we actually will as to what you did. And so your body will say, I went to that place, as well, again, not far fetched, your watch will tell you will say I didn't go there. But your watch will tell you your GPS, your phone will tell you, I went there, I didn't do that. And so this part is where I have seen where the person's mouth will be sealed alone. So Fine.

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Don't look at the record. Don't look at the angels, don't look at everyone, you yourself will be a test taker testimony against yourself. And so Subhanallah these, this discussion will be between the person Allah and as I mentioned, there are two types of judgment or reckoning or counting the easy one. And the difficult one.

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The easy one, is where Allah subhana wa Taala calls you forward, and he brings you close, and he puts you in a kind of what you call an agile and agile is a private Council a secret place where it's just you and Allah, no one of the rest of creation can see what's happening. And Allah reviews your deeds. Allah basically shows you this is what you did. Do you have any dispute you have any claim? And the person says no, and Allah just shows it and Allah says, now that you've seen it, and there's no dispute, I forgive your sins, and go and you pass. And even in auditing, subhanAllah you have a review and you have an audit. So then a visa Salam says to eyeshadow in a hadith thesis,

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anybody who will be audited will be ruined. Anyone who Allah is going to audit in detail will fail on camera. So I should say this but this ayah that says for so far, you have people who sobbing you see rather this is going to be an easy reckoning. So yes, that's not the audit. That is the review you will be shown your deeds your books will be reviewed. And I'm not gonna go into detail. And also you pass where as the detailed audit line by line, minute by minute, second or second thought every ran whoever goes into that detail. Well, well yeah, the

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will not succeed. And there'll be types of people. There are categories of people. And we're going to talk about some of these categories of people. There is, of course, the elite of the people in amygdala Allah it is be amongst them. This is that very, very fortunate 70 who will receive the records, and then it will be sent to them hold on, there's a VIP queue, you're not going to even go question about Allah, you bypass the questioning the judgment, you go straight to Jana, without even being questioned. The exam doesn't apply to you. So then it says alum said, the people were displayed in front of me and I saw one Nebby passing by with a large group of followers. And another

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group passing by with only a small group of people. Another one maybe having only 10 Sahaba. And one maybe going past without a single Sahaba No, no an abbey with no followers. Then I saw a big group of people. And so this is my alma, these are my people. And they said no, no, no, the angel said this is nabi Musa Zuma. But then they said look to the horizon, and he saw a huge uma as far as he could see. And this is that is your Alma and

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and Amis in front of them, you will need to have an NG produces, those are your followers, and out of your followers, Allah has gifted you 70,000 of them, who will neither have any reckoning of the accounts, nor will they ever will they will not receive any punishment, not in the cupboard, nothing Kiama no Jahannam they are exempted completely and they go to Jana. And so I asked the minister also why he said for the use not so why the Sahaba ask why, what does these groups have in common? What did the 70,000 do? That got them this level of success, the resources, they did not perform any kind of Rukia or branding, or believe in omens, but they put the full trust in Allah, somebody, they had

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complete the workout in Allah, whatever happened to them, if they were in something beneficial, it's from ALLAH, if they were in a car accident, this is from Allah, they had complete complete debacle, no fear, no doubt the dependency on Allah is so complete to show you this when it's a hobby and we spoke about his name. When the Nabil mentioned this Akasha de la presenza di Rasul Allah make dua, I'm from that 70. And then I'm quite sure you're going to be combat 70 Akasha or the Allah to show his dependency in the Battle of button. He was fighting and he showed broke. And so you went to the 97 era, Salah my suit broke. So the problem I picked up a stick and he said, Go, this will be your

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sword will crash, I didn't look back here and in and that stick became a sword. So that kind of dependency Tawakkol is on a different level. And that is why he's in that 70,000 And then and also obviously, that may be amongst them, and then obviously subaqua Okasha, Okasha beat you to it. You are not of that 70,000 This is another Hadith way, then so Salam says,

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My Lord had promised me that 70,000 From my ummah will intergender without reckoning or punishment, and then along each one another 70,000.

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So this is like the 70 times 70 This is like, I don't know, 70 times 70 What is that? 4,000,000,004 point 9 billion. So hamdulillah in that case, this is a very, very good, very, very good odds. Now now it's really helped in our favor. Oh Allah, Allah is actually 70 times 70. Or, but then Allah has gifted me even more than that. 70 Allah Allah, but this is what we make dua for the point is, this is the time of Ramadan. Don't sell yourself short. Don't think I can't get there. We don't know Allah's mercy and Allah's kindness, one good deed that you've done, that Allah really loves and you're sincere dua Allah led me and we make the DUA, let me intergender betray hisab. Let me

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intergender without any hisab hisab is questioning accounting, or Allah, let me go to Jana, without any hisab.

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We also see that there are those who whoever is fully taken account has

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whoever is taking account fully, they are the ones who will be ruined, right. And there are those who are reckoned in private. There'll be some mentions, I know the loss of the people of Jana to enter Paradise, and the loss of the people of Jana Jahannam to be brought out, a man will be brought forth on the Day of Resurrection, and it will be said to him. So Allah is gonna call this man. So this is a very bad man. Obviously, he's like the last to intergender very bad deeds, I was gonna call him forward. And then I was going to show him just his minor sins, let's start off with the minor sins, and He will look at it and not yet show his major sins. And so when he goes through his

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minor sins, and He will think to himself, you did this on that day you did this and you looked at that you did all these things. And he will say, yes, yeah, Allah, Allah, I did all of it. He can't deny it. He can't defend himself. And he will at that point, be afraid of his major sins, you will then realize, I'm doomed to Allah, I'm finished. After going through my mind essence, and completely finished. I haven't gone to the big ones. And then Allah will say to him,

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but it's because of this and you've confessed your sins. I will change all these minuses into good deeds. I'm gonna add it. In fact, instead of being on your negative skill is going to be good deeds, and you're going to succeed so go, and the man is so confused what just happened?

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He's so dumbfounded and he's just told you pass the exam. You can go to Jana. And then he blurts out, but we forgot to do the major sense. And then we saw laughs I mean, we saw him that when he mentioned the Hadith interview salaam stopped smiling, that he's not supposed to say that. Allah has kept it quiet so you keep quiet. Don't ask just go take the get a free pass. But then Allah sponsors go even your major sins are forgiven and send you to Jana, as we said yesterday, sins between Allah subhanaw taala as the beautiful Hadith Lao you barely Allah subhanaw taala doesn't worry about those sins where you have done wrong against Allah, just between you and Allah. Allah will pardon those

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sins, Inshallah, a person with Tauheed and Eman, a person who didn't come a chip, and they have all the sins against Allah, but you didn't harm someone else. Then Allah subhanaw taala in the beautiful Hadith, I will come to you with a world full of muckety muck Farah, he's not going to be hard on those things we need. That's our hope. As Casanova said, He says, When you understand Allah's mercy, you will be more confident of him judging you than your own mother, than your own mother on camera. But that is for things between him and you. As for the inside, we'll talk about that they are not going to be so kind, they're not going to be so kind,

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right In another Hadith.

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So in this explanation, when he sees his bad deeds turned into good deeds, he will ask to see the major sins, and then he will be afraid but it will be turned into good deeds.

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All right, then I'll be Salah made this to art and we should all make this to our Allahu Mahasweta Hey, seven yesira either ya Allah grant us no reckoning when easy to clean and easy to clean. And as we sit at Hamdulillah, one of the mercies to the believers, that when they are held accountable, even the ones who committed a lot of sins, it's done privately imagine our sins being laid be for all of humanity to see our parents, our wives, our kids seeing the sins that we have done. Now, as we said, one of the mercies of the believer, the judgment is done privately, and no one will see what is between the Hadith says Allah will envelop this person with his light. And he will talk to

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this person one on one, and say you've done this, you've done that. And I'm not going to display it for all of creation. And the person will say, Yeah, Allah, why, why are you keeping it a secret? So Allah says, Did I not keep your sin secret in the dunya? No one knew of this fee that you will need in the dunya. Who was it was me I kept it secret. So why would I expose you today? And so Alhamdulillah this person, if your sins are Saturday, made closed about Allah, then inshallah it's an indication of being forgiven. As for the person who is really bad, not only will they be taken to heart, but everything will be laid be in front of all of humanity, everyone will see. And so in

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summary, the best of the best will enter Jannah without any hisab out any Reckoning and the next level of people, they will be called into a private meeting. They won't be audited, it will just be reviewed. It stamped you prove you got to Jana, yesterday sokola Hey, go to Jana. No problem. We don't get to go into detail, when the next level is this going to be a detailed account, but in private, your sins are going to be shown and Allah is going to show you this YOUR SINS UCR Allah and you believe that that punishment would be the feeling of I've lost, I failed that moment of terror. Then Allah will say I forget forgive you. Now, though. I'm in the last type is where it's done

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publicly. And in person. And it is done. Oh, sorry. It's done publicly and in front of everybody. The Nabil sauce is the son of Adam will not. So what is Allah going to question and we have to end up here? What are the kinds of questions we're going to get? Then it says, The son of Adam will be questioned about five things about his life, the time he spent his youth, his money, his knowledge, and his wealth? How did you spend your hands and since How do you spend every minute? What do you do with your youth? What do you do with your knowledge? And he says two things that the buddy Adam hates a lot. The beat the buddy Adam hates to die and a to be poor, but death is better for them

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than fitna and to not have money is an easy reckoning, and then responses and we'll conclude with this. The first thing that will be questioned, very important. How do we make our reckoning easy the first thing that Allah is going to question is Salah. The first question on the exam, Allah is gonna say let's look at his salah. And whoever passes the question of Salah he Salah was intact it is five days for us. He didn't go with days and months without making the salah or like Tara we had night you know what? I'm not gonna be shy Oh, you made the salah on time. Whoever can pass the salah question with Allah in the rest of the beginning will be easy in the rest of the reckoning with

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Allah will be easy inshallah Allah grant us an easy reckoning Allah grants genital for those without hisab and Allah grant our deeds to be good and Allah meter will meet Allah in the impurity of said I mean, tomorrow inshallah so to lay tend to offer stain in sha Allah. Question of last night, how many angels will be pulled the Jahannam we say the 4.9 billion angels will pull Jahannam 70 times 70 And is the equation tonight?

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No question tonight. Okay, no question. Can I sorry. Oh, there's a question.

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Okay, tonight's question. The first thing to be questioned about on the day of piano will be fasting, about your parents about praying or about your wealth. What is the first thing to be questioned about on the FTM

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o mas Faisal

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omise is Amasya

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that's nem Williams

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Mohammed Solomon's. Okay yeah. Are you here today

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it is quite Adams.

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she's Yeah. Okay. Alhamdulillah Zack Lehane, Salah Salem Mohammed Rosa, who someone said convertible enemy, so don't worry

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