Separating unvaccinated in mosques!

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AI: Summary © The decision to separate Muslims in Indiana is for overall protection of all communities, not just the whole community. The ban on people from the mosque is in addition to NKism, and is not recognized as NKism. The decision to separate Muslims from the mosque is in the best interest of the entire community, but it is not admitible. The vaccine will not be mandatory and is in the best interest of most people, but it's not allowed to be shown. Viewers are encouraged to stand up for their rights in support of the decision.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. I received a question the other day from a brother in America. He was telling me about a machine in Indiana that has decided to separate the Muslims. When they come to the masjid, you have the vaccinated Muslims who will be able to go to the main prayer hall, and the non vaccinated they will have to go with their prayer rugs and pray by themselves in the gym. And the brother asked me, you know, what do you think of this? Is this something that's permissible? Islamically I'm going to answer in shallow Tana, is it permissible Islamophobia or not? And also a recommendation and for that community, and for all communities and in America and around the world

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in dealing with this pandemic? And how they should deal with it? Is it something that's permissible? Is it something that's good? Is this how we should do how we should deal with the Muslims when it comes to separate them, and why? Because obviously, the brothers are saying this is for the overall good, and protection of the community. But before we go into the details, let's listen to the clip that the brothers sent to me, Inshallah, the recommendations that the COVID-19 Committee has made, has been presented to the board and the board has agreed to move forward in implementing those guidelines. With your support and help, number one, wear masks in the center. This is very important

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to protect all members of the community. Number two,

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which is one that we need all of your supportive if you are vaccinated to bring your vaccination card which the volunteers will see will see and allow you to come in to the main prayer hall. If you are not vaccinated, we will request that you pray in the gym and bring your prayer rug with Okay, so apparently the video was longer than that he sent me this portion, which shows you the general ruling that the vaccinate will be in the main prayer hall. And the unvaccinated will be any put into the gym to pray by themselves with their prayer rugs there. We have two things we want to cover in this video. And I want to point out first of all that this topic, we're not talking about this

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budget in general in Indiana, we're talking about specifically the ruling Islamically. And what we shouldn't shouldn't do as muslims as community leaders, and this is for the brothers in America and you know, in Europe and all around the world when it comes to dealing with this issue. Because if one Masjid is going to implement this, many others will follow suit as well, if they think it is overturning for the overall good. And I do believe obviously the brothers who make this ruling, they said there's a COVID-19 committee. I don't know this is a governmental or a local brothers or who it is exactly. But I'm sure that they have good intentions and they think they're doing good for the

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community. However, when it comes to separating the Muslims, and you know, banning Muslims from the measures, basically what you're doing when you do this, because

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if you were in that situation where you were vaccinated, and I don't want to go into the issue, is it better to be vaccinated better to stay away? That's a different topic. We're not going to get into but when and when you we clearly know we have a group of people who have been vaccinated that perhaps the the vast majority, and others who are reluctant and you know, skeptical and don't want to do it. And when we come in, we separate them like this, and we make one pray here, one, pray there. When I'm going to the masjid if I'm not vaccinated, or on vaccinate whatever it is, I want to be in the main prayer hall and the nice area with a nice carpet to be able to focus I need that

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spiritual boost. I need that you know to be or you know, listening to the Quran, listening to the lectures, making the Dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala, making dua attending my five daily prayers, if I have the ability to do so. So this is you know where I want to be, if you're going to put me into the masjid, what's going to happen? I'm not going to come. So what is the reality of this ruling in the end is that you're banning people from coming to the masjid and that is something that is not permissible. Allah says in surah baqarah in verse 114, woman of Men will be men men and massage you the law he a youth Qaddafi has smooth Assaf vehicle Robbia that who is more unjust and look at is a

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very strong in the wording use from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada that who was of them, who is more unjust than the one who what prevents the people from remembering the name of Allah in His massage it in the mosque and salvia Karabi have that they strive towards the destruction, the destruction of the mosque. And lo said at the end of the verse pay attention to this that these individuals they will have in the dunya Lahoma with dunya his Zun that they will have humiliation in this dunya Wilhelm fille al Qaeda, the other one I'll leave and they will have a very great punishment in the hereafter. So this shows it's a major sin to ban the people from the Masjid. Obviously, the people

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don't tell you this is not their intention. But nonetheless, this is the result of this ruling that they're passing. Therefore, we would say Islamically it is not permissible to pass such a law, where you separate the Muslims from coming into the mosque and put them into the vaccinated here and the unvaccinated definitely go to the ESA let's be let's be honest, we go to the marketplaces do they have this when you go out to

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to the football games, and the people sitting next to the stadium, do they have the vaccinated section and the unvaccinated section? No. So why would we do this in our mosque? Do we care more about the people's health and all of the other places in public SubhanAllah?

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And haven't we had enough and our massage it throughout the years in the West, where we've been separated and segregated through our ideological differences, the issues of different meth hubs, different outlooks, differences of opinions, and a new mosque has been formed in this group separates from that this nationality has their own mosque and that nationality, isn't it at any time to stop this, this this, we're deferring and splitting.

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Even if you say your intention is good, this is the reality of your results what's going to happen maybe the unvaccinated brothers will come down and say hey, let's make a measure for ourselves what we're gonna do masala they're not gonna let us pray. I'm not going to pray in the dungeon. They wouldn't say the Dejan the gym wants to pray in a gym man, I'll pray at home or I'm gonna make my own masala go with some other brothers will rent us a little apartment here and what we'll pray are five daily prayers there, it will run out of place for Juma we're not going to come with you guys anymore. So we made an a separation of the community falling into groups, making us weaker and

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weaker as an ummah. Therefore, clearly, I believe it's not permissible for the Muslims to implement such laws, where they segregate and separate between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. However, I will say this is in the case that it's something that they choose to do, if this is something mandatory, from the local government. And I know most states in America and around the world as well. This is not the case, there might be certain things where you have to wear a mask and all of that stuff. But when it comes to actually implementing, you know, separating the people like this, it's something that most areas are not doing. But if it is something where you have to do it like

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that, then you have no choice in this situation. Otherwise, it's not permissible. Secondly, what is my advice to that community or other communities who are facing the city the same situation? What should they do? The brothers who are not vaccinated or even if you are vaccinated, that you should stand up for freedom, freedom of choice, if someone doesn't want to get vaccinated, still, by law, they're still telling us that that's all right. If we don't want to be vaccinated, we don't have to be vaccinated. Therefore, you're forcing someone to do something they don't have to do by law. And if we even if we want to go into the difference of opinion, and ini, about into the reality of the

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vaccines, the reality of the scientific proofs behind mask, you're going to see that the ones who choose not to go that route, they have their proofs, very strong evidences as well. Therefore, I would say that you need to advise the board who are in charge of the masjid to go back on that ruling. And to stand up for your rights, do whatever you can, by any means. Obviously, you want to keep things quiet, we don't make a bigger fitna. But nonetheless, people need to stand up for their rights. And I'll tell you something very interesting. There was a very beautiful

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clip, there was a couple of months ago by Senator Rand Paul called choose freedom. And I'm gonna put the link in the description box below, one of the best, it's about three and a half minutes or something that one of the best speeches I've heard about how we should deal with the same exact issue here. And he said, choose freedom even he talked about the scientific issue behind the mask, what have you, but something very interesting, which really stood out to me repeated a couple of times. In his, in his little talk, he said that people have either received, or they've had COVID, meaning to have natural immunity now, and or they've received the vaccine, or they've been offered

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the vaccine, meaning they haven't chosen to do it. So this is the same thing in the Muslim community as well. Therefore, it's our rights and we need to stand up and fight for those rights as Muslims and not allow our massage to be used like this. We're gonna it's gonna be a place of separation, where should be a place that brings the Muslims together, and it's a place of tranquility and peace where we go, we're dealing well in the West, especially in all around the world, actually, but especially in the west where the fitness everyplace problems you know, the society in general, and then you go into that masjid and you find that peace of heart, the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam.

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He said that the masjid it's the bait it's the house of every believer and that's how the Muslim wants to be wants to have his heart attached. But I'm banned from going look at the results and what it's going to be we need to do as much as we can to encourage the people to come to the massage it and to encourage us to come together as one OMA and Allah knows best Allahu Allah wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.