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Zakir Naik
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The next question is by Yogesh in goalie.

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from Kolkata, India, associating partners with God is the number one major sin as per Islam. All Hindus do such worship and associate partner with GOD Murthy puja, how will it be a major sin for them as they are not Muslim. So if Quran is for all mankind, then such non Muslims who never knew that such a sin exist, will not be held accountable for the sin. And on the Day of Judgment, will they be punished?

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For the Yogesh asked a very important question that the Hindus who don't know about the concept of major sin the concept of fading, how will they be held responsible on the day of the

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point number one,

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the major religions if you read the scriptures, they talk about monotheism, believing in one God, whether it be Christianity, whether it be good either including Islam,

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and including Hinduism. If you read into scripture, there are various verses talking about monotheism and talking about not to do shit.

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If you read into Scripture to know your punishes

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Tip number six, section number two was number one. It comes with a team

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God the only one without a second. It's mentioned in the straight asset or Punisher chapter number six was the name that Nakatsuka said Dennington into the power of that God. He has got no parents. He has got no mother he ain't got no father. He has got no superior. It's mentioned in the Stata Center of Punisher chapter number fours number 19. Not just with the majesty of that God, there is no prathima prathima The Sanskrit word which means any image, it also means a photograph, it means a portrait, it means an idol. It means the sculpture it means the statue. So here, so it has a thorough Punisher chapter number four eliminating saying not tested, but it must be of that God

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there is no image there is no photograph, there is no portrait there is no idol, there is no sculpture, there is no statue, the similar message is given in the usual way. Chapter mutato was number three, where it says not the sympathy must be of that God, there is no image there is no photograph, there is no portrait there is no idea there is no sculpture

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that it will touch you

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further, as mentioned here today, chapter number 40, verse number nine, and that Mirbeau Vicente yeah are some boutique capacity, they are entering darkness, those who worship the Assam booty as some new theme Sanskrit means the natural things like water, fire, air, and there was continuous they are entering boy in darkness, those who worship the some booty, those who worship the created things, some booty Miss created things like table, chair, ideas, etc. So it's clearly mentioned in Scripture, that there is only one God and you should not worship the natural things, neither should you worship the created thing without doubt.

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And the Brahma sutra of India with the myth, it Cumbre

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duty a nasty nanana stick engine Bhagwan aka do Serrana here. Now he henna here there are many there's only one God not a second one not at all, not at all, not in the least bit. So if you read the Hindu scripture, even then the scriptures believe in one God and Hindu scripture is against it in worship. But unfortunately, the pundits and the scholars of Hinduism they hide this from the masses for the personal benefit, if you hear my lecture and read my book on similarity, Islam and Hinduism or you can go to the website, Zakir You will find all these references

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and coming to a second part of the question that they may not be aware.

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Maybe the Hindu he may not be a practicing Hindu and he may be Do not be aware of mentioning the Scripture, Allah faith in the Quran clearly, in Surah facilite chapter number 41 Verse number 53, Sir Newari him i Athena Phil FRP Buffy unfussy him Hatha Yetta by General Alora. That food we shall show them all signs in the first three three regions of the horizons, until it is clear to them that this is true. So Allah takes it upon himself, that before a human being dive, he will give this message that there is only one God and he alone should be worshipped very clearly. Whether you deliver the message or not, whether I deliver the message or not, whether we read the Holy

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Scriptures or not, Allah has taken it upon Himself that He will deliver this message to every human being before the person dies, but because of the society, the person understands the message, but he may say okay, for now, if I follow Islam, I may have to give up my business. I may have to stop drinking alcohol, I may have to stop cheating. So all these associated factors does

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and allow him to follow the guidance he received. So who's to blame? He's to blame. And if a person is left alone, without any interference, he will come to the straight path and do the research done on two types, the Kappa Gu tribe and Australian aborigines. And these two tribes did not come in contact with modern civilization till as late as 1950.

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And when they went and they did research, they found out that they believed everything, same concept

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of the creator of God like Islam, but they didn't call themselves Muslims. They believe there is one God, they believe that making images of God is wrong. They believe idol worship was wrong, and for worshipping, they did decide that they did prostration It was everything, what is in Islam, but by knew about the concept of God. That means if you let a person without any external influence of human beings have teachers or philosopher they will believe in this is the dental fitter. Therefore, Beloved Prophet said, Every child is born in dental fitter, he's born as a Muslim. Later on, he gets convinced by the elders by his parents by teacher, then he may start doing adult worship may start

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doing fire worship. So if no external influences there, he remained on the fiddle, and whether he gets the message or not, Allah will give him the method directly. Then, of course, on the day of judgment, He will never object to Allah, Allah's justice, he will only say that I don't mind giving the full wealth in the world to you to save me, Allah, is it too late? He will only say that please give me one more chance Allah is it too late. So that the reason every human being should read the Scripture, read a scripture come to the straight path, read the Quran, and they should worship only one God and should not associate partners

If Qur’an is for whole Humankind, why should Hindus who are non Muslims be Punished for doing Idol Worship which is the Biggest Sin in Islam?

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