Yasir Qadhi – The Fiqh of Salah #23 – Fiqh of Eid Prayer

Yasir Qadhi
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All right,

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now we move on to the very final chapter. And that is Babbu selectively reading the chapter of the two reads, we're here for don't idle Keifa Yachty, either a comma b or borrowing them in a halal mystery circle thought means eating him. And solid jewelry is followed key fire followed key fire. And the fact that it is followed key fire is the default position in the MME, that the default position of the modahaus is that it is followed key fire and 40 fire means that one group must do it. And when they do it for the rest of them, they are forgiven. And the classic examples of Hartke fire is the different and janazah of a body, somebody's got to do it. And if it's not done, the

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whole community is guilty.

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So this is the classic example. According to the default position of most of the muda hip

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read is 45. And another position is that it is sooner, so even 45 And a third position is that it is far dine. These are the three primary positions. The default position, the majority position, it is for the key fire and this is the humbly position as well. Mainstream there is a strand of the humbly school that also says it is for the iron, but the majority position it as far as key fire. If 40 people of any city do it, the rest of them are sinless, once again 40 Because again, Juma same thing, there must be 40 people for eat. So according to the humbly position. If 40 People in any city performer eat, the rest of them are sinless, and they do not have to pray read, while walk 200

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This is the position to humbly school, the position had been Tamia and the one that I'm very sympathetic to it is for the Iein it is for the aim. And the reason for this is that this is the only Salah that the process of them commanded even the menstruating woman to come to the gathering.

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And the young ladies who typically would never leave their houses, there was an age right before marriage, or the young ladies of that era, were simply kept until they were married off. There was that age where they will not leave publicly. And even that age, our process of them said Let them come and word the jilbab even if they don't have their own, they can put on their sisters jilbab ie the Juba meaning a large cloak, let them put that cloak on and then go and attend the higher while yes had no higher let them benefit the good. And from this event me and others say that attending read is in fact obligatory because even menstruating women were told that they should come and not

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attend the salah but be a part of the

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the gathering. Okay, so again, there's many many positions here but the standard humbly position as far as the fire will walk to her military far is Shamcey ILAs Zool and the timing of Eid is from when the sun big rises basically Serato high time until there's a while Okay, so Eid Salah its timing begins when you can pray after fajr and it ends when you are not allowed to pray because of the zone. And this is the timing that selected Doha as well is prayed so there is Salah overlaps with the Doha Salah in its timing was sunnah to Pharaoh Halfhill masala and the Sunnah is that it should be prayed in the masala not in the midst of what is the masala by the way. The masala and

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classical Philip is an open land. It is not what we call Masada in our modern language for us mo salah is the place where Juma doesn't take place. It's a temporary place of prayer. So the masala will be a small room in your office in the Muslim world. Every office building has Zilla Masada Okay, in the Muslim world every strip mall has the masala every department store major department has Villa masala this will be called masala and modern Arabic and classical filled masala is a large ground outside the city. And the Sunnah is to pray Eid outside of the Masjid. Why? Here's the scholars differ. One group says that this isn't

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tended by the process of them and it should be done in open and that is the Sunnah. And another group said no, it's just logistics that the number of people who would come would not fit in the masjid. What else can they do other than go outside and pray.

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So based on this basically, modern Yanni folk Aha, they basically are trying to QUESTION Okay, if the masjid can fit everybody, should we still pray inside? Or should we make it a point to go outside? And the fact of the matter is, this is theoretical for us in North America because the masjid can never fit. Always we are short. But in some cities, what happens is all of the masajid become eight prayer places. And again, all of this we should be lacs about and leave it to various communities because we do not have

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we do not have the civilization or laws on our sides. We have to take into account that not everybody can take off that people have to go back to work. It is not always convenient for every community to have only one read salah. Nonetheless, the Sunnah, is that he prepared in the masala and the Sunnah is that genome of how what that theory will filter

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out the HA is prayed early and fitter is prayed a bit little bit late. Now again this is the Sunnah for us in North America it's almost impossible to be that strict. We have to think of parking problems logistical problems, long lines, so for us we always delay both are in salah but technically Aloha should be done early why so that you're going to go and sacrifice the animal okay and filter can be delayed a little bit well fit well fit through feel free three horse certain cobbler or salah and the casual filter is given in Eagle filter before the salah okay that's only in Riedel filter there is no circuit obviously in in a little while you send to another test center

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where turnoff buffer with a three year the same issues it is sunnah to do hustle and to cleanse oneself and to wear perfume. Once it is time to pray. The Imam goes forward and leads tour of God without a van without a comma and this is again mucho la there's Iijima there is no event there is no comma for Eid Salah and for which other Salah

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Janaza Salah there is no event there is no common for which other Salah is this car. And for Tarawera there is no event and karma for any of these Salawat the only Salawat that have your karma and Advan are the fire salawat and Jumuah. Okay, so for Salah Tillery there is no exam there is no if karma. You cut beautiful, all sad and bitter bitter haram with a sanity Harmsen seawater Bureau to Altium. This is where all of this stuff comes in no matter who

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the humble is. And the Shaffir is say that the read will be seven tech beers in the first Raka and five tech bureaus in the second Raka.

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And the HANA fees have six in each.

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Correct six in each.

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Total six, I have never prayed behind the 100 view. So I don't know. Three Three.

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What I recall from my studies is six,

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excuse me, my allergies are working.

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You remember six and you remember three.

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You also remember six? From my studies, I have not played behind the hand a few from my studies, I remember they say six, six and six. But I can quickly look this up when I go back and come back to you. Okay.

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And there could be also two positions. Most mme have two positions even within the method. In any case, the hem the Hanafis have their own numbering. And the Shaeffer isn't somebody's they basically have this numbering what is the numbering of the shafr is that embodies they say that there will be seven tech bureaus in the first including the tech betta to Iran.

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So including so that Allahu Akbar followed by six, the beautiful Iran counts in the seventh and then in the second Raka, five after take Buddha to the Haram

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The second raka five after the griddle TMR says are you good to them, okay. So when you say Allahu Akbar and you stand up, then you say five, and that Allahu Akbar of standing up does not count as one of the five.

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Okay, so in essence, you have added six tag bureaus in the first chakra, and five tech bureaus in the second record, in essence, because after the degree to the Haram, now you do six times. And then in the second record, when you stand up, you do it five times that

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Total should be odd because Islam loves odd and so it is an odd number in that sense. So this is what is mentioned. And this is based on a hadith of Artesia that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a hadith is widowed at that beautiful filthy what up? Hi Phil hola disseminator garage with Ania Hudson see what a beautiful clear, explicit Hadith. And of course the court the court the controversy occurs whether it is authentic or not that the tech bit and filter and aloha is seven in the first chakra, and five in the second recording not including the ability to TM and this is an exquisite Hadith from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where faria de Hema I call it tech be

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raw. Well, yeah, la how you spell it, I don't know. It's also been a coolie tech Bureau chain. So according to the humbling method, you should raise the hands every time you do the tech be wrong. And that is the sharp phrase as well they raise their hands. Of course, the 100 of us do not like raising the hands at all and they try to minimize raising their hands. So they only raise it for tech belittle a haram. But for the rest of the modahaus it is always the raising of the hands. And it is good to say Alhamdulillah wa salatu, other Sula between the tech bureaus. This is from the books of fact there's nothing mentioned in the books of Hadith in this nature. Then he recites

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Fatiha out loud, and he recites the rest of it in JSON. So e is Salah to Algeria, all the medina agree read is solid Algeria. Once he says salaam he gives the hutzpah to hot button like Joomla. Now pause here this is the Hanafi humbly and sharp very position mainstream position that that hot button read is the same as code but to Joomla except that it is after and and and hot button Joomla is before okay. So the majority position is that the heartbeat of read and the whole point of Joomla is the same in content and structure and will do however, there is a position and some other hip and once again, our own guy had been Tamia raka em are always the ones thinking a little bit critically.

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And they said hooked bachelor Eid has not been narrated as to

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rather it has been narrated as one

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and therefore they advocate that hood bachelor Eid is one hot bar. And that is why if you notice carefully, you yourselves will notice some Imams for read will give to hot buzz

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and some Imams and I'm amongst them the short sweet hot buzz that you are welcome to like and shall have my hot buzz right? Always one I never sit down and then stand up again. I don't do that because I'm following it Ben told me his position here. And that is that the read chutzpah has not been narrated as to it has been narrated as one but in any case the MME say to whoever does to Al Hamdulillah that is fine. Okay, whoever it is to that is fine as well.

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And then

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what are you gonna follow cobbler Salah to the end well about the hifi moldy rehab there is no sunnah of solitaire either before or after. And again this is something that automata him say that by and large because there's a masala you're praying in the masala now suppose there either is taking place in the masjid and this case there will be the hatred masjid, but there's not going to be any sunnah for the woman attracted Imam Abdullah salami uttama Allah Sefa tea

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whoever catches the Imam before the salam he will make up the Torah card upon the order of eight as if he's praised a lot to read. Why? Because read is not a substitute for anything. Unlike Joomla Joomla is a substitute for the her so if you're not catching Joomla you have to pray for her. So you're gonna pray for but read what is it a substitute of nothing it is an independent prayer. So suppose you didn't catch the first struck out or even the second record you will make up how many regard to what else are you going to do? Okay so either you will make it up to raka woman Fatah to follow called or Isley if you miss Siri, there is no law. There is no called law at all for making

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up of the read prayer. And it is Mr how to make tech beer from the night of read. And in the other half. You do the tech buret after the follow up follow up is in the Gemma art from Serato fidget of Yama Arafa to the author of the final day of the Sharia. ie we all have just done this a few weeks ago. While you were at Hajj mashallah Tabata Kala, the rest of us were missing you and based in this masjid, what were we doing? You were making dua for zakat looked at hamdulillah so what were we doing while you were making dua for us, after every Salah we were making the tech be right. And when does the tech barrage began

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Again the MME differ, but the humbly medhelp, which is what actually we did this year, from the Fajr of Arafa. On the ninth day, ie the day before Eid,

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from the Fajr of our Rafa, that's one position, another position from the Fajr of the 10th day you begin.

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Okay. And it lasts until our SIR of the

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day 13th also of the 13th day, okay, so the humbly position from the treasurer of the night, so that's the ninth, the 10th, the 11th, the 12 and then half of the 13th. So four and a half days we'll be doing that could be a lot. And the some of the other modalities say three and a half because they begin from the morning of the 10th. Okay, and chill whichever one you do, it is fine. And then we finish here, we'll say for to take BT Scheffer and, and the

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method or the character the the way that the debate is done, is to say it twice Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar La ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar what Allah hint Hamed, this is the standard Takbeer from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu ala he was setting up and with that we finished Kitab Salah we have done Alhamdulillah all of Kitab of Salah from beginning to end from this book alone the Shalonda from the famous scholar Ibn Kodama democracy Alhamdulillah May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from us our deeds and most importantly, May he accept our Salah. So the question is the topic of football is there anything that has to be regulated from the Sunnah and the response is no,

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nothing topics are completely open and it is up to the Imam what to do. And there are

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modern scholars that have given schedules for holtzberg to read and that's something from the modern times as for the classical times, not at all as well the prophets of Psalms could was were very short as we know probably not more than 10 minutes and the fact of the matter is but sometimes lasts how long

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I have attended in Buxton an hour long I mean I could not believe literally like it's just like what's going on you're one hour long

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the whole time is two hours including everything Yeah, I mean it's very common for hood was even in the masjid they never wait sometimes 45 minutes long.

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And this is standard people are accustomed to it now they know what to expect and and I understand the flip side of the coin and that is that the flip side of the coin is very simple. And that is that the only time the Muslims are hearing any lecture is hutzpah. So you might as well benefit them. And I understand this point as well. It's the flip side that the tension. So we have decided 25 minutes to 30 Max is what we do and that's what most of North America does. By and large is that between 25 to 30 minutes is what most northern North America doesn't that is fine as well in shallow dial, what is the significance of the extra tag be right? There is simply that Allah subhanaw taala

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says what it took a bit Allah Allah Maha dotcom that you may praise Allah subhanho wa Taala because of what he has guided you so the point of the extra worship is that you always is that you always praise Allah subhanho wa Taala either more and that's what we do and so that'll aid as well that we always praising Allah more to make something different there's nothing other than extra praise that that we're thanking Allah for having guided us

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and the other questions inshallah so inshallah with this we will actually conclude our our fifth of Salah lesson

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