If all Human Beings are not the Same then why is the Same Rule Applied to Everyone in the Quran?

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Next question from Giovani, Martin's, a math teacher from Lynwood, California, USA, I am working on the one thing.

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One big question I have is, was the Quran created with everyone in mind?

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Why are certain rules applied to everyone? Even though we are all different?

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For example, drinking alcohol? I know it is bad because people get violent, or can crash a car. But what if a person doesn't act buoyant? and knows how to control and not to be drunk? Are those people allowed to drink moderately?

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It's a very important question asked that, is the Quran meant for everyone? Is it a book for the whole of humanity? And if so, then why are the rules

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the same? She agrees that the rule led by the Quran not to drink is correct for most of the people, as many get drunk, they may have an accident when they drive the drive, they're drunk. But there are people who can drink and not get drunk. There are people who after drinking, they can drive the car and not have a crash or an accident. So the question is, is the Quran meant for everyone? And if so, then why is the rule of prohibition of alcohol for everyone? As far as the Quran is concerned, the Quran is not only for the Muslims or for the items, it is meant for the whole of humanity. Allah says in the Quran in surah Ibrahim Brahim, chapter number 14, Muslim 52 that this is a book for

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humankind. Let them take one in here from let them know they've been God. Allah says in the Quran in surah baqarah chapter number two was 185. Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was revealed as a guidance for humanity as a criteria to judge right from wrong. Allah says in the Quran in surah Zoomer chapter number 39 was 41 that Quran is the book for the whole of humanity.

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The Quran says in Surah, Brahim, Chapter 40, verse number one, that Quran is the book reveal for the whole of humanity so that it will lead people from darkness to light. So the Quran is not meant only for the Muslims or the Arabs. The Quran is meant for the whole of humanity. A basic question. If that if the Quran is meant for the whole of humanity, then why are the laws same for all human beings. And the example given was the prohibition of alcohol. As far as the Quran is concerned, Quran does not prohibit everything for everyone.

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Certain things which are detrimental and harmful for most of the human beings, Allah has made haram for example, alcohol, drinking alcohol is haram for everyone

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zinna, adultery, fornication haram for everyone,

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but certain things which are harmful for some and not to majority, the prime mission is emitted. Allah says in the Quran in surah baqarah chapter two was the 168 that Yeah, you a nurse or human kind

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of that which is lawful and good. That means alleged telling in the Quran to the whole of humanity. Eight what is lawful, lawful means permitted generally to all the human beings. What is unlawful don't have it. What is private don't have it. What is prohibited, alcohol is prohibited. Having poisonous thing is prohibited. Gambling is prohibited. Xena adultery fornication is prohibited. It says have the food which is lawful and could summons the food which are unlawful ad rabid now we come to know that certain food may be good for some people, or maybe good for majority, but may not be good for certain people. For example, sugar is good for energy. It is good for a normal human

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being. But if a person has diabetes, then sugar isn't good for you.

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So having sugar and excessive level, if you have excessive diabetes, high category of diabetes harinder Islami should not have sugar, but for other people, it is good. You can have sugar. So general runing is what is bad for the majority of the human being becomes privated.

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Coming to your question, that alcohol many people get run but some people

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Don't get drunk. Many people in the drive the car, when they are driving, they can do an accident. Some people don't. So what if I know that I can drink alcohol and drive the car? And no, I will not have an accident? So why should I call be private? For me? Your question is exactly similar to a person, a villager comes to a city.

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And they see the traffic signals, the red, the green, and a red means you have to stop green you have to go, then you see the signal and ask the question that why is the person who breaks the signal find

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the person who comes a traffic signal is either at sign, a person can see very well that no car is coming from the right, no cars coming from the left no cars coming from the front, and he brings a signal then why does the police man give him a fine?

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The reason is that, if it's a red signal means that there are other cars permitted to go either from the left direction or from the right direction or from the front, you should stop even though you can see that there is no car coming. You cannot say that I know that if I bring the signal, I will not do an accident. And you may be correct. But you have to follow the rule of the country. Because to let the traffic flow smoothly, there has to be a rule and regulation, even though you know very well that there's no car coming from the front. And if there's a red signal that you cannot go straight and yet to go straight in the police says you are in the camera snaps you they will be fine

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for you logically thinking the accident didn't take place. So why should the police find you? Why should the camera click the photograph of your car and give you a fine later logically with a limited logic a person coming from the village will think it is absurd, but the person who lived in the city and was intelligent reload. This is the rule of the law. When you have a rule, what do you do to prevent traffic you always signal when you're preventing the accidents to take place, most of the time, it will be good for you. Sometimes, you may waste a few minutes, because the signal is showing red color, even though there are no cars but this is the system

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boys who go straight over on the right they will not be an accident, but you have to follow the rule for the uniformity. You cannot say that I am sure that there is no car in the front and they will not be an accident and the police is also sure but this is a rule that normally when the other cars are permitted to go there may be a car coming fast from the left which you may not see. And there may be an accident the country may be less This is the rule. So similarly, Allah subhana wa Taala if our Creator, he knows what things are good or bad for the human beings, he is our Creator is more knowledgeable than the best of doctors in the world. As a general rule, when you have intoxicants,

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alcohol, whiskey, rum, what happens in the human being there is an inhibitory Center, which prevents you from doing things which are wrong. For example, if you want to go for the call of nature, you're innovative individual, don't do it here, go to the washroom and go for the call of nature there.

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Now when you're intoxicated, this inhibitory centers inhibited. So you may do the call of change of clothes in front of everyone. The bitdefender tells you that these are your elders, you have to respect them. When they're intoxicated. The innovative scent is integrated. You speak with abusive language to elders to your parents. So Allah subhanaw taala knows very well what are the ill effects of alcohol.

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And there are a list of diseases that can take pressure off of liver or suffer Yes, cancer, cancer of the stomach and the list is law you can refer to my talk on dietary laws in Islam, where I've described the details, all the diseases that can take place and according to the World Health Organization, every year, about 3 million people die only because of intoxicants.

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And you know very well, all human beings don't have intoxicants. More than 25% of the human population are Muslims. And almost all the Muslims in America, they may be as few small percentage. But as a whole, we are the largest community of teetotallers that don't touch alcohol. So though, maybe less than 50% of the people may be having alcohol. But the number of deaths every year are more than 3 million. How do you know that when you have are called you will not get intoxicated. Every alcoholic that you meet initially, he started

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Drinking as a social drinker.

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No alcoholic said that he will become alcoholic and he started drinking. All their colleagues. When they start, they start looking at social drinkers and most of them end up being alcoholics. How do you know whether you will get a disease or not? But the strategy they tell us that majority of the people who have intoxicants, they have various diseases. And Allah decreed that the reason Even if you say that I will have one pig, and I will not get intoxicated. So why should alcohol be prohibited for me? What guarantee Can you give the doula only one pick?

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It's an addiction. possible, you have a lot of self control many times you can. But even if you get intoxicated once in a lifetime, and in that state of intoxication, if you commit incest, obsessed with having sexual relationship with your close blood relations, mother and son, Father, and daughter, brother and sister, Can you forgive yourself?

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And today, the status they tell us that majority of the people who do insist majority most of them, they are in the state of intoxication.

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So, when I last one autolock knows that those things which are more loss, Allah says in the Quran, the first was on intoxicants to be revealed in the Quran wasn't prohibiting intoxicants. The first was regarding toxicants. To believe it in the Quran was Surah Baqarah. Chapter Two was number 219. We save that in the intoxicants, there is profit and loss, but the loss is more than the profit. When this was was revealed, it only gave an indication in the intoxicants, there is profit as well as loss, but the loss is more than the profit. The second was on intoxicants that was revealed what sort of chap number four was 42 He says, they do not pray when you're intoxicated.

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That means intoxicants became privated only

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during the time we have to offer Salah indirectly since the Muslim Castro for five times Allah He could not have intoxicants at a time

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maybe after Isha it didn't say you can have alcohol prohibited you that you cannot pray when you're intoxicated. That means a person could have alcohol after Isha salah and maybe before further Salah Hill become so

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it's not saying you can have bad faith during prayer you cannot come intoxicated and the final prohibition came into the mind that chap number five was number 90 yeah you will in harmony or you believe in normal camrol my sorrow most certainly intoxicants and gambling well I'm sabula Islam, dedication of stones divination of adults resuming Emily shaytan these are statements and you will first enable them to flee who abstain from this handover that may prosper. So yeah, when so reminder chapter five verse 90 was revealed then the final ban on intoxicants came before that, it only gave indication that in it is loss and profit loss and more than profit, then came the indication do not

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play when you're intoxicated and final band came that it is totally privated and once

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this was on the Quran was revealed bottles of alcohol were thrown on the streets of Medina never to be filled again.

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And today, the world knows very well. The ill effects of alcohol yet. It's permitted why more than a century ago in USA, their plan to ban alcohol and then abandon for several years, but unfortunately there was bootlegging the government is going to collapse that to again get it back.

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Which medical doctor and his two cents would ever agree that intoxicants alcohol, whiskey, these are good for health. It's not

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it has the kick. That's it. So Allah subhana wa Taala who is the creator who knows what is good and bad for the human being he has said this route so because the Quran is for whole human kind that the reason I call is bad for everyone. If the Quran wasn't meant for whole of humanity, I said okay, this type of person who has very good willpower and this type of person who can obtain okay can have intoxicants No. Chronic for all of humankind. It's a test. So because the Quran is for whole of humankind, there's the general rule. That's the reason when you're driving a car in the city. If the traffic light feels red, even if there is a car in front of you or not. You have to stop. You cannot

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say there's no car

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front of me. So why can't I bring the signal, if you bring the signal, you will be fine. Similarly, whether you're intoxicated or not, because intoxicants are bad for health, Allah has prohibited if you drink it even once you'll be punished. The same rule as for traffic signals and the rule for all the citizens the same. Similarly the Quran is meant for the whole of humanity and Allah has made this rule common for all human beings, problems to the person