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Abdullah Hakim Quick
AI: Summary © The importance of allowing individuals to speak directly to Allah in a secure way is discussed, as it is crucial for individuals to participate in the marketplaces of their lives. The speaker emphasizes the need for compassion and education to assist the Muslim um grandmother community, as the Prophet has warned against being confrontational and causing conflict. The importance of balance and maintaining a strong character for one's life is also emphasized, along with the need for compassion and education to assist the Muslim um pre-igrams community. The speaker offers advice on how to handle evil behavior and protecting oneself from it.
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Alhamdulillah not below the mean

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Warszawa La ilaha illallah wa ala Salim wa shadow under Mohammed Abdullah who was a pseudo Hata Milan BIA, he was more saline Allahumma salli wa sallam, Allah abdic our zuleika Muhammad Rasul Allah He was happy.

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Woman da da da what he was tender be serenity Illa Yama Dean wa sallam test Lehman kathira Amar bad for SQL will not see betop Allah azza wa jal was Sam. He will talk for your coolock suparna. I will be last minute shaped on the regime. Woman Yeah, tequila Ah, Allahu Maharaja. We are so common. Hi Sula. Yeah, Tessa Romania tawakkol Allah for hospital in no la ballyhoo Omri, caja de la la liquidly Shay in kotla.

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All praise the do to Allah, Lord of the worlds

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and surely Allah is the friend and protector of the righteous. And I bear witness that allow is one and has no partners. And that Mohammed the son of Abdullah is a servant, his last messenger May Allah always mail are constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed to his family, his companions and all those who call it his way and establish his Sunnah to the Day of Judgment.

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As to what follows I begin by reminding you of the critical importance of taqwa that we should have the consciousness of Allah in everything that we do. And we should hear the words of Allah, we should obey.

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And allow has revealed to us this court and in a way that it would speak directly to us, even though we are not living 1400 years ago in the Arabian Peninsula, but it would speak directly to all human beings

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at all points in time.

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And it is the tofik it is the blessing, the guidance, the success, that a lot gives the believer to be able to gain that wisdom from the court and in the circumstance that he or she finds himself in.

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Today, we find ourself in a very restrictive circumstance, we find things appearing to close in on us. They say it's a second wave. They say it's a rise of violence, a rise of racism in the world. They say the world is tumbling yet. But what is happening today is nothing compared to what happened in the past.

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In the past, where believers faced amazing challenges, and continue to hold on to the rope of Allah.

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And they looked in the book of Allah. As we look in the book of a lower answer to a lot for us two to three, where Allah said, we may tequila hajjaj, Allahu Maharaja, whoever has the taqwa is mindful of Allah, then Allah will make a way out for him

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and provide for him from where he knows not.

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And whoever depends upon Allah,

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then Allah will be sufficient.

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In Nevada ballyhoo amrish, Allah will reach his purpose,

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he has made a limit to everything.

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And so there is a limit or pressure.

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There is a limit to the power of COVID-19.

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There is a limit to restrictions on our lives. But we recognize that Allah subhanaw taala has made limitations that Allah has made

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this earth this world that we live in, living in, in a divine order.

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Sometimes it is for you, and sometimes it is against you.

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And the Prophet Mohammed so seldom did not speak from himself. He told us with knowledge from above have seven heavens, latter comesa had Tata and fitted while you acted on Kevin, with such accountable as

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the prophet SAW Selim said the last hour would not come until fitted to plural of fit nap.

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tribulation temptation would appear to Outland.

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And lying would be on the increase.

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And the marketplaces would come close.

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We now living in these age, this time can look at this tradition, even in a different way than people did before.

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Because the fitna that is on us with digital technology,

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with the cell phones, with the invasion into our eyes and our minds and our lives is like never before witnessed by humanity.

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And the lying that comes with this mass communications

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were the leaders in many cases are the most untrustworthy person.

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You can hardly believe the news that is coming out in the world.

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And it is widespread.

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This is the new phenomenon now that we are witnessing, which is more emphasizing the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim.

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And finally that marketplaces would come closer.

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It wouldn't be as maybe in the time of the full of our Rashi Deen and and the Romanians and our baskets were marketplaces would go from outside of the city and start they would set up their stalls inside, it would come close up our marketplaces. Now, for many people, most of our life is inside their bedroom.

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So the buying and the selling the commerce of the world, much of it is inside the homes of individuals. What sets apart about us work?

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Oh, you who believe

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in this month of rebellion, oh well.

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Muslims, remember the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam.

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And in many cases, we focus on Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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But what is important for us today, when reality the reality of this world is stripping off

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the rituals. It is stripping off the frills that are around us, and making us deal with the essence of life is that we need to deal with the essence of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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And the essence is not a ritual.

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The matter. The praising of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is something which happened even in his time. And we see Hassan even dabiq rhodiola one in many of the companions, who would compose beautiful poetry around the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him and that is something which enlightens our hearts.

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But the rituals when the rituals are taken to extremes outside of the Sunda then we are missing the essence of this. If we look to the Sierra, and I believe this month, we should spend more time on a certain number we

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that we should focus on the life of the Prophet so seldom, because by knowing his descriptions, by knowing his or her while knowing the states that he was in, by knowing his character.

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This increases our understanding and raises our own level

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by looking into his life

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by looking into how the companions had marhaba they had true love for the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him. And we looked last week even in life of new Saber, pin Cobra de la Juana, who was a woman when the bad love

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defended the Prophet alayhi salatu Islam with her body.

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She received 12 wounds, defending Rasulullah saw Salah This is muhabba

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This is not a ritual, but it is a reality in the life by learning about the miracles that happened around the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam

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this strengthens our taqwa.

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It strengthens our reality with Allah subhanaw taala. And in his life, there is wisdom for all circumstances. And so we need to look at his life. To take sincerity out of this

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to take sincerity.

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As the prophet SAW Selim said, a dino nnessee ha, that the essence of it of this religion is nausea. And they said for Who is this Rasulullah and he said lilla he will Yura su Lee will the key Tabby he will the amateur Muslim meter wakasa to him. He said, our sincerity is for Allah and His messenger and his book and the general body of Muslims and the leaders.

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What is sincerity to the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him? One of our great scholars the share of the amalickiah from fells Celia amudha Rupa himolla said clearly to us, as many of the orlimar said, It is not just a ritual

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but it is it by our mini he

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was a crown karate he was chef aka Allah Almighty.

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So that we should follow his Sunnah.

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Follow his commands, live, try to live the message that he left to us. And secondly, we need to have

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a true love and protection for his family.

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And so this son, this son that this way of the Prophet Sal Salah is a balanced sinner.

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It is not one extreme or another extreme. It is not overdoing the Prophet so seldom and turning him into a Jesus Christ of the Christians or a Buddha of the Buddhist.

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And on the other extreme, it is not forgetting about the Prophet Sal salah

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and not having love for him and our hearts. It is a balance.

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And when the prophet SAW Selim heard of one of his companions, who said I fast every day

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I pray in the in the masjid, I pray, all all night, I pray every night.

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I don't go to my wife, I have no relationships with my wife, the prophets are seldom said I fast and I break my fast.

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I pray in the night and I sleep at night. I have relationships with my family for men Rocky, but uncertainity for laser minis. And whatever goes away from my son

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is not from me.

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So we showed the balance how crucial the balance was.

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Having that balanced love for the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him and for his family.

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And finally, a chef upon Allah Almighty. How can we be compassionate with the Muslims? It is not a ritual.

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It is not just about a demonstration.

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But we need to have true compassion we need within our education within our life to study those skills that will help the Muslim Ummah

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to invest our money and time in actions that will assist the Muslim ummah. the plight of the Rohingya Muslims has not gone away. the plight of Kashmir has not gone away.

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the plight of Philistine has not gone away. The Uighur Muslims are still in the concentration camps. Muslims are being attacked in East Africa, especially in the Central African Republic. It has not gone away. The floods are hitting us a chef aka Allah Almighty. That means something some part of our life has to be devoted

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to assisting our brothers and sisters and feeling their pain. In the same way we would feel pain for members of our family.

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We need to look at the legacy left to us by the prophet Allah Islam.

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It is reported that Ali Ibn Abi Taleb cover Milan watch

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that he being the oldest male member of the family of the prophets, I was alone. When the Prophet died, he was in charge of the janazah

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he was in charge of the inheritance

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and the Prophet peace be upon him left a sword in the hilt of the sword. The handle of the sword was a parchment. Something was written on this parchment. So the Prophet peace be upon him must have dictated this to somebody before his death and Ali rhodiola. One reports that he read this because he was one of the people who was reading Arabic. And it said Silman, kata, aka well

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element Asahi Lake what polar HAC, Walla Walla necec.

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The prophet SAW seldom left us three great principles. This is the legacy, not a ritual. It's something to affect our character and our lifestyle.

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He told us Silman cutter, aka, keep relations with those who cut you off.

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And so society cuts us off. We're still here, we're not going away.

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Members of our family may cut us off, we're still here. We're not going to go away.

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Keep relations with those who cut you off, do good to people, even if they harm you.

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And so even if harm is done to us, we don't change our character

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and become Savage, because we are attacked by savages.

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But we keep that balanced character, defending ourselves, standing up for the good and, and forbidding evil but being merciful

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and forgiving,

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and always allowing a second chance.

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And finally, the prophet Sal seldom left to us speak the truth, even if it is against yourself. This is conflict resolution. And it's time that our nation, if we really love the Prophet, alayhi salatu salam, resolve the conflicts, speak the truth, if you did something wrong, admit that you did something wrong. That is the way of the whole of our Rashidi unite. This is the time especially when the pressure in the world is surrounding us and making our life restrictive. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the true blessings from the example of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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May Allah subhanaw taala unite the Muslims around the world. May Allah take contention and argumentation out of arts. And may Allah help us that our last word would be Kelly malatya la Illallah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam akula Cali Heather was stuck for laddie welcome, Lisa at Muslim medium in Coulee Dam bin istok Pharaoh in NA who who have a photo

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Alhamdulillah and why huddle and follow the summit. A lady lemelin what mula wollombi akula. Who for one, what was suddenly what was Southern mother say Elohim will occur in Nabina Muhammad and while there AlLahi wa sahbihi wa bedico center of causal Huck suparna both bill and Mohammed in the Lahore Medina catechu soluna Allah Nabhi Yeah, you Hello Dina amanu sallu alayhi wa Sallim wa Taslima Allahumma salli wa sallam other Abdi kawada silica Mohammed while Allah He will us have the edge my water de la hola Rashi Deen our Baka Omar Manoir le one Nobita hermetic yahama raha mean, humble hamdulillah Hilaire de Hidalgo. He has a warmer couldn't only Natalia though that Adana la Rabbana

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LA to z polu banaba de Tana will have Lana Mila docudrama in Naka

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Rabbana fatfield under the new but now we're cafe under se attina whatsoever for namale abroad Allahumma in ness, ness a Luca Tolbert and coupler mode we shall have an end mode

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one not even one not even one more can Kabir about a motor acomodar he mean? a llama aunty sedan will make a sedan, Tibet ACTA Yaga Jalali water column Allahumma fieldon Muslim Mina one Muslim at well me Nina one minute. Allah yamen home well I'm what Buddha hermetic yahama Rahimi, so part of Arabic Arabic is a tmic phone was Salam ala Salim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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