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Episode 22 and 23 Surah Al Feel (The Elephant) and Surah Quraysh

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Are the military military Donna rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala l mursaleen. Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa Sophia Juma in our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah night 22. And this time next week, inshallah, it's going to be the last year and we've just got this one week left of ibadat that in the month of Ramadan, Allah grant us to do as much as we can. I mean,

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we completed one section of juice ama, and you'll find now we'll start the last 10 sutras of the Jews and the theme of the sutras changes from sutra to in the sutra is a zealot artisans Allah, and those with whom aza, it was about kiama it was about the punishments of Korea of an Obama It was about wasting one's life and wasting time while also in an internal leviosa Those were the themes of those solos kiama and how people waste their times and lose out in this dunya the last 10 surah of the Quran, have a different theme, and the next two and inshallah tonight is a doubleheader, we'll be doing to shoot us sort of feel the surah of the elephant, and Surah kurush because these two

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surahs go hand in hand. In fact, in even caffeine it mentions that a number of the Alon, it was his his habit, you know, everyone has favorites, favorites, favorite sutras. So in multi P with respect to routine, and in a second Raka I would recite sort of feel encouraged together, in the second record, say normal enjoyed those two sources. And if we decide to add them together, because these two Sutras, it's also mentioned that divinely, they came down together, and you will see why the themes of these two sewers are basically similar and the message is the same.

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Some backstory before we begin the actual sewer system, historical account, Makkah used to be called bucha. It is the first place that Allah subhanho wa Taala consecrated made holy sanctified to worship Him. So even before in every atom, the place where the Kaaba is today was before mankind, and it is directly parallel to the baiting Mahmoud of the harem of the angels. So Allah chose this place before mankind even was put on this dunya that's the place of worship, and maybe Adam made Hijri In fact, our offers mentioned that we never be Adam and our mother how we met one another at alpha. And with time the police got forgotten. And then we know Nabhi Brahim Elisa to Salaam was

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instructed to put an obese man ill they in Makkah, there was nothing they absolutely nothing, not even people Lee. That's why we brought him sees in the Quran. Allah you have made me leave some of my family in a valley lady these are in without any vegetation even they aren't even plants here, but I trust them to you. Then Allah Bruton Ebrahim back to rebuild the Kaaba, and then he makes this door now even when he makes a do a couple of hours he asked who he says Robin at Taco Bell Mina, the famous lbma kiala except this a bottle that we making side note here whenever we make a buy there afterwards it's not complete until you ask Allah Please accept it. So even though you did divided

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the fast we still have to ask Allah except my fasting so incomplete. So now v Rahim made this two hour smile except from us building of this caliber and then he made doors for himself and his family. Oh Allah make us muslimeen make us that we don't worship idols and bless my offspring. Then he may do our for Makkah, and he made $3 for Makkah, and they came through and these two sewers were mentioned in the first thing he said

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rubbish I had a better than Amina Allah make this place safe. Let MCE be a place that the people they are safe. What is Allah who minister Murat and give its people food give them enough food to make them survive even though this is the middle of nowhere and then he also later on in a few is later around by now whenever I see him Rasulullah Allah placed in it a messenger and we don't have so Salaam is the answer of that da of nebby Ibrahim. So the next two sutras are the students will discuss go back to the first things that we brought him asked he asked Allah Lake Maccabi safe and let the people have food. So soufeel is the answer to the first two are

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with time as Makkah became established and different tribes began to settle the for a price. Why do you think people began to live in Mecca?

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The water Zamzam news collect your prize. Committee members are allowed to collect prizes, right? So because there was no water and our lovely but when Samsung came people sorted, lovely, lovely and a tribe from Yemen settled. And this is basically an AVI Avi smile mixed with him. And this is the atoms that nobody saw Salam was born from the real center of the Arab world was Yemen. Subbu, the Queen of Sheba and Allah punish them because they can move to the sun with a message

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A flood and they lost the power. And as time went, Makkah became a trading center. And no one could go through the desert safely. Arabia is a big desert, to link Yemen to Syria. Yemen is a place of civilization, city, a civilization. In the middle you have the Arabian Desert, the Wild West, and the only people who could travel safely were the Arabs and particularly the Arabs of Makkah. Yemen came under the control of a group of Christians, the leader was called Abra long story, but the governor of Yemen his name was abraha. He was a Christian. He was allied with Ethiopia. And he said, Why are the Arabs still going to Makkah to worship the idols or the Kaaba? What's so special about

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this place? let me build an amazing harem here in Yemen, and he built an amazing, amazing temple for Christians and he even put idols in there and he said, Now on Arabs, leave Makkah come to Yemen. It's better, it's more holy, it's more beautiful. His intention wasn't ibadah his intention was money, bring come to us and it will be the economic center again. None of the Arabs responded, no one came to his amazing temple in Yemen. And in fact, the group of Adamson's is haraam. They went to that temple and they defecate in the you know, they cover the walls in, in, you know, in difficult datafication excrement. And they even burned some of it and then they left. So Abra was furious. And

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he said, I'm going to teach these Arabs or listen, I'm going to destroy the character. And we know the story got the army together. In fact, the army they say was even bigger than the population of Makkah. And inside the head elephants and the biggest elephant was called Mahmoud, and he said this elephant is going to trample the city of Makkah down. Now visa Salaam would be born in this year. He wasn't born yet. And the chief of the Qureshi was Abu Talib, the grandfather of the prophet SAW Selim. He was like the chief of Makkah, because he dug up the well of Zamzam. And the Quran saw him as the man in charge. So when this army came close to Mecca, the abraha called Abdulmutallab and

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said, let's have a discussion. What do you what do you say I'm coming to destroy the SCADA? I don't, I'm not here to fight with anyone. Just stay out of my way. Let us trample the carpet down and we'll be with another business. What do you say Abdulmutallab

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looks at him and says, you know, before you came here, you took 200 of my camels, I'd like them back.

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You we are talking about the Canada, UK about camels. This is Yeah, the camels belong to me. I'm the master of those camels. But the caravan has his own master and he will see to it. You give me what I'm in charge of which are my camels. And the master of the Kaaba will see to you Don't worry, that's between you and him. So he said, Take your camels and Abdulmutallab told the people of Mecca leave Mecca, and we wait and see what happens. And he made a dua to Allah. And then abre is now about to march into Mecca. And as he's about to enter Mahmoud, this elephant sits down and refuses to budge and to move, no matter how hard they poke him and strike him and hit him the camera will

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not move when they turn him around. Anyway, East West south, whichever direction he moves, but when he faces the Kaaba, he sits down. And then eventually Allah subhana wa Tada, sent birds, flocks, like the sky became covered in birds, and they had stones three stones, one in the beak, two in the claws and the talents. And they started shouting these stones on this army and destroyed the people in the army. So Allah mentions this in the surah. And this was announced about a month or two. It was in Iran, which means two months before the birth of the prophet SAW Selim, so Allah says I will be relying on the regime and I'm tired okay if Assad aboukir the US have been filled. Have you not

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seen how what we how we dealt with the companions of the elephant? In the sentence the translation doesn't give justice to the Arabic Firstly, Allah Alam Tara, Tara is in the present tense. Are you not watching? So how are you not watching how we dealt with the people of the elephant meaning, we still do this to other dictators and oppresses meaning. This is a continuous process, anyone that wants to do oppression, we are still keeping them in check and we will keep them in check. It's not that we did it before we done keep watching Allah also telling the dictators today, are you not watching how we dealt with that one? We still doing it today. Also, Allah says not how not what we

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did to him. Allah says how we did to them. How is a bit more like it's more scary. You say? Let me show you what I'm going to do. Rather, how am I going to do it? So Allah says, I'm going to show you how I did it. Meaning in detail and year Allah explains actually the details of this punishment. So Allah says, Have you Do you not see how I did to Oh, how I did it to the people, the companions of the elephant, as have like Sahaba aboubaker. Usually when it was living things

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You don't say the king is the Sahaba of the janitor. Rather, the janitor is the Sahaba of the king, right? The one who is important he's mentioned. And the people around him are his companions, like the Sahaba of the NaVi salsa, lamb, and Stan, so Allah is saying they are the companions of the one who superior meaning the elephant. The elephant is the superior one in them. I was showing this that in terms of relationship, the elephant was the most praiseworthy one of the rest of them and the rest were all basically evil. alemi agile, did we not change Qaeda houfy Lille we twisted and they plotted and plan and we changed it so that the plans were in complete disarray. And in ruin, we

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basically wasted all their plans. A lot could have stuck Abra in Yemen already. But Allah allowed him to continue and continue. And that's what Allah mentions, when someone does evil. A lot allows gives that person the rope and leash and the further he goes to hang himself. So I was I let him come all the way to the heart on basically, and until the final moment, and then I destroyed him. Because now it's justified, what led him to Iran deal, and we sent upon them

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birds in huge flocks of different kinds of birds. Again, the Arabic it would should have been well out of Santa

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la him to them we send to them birds, but Allah says we sent upon them birds like a animal, a predator attacking, so we sit we sit upon them 1000s and 1000s of flocks of birds not a group of birds many flocks of birds against them thermae him behavior it means eg striking and throwing them throwing the army of Abra was stones that were baked, and they were so hot. And in even get here it mentions that when one of these stones would strike sometimes it goes straight through the the bodies. And if he didn't kill you on impact, that part which he touched, would begin to tear apart and it will become infected. And eventually you can overcome your body and die. flagella home

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costume cool. And when we were done with him, they were like eaten stone blown in the A like bits and pieces like you can imagine spinning stone showered like raining stones of burning stones until the people became like pieces of grass stone up in the body parts and the blood all thrown around Abra has survived. And he was taken back to Yemen not for the only reason was for the people of Yemen to see what happened to this guy came to came back from Makkah to Yemen, and he had injuries from the stones. And these stones these injuries became infected until he covered his whole body and basically he tore apart in front of them. And that's why Yemen didn't see another army again.

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Usually you seem to leave as a revenge. This is this is some other power. Now interestingly in the surah

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Allah says in the first ayah Do you not see how your load rabuka meaning Oh Mohammed Al salam, your Lord dealt with him. In the next surah Allah will say robber huddled by the load of this house the Kaaba wouldn't have fit better if Allah said, Did you not see how the Lord of the Kaaba dealt with him want to destroy the Kaaba?

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Interesting point here, this is also a warning to the Quran, because while the sutra is being revealed, what are the Qureshi trying to do? to harm the prophets of Salaam? So Allah is saying the same one, the Lord of the Kaaba is also the lord of Mohammed. And look at the one who tries to harm the Kaaba, the Lord will, will come and you will respond. So if you try to harm Hamas or Salim that same load is going to respond, it's a warning to Qureshi as well. So this is the first thing that we Ebrahimi, do I keep the city safe? And this is that that do our is the intact from Allah subhanaw taala the next part of the two hours Allah, keep them give them food. So Allah says kitan rajim

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim is a little kurush. And just a side note, you're curious, what is the word come from? We know the word the tribe name of the prophets of Salaam was the tribe of kurush. And this is where they asked even a bass. Where do you get the name Croatia? Where does this word come from? So even at bass is this a creature a mythical creature that the Arabs would believe in that lived in the sea called the crash, which is like a krakken. It's some animal that would destroy ships. It is a mythical creature. So they say this animal destroys and cannot be destroyed any eats, but it cannot be eaten. So we are the small version of that animal the kurush like you have Hassan,

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the small version of Hassan is Hussein. So these are kurush We are the kurush the small version of that no one can eat us up. So the kurush they had a special status where the Arabs why because of the Kava that no one missed with him, and they could travel freely in the desert. And people who are these people have they are in charge of Allah's house. If we mess with him, Allah is gonna attack us so they could they were the only tribe who traveled in the desert freely. No one attacked the caravans.

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So Allah says Lila free Quraysh like this word is like Allah, Allah Elif vainikolo Bhima like love. Allah says do you not see oh Qureshi? Basically I'm keeping my covenant with you. Oh, koresh. I have been good to you. Oh koresh. Isla for him Recoleta schita he was safe. I have my covenant. I have held my promise that you can travel freely in the winter. And in the summer. no one bothers you caravans you travel in the winter to Yemen. no one bothers you and you travel to in the summer to Syria. no one bothers you. Why because you are in charge of the Kava. So Allah says to them fairly Abu rub basil bait, so worship the Lord of this house, and even now, none of us worship the Kava.

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Anyone bow to the Kaaba, we face the Kaaba. But if there was no Kaaba tomorrow, we still facing that direction we worship the rub of that house. Now remember the millions or 1000s of idols around the Kaaba, when this is being recited Allah saying don't worship those things. Worship the one who you turn to when you are in danger. When the elephant came, they didn't go to this idol that idol they say, oh, Master of the Canada helped me now. One and only. So Allah says failure, Abu Rhonda hadn't Beit worship the one who is the Lord of this house. And levy he is the one I'm assuming you

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mean hope that he feeds you from hunger and protects you from with from fear of being being harmed. As a last point here, usually in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah says, we're unable to one accomplish a

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middle hopefully we'll do we will teach you with fear and hunger. Allah says we protect you mean jewelry where our man or woman have, why is we feed you and then protect you from fear. Why? Because the theme of the sutra was you're traveling your business is doing well. Now Libra, he made a do offer what? protect them from hunger. So Allah mentions the hunger first and fear because that's the theme of the surah. So it's always a reason why Allah shifts the words around in different sutras. So this was a message to the Quran. And we said these two sutras go together. Tomorrow we'll talk about sutra my own, which is how the Qureshi responded basically how they responded to the blessings

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of Allah. Last last question, ladies who color is better than 1000 months? easy one, and tonight's question, what was the name of the ever senior governor or emperor who tried to destroy the Kaaba was his name Qureshi. Julissa abraha Johannes,

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what was his name? And tomorrow inshallah we'll have our prize giving. The prizes seem to be getting better each week. So maybe something maybe an elephant tomorrow which will as a prize, shall I say now Mohammed bislama Selene from Laravel admin Salatu Lail huffpost nine sokola. Hail Rama