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Who Will Go To Hell by Ustadh Majed Mahmoud

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Assalamu alaikum This is your brother Madison, recording for the daily reminder, brothers and sisters, This video contains some very important information. And I strongly encourage every single one of you to watch it till the end, especially if you don't know the answer to the following question, please. And thank you are Paul Walker and Nelson Mandela and those of their likes, are they going to end up going to hell fire before we give such judgment, or even talk about this way to understand that not every single one who died as a non Muslim enters Hellfire or can even put in a thin category. So as you can note right here, there are those who learned and understood the message

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of Islam, but they chose to reject. And there are those who did not learn nor understand the message of Islam and the Muslims. Amongst them. Those are clueless. For example, the official was an island and has no idea whatsoever about Islam. Or it can be someone who lives in New York and I personally saw an interview of someone who was asked about Islam. Do you know what this Lancer is like what he felt completely out of the whole word, never heard anything about Islam. Number two people had the corrupted understanding. So they went to an anti Sonic website, hurt a hater or an ignorant person who said Islam is about killing innocent people, etc. So that person believed that horrible message,

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and they feared any Muslim, let alone convert to Islam. And it lasted group letter C will have the minimum understanding. For example, a Muslim youth group goes to a homeless shelter, and they pass around some food and all of the homeless men over there at that youth What are you doing this and that Muslim you said I am a Muslim and Islam teaches me to give those and help those who are in need so all what the homeless man knows his lamb helps those in need so that all what he knows Now with that being said, is power can nothing at cetera go into gentlemen, now had a lot of fun, the second category, then the Anima has said a lot about them. For example, even cat here

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and many, many other alumni, they said we cannot confirm where they're going to go to gender or gender. Rather Allah subhanho wa Taala and haccombe. The judge will give a very fair test to them had the past the guru Jen has a feel they go to China and approve they've used a surah chapter 17 verse 16, will last that many

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v v.

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One more IDD nahata nada Rasulullah. And we would never punish. We would never punish someone until that person fully understood and learned that message. Is that clear? So therefore, is it possible that you could agenda had this fall into that second category? And the pass a test? Then you never know. You might find Paul Walker dining agenda, a long island? Is it clear? What's the action item action items very clear, we shall never rush and give a final verdict. Anyone on the face of this earth unless a lot of problem 102 a lot he was said of Don't forget the law says I have already confirmed some destination to certain people such as a Buddha have were allotted into the method

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chapter 111.

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first line our data has been brought to the Dakota agenda and part of our iMac is to believe that going to China also Rasulullah Salah mentioned that 100% graviola Angela, they're going to gender identity meeting right now. As you rush you will be in deep trouble and sorry, I have to warn you out of out of law where the law and was one of his companions Yaga de la colina Leah Hayden, will la la, la la la, la la la, la la agenda, yummy Avatar and you anyone I'll never forgive you, or do not ever tell them a love will never allow that agenda. They give me that. Yeah, but sometimes we get so angry towards our friends, some random people and we tell them that statement said regardless. So

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that's why because I heard a lawsuit online so a lot is in its head. It is authentic and Muslim. And he said I heard the Prophet said there were two men from the children of Israel, one of them who excelled in worship, the other excels in singing transgressed, horrible person, but they happen to be companions. The one who excels in worship would walk and see the one sitting and says, Yeah, Doctor, come on, man. Stop the harmonic. Yo, what's wrong with you, man, though I was watching whatever Terms of Use, then that man who did not accept that advice properly and should accept it. Probably

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Did I hope you'll accept this properly? There's no luck. He says, has anyone Oh Believe me, Allah.

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Allah, Allah sent you to watch over me. Then that worshiper just goes away from that sinner. Another time the worship proceeds that sinner doing a really, really big sin this time. And he says, Why high growth you observe? Stop it man courage Enough is enough. What's wrong with you? I was watching you feel a lot, gender, etc. Then that person says continue or be is it really

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is amazing to watch over me now that worship or what happened? He gets everything he gets to me says one law he alone there forgive you or one lie, Allah will never allow you to enter gender. At that instant. Allah says the angel of death. He grabbed the soul of both of them and they are brought forth in front of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and Allah tells the one who transgressed and since he went beyond the limits, he said, it was unnecessary. velocemente go into my agenda due to my Merci, Allahu Akbar. And he says those who basically excelled in worship, he says, a contemporary Allah. Did you know that what i what i know? And he said, A Quinta, da da, da, da da da, will you

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capable of doing that which I'm capable of doing? Then he says to the angels, it has to be either now go take him to Johanna Subhan. Allah, no one in the worlds of limit the mercy of Allah, Allah. This is the clearest message I could ever give you brothers and sisters. With this being said I asked you and encourage every one of you to please share this video share it You never know what happened. And if you wish to subscribe to my own personal channel, then you can click here or good description box below inshallah. And once again, don't forget to share the video because that will all pay off tomorrow.