How to Rectify a Major Sin of taking Educational Loan which has to be Repayed with Interest

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The next question hi Miss Isa Lee, from Tanzania East Africa.

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I am a great fan of you, and I'm learning a lot from you. May Allah bless you and your family and reward you gentlemen, inshallah, Amin Amin. My question is I took my bachelor's degree last year in 2019 from the government in your city, through government students loan because of my economic conditions and then I came to realize that I will have to pay it back with interest after being employed. So what should I do to make up for this major sin please help.

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Brother homies has asked a question that unknowingly he took a loan for an education degree, a bachelor's degree and then later on he realized that this loan has to be repaid back along with interest. What should you do now?

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If you have taken a loan knowingly, which you did not knowingly and now we realize it's a major sin the best is to repent. And as I mentioned earlier, that if you have to repent first thing after all agree that what you have done this wrong, agree rebuys wrong. Number two, stop it. Number three, repent and ask forgiveness to Allah subhanaw taala number four, don't do it again. And number five, undo it if you can. So now that you've taken a loan, unknowingly, inshallah all the mores and I'll forgive you, even if you take knowingly you want to ask for forgiveness to can and unloving inshallah forgive you. You agree it is wrong. If you have taken knowingly also stop it, don't do it

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in future, ask for forgiveness undo if you can, now that you have done it unknowingly, yet hamdulillah you have to stop it. You have to agree it is wrong not to do it in future, ask for forgiveness and undo if you can, now that you have taken a loan, how can you undo it? Of course you can stop it if you get

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agreed is wrong, which you have done also see it you don't do it again and inshallah you won't do it again. How can you undo it? Now that you've taken a loan, and you have to repay it, the best is what if you do take that same amount of loan from a Islamic bank and give it to the conventional loan that you've taken? Suppose they've taken a loan of X amount and you have to give x plus y back. So take x plus y from the Islamic bank on Islamic principles based on the Sharia and give it an immediately stop

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or finish. What do you have to pay principal amount and interest, take from the Islamic bank give it and then repay slowly after you get a job to the Islamic bank. Number one, if there is no Islamic bank, in your vicinity in your country in your city. The next option is that you can take from Zakat money from your relatives.

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And as I said that one of the criteria for the card there are eight categories where the card can be given one category according to Serato by chap number nine was number 60 is the Gara moon data. If your editor if you have taken a loan, you can take the card money for morality from your friends, no problem, you can even take the car from a person who you are dependent of

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the car then the category of sakara on EDI cannot be given but under the category of godmode Yes, because it is not the duty of the person who you are dependent on to take care of your loan. So you can take even from your father or from your mother or from your son from your daughter, it is permitted a partnership with a man you can take. So even from a dependent intuitive, you can take the chart and give it

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to the conventional loans that you've taken. The third option is last. If you don't have Islamic bank, you don't have relatives, go to your friends. If your friend left those are thought to give the last resort is that you ask for forgiveness. The moment you earn money. If there is a time period that you keep on paying one 1,000th or maybe a small percentage. You keep on paying much more than what you're required and finish the load as soon as possible so that you can stay away from it and you can save yourself from online. So these are the various options available. Ask for forgiveness inshallah. Allah will forgive you