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Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A caller asks how to become a doctor and a representative responds by saying they can become a doctor and pray for them. The caller then asks about becoming a doctor and the representative explains that it is because of their faith and trust in Allah. They also discuss the importance of training and bringing in a partner to help them grow their professional career.
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There's another question by one of the person on the WhatsApp is Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh Dr. Zakir uncle. My name is Serbia bassoon from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Question How to Become Allah favorite Muslim? How can I become doctors? I can I am a big fan of yours. Please pray for me so that I can become doctors I can I can enter general for this. We Bangladeshi people love you. And respective. There's a similar question asked. So I've asked my team to club the question which are similar, so that more people happy that have asked the questions that have answered the question. A similar question is asked by a boon of the FAR. Boo Boo Han from Pakistan. So I'm from

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Pakistan, and I'm a great admirer of you. My profession is nursing. And my question is, how can I become like you?

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The third question similar to that

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assalamualaikum Sir, I'm Rahul. Mia from India. I want to be a DI sir. Please tell me what should I do? I want to become like you and check out my data.

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Regarding the basic question, all the three people have asked that, that all of them want to become a DI like me, the 120 janitor for those, let me tell you the outset that it's not compulsory to become like me to enter janitor for those. As far as I'm concerned, I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that we accept my effort for the weekend.

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And I consider there are millions of people who are better than me, in terms of knowledge, in terms of Dawa, it is has been considerably it is only because of the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala it is only because of the grace of Allah subhana wa Taala that whatever little bit I've achieved it because of him. And when I think of myself that there are you know, hundreds of 1000s of people who are more knowledgeable than me, how come? People come for my talks? How can people listen to me on Facebook, on YouTube, I wonder?

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And then that reminds me, you know that it is three criteria, which obviously is important. Number one is that Allah says in the Quran, sorry, man, chapter three, verse 360, that if Allah helps you, men can overcome you. If Allah for six knew who was dead, then who can help you. So let the believers put their trust in Allah.

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Number one, having faith and trust in Allah. Number two, Allah says in surah and carboot, chapter number 29 was number 69. If you strive in the way of Allah subhanaw taala, he will open up your Pathways, second is striving, struggling hardwork. Number three, Allah says in surah, chapter 16 Verse 43, and three Ambia chapter number 21 Verse number seven. First Alou holistically in control autonomy, if you don't know as the person who's an expert, the third is the technique. So number one is Allah's help. Secondly, striving and struggling and Hedgehog. Number three is technique.

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As far as getting Allah said, the more you have faith in Allah subhanaw taala the more you worship Him, the more you believe in Him, the more you have trusted him, Inshallah, he will help you imagine, I couldn't have dreamt in my wildest dream of speaking in front of 25 people, I could have dreamt of becoming the best surgeon in the world, the best doctor in the world, but in my wildest dream, I could not have dreamt of speaking in front of 25 people, because as many of you know, that I was a stammer since childhood. And people used to ask me what is my name after the My name is Zaza? Lucky. So imagine what I cannot dream. When I started doing Dawa. When I went on the stage, I

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realized that I did not stammer. Most of the people when they were in front of public, they get cold feet. For me it was opposite. When I speak one to one I used to stammer, but in public, my stammering managed, then later on when I used to speak one to one to non Muslims. Even that time I did not stammer with Muslim less to stammer, and slowly, slowly Alhamdulillah my stamina kept on reducing, and yet I stammer of the stage. Allah helps me hamdulillah and I'm sure most of the millions of people are watching today. Most of you may have been multiple times better than what I was when I started Madaba don't Allah can make such a person who's a stammer give lectures where

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large number of attendee so why can't you do that? I don't think so. I've really done any great deed. Neither have I sacrificed something. People telling you I'm a fool that I left my medical profession. Some people say Oh, because you sacrifice the medical profession. There is no sacrifice

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giving up a medical profession as compared to what Allah have given me in the field of Dawa everything. People watching

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the fame which I read was not the reason why we did it, the recognition that after meeting me leaving the medical profession and not even the drop in the ocean and Allah give me lotion.

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So the basic thing we realize is that we should sacrifice the things that you love for the sake of Allah. If you sacrifice for the sake of Allah, if we take one step in the way of Allah, Allah will take multiple mu close to you.

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So number one is sacrifice, love Allah, trust Allah, have faith in him and then ask an expert as far as we have our training programs, maybe had in the past,

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maybe train people, but number one is help of Allah number two, striving and struggling. And last is the training. Training you are a must I did not get training. It was ALLAH who helped me that the least important and to go to Genda for those follow the greatest Quran and follow the say Hadith as much as implement of the Glorious Quran as much as you implement of the say Hadith and the commandment of the prophet and Allah, there are more chances that you will enter Jannah in sha Allah genitive for those

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