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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa earlier seldom continuing our journey with the book of Allah Subhana Allah now actually beginning a new journey, but continuing the theme, as you mentioned, so to nurse the relationship between sought to nurse and sort of 30 has a deep relationship as even paying more Josie highlights in some of his works of the fasciae that a theme inside sort of fair fair to her is also inside sort of to nurse as well. The other reason we decided to continue this theme of sorters of the Quran is a certain sources that we recite on a daily basis. So many of us

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have this affiliation, whether it be a spiritual affiliation, whereby the prophet Elijah was mentioned that we should recite certain sutras before we go to sleep like certain milk, also to work out or recite the surah Yaseen when Cana Hadith but even though the Hadith about a fifth nature by Cyril becomes something which is common inside our society, that people have this affiliation to certain sources, all sorts of Baccarat, whoever memorizes sort of Bukhara, Ali brown have two shades above the head, on the day of judgment, and other such suitors that we're going to touch upon. But at first Surah is sort of Fatiha as Surah, at least recite at least 17 times a day. And it's quite

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shameful to highlight that maybe many of us don't know the inner meaning or the understanding of the surah of this salah or the supplication is, that we make on a daily basis of asking Allah subhanaw taala or prior to that praising and calling upon Allah Subhana Allah and thus it becomes incumbent upon a Muslim to know about those things that concern them on a daily basis, especially those ritual practices. Many relevant mentioned when a person is about to engage in something, that action becomes an obligation. So to learn how to offer one Salah is an obligation. If a person month of Ramadan begins it becomes obligatory for person to learn the rights and regulations of Ramadan. If a

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person is about to perform hajj, and it becomes incumbent upon that person to learn the rights and regulations hedge, and likewise, a tiara, person involved in business transactions, dealings, whatever it may be, they need to study the fifth, the halal and haram of that which they indulge in every single day. And even more so with the surah. Whereby we mentioned that we recite at least 17 times a day, how many of us are far away from the deep understanding of the surah and the impact of the surah inside our lives. So we should go back and read that the first seed of the Surah, specifically Surah, Al Fatiha and the difference between this journey that we've condensed ourselves

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on only maybe a few books of deficit and specifically biblical theories, the seer who is Imam will have a serene that you find you read through is the CD find a an easy way of understanding and spiritual understanding of the sewers inside the Quran that we could all relate to. Because many of us, we think that may be what scholars they wrote centuries ago. It's not relevant to today's time. And it's the opposite. Many books that you pick them up, you begin to read through them written centuries ago, you feel as if they speak about today's times, or they talk about spirituality that we all need in today's times. So people shouldn't fall into this modernistic approach that we don't

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need to look at classical sources to understand the more classical the sources in tifosi, the more stronger the meaning is, the more spirituality that is inside these verses of Allah Subhana Allah, we find that this surah this makansutra we find 25

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words that we find a seven or yet which is the general view of the aroma even though some begin to contain that Bismillah Bismillah R Rahman Rahim is part the surah but the majority of them I go to review the Bismillah is something separate from the seven verses 25 words 113 letters, and five names of Allah spent I mentioned inside the surah. This surah is the first complete Surah that was sent down to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the first to refresh our memory the first ayat or the ayat from sowton, anak that we find whether it be Saudi Modesitt al Musa mill or yet from there also to do her a surah ensure that we find but as a one complete full surah is this map control Surah Al

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Fatiha, which has never set down what are the Torah what I fill in G What is the board was never sent in any of the previous scriptures except for in Scripture given to the Prophet Allah is not to Silla and this shows the the magnitude of the sort of the power of the surah and Fatiha, the opening the beginning and so many earlier mentioned that the whole of the Quran, the whole of the Quran is condensed inside SOTL Fatiha everything of the Quran is condensed into SOTL Fatiha everything inside unfair to her is condensed inside ear canal medulla ear canister in does even came up Josie I'm not mistaken oh one or two volumes. Basically this one verse and what is belief in spirituality?

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It is one verse, you will own we worship in you alone we seek assistance and help from an adult relevant mentioned that the whole of Al Fatiha and everything is encompassed or the whole Quran one word, and hamdu that's it. That is, our person just understands that one word, the deeper inner mean that one word will understand the Quran will understand if we could use such words understand who is ALLAH SubhanA wa Adana. So as we find the name of the Surah Al Fatiha at the beginning of everything spills from his surah the rest of the Quran spills through alpha, Amal kita. In a hadith decided soon of Imam Timothy that we find our multitap the mother of the book, another Hadith by Omar, Cora

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Omar Quran, Quran, the mother of the Quran, the Arabs had this habit, everything which was sent you to them inside the life, they call it and own the mother. every century alone, the literal meaning is the membrane of the brain that we find the covering of the brain. There's the main focal point of the human being, so anything which was central to the life they gave it a title alone, so on Kitab Amel Quran. So Imam Shafi wrote hold rissalah Fake, hold an own title and own even in the Quran that we find for Omu who have via his mother or abode, meaning his point of merger. His point of return will be the pit will be the Hellfire given this individual. So this is a title that the prophet

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Elijah mentioned. So this hadith that Solomon Timothy is called on GitHub or Omar Quran. Likewise define welcome Athena subdominant Muthoni will Quran and Azeem? Indeed we've given you the seven oft repeated verses, inside certain hedger, the 15th Chapter of Quran and the Magnificent Quran as some of you say that, in fact is called the Magnificent Quran. Oh, several masani the seven off repeated verses, that every single day that we repeat these verses that we imploring them, you're asking Allah Subhana Allah and sootel headed the 15th chapter Quran is a strange surah and it says even though the rough translation is unhedged, the rookie tract or track but inside the surah Allah Tada

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there's numerous verses inside speaking about the Quran. When Allah begins this surah begins with matching Elif Lambro Tilka to Kitabi Rocco Ernie mobian. This is the the Clear Book or to Kitab verses of the book when Qurani Mubin and the clay Quran the Quran is a clay book, and many times these are the Quran whenever Allah Allah uses Al Khalifa Nakata uses the broken letters, I fly meme and Islam raw Alif Lam Meem sod have meme of sod studied at every time in general will speak about the Quran, except for one or two places in my memory serves great insight so the anchor bolt and so to Rome, other throughout the Quran. whenever Allah uses these letters will always speak about the

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magnificence of the Quran. Speak about the grandeur of the Quran so shabby Tamia, he mentioned an assembly hadn't heard of Katara. The reason for these letters, is helluva toddy is to challenge the Arabs to challenge a Quraysh because they were skillful in the Arabic language, that these letters that you use your poetry and more allah God that they hang on the cat, but you find that one, a person can recite not a few 100 lines of poetry, he could recite 10,000 lines of poetry fee to attend Wahida in one goal, recite 10,000 lines of poetry. Everybody standing there would have memorized those lines of poetry, one gathering, one recital, whoever stood they would have memorized

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the lines of poetry. So these individuals were powerful inside language, they understood the language the rhetoric of the Quran, they understood it. That's why Allah gave them this challenge. gave them this dad did this challenge. You are skillful inside the language for income to V Ray B Mendoza and Abdeen effect to be Surah Timothy,

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if you have any doubt in that which we sent down upon a seven, then bring one verse onto one surah like onto it, for them to value well into value. That's what Allah says You cannot do it and you will never ever be able to do it. And this realm of iRULU Makarov mentioned is always if the Quran is too heavy. The first is or the Quran is challenging mankind challenging the world 1400 40 or so years have gone by no one has been able to write something like the Quran. If the Quraysh were able to do at that time. How do you think that someone coming centuries later is going to be able to compile something like the Quran are going to try to challenge the Quran? That's why it's incumbent

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upon us Muslims to read deeper and deeper into the Quran, as they say to decipher the words of Allah. What is Allah telling us? Wonsan Nika, zikr Ali to be in a Nassima Lucilla name Allah Allah karoon We sent down the vicar and Vickery Salman USMA in Quran

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Then you may explain to mankind the role of the Prophet of Islam is to explain to them what is the role of the Quran? What is the meaning of the Quran, the unknown yet for Quran that you may ponder and reflect, you know, the understanding of Quran isn't just a mere reciting and reading, it reaches a person's mindset to go to lofty heights, deep comprehension, it is a problem is that a society people just want to be the average individual. You shouldn't aspire to be the average individual or if it was the benefit of the Quran. The highest benefit is the Quran inside your life. Cairo comenta element Quran where Allah who the best amongst us who learns the Quran and teaches the Quran. These

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statements are very rare. If you studied the Hadith of the Prophet, I'm very rarely did he pray certain things, in a sense of Hirooki, who's the best amongst you? The best monks is he who is good to his family members, and I'm good to my family members. Why did he say that? To teach people because of the roughness the hard nature of the people around him to teach him that to be kind and to dutiful to your families is part of Eman and here we find this hadith that the best amongst you is a person who's learned the Quran, who's who's memorized the Quran, who teaches the Quran to other individuals and a deeper meaning of learning the Quran understanding the Quran has many right now he

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speaks about his understanding why yet is to under ponder over the Ayat of Allah Subhana Allah, that a person when he reads the Ayat of Allah word when worried about punishment, about torture, or yet to the other, or yet to serger read about these if they should move the individual. That's if you read from Surah Pharaoh just prior to that onwards, near enough towards the end of the Quran Allah mentioned is nothing but speak about Accra. Speaking about Jenna, we're not very few I have a camp that we find Surah Jesse a Doohan and I have read the sutras called fear. These who is nothing but you find speak about a Hera assumer about people of hellfire people a paradise. These are the ayat

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that awaken the individual has Omar makapag mentioned have Luca middle Islam has Luca mineral Quran your your share your share of Islam is your share of the Quran. What is your bond and your relationship with the book of Allah Subhana Allah then Allah mention later on in South Sudan higit again, alright in the beginning that we've said that in the national nacinda Decra in the Lola half moon we sent under zikr and we're going to God and we're going to preserve it the Quran has been preserved by Allah subhanaw taala no individual can come and change your heart look at even when it when it when an imam makes a mistake between a third and a were some karate let it go by but some

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say no. Even a chaining for letter from a third to our or missing it out somewhere don't let it go by because this is kinda moolah. This is words of Allah's panda as people are in maha Quran, they're going to spend hours, hours with the book of Allah Subhana Allah, but Allah Subhan Allah shows people at times he can lift up the Quran. He could take it away because this is a speech of Allah Subhana Allah. When Allah has a strength, it has power. That's what Allah mentioned though and then the how the Quran Allah javelin, the Righto caution Mutasa, Dan Minister Shatila, welcome Sarunas reballing nurse Isla Namita karoon we sent and this Quran on a mountain or cleft asunder turn into

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dust into powder. That's what the Quran is. When I read about Kitab ye inside Buhari the beginning, look at the power of the Quran when it came down to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, anybody who's sitting next to him, if he rested his he bless it legs, or his knees or his thigh and a person is as if their thigh was about to break is about data it's about Cibola is about to break because why the power of the Quran coming down? That's why in a hadith that we find it a hadith in Sahih Muslim that the prophet Elijah Islam is sitting with Deborah Ada and they're sitting there look at these comrades look at his friends. Look who his friends are. He's sitting there and you find all of a

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sudden they hear a sound and you pray there is some system that you know this sound is a door of Paradise has been opened as we never been opened before. An angel descends and brings down two lights. About these two lights have been given Surah Al Fatiha and the end of SoTL Bukhara which has never been sent down before. And for every pair time a person recites the Surah recites these, these final two sorts of Bukhara the person would be given whatever they asked for. In a hadith inside say Muslim. Look at the virtue of this, the Hadith and could see custom to salata, benei or bainer Abdi warrior Abdi my son, the most most strongest Hadith explains explanation so 230 I just read this one

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Hadith and Shuhada is explanations. Allah said cause some to salata benei webinar the I've divided a Salah, a Salah, Hoonah B Martin, alpha Tia and others

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The name of this surah is a Salah. I've divided it between myself and my servant, way the caller Abdul Hamdulillah, Europeana and Amin when my servant says and Hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen called Altana Hamadani Abdi. Allah says My servant has praised me. While I'm Maya Cole or Ramana Rahim, Carlos Pinter asna la Abdi. My seven has extol praise me even more. When he says Maliki yo me Dean. Allah says my journey Abdi, my servant has glorified me. Then when a person says ye cannot go do what you can to stay in the present Allah says hi there Bay new Urbina, Abdi wali Abdi masala. This is not between me and my servant, am a servant would have whatever he or she also what he says in a

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Surah palmu stalk him again Allah says he will have whatever he asked for. Just earlier my said another name of Fattah is a Dora is a supplication is imploring asking Allah subhanaw taala we don't want to enter into the thick of whether people should read it or not. But this in itself should be concrete evidence that if you remain silent, you're just standing there. Why don't you read this? Surah because it's between a relationship between yourself and Allah subhanaw taala calling upon Allah Subhana Allah, this what they call and cleanse the treasure. This is a hidden treasure that a person calls upon Allah Subhana Allah right what a Rukia a famous Hadith upside and who driven up

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misstated whereby he came to a land came to a people and requested for some food and drink, and they push them out, maybe out of bucola stinginess or they were strange people or they were Muslim, whatever the reason may be. So all of a sudden they master the Leader got stung by a man Accra ball and hire via a scorpion or, or a snake, some vicious animal stung him so you've poison. So now that people can rush you to sit there is that amongst you, rocky amongst you personally could do incantation, you can recite, you could take away if you can use these linguistic words of charms and spells that Arabian Peninsula is full of a somebody could recite something to take alleviate this

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pain and suffering for his individual. I will say Henry said before that we're going to come to some agreement because you pushed us away. We want some food and some drinks to be given to us. Then we're going to send a person who's going to go in, do this action recite upon your chief. So when they agreed he went and he recited total fat, or we bought the rewired sub Amroth seven times he recited upon this individual, and this individual was cured.

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And then they gave him the food and the drink and they ate in the dragon and went back but still he thought that maybe I've done something without the permission of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. Then the Prophet said to him, Well, you recall under Rukia How did you know? How do you know that sort of fat there is a Rukia is a cure. That's fine. I Shafia the one that cures in a hadith which is mentioned that sutra, fattier cures everything even if a person is poisoned Hadith these days, but that's one of my mentors, I worked with the Farseer there is a cure for everything, all your ailments, ailments within yourself. There's an element of concrete al Fatiha Euro dollar cliche is a

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refutation of everything. Christianity, Judaism, incorrect beliefs, corrupt beliefs, people who deviate, people who are straight, people are lost. It's all a the whole surah if you study and break it down, it's all a refutation all of deviations. And asking Allah for guidance remain upon the straight path. I'll tarsia That which suffice it and fathia suffice is everything and nothing suffices. It means that everything inside the Quran is from Al Fatiha. Is it in itself it stands on its own. That's why Imam Al feroza birdie he collected more than Salah sin a smart resort in fact, he collected more than 30 names for the surah and Rama mentioned anything has excessive names and

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praise it shows it shows the magnitude a shocker. A DUA and turns as much as somebody who's names that is a shocker to Allah Subhana Allah That's why even immediate mentioned Al hamdu just to understand that is far more deeper. The widen Allah say Ashok Rula what Allah say Ashoka dilla because Shakur is when somebody does something for you, then you return back that gratitude but unharmed is is for eternity, always thanking Allah Allah Allah is a form greatest form of vicar. Amma rabuka will hand you Lord loves to be praised. So a person should be excessive in the praise of Allah Subhana Allah does you find that you find these two words are heavy on the scale, or the words

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that fill the heavens and the earth and the sky is an hamdulillah term that will mean it fills the scales

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So a person should be excessive in praising Allah Santana Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen There's an endo suitor hedgerow Allah mentioned that these people have taken the Quran Aideen they're taking the Quran is in a desert they believe in some parts and rejecting other parts of it. Then Allah then concludes this surah mentioned why Buddha Rebecca had yet to Kuryakyn carry on worshipping Allah Subhana Allah until death comes to you. What is the worship of Allah is nothing but an a bed of use of certain Fatiha that you recite every single day inside your life. Every single day you're focusing inside of you, you're standing in front of Allah subhanaw taala and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil

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Alameen. Who is Allah Subhana Allah Rabbu sama where he will add, when are they known? Who is Allah Subhana Allah, there are many of us we are far away, that we find there a whole the whole concept of acquired the whole concept of belief is what we find our society a refutation culture. That's not the intention of belief. The core element of occur it is spirituality is a dialogue builder. Is your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala finally my Nola Illa Illa Allah not have knowledge that none has the right to be worshipped except for Allah. Then what does Allah say? was stuck fiddly them big. seek forgiveness for your sins. That's what that's what knowing Allah is knowing that your

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downfalls, your shortcomings, your Teixeira, your deficiency, your weakness, your lack of perception, your lack of a birder your lack of commitment and devotion to ALLAH SubhanA Donna, that's what I call it. That's what Belize is. What Who am I am Aina Macoun Tumalo Bhima Tama Luna Basia

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is not even questioning people that were here, Allah subhanaw taala that's a far away element. That's a far away element is about KNOWING within your own self. While we're Malcolm enema, quantum, wherever you are, Allah is watching over you is vigilant over you will ask you, that's fine. This this, these Mukunda mother never mentioned this, all speaking about Allah, getting a person to know who Allah subhanaw taala is that Allah mentioned or Rahmani Raheem? That he's a Rahman as a submissive or a man of dunya Rahim will Akira that Rama both of them go back to the Word of of Rama mercy, compassion, benevolence, kindness of Allah subhanaw taala that in this dunya today every

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subject, but in the earth era, we're cannibal Medina Rahima but for the believers is more specific inside an earth Rabbi for him towards these individuals. That's what no one is allowed to keep the name around man.

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Unless he has the suffix is only for Allah subhanaw taala that is a rough man, Allah subhanaw taala that He is the Most Merciful. And once again earlier mentioned to study these names and attributes is to live that mercy is to live the companion read read the Hadith link to this.

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It hammelmann Fill out your hammer, man fish summer show mercy and compassion to those around you in the earth. And Allah we show compassion to insert who is in the heavens above the heaven subhanaw taala. So what does it mean? Once again it goes back to spirituality that the names of Allah panda to be enacted in our lives are showing compassion, kindness, sympathy, empathy, understanding, no one can question Allah subhanaw taala that's a look at the forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah, look at the mercy of how he forgives how He pardons how he overlooks. That's Allah subhanaw taala because many of us will be we play this role of Demi Gods inside our life, of being judgmental people inside

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our life always so worried about other people about their life, what will happen to them? That's not the role of a Muslim. To be so delved into what will happen to other individuals is to be worried about oneself. How Allah subhana wa Deanwood Me on that day, and that's then Allah mentions after Maliki yo me dean of these Mohammed Why Why does Allah say that he is many key or Maliki whichever Quran that you take, that he's the master the king of the Day of Judgment, that now you know who Allah Subhana Allah is, live in in muncul, Yom delay waggle. kaha tune is the kingdom ship belong today. It belongs only to Allah Subhana Allah, he now he Moon Kusama, where it will add to Allah

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belong to dominion of the heavens and the earth. Does he find early mandate deficit is speak about this concept of Kingdom ship. It's just miss b It's just a title. That people that they adopt upon themselves and upon their family members, whatever it may be. They don't have no real power. They have no real dominance. They have no real control. Because you find on that day, even in this dunya Allah shows that Allah subhanaw taala is is the is the only master is the only king. That's what it is. These titles are futile titles that we find that evil

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Unfortunately, don't enter the realm of politics the Muslim world is full of these titles, is far beyond that. Glory is to Allah subhanaw taala he is the one that he's married to me during the day of a dean, we met a young with Jessa. And he served the day of accountability. Standing in front of Allah subhanaw taala being brought forth to what we've done inside our life. And the more the person has strengthened himself by what action, Allah said, Then he cannot do the way he can stare in the only way that you can come close to me. Close to Allah Subhana Allah is way better is via worship, that a bird or CO divided for a bird is totally fear a bird that is restricted. A bird isn't every

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Muslim fuser. I worship Allah like this, I do this action I do this liquor I do this I do that No. A bird that is restricted is codified.

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You follow the Scripture? You follow the prescription of the Prophet Allah is not some, he said, make the vicar like this, you do it like that.

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You do it like that? Why? Because he was a best individual who praised and remember the last Pantera and called upon Allah Subhana Allah. So you follow that inside your life? As you mentioned this, what is this holy surah is a representation of all those people who deviate, even the realms of a burdah where you can stay in and we seek aid and assistance from you. When you begin to discuss my Alia St. Anna, you know, some people think it just means that you just ask Allah, Allah helps you. That's not the meaning of esteana. And it's the irony is that you're trying to do something yourself. You're trying to pray, you're trying to force you're trying to change, you're trying to

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move away from mancora alpha as you're trying to move, going that direction. So Allah Ah, you, you ask Allah that He helps you, you have to be physically it has to be a two way relationship as you said, you have to be physically trying to change then you find that this Tiana will come from Allah Subhana Allah doesn't want to individual wider Salah ADA the omniva in the crib. Oh God, without a doubt either done it the seven asks about me. I'm close to that individual. And I respond to that individual. So the person the more that I call, the more they implore and they ask Allah Subhana Allah who he would guide them. That's what Allah had mentioned that ear cannot be doing we're gonna

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stay in a den of Serato Mr. Hakim, guide us to the straight path. What is the straight path for city manager whether it be Al Quran or Islam or the Sunnah o towards agenda all these meanings are all encompassed inside the path, whether it be the path on this dunya or Surat as well, as I mentioned at the outset across the path, guide us to the straight path.

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Why are we asking Allah Subhana Allah 17 times a day guide us to the straight path if we know that the straight path is Islam, we're another serapi Mu Stockman for tiberiu We know that's the straight path. Jeff zombie Tamia you highlights the meaning of this is plausible meanings is a person asking Allah that keep me firm on that path. That now I know this is a powerful Islam. Keep me firm on that path. Keep me guided in that path. That's why the Prophet Muhammad asked every single day for guidance. He said don't need me for the blinking of an eye.

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That's the prophet Elijah. He said Don't leave me for a beginner we unfold you walk out drama we walk after we walk out Ramadan, hookah Sana, and straight away the fit and the trials and tribulations that dunya overcomes us.

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So we should be even more so. We've been asking Allah to give us guidance, especially in environmental climate we live in at the moment, you know, if a person can hold funds to their faith, stay away from these Mukuro to follow that path that shows higher spirituality. And this is a set of Allah subhanaw taala that people who don't love Allah Subhana Allah, who don't love the symbols of Allah, does he find that nice some of these people when the other one is called now they have to dim down the sound because the voice than the voice or the sound of the Name of Allah should not be lofty. Above the Haram sounds of these rap artists and musical artists and his nude women and haram.

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The voice of Allah should be deemed the name of Allah should be deemed. That's blasphemy. That's blasphemy. That a name of allah from other people with dance instead of nudity, with a Kalama behind them singing and dancing with a name of allah behind them. That's blasphemy. Where's belief now today? Where's belief of Tawheed? Where's the belief today? People naked women dancing in front of the Name of Allah behind them or carrying the flag of Allah and their hands and people turn a blind eye. That is Tawheed that is belief conviction because not about land and people.

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It's not about lands and people. It's about belief.

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That word of Tawheed spreads wherever it goes Allah, Allah when ignite people, people you can never ever imagine, who will return back to Tawheed and lift up the spirit of Allah Subhana Allah because it doesn't belong to certain people as people may think that a certain regime or certain Empire or certain type of people have the right to be people of Islam who said that read through history, ritual Andalus come in and MUFA serene when Allah will fuqaha read this through a two hour flight from here how many Roma inside could modern day Spain that existed? Who became some of the most madness writers of the first seed words of Allah's panda exist to this day? Because this is the deen

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of Allah and he selects and chooses when people begin to leave that he will bring people who will revive the right belief in Allah subhanaw taala today's should be severe warning to us too many of us Muslims that will come passive Muslims inside our life. Islam is a passive way of life. That everything Mashhad everything is perfect he has a blind eye to it. But when you're when your brother commits a sin then all hell breaks loose upon that person. Maybe they raised your hands inside Dora inside salah. Maybe they didn't pray according to the Sunnah maybe don't dress like this. Maybe don't eat like this. Maybe don't do this action. Maybe they trimmed their bed maybe don't look like

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a Muslim. By excuse it for sure all hell breaks loose on this person. That how many people have left the Dean because of caution, strictness and attitude of Muslims towards them. But when Claire mancora are expressed in front of you, then you turn a blind eye. Well, this is a this is a political word who said it's a political world. It's not a political world. What is right is right, what is wrong is wrong. What is Moncrief? monka wherever you just inside your life, man Rahman monka monka for UK your VAD wherever amongst you sees an evil change it with his hand. If nobody's hand in speak against it, then if not at least despise it inside your heart. And Allah will show who the

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people of the hidden belief are will be shown. Don't be surprised give it a few more years it will be displayed in the world. That what is the real people have believed and those people deviate from their belief in Allah subhanaw taala then the person makes that supplication to Allah Subhana Allah, Surat Allah de Nanum de la Himalaya in Mahalo berrima, Bardeen, Allah guide me to the straight path The path of those individuals you've confirmed your favor upon. And there are four types of individuals that Allah has come to Allah has conferred His favor appointed funds are so undecided that we find that these are individuals who who believe in Allah, and I believe in Allah and I

00:32:37--> 00:33:14

believe in His Messenger, and will be amongst those individuals, who are the prophets as should be okay, and will show her shahada, a hustler Ola, aka Rafi aka the person will be with those individuals who are the messengers. The prophets are true for individuals, the martyrs, these are the best friends the best comrades, that person can have minute look at the life of these individuals. Look at these individual spire to be like them, affording what they Qaeda inside their life. And they believe in their conviction, ask Allah to confer that favor upon us. That when He guides us to the straight path, the path for Islam, to remain committed to that path, and remain

00:33:14--> 00:33:51

focused and committed to following the right understanding of that path towards Allah subhanahu wa taala as we find another path for those individuals who have gone astray, in a hadith that says to me that we find who these individuals are going to straight. That's where earlier I mentioned, look at the traits. Look at the symbols of these individuals. For Toby Luna battle kita Vita Furuno. Baba, do you believe in part of the book and reject another part of the book? Do you sell the Ayat of Allah from a miserly price? Do you conceal the Ayat of Allah Subhana Allah? Do you pick and choose certain Ayat of Allah Santa Ana, these are severe warnings, not just to these individuals but

00:33:51--> 00:34:32

to this Muslim Ummah as well. There's a number of Alumina Fernanda mentioned and Abraham a movie lovely. Now because this is suburb, the lesson is to be taken from the generality of the words, and not from the specifics of Revelation. So these ayat inside the Quran, Allah speaks about these people who've earned the wrath and anger of Allah Subhana Allah because they they went astray, or if they were chosen individuals, and those who have gone astray with the misguided individuals at bar lean, those who carry action without any reason. They have no knowledge just worship Allah subhanaw taala on the emotional feeling, the spiritual understanding as we mentioned, this is not what Islam

00:34:32--> 00:34:59

is. It's not your spiritual feeling is following that which Allah Allah told us to do. And then when a person then says at the conclusion of this mean makes that mean that we find that whoever Amin corresponds with our mean of the Imam and the angels then that person's minor sins are forgiven for the individual. And once again, we don't want to enter the thick of the saying of Amina even some reason or be fine. The professor will say it's so loud you must it could be heard the whole machine

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

we'll be we'll be chanting and mean the ringing of ameobi throughout the mess you could be heard by everyone who's attending at that location. And as we find out hotma that we find as we began to cure for all diseases, for the for the for the heart and the body, the corruption of knowledge and intent is placed inside sort of fat your head as we mentioned, it's incumbent on us to read that the seed or the facility Surah to understand, what belief what it means, the corruption of knowledge in the corruption of intention, and like what you mentioned the body, as you mentioned, what made you recall Rukia that how to how to heal oneself to read surah Al Fatiha which is known as the masura

00:35:39--> 00:36:19

obey even caught up with one day inside the masjid. And the Prophet alayhi wa sallam said to him, you obey the early Menaka anima Surah min of Quran I'm going to teach you the greatest Surah of the Quran. So the Prophet so he got busy with speaking to people around them, obey even Tom would come from here from there trying to grab his attention. Then finally he said to me said to him yourself, did you not say to me, do you say to me going to teach me what is the greatest surah in the Quran? He said yes, indeed. The greatest surah in the Quran is Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen, the greatest Surah inside the Quran, and I just find the greatest iron inside the Quran is I could see

00:36:19--> 00:37:03

that's why I read these praises of certain Surah certain Ayat inside the Quran. And studied every person can obviously many of us can't read the whole deceided of Quran inside our lives, but pick certain suitors that we get to pick from this journey and read the deceit or deficit disorders, because these sutras will help you bond your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala likewise, define we mentioned comprises the entire meaning of the Quran. And likewise, beleif Sadiq Hassan Hassan is work as a dean Hollis. He said that inside this surah there's 30 affirmations of the heat and belief regarding Allah Pankaj, inside just Surah Fattah all on its own. Just inside this surah is how these

00:37:03--> 00:37:42

irlam have extracted the benefit of Surah And in conclusion man asks the right guidance. That's what we asked for we asked the right guidance and the rest of the Quran is an answer to that request. That's what I'll factor at the beginning is the introduction the mu Kadima the prologue the beginning of this book, the book Al Kitab, referring to the Quran, this is the beginning that you as a human being are going to ask for guidance. So when you read al Fatiha, then the rest of the guidance is there when you carry on reading the Quran as we find a sutra Baqarah chakra somebody earlier said Caribbean term was going to be a next journey within later are looking for by the

00:37:42--> 00:38:25

virtues of Surah Fatiha Surah Baqarah more than 1000 rules and regulations mean that after completing sutra fattier, the person is now ready. Ready to do what? Ready to listen to what Allah tells us. This is halal and this is haram. Haram. If the love of Allah, Allah has been filled into your heart, into your mind, it becomes simple. It becomes the clicking of a finger for a person to do whatever Allah has told the person to do. That's when Allah said straight in the beginning said the Quran was trying to be somebody was Salah Inanna Kabira in India call Shireen. Allah said Seek aid assistance via a Salah Allah then clearly says is difficult. Allah doesn't deny the fact that

00:38:25--> 00:39:06

Salah isn't difficult. He said it's going to be difficult in the Alencar sharing except for those individuals who are submissive to Allah. For them, it becomes the soul. It becomes the life that we eat and we drink. That's what I prefer to have come for them. And levena Gogo noona anomala Cora beam, those who van Hoonah Lisa B Martin are they think are they speculate or conjecture or they think they're going to meet Allah. This is the dynamics of the Quran and the Quran and Latina you're gonna know that the mana Hakan Yochanan, they know for a fact. They're going to meet Allah. They know that there's no doubt inside a shadow iota of doubt inside their blood system, that they're

00:39:06--> 00:39:43

going to meet Allah Subhana Allah. So that's when a person living with his dunya is full of Al hamdu lillah is full of praise to Allah subhanaw taala a shocker Linda was Santa dilla while much to the law was so early Lila, asking Allah Allah praising Allah extolling Allah remembering Allah, that's what becomes the life of the individual. praising Allah remembering Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will guide the individual on that journey until when, when he leaves this dunya he returns back to Hatha Yoga, Allah subhanaw taala until he goes back and he meets Allah Subhana Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah grant and facilitator all of us make that journey easy and a simple journey to return back and

00:39:43--> 00:40:00

to meet Allah Subhana Allah where the Quran mentioned will do in Yama. He didn't know Baroque era wbnl Zero some faces that they will be radiant, will be glowing, will be shining on that day, who meet who meet Allah Subhana Allah, those individually do good deeds, letting us know who's and who's not.

00:40:00--> 00:40:19

was the year that in such sort of units, people believe in Allah there'll be goodness for them was the editon. something extra will be given to these individuals, because this is a materialistic world that many of us we fall prey to. So Allah gives us that encouragement, there's going to be much goodness in southern Africa and the greatest achievement will be to see Allah subhanho wa Taala