Suleiman Hani – New Beginnings With the Greatest Role Model

Suleiman Hani
AI: Summary © The importance of shayism and procrastination is discussed, as it is essential to take a role model and emulate Prophet Muhammad's example to avoid future harm. The speakers emphasize the need for gratitude and embracing the challenges of life to achieve success, and stress the importance of trusting oneself and not giving up on one's own success. They also mention the success of the pandemic and the need for productivity gains, and emphasize the importance of forgiveness and proper behavior in the future.
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it is the last Jumar the last Friday on the last day of this year. And for many people, no doubt this year and the year before brought about many trials and tribulations in new forms. And of course the trial and tribulation that has been relatable and relevant to all people and impactful on all people around the world.

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We saw no doubt the excelling of online resources for the benefit of mankind, and particularly those who are looking for resources, those who are looking for that which is beneficial. We saw during this time, no doubt, a lot of discussions on the purpose of life, on sickness, on how fragile we are on humility, on the fact that something we cannot see with the naked eye has in a way impacted all of mankind. It is truly a reminder for us to go back to Allah subhanaw taala for all matters.

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And of course, during these two years, we experienced loss loss that is foretold in the Quran, we are reminded in advance that the purpose of this world is not permanence, we are not here forever, and nothing that you have remains forever. And so we ask Allah subhanaw taala to have mercy on those who passed away due to this pandemic. And during these two years, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant patients and the reward of that patients to their family members. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to Alevi all of our affairs to relieve us and to grant us the strength and the wisdom and the optimism to pass the trials and tribulations that come to us. Allahumma Amin

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it's interesting that when we reflect on change, we find that according to a number of studies,

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one of the tricks of shaytaan from our perspective is that people will procrastinate change for a particular moment in the future specified or maybe even unspecified. That deep down.

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The thought does not take place, perhaps consciously, but deep down, maybe one day, I'll become better, maybe one day, I'll change. But it's not today. And we put it off, as though a future version of ourselves is someone else, according to some studies. And that is one of the reasons we procrastinate, we don't realize we're shifting that harm, potential risk and danger to ourselves, not another entity. And more importantly, that we assume there is a future for us a future opportunity in this world.

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So when we look to change as Muslims, we certainly do not look for change, starting with a future date in terms of getting closer to Allah subhanaw taala. You don't wait until a new Islamic year, a new Gregorian year. Another Ramadan, we always try to change in the moment. And one of the traps of shaytaan is certainly for us to think that no, I will change and I need to set up everything first in order to change and another day and time.

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And you wait and you wait and you wait and what happens because the Azima was not strong enough. And you were willing to procrastinate, when that day and that time finally arrived? Perhaps you started perhaps the habit was there. Perhaps like many people, there are new year resolutions and goals and memberships in gyms increase and people start to change in different things. And then a few weeks later, we see the real effects of procrastination, we see the real effects of not really wanting to change. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us may Allah subhanaw taala forgive us.

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And so, rather than just talking about new beginnings and New Years and changes, I would rather emphasize one thing in particular, just one lesson. And that is that if you want to change for another year, another month, another hour and today, you need to take a role model, so that you can emulate this role model when you change. And of course, there is no greater role model then Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah subhanaw taala reminds us in the Quran, not for the cannula. Comfy Rasulullah he was what will Hassan Toliman Kana yo Joomla will yo mela whether can Allah cathedral, there is certainly for you all of mankind and especially for those who know Prophet

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and claim to love Him and follow Him.

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There is certainly for you and the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, a clear example the ultimate example the greatest example

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for the one who looks for

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or to the one who hopes for the one who's concerned about meeting Allah subhanaw taala and the one who cares about life after death.

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Well that could Allah Cathedral and the one who remembers Allah often and of course, the context here the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam remembering Allah subhanaw taala regularly consistently. Interestingly here, Lehmann Cana yato joola, when the Omen earth if you claim that you love Allah, we all claim we love our Creator, if you claim that you love Allah subhanaw taala and that your heart really is seeking paradise forever. And that is your real concern your real home your real worry, constantly on your mind constantly working for it.

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Then you link this to what Allah subhanaw taala said that you take Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a role model, there is no greater way to please Allah subhana wa Tada and reach the high level of Jannah that you seek, without taking Prophet Muhammad Ali, his salatu salam as a role model. And then in this day and age, we all have role models, we have people we look up to we have people we respect, there are people that are emulated because of their status or their financial state or because of their fame, their political positions, their religion, their ethnicity, because they're celebrities or sports players, whatever it may be.

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Everyone looks up to someone for a reason. And as Muslims we already know, we claim that we love it also the loss of Allah Hadiya Salam, we claim we take him as a role model. We claim that we love him more than our families, that we love him more than our children more than our jobs more than everything of a dunya we claim. But are we following that claim up with action? Are we really emulating the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and loving him enough to demonstrate that claim in everyday experiences in everyday habits in everyday lifestyles? As a high school students or college students university student, as a working professional as a father or mother

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raising your children? Do you see the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam as a role model in your everyday life? This is the question we should be asking. For there is no greater path to progress and growth and new beginnings. Whether it's a new year, a new day or new hour, there's no way to become a better person without knowing how to become a better person without knowing who to emulate. A little sooner allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah subhanaw taala testifies to his character we're in Nicola Anna. Hello, Ben Ali, you are an exalted moral character. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to follow in his footsteps. When you purify your character with all people,

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especially those who have insulted you, those who are harsh with you those who are a source of a pain point for you know that your status in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala will rise and Allah subhanho wa Taala will make you a role model for others. Allah subhanaw taala will make you a good example for other people as well by virtue of your good character. From the Islamic perspective we can say, for the sake of time, that we can look at New Beginnings from at least three angles amongst hundreds of others. Number one new beginnings in terms of hardships and in times of hardships in times of calamities. A lot of Muslims misunderstand the saying and then the single loss of Hano

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Atala ukulele, hula hoops and De La Rosa, that Allah will not give a soul a burden that it cannot bear cannot handle. And that they ask well, why am I not handling it? Why am I so sad? Why am I not passing this test? Why did I do the wrong thing? Allah subhanaw taala is not saying you will pass every test No, that is your responsibility. Allah subhanaw taala is telling us so that we have some resilience, psychological motivation, that Allah subhanaw taala will never give you something you cannot pass as a test. But it doesn't mean that you will you have to choose to pass and he subhanaw taala gives us all the resources that we need. Because the objective of this world with our freewill

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is the test itself is the reaction. The test that comes your way was not by your choice, your choices and how you respond to it. Will you turn to the tools that Allah subhanaw taala provided? Will you turn to the Shiva of the Quran? Will you turn to DUA and dickeya to spell out your heart yeah Allah I am weak so help me out Allah I'm struggling so make me stronger? Do we turn to Allah subhanaw taala resorting to those tools to those cures to the solutions that we need? Or do we find ourselves more distant from Allah and then wondering why am I not passing this test? Certainly, we can pass these tests and 2020 2021 were a test for all people in somewhat a relevant way something

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we can all relate to, not just the individual tests but the global experience as well.

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And of course, as many of us know, a lot of people had to start shifting their attention to being independent in a bar that at home, especially during Ramadan, especially last year, a lot of people had to figure out how to start these new habits in the home if they were not there before. What did we do up to this point? The last day of this year,

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almost year 2022, and still referencing COVID-19? Did we pass the test with optimism? Did we work hard? Did we strive? The test is not over yet. Allah subhanaw taala provides for us many tools and many resources to resort to amongst them, amongst them to in particular gratitude and telecom to be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala and to rely upon Allah fully and to be content with every outcome, are we truly grateful? And are we truly trusting in Allah subhanaw taala whatever we learn, he will kill and Allah is sufficient for us as a disposer of affairs as the one who takes care of all matters for us. The believers who are grateful in this world are emphasizing constantly the things

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that they are grateful for. And even when you are not experiencing a life of relative ease, your idea of gratitude hand and sugar is not about living an easy life. materialistically it's not that you're not going through hardships in your relationship or in your health or in your job or your finances. That's not what happened and Shakur relies upon gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala is to use the blessings that He gave you in the best manner possible, through times of ease and times of difficulty. Because if you only worship Allah when things are relatively easy, and you stop when things are difficult, you're not grateful. And if you worship Allah subhanho wa Taala when things

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are difficult, and you turn to Him, and when things are easy, you become distant, you are not truly grateful. The one who is experiencing and exemplifying Gratitude is the one who uses all of their blessings constantly to thank Allah subhanaw taala to thank him for creating us to thank him for guiding us to thank him for the blessings that we cannot count. We are more in need of what the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam did when he was praying and his feet was swelling up and Cleon will lay in Asia in the very famous Hadith. Aisha Radi Allahu Anhu says Dr. Rasool Allah, why are you doing this? To paraphrase? Why are you doing this to yam will lay ill and your feet are swelling,

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all of this pain, all of this good? Why are you doing all of this? When Allah has already forgiven all of your past and your future, meaning you are not really in need of this for let's say, an act of worship, or for your sins to be erased? So why are you doing this? And he said, the famous words, the words that we need to live by a fella Hakuna Ogden Shakira, shall I not be a grateful servant? Are we really grateful to Allah? And do we push ourselves to worship Him out of gratitude? Or do we wait until there's a pandemic until there's a hardship until someone passes away? Or do we wait until things are relatively easy? And then we turn back to him? What are we waiting for? True

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gratitude is consistent and the people who express gratitude in this world are the people who will enter Jannah by the mercy of Allah and say, Alhamdulillah he lovey and Habana has an Praise be to the one who removed hardship and distress from our path. The trials of this world are over and the hardship of the next life we are protected from May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst the people of gratitude in this life and allow us to express gratitude in Jannah along my mean, so number one, new beginnings in times of hardship. Number two new beginnings when you fall short with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Look at the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam who made his stepfather

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throughout the day. He was not in need of it out of his salatu wa salam, we are more in need of it than he is out of his salatu salam. In Islam. There is no hopelessness. In Islam, there is no hopelessness in Islam, there is no hopelessness. No matter how many sins you've committed in the past, or this year or the year before or for the last 30 years. We know that someone who comes to the masjid today as many have entered this Masjid before and said I'm ready to become a Muslim. Will Allah forgive my sins? Yes, Allah will forgive all of your sins of your past. All of the shitcan all of the cookies are completely forgiven. What about everything less than that?

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How can we possibly read the Quran? And listen to the hundreds of a hadith about the Mercy of Allah? And then ever think or wonder, is there hope for me? Yes, there is hope for you. And Allah promises you that do not allow the devil do not allow the shaytaan or even people to trick you into thinking that there's no hope for you. Oftentimes, people don't change for the better because they failed many times. Oftentimes, they have low confidence levels, so they think there is no hope for me. I'm stuck in this vicious cycle. I'm stuck with a bad habit. I'm stuck not able to fulfill this religious obligation. But Wallahi that is not true. The reality is if you wanted to, you could

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change you may have to take different measures. You may have to try a different strategy, but the most

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Important thing is that you don't give up on sincerely turning back to Allah every time you fall short, whether it's a new year or a new day or a new week, may Allah subhanaw taala keep us consistent. A young man comes to the masjid and he says, I've committed so many sins. Is there any hope for me? Because I feel like there's no way I can get out of this situation. Is there any hope for me, who can stop you from the Mercy of Allah who can prevent you from Allah's mercy? Allah subhanaw taala reminds us so that we do not forget so that it is not vague. And ultimately, once again, there is always hope in Islam. So so long as your heart is beating, you can turn to Allah. If

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you cannot guarantee that your heart is going to be beating tomorrow, then turn to Allah subhanaw taala. Today, in the moment, number three, new beginnings with regards to perspectives about life, the purpose in this world about our experiences, if you set your expectations right, in terms of a dunya and what you're here for, you will be less disappointed. But if you expect this world to be all about materialism, all about chasing a temporary high all about chasing a temporary moment of the fulfillment of desires, all about chasing comfort and convenience than when reality hits. It's going to be even more painful. The reality of a dunya is that it's down here. It's the lowly close

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life. It's a temporary world. If you're looking for perfection, you're looking for Jana. So work for Paradise. May Allah subhanaw taala make us from amongst the people of Janet Loma, I mean, remember that this world in the sight of Allah, it's not worth the wing of a mosquito. It's not worth the wing of a mosquito. So don't let it affect you so much. Don't let it bring you down so much. Don't let it stop you from making it to paradise where you'll have eternal bliss, the bliss that you are looking for. And remember that the greatest reward you can attain in this world when you do go through a test is in that first strike of calamity in NEMA Sabra and the other one is called matin.

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As the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the greatest reward for your suburb is in the first moment of calamity the first strike, what did you respond with? How did you think about Allah subhanaw taala is decree Allah allowing things to happen in this world for wisdoms we cannot understand. You may hate something that came into your life, you may really hate it, I don't want this situation, I don't want these circumstances, pass on to crochet. And when we're hiring Lego, it may be that it's good for you. We know this and we teach our children I know you don't like XY and Z, I know you don't like going to school or I know you don't like this experience or staying away

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from now or eating your vegetables, whatever it may be. We give them these examples all the time. And they are maybe insignificant in our eyes, but they are significant in the reality of this world. That we may hate things, but we don't see behind the scenes, they may be good for us. And you may love something while central Ambu che and our shadow lecan. You might really want something in your life and work for it and hope that it's permanent. But then it's taken from you as a test. Perhaps there's something better for you out there. You may love something and it's harmful for you. Perhaps you don't see how harmful it is long term. But Allah subhanaw taala is aware. Ultimately Who do you

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trust? If you cannot see behind the scenes and you cannot see the future? Who do you trust? Well Allahu Allah more into Natalia Moon ALLAH knows and you know not put your trust in Allah subhanho wa taala. The one who was always planning good for you, the one who's always decreeing good for His servants, good for his righteous slaves may have lost the power to make us feel amongst them. Remember the example of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam, the most beloved to Allah. And yet we see that the messengers are the most tested of people, the most tested of people, if you feel confined, due to the pandemic, at times, if you feel like there are restrictions here and there,

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always look at the silver linings, change your perspective that there's some height in it, because complaining about it doesn't change it. All you can really do when the test comes to you is perceive things in a certain way and then take action in a certain way. When you perceive you perceive with a reminder and a recognition that this world is temporary. And when you respond with action, you're responding with what's best in that situation for yourself, your family, your community in the world, we have to keep moving forward, we have to stay productive. How much time did we waste due to this pandemic and during this pandemic? And how much productivity did we attain? May Allah subhanaw

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taala keep us productive at all times and places. The best time to experience a new beginning as a Muslim is certainly not another day or another year or another month. It's always in that moment in which you were reminded. It's always in the moment in which something good crossed your mind or a reminder or an Asana advice from somebody else. New Beginnings for Muslims in general. Start with every reflection and every reminder. And if you've made many mistakes in your past, whether it's the past year

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or, or the past 50 years or the past few hours, but you are still alive today. There's still hope for you today. So take action while you can take action while your heart is still beating, and may Allah subhanaw taala accept from us. Remember that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it normal Armada will Hatim verily deeds are judged by their conclusions. You cannot guarantee that your conclusion is in another year or 10 years. So make every day as though it is your conclusion as though it is your final opportunity and you will have less regrets. May Allah Subhana Allah forgive us elevate our ranks relieve us of our hardships and relieve us of this pandemic and may Allah

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Subhana Allah grant us gratitude and optimism regardless of which trial or tribulation we face. Ask Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness, for he is the offer giving the Ever Merciful now who know how many how there was stuff that Allah confessed all Pharaoh in the Hall of affordable.

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was a happy woman who Allah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us feel amongst those who are always looking forward to the highlight of the day, and the height of the goodness of the next year and the goodness of the next month and the goodness of the next hour, and not wasting any time hoping for a future that is not guaranteed. Remember once again just to summarize, new beginnings in times of hardships, look at the example of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the Companions who are learning from him on how to perceive and how to respond to hardships. Number two new beginnings when you fall short. With regards to Allah's

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rites, Allah's commands, when you fall short when you commit sins. What do you do? How often do you go back to Allah subhanaw taala in the moment, sincerely vowing to not return to that sin again. And number three, new beginnings with regards to perspectives and the right expectation of this life once again. Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a role model, the ultimate role model for all of humanity and our role model out of his salatu salam. And Allah Subhana Allah ends the idea about taking him as a role model with that God Allah cathedral, remembering Allah subhanho wa taala. Often regularly, we know how he sallallahu alayhi salam spent his day and his night, we know the type of

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DUA and Dhikr he used to make. We know his character and how he used to treat people from all backgrounds, Muslims and non Muslims, family, friends and community members. And we look at the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam in his exemplification of Vic, just this one act of worship. And frequently we remind ourselves and remind one another with Koodo law, remember Allah and we start saying Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah and Allah Allahu Akbar, then it is liberating no doubt to us to do that it is beneficial for us to do that it is a forgiveness of sins, it is a protection against sinfulness. It is the planting of trees and gardens in Jannah, no doubt, but make

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sure as you are increasing in your thicket through every day and you every new beginning and every new year that you make sure your heart is present to. Now when you say Alhamdulillah when you first wake up, and you say it, you really mean it. When you say Alhamdulillah when you finish eating, that you really mean it, that there are people who don't have a fraction of this blessing Allah, Allah can hunt, that when you make the cut in general, your heart is present as much as possible contemplate. And when you take the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as a role model, ask yourself when you go through certain experiences at your workplace, or at school, or university, if

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the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam was watching you, or he were, let's say, following you, when he approve of your actions, would he find what you're doing to be so pleasing to Him as a follower of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the way that you interact with your classmates, your honesty and your integrity, with the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam smile and approve of that. The way you deal with your teachers, your professors, the way that you deal with your colleagues at work or online as well the way you interact with people, the websites you visit, the things that you listen to, if the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam was next to you, when he smiled in approval, that

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you were following my sunnah 1400 years later in the best manner you possibly can. If the Prophet sallallahu Sallam saw you speaking to your spouse, your wife, your husband, would he SallAllahu Sallam approve of that? Would he smile and say this is a relationship that is following in my sunnah. The way that you speak to your parents, the way that you speak to your children as well. When he sallallahu alayhi salam approve of that. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us amongst the people of Hassan, Allah subhanho wa Taala is always watching Allah subhanaw taala is always present at how you will call you. Remember, remember, remember in every instance in every situation,

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that if you really love Allah subhanaw taala and you really want to meet Alana good state and you really want paradise. Your actions have to reflect that desire and that claim and that requires us to constantly reflect on

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where we are on what we've done on what we've said, and when we make mistakes, that we rectify them that we correct them. And we treat our people in the way that the Prophet sallallahu Islam will treat them as well. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us and elevate our ranks. May Allah Subhana Allah make us from the true followers of Prophet Muhammad Ali salatu salam, those who really take him as a role model those who look up to him and those who love Him. And may Allah Subhana Allah guide us and guide others through us and forgive us for all of our sins, the major and the minor the sins that we remember the sins that we forgot. May Allah Subhana Allah was to take every day as a

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new opportunity and a new beginning. And may Allah Subhana Allah grant us the good of the upcoming year and protect us from any evil and harm

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