How can one Focus both on one’s Religion & Academics

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This question is asked by Fahad Ansari from Assam, India

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with the Father and third is asking a question. I am basically a student preparing for my engineering exam. I'm actually facing some psychological issue in my recent observation, I feel that whenever I tried to increase the intensity of God consciousness or my Eman then I cannot focus on my academic performance. And if I tried to focus on my academics, then maintain City of God consciousness weekends, why am I not able to carry out both with perfection? This is a very important question.

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But the Father has said that when you concentrate too much on his education, he cannot concentrate on TV man is talking about goes down. If he paid attention to a religious city with a man and two stuck, his concentration education goes down. Why is this and how can you solve the problem? Many a time this happens by the bosasa of the shutdown, the shutdown whispers and tells you Oh, no, don't offer Salah tomorrow the examination. So, imagine if you want to pray full day you will be spending one one and a half hour and you will not will do well. So, you prepare one or more for examination you will do well. These are the Messiah that comes. But after know your priorities, whenever two

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things which are important clash

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always the one which is more important, should be done first.

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For example,

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if to a doctor, a patient of heart attack, ischemic heart disease comes to him. And a person of common cold comes to him who will get into first but actually the person with a heart attack. If he doesn't attend to him, he will die. The person is the common cold he has had the chance. Similarly when it comes between your tequila and your Eman And between your education, both are important, without doubt, but the tequila and the Eman and Fela is far more important a million than more important than your education.

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Because this life is a test for the hereafter. And as I mentioned in my previous answer, that the Beloved Prophet masala Sallam said it was mentioned in say Muslim why number one, number two for six that the Prophet said that between a man and cook and chick is not bringing Salah. So, if you think that if you become more religious, if you pray and if your Eman increases, then your concentration of your education will go down. This is the Vasa of the shaitan. In fact, if you pray properly, the amount of serenity you get the amount of peace of mind you get that you study better, I am a medical doctor during my medical studies, but natural

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I used to have tension during the final exam, most of them will be there, but the moment you pray the old tension goes down the serenity the company that you get your mind becomes more fresh, it is rejuvenating

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and the things are very important

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these things are a must every day of your life. So my request to you is that between the two is more important your Eman is more important or more important, that does not mean that you neglect your education and your study. This was fossa will surely go away in your Salah you pray to Allah subhanaw taala Please let me concentrate and the moment to pray to Allah subhanaw taala Please let me do well in the examination Please let me concentrate inshallah, you will prepare for the examination better and you will fare also better. And when these thoughts come in your mind, you have to read also Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim also belimbing shaytani r Rajim I seek refuge in

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Allah from setting the highest very important and the moment you say there's inshallah mine will come back into the track. But always remember number one is taqwa is the man, the Salah, it is nowhere close to any other thing and inshallah, if your talk was high, if demand is high, if you are alive in place, inshallah you will do well, even in your examination. Hypothetically, even if you don't do well in the examination, you will not do good in this examination of the world. But this life is an examination for the Hereafter, as Allah says in the Quran in surah mu chapter Massoud same or similar to Allah the collateral Mata will hat is Allah was created death and life to test

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which of his good deeds inshallah, you will pass in the examination of the hereafter. And when we do do, we set up an Athena Mia has nothing

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that Oh Allah give me the good in this world and the hereafter and save me from the torment of Hellfire and we pray to Allah be with me. ilma in

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carries me in knowledge and give me beneficent knowledge. So inshallah life wiser Your mind is is alive proper inshallah educational to do better and you will come closer to Allah subhanaw taala it will benefit you in the hereafter as well as in this world.