Deceptions Of The Gaze Dangers Of The Senses

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AI: Summary © The importance of protecting oneself from harm and fear is emphasized, especially in difficult situations like the Sharia. The importance of knowing the nature of the Sharia and not overpaying for it is emphasized, as well as dressing in public and avoiding rich clothing. The speakers also emphasize privacy and privacy in public spaces and not allowing people to do things they don't want to do. Prayer with strength and caution is also emphasized, and the importance of practicing Islam's sharia to avoid evil behavior and avoid sharing too many things on social media.
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FISA hatin Lila Remi. Coonan ltft will help good listener Souza Duke Dooku Bina Nam Lila no really the winery chatty phenol fella Hey Jonah

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I mean for Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah He was at my salaam alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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My name is John Medina. I'll be your host for today. This semester we have a series of talks lined up for you with the team dangers of the census.

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However today

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In the first event, a way important topic we talked about which is the reception of the gaze, which will be given by Chef Abraham Liu, who is the lecturer in Faculty of Economics. Before the talk starts, I would like to give a few reminders. If you have any questions, please send a QR code and post your question there there will be a code quiz be that after the first session

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so, please stay focus if your focus you will win

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early please be mindful of your belongings I do not want to take any more time from the show without further ado, I would like to call the shift in passing the mic.

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We'll be

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sharing with you what Allah has granted us from this college, which I believe in sha Allah will benefit each and every one of us living in this contemporary hours.

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Before I begin, as usual, thank you very much for granting me this opportunity to be

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speaking before you. I really appreciate it. The last reason if you have said

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ask Allah to Allah to reward whoever

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make sure that even see

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and whoever tried to participate and make it a reality by being

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open the heart of all of us to be able to grasp you know from little we will be discussing of the knowledge.

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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the topic that is happening to me is a very interesting topic which I I do believe

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even in this very time of ours every Muslim should have what is that the Sharia wants you to

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concerning this.

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We live in a time where

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people believe that they do have a freedom

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to be interpret, interpret the religion of Allah subhanaw taala definitions.

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That's why what is used to be Maru

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is my rough Saturdays we live in, in a twist. I mean, the truth is been twisted upside down

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as why this isn't promising to be aware of the correct approach. And what is that it's not clear what you're wanting to do in in this life as appropriate. On on the Day of Judgment.

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Allah subhanaw taala created Adam Alayhis Salam and sent him to Earth.

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Allah Subhan Allah

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Shall I keep only one religion and that religion remains until the time of Muhammad Sallallahu.

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That's why it is one of the mistakes that we are making. When we talk about agents, we call them an idea, we

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religions, and those religions that were revealed by Allah subhanho wa,

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is a very long statement, because the only religion that was sent to humankind by Allah

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at this Islam has only one definition, one meaning

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and that meaning was the one that was given by Rasul Allah, Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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was the one that was given by Rasulullah. Salah is similar to that.

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I need to feel each and every one of us this. So that we'll be aware of the causes of the written situation that we are in

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the Muslim ummah are not cheap.

00:15:58--> 00:16:14

And I do believe 100% of the causes of the problems and the predicament we're facing in life with Omar Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is simply because it is agree to take the same method or predecessors

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to take the same method of our predecessors.

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And that's the reason why the situation is not changing, it keeps on getting worse and worse and worse.

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And don't you ever think of getting something good? As long as we don't change, the change will not please. And Allah doesn't want us to have miracles, or to have super power, you know, for us to approach you know,

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one of the uniqueness of the share of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is simplicity.

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Since Allah subhanaw taala base the success of humankind, on how much you follow Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, that's where his method and his path has been made, very easy for everyone to follow.

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And Allah subhanaw taala did not leave us with a mention of that she wants us to do is when I can Allah who live in the moment that I need a unilevel my taco must, and I will never let people walk straight

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without explaining to them what he wants them to, to do. So the religion of Allah subhanaw taala is very clear. And that simple religion of Allah subhanaw taala This is what allows you to

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forget about any interpretation given by the three speakers, or some scholars who disagree with the method of

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hold upon that allottee

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as a blind member, so we call it when he was asked, What do I do to succeed in this life? He said, Ali, Kevin, it follow that? I take the old,

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you know, version, all statement, all manage, so he's referring to the manhood of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu

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so please do understand this. Islam is not complicated. It's very,

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but unfortunately, because we're too much attached to the dunya that's why some of the laws that Allah subhanaw taala describe upon us.

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I mean, there seems to be vos.

00:18:23--> 00:18:33

But in reality, they're very simple, very simple. You just need to open your heart and understand the reason why Allah subhanaw taala bruta here. I think about them.

00:18:35--> 00:18:38

What does that mean Allah subhanaw taala is preparing for you when you meet in your

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life is going to be simple and easy. And that's why it was very different companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam initially very easy for us. So

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problem is, this one is too low and this one is.

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I will say in companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it's very annoying.

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The companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam apart on the practice of the religion very easy, because they always think about them. By all means, a future. What exactly are you heading to? And what Allah is meant to have prepared for you? I remember one of the companions of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam during one of the battles and Allah syllabi, explain to them how much as what is preparing for those who are patient, you know, so he said Yeah, it was

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a huge art

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you know, he was holding in this is to sell food.

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Give it to him by Rasulullah Salallahu Salam. So he said jasola do you mean between me and this place that you've just explained to us it just to be closed for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Rasul Allah Azza wa said yes, you see, if I live until the time I eat Mr. Murat he has tweeted, he says us live is a very long life, he threw them away and took his weapons with the prophesy charge, attack the enemies, what was leaking?

00:20:31--> 00:20:33

What made this effort

00:20:34--> 00:20:36

thinking about them, what Allah was not asked to

00:20:37--> 00:20:43

the life has been, you know, come to material we forgot

00:20:44--> 00:20:46

which is the absolute for So let's

00:20:48--> 00:20:54

be the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, in almost everything was done by Rasulullah sallallahu he will try to connect it with

00:20:56--> 00:21:01

so that we will not be too much in the dunya have a look at the saying of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He said, I said you know normal movements.

00:21:07--> 00:21:38

He said, he said, you know, who is a muffler smoothness is a bank craft versus somebody who lost his money. Somebody who's their ability is more than his his game. You know, so they told me that Allahu Allahu Salam, Al mirthless is the person who doesn't have well, and he has a lot of responsibilities to settle the promises and said no, and hopefully Almighty because he was asking them about the spiritual approach, not just the dunya approach, in terms of the dunya they were right.

00:21:40--> 00:21:44

This is somebody who lost every doesn't have enough to settle his is that

00:21:45--> 00:21:57

within the process of sadness into in my ummah, this is not the place to live, or come back to is the person who come back Allah subhanaw taala, which along with a lot of righteous deed,

00:21:58--> 00:22:25

unfortunately, the ability to press this currency, this Heba to be, you know, his standard, this last one we're going to take from his DVD, and pay the restitutions he owes us. And then at the end of the day, what happened, he will lose everything, and people are still demanding for their rights. Allah will take from the evil deeds and castle, and then this person is going to be taken to help.

00:22:26--> 00:22:34

So take this simple reminder, my dear brother, sisters, to understand the nature of the Sharia, should you have comes with on purpose, make life easy for

00:22:35--> 00:22:40

marriages, understand it correct. Don't go with this claims of

00:22:42--> 00:22:44

Allah he will not take us anywhere.

00:22:45--> 00:23:11

We have the religion of Allah's motto, which is one, and it is not different from the religion of the companions of the person lost the moment he started bringing your own interpretation or adopting the interpretation given by other startups the notice of the religion, you accept everything that exists in this life, you're going to get into trouble will be depressed, and Allah subhanaw taala will withdraw support in your life and once Allah smart Allah does that, to

00:23:12--> 00:23:17

the predecessor succeed, we have an excellent life because the difference is different paths

00:23:18--> 00:23:19

from A to Z.

00:23:20--> 00:23:22

What matters to them is word of mouth.

00:23:24--> 00:23:27

But Allah azza wa jal says something they have no any other

00:23:29--> 00:23:29

which Allah.

00:23:32--> 00:23:32

So, back to

00:23:33--> 00:23:35

this issue of the site,

00:23:36--> 00:23:40

you know, Allah subhanaw taala when he created the human beings,

00:23:41--> 00:23:51

grant us a lot of it is when Intel Jr met Allah He. So, if you are to try to calculate the name of Allah subhanaw taala you will never be able to do so.

00:23:52--> 00:23:56

How many name was mountain has given us countless number of them.

00:23:57--> 00:24:02

You will love it just want to look at yourself say Sophie and physical two

00:24:04--> 00:24:09

out of the last four days given you cannot be calculated or counted.

00:24:12--> 00:24:14

I will look at nearly all of

00:24:16--> 00:24:17

them off

00:24:19--> 00:24:20

the air with

00:24:22--> 00:24:40

you know the water Allah subhanaw taala make it as the essence of the life rules of the life which are nominal color shade height. So since we need it to survive, Allah subhanaw taala made it one of the cheapest thing to be to be achieved and to be attained.

00:24:41--> 00:24:46

This is mercy from Allah in some places you don't pay because the government didn't ask you to pay.

00:24:47--> 00:24:59

If you go to the village if you don't want that the freshwater you can get the one that Allah naturally provides for you free of charge, because you need it in order to survive and Allah has granted you that

00:25:01--> 00:25:06

In the vast majority of the control of it, there is something which is bigger than that.

00:25:07--> 00:25:12

Which is greater than that and you need to it is greater than you need the food

00:25:13--> 00:25:17

because the air you breathe, you can survive without drinking you can survive without.

00:25:19--> 00:25:20

Okay humans,

00:25:21--> 00:25:23

but you cannot survive without bracing.

00:25:25--> 00:25:31

And that's the reason why we can see the name of Allah's likeness. He controlled it totally.

00:25:32--> 00:25:35

It won't even go to a place whereby you have to pay the bill.

00:25:38--> 00:25:43

How many of us are thinking about this, and this or that you see is something that parents

00:25:45--> 00:25:52

you know, is, is created by Allah subhanaw taala. So it finishes, you take in oxygen, it is going to finish.

00:25:53--> 00:26:31

That's why when they have an oxygen in a place with too many people, if there is no ventilation wherever they want will come finish the one that is concerned we have a lot of examples of this, an aeroplane that tells you that when you need, you know oxygen, you couldn't breathe properly, then you should request for for an additional one. Thus means it's finished, can perish. But Allah subhanaw taala our discontents mercy upon us, He created around us things which need that which we take out in that you taken out those creation, they need it and they produce the one that you need. So that like

00:26:33--> 00:26:34

how much you pay for this

00:26:37--> 00:26:38

Hanalei claim

00:26:39--> 00:26:57

and also many scholars that speaks about Aqeedah. And the, the main cause of this, they said the need for the Sharia of Allah subhanho wa Taala is greater than the need for water and the food and your

00:26:58--> 00:27:06

E will not the need you have to audition from Allah subhanho wa Taala is greater than the need for food and anything in this life.

00:27:08--> 00:27:14

Because if you lose the Sharia, this is going to mark the beginning of the loss does

00:27:16--> 00:27:17

not tell us is

00:27:20--> 00:27:21

it awkward?

00:27:22--> 00:27:29

No Sharia no life who said this Rabbil Alameen even have surely in your life

00:27:30--> 00:27:34

you will be the example of a dead moving person on earth.

00:27:35--> 00:27:45

Because all of the meaning of life will always depress in a state of stress. Even if you claim that you are is the trustee. There is no way for you to relax.

00:27:46--> 00:27:54

You know as far as relaxation is concerned, we're talking about the tranquility of the heart that is you to get this if you attach yourself to be you know philosopher

00:27:56--> 00:28:11

Allah says woman other than thinking in illumination is a promise but alas, Maha Rotella that if you stay away from the Sharia, Allah promised to withdraw his support from you. That means your life is going to be very tough.

00:28:12--> 00:28:21

You'll be suffering from this internal depression, which is basically the parents might be saying no, okay, but in reality you're not

00:28:23--> 00:28:25

honest person can tell you this.

00:28:26--> 00:28:31

So Allah Subhana Allah says Allah Who Raja cook box and the truck Allahu

00:28:33--> 00:29:03

Ala Moana, che and Jana, the Santa Fe, Allah subhanaw, Taala Bucha out of the mothers, this is also another lesson from Allah that puts you into that highly protected position. He will not call or die now if you're guarded by key, Allah, we put you in a very well established protected place. And as to the mother can survive you highly protected in that.

00:29:04--> 00:29:07

And Allah a lot of he might get into trouble but you know,

00:29:08--> 00:29:13

and then you come out and Allah has made a bridge out of exit which is supposed to be cut into pieces.

00:29:15--> 00:29:24

As a sign of the little of Allah subhanaw taala on us. Allah says We granted you we brought you out of the womb of your, your mother's. He says

00:29:26--> 00:29:27

you don't know anything.

00:29:29--> 00:29:36

And this is a fast nobody can deny it. When the baby comes out of the womb. They have zero knowledge, except the Federal

00:29:38--> 00:29:44

law says that alimony for jalila Kusama will have Zara Well,

00:29:45--> 00:29:56

Allah so to practice with these three main important, most important census because let's get the proper knowledge hearing on the site.

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

These are the most important census in the

00:30:00--> 00:30:01

Body of human beings.

00:30:02--> 00:30:24

Heart is the most important one, followed by the ears. And then their eyes. If you were talking about the most dangerous one in terms of putting you into trouble is the eyesight as this courts have mentioned. So the eyes and the ears, you know on every single part of you are part of the Nirvana that Allah subhanaw taala granted us

00:30:28--> 00:30:30

for you to maintain them, you have to observe

00:30:32--> 00:30:38

Macias Lane Ceccato let us see the following fortune in Arabic

00:30:40--> 00:30:43

only through righteousness this Naima is been

00:30:44--> 00:30:47

in call one of the predecessors

00:30:48--> 00:31:22

they asked him what is the the secret behind your strength in an hour nowadays, when you reach 14, you know, you start having what weaknesses? You know, in the past life is not like that. You know, down there, if you go back to the history, there are many scholars who each 120 125 or even more than that, And subhanAllah they're very strong. So one of them was asked what is the secret behind your strength we see been stronger than the younger ones. is a typical here, Jawad.

00:31:23--> 00:31:39

Hafeez in our haffi, a Syrah the heavy the Allahu Alina 100 give up. He said, These are the limbs that Allah smarter bestowed upon us. And we tried our best to make sure that we observe the shipper through them, we preserve them in the way Allah smart Allah wants.

00:31:40--> 00:32:14

And therefore now we are gaining the result of that preservation that we had in the past. Allah protected these limbs for us, we maintain our strength so that we can enjoy life even at the old age. That's why some scholars said when they're talking about this ima shaitan Blanca is that if you were to memorize the Quran, not necessarily memorizing it, you know, but you can read it you know from the memory but if you read the Quran and apply the Quran in your daily life, be even Allah Azza wa Jalla you will not reach the O H you know the time of this

00:32:16--> 00:32:17

they can't

00:32:20--> 00:32:21

they just hold it

00:32:24--> 00:32:27

as a second time it has been fixed so

00:32:34--> 00:32:36

let's go back to the manual life.

00:32:39--> 00:32:42

So what was I saying? You have to remind me when was the last time

00:32:46--> 00:32:48

okay, then Hamdulillah he remembers you know.

00:32:50--> 00:33:00

So I will say in some scholars when they are interpreting the scene of Allah subhanaw taala woman out of that and victory in Allah who measures and banca when I should we all know Kiama Tiana

00:33:01--> 00:33:34

they said this is applicable to those people who stayed away from applying a Sharia of Allah subhanaw taala in their daily lives. And those people who observe the Sharia, even Allah azza wa jal, Allah Sparta will preserve that ah, Inshallah, so back to the eyesight to restrict the lecture to it, because all of these nehama that are lost points are granted to the hearing, you know, the eyesight and the food, you know, and the hands they're supposed to be preserved. But since the topic is about the ISI, what do I do to preserve it?

00:33:36--> 00:34:19

Allah subhanaw taala in Surah, two a new he says couple more Medina, Yamato min Assad him pulling movement in a whole domain upside him wherefore the Furuya radical as Kalam, Allah subhanaw taala commanded the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and to tell the believing men to lower their gaze. You see here Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, what do you mean? I'm sorry, he asked him to lower their gaze. But he said men are sorry, some part of that is because this caller said there are circumstances generally is prohibited for the brothers to look at this the correct approach and the correct opinion of of this call is that it is haram for a person to look at the opposite gender or

00:34:19--> 00:34:50

less if there is a need for that. And because of this need that might arise that's why the Sharia says Men absorbing what isn't the one who's looking for marriage, the medical doctor to look at the place where he is supposed to be looking when there is no same gender to look for that which is the Muslim half of that patient. You know, a couple of situations mentioned by by the scholars which can be used as an exemption of this general ruling. But the vast majority of

00:34:51--> 00:34:59

our relationship with the opposite agenda Allah supporter says a person has to lower his case, only more menial, Guberman absorption

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

Apart from that exception mentioned by the scholars, there is no any other exceptions. I'm not here to give you the list of those questions that I mean the scenarios and the moment that people usually ask. I'm not here to talk about this, but I will just tell you generally Allah subhanaw taala asked you to look at your case. Yeah, if you want to include it among those exempt exceptions mentioned by the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you should know that whenever you look, you're going to get sin from Allah subhanaw taala is a simple act. That's why one of the companions of the Prophet salallahu Salam did not lower his gaze, and he looked at somebody who is not halal

00:35:42--> 00:36:23

for him. And subhanAllah while he's looking, he kept on walking and he hits the wall next to him a pillar in front of him. He got injured on his on his forehead. So he told the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about that. And then the prophets along the sermon said yes, when Allah is going to love the person who are granting things that will help him to remove his tragedies, that's these are the sins that he's committed. So it's a simple act. Whoever tells you this is not a simple act, is making a mistake because Allah commanded us to do whatever Allah is going to ask you to do. If you don't do it, you get sin. You can only say that this is a must have, or this is mcru if you have an

00:36:23--> 00:36:46

evidence to divert that general ruling to something else, and in this case, we don't have if you go into the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we didn't have any exceptions except if that happens by mistake the prophets Allah sama said you have the first one but the second one is not is not yours. What is it? What does it mean by the first one?

00:36:48--> 00:36:49

What is the meaning of the first look?

00:36:50--> 00:36:56

Meaning if you meet the opposite gender, you have a time you have a chance and you have a right to look for the first one.

00:36:58--> 00:37:02

And then after that, you have to take away you in face is that true?

00:37:04--> 00:37:09

Is that true? So what is the correct I mean interpretation of this

00:37:10--> 00:37:21

meaning the one that comes by by mistake, right? But does that mean also since the first one is yours? And then you just keep looking because the moment you turn your head then you don't have

00:37:22--> 00:37:24

I mean the right to come back again.

00:37:25--> 00:37:48

I mean, I'm saying this because I have heard some people are saying the same thing. So I just want to make sure that we are on the same page. Again, it's so the prophets Allah Allah cinema means that that look that you have which is happening accidentally, then you turn your you should you should quickly turn your head, then Allah Subhan Allah subhanho wa Taala will not hold you responsible of it.

00:37:49--> 00:38:30

Other than that, other than that, you will be responsible. God Allah was Utila cool in one minute, you're going to mean upside him well for the future. You see, when it comes to the look, in Allah's Mercy says let them you know, lower their gaze, some part of it, because there are circumstances where it might be permissible for a person to look. But when it comes to hemsson for rouge, because there is no way for this to be legal, except through the marriage that Allah Sparta legalized. That's why he says when I follow Foochow let them preserve and protect their private part. There is no way for it to be liver he did not say where I follow mean for Raji is it were Follow, follow

00:38:30--> 00:38:49

John. This command that Allah subhanaw taala gave. He also gave the same thing so uncomfortable. He also gave the same thing to the sisters. Yeah, this is not only for the brothers in the second if Allah subhanaw taala says we're pulling more Minetti Yamaguchi. I mean, I'm sorry hinda.

00:38:50--> 00:39:03

Although the emphasis that Sherry puts on the brothers is much greater than the emphasis you have, which the Sharia put on the on the sisters. Good idea. Both are commanded by Allah's monitor to lower their gaze.

00:39:04--> 00:39:18

But that's why you see in the time of the Prophet Allah, somebody can come and attend the lectures and, quote, man, all of these things are when it comes to the brothers. No, no compromise, no leniency. That's why we're Soula salatu salam

00:39:20--> 00:39:45

was on a journey. And then he realized that I SHA or the Allah on her might get bored because she was alone in that in the heritage. And how did this is the small room they put on the camel, so the sisters will go and sit inside the brothers has to suffer walk on the ground, but this is to be the inside of the heritage. So Aisha has been there enjoying her life but then the prophets Allah sama realized that she might get bored.

00:39:47--> 00:39:50

So he told the Companions please You guys should move forward.

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

They ask him jasola Is everything okay? He said yes, there is nothing. So Hala. This is part of the good relationship with the Prophets a lot summerhouse with his

00:40:00--> 00:40:10

His wives. That's why previously I mentioned that if you check in any place online, you will never find a person like Rasul Allah

00:40:11--> 00:40:18

was the most excellent husband, the most excellent husband, and his wife was the most excellent wife to the husband.

00:40:20--> 00:40:32

They really understand how to live with the husband, and the prophets, Allah Sama, really understand what should be done to a family for you to gain their heart, so that they will not do anything that will annoy you.

00:40:33--> 00:41:17

Wish we have time to swim in this but this is a message for anyone who married and he is suffering from this misunderstanding, inhuman and his wife shouldn't happen actually. But unfortunately, because we lack approval, you know, reading of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. That's why our behavior at home is totally different and we are bearing the consequences. Life is not good in most of the houses, are we talking about the student of knowledge, not even the alumnus, the student of knowledge, we need to expand our reading, you know, to life of the prophets, Allah Asuma to see how did he leave you with his wife? How did he manage you know, to have those people

00:41:17--> 00:41:34

still with him with all the difficulties and the hardship because in the house of Rasulullah, sallAllahu, Surma they might stay for two months without getting fire on, on the on the stool. You know, they drink the vast majority of their life milk, if they're lucky, or else just water and timber.

00:41:35--> 00:41:53

If any tough life but they are very patient when Allah is wanting to throw them if you want a new life, if you want something different, you know, a better life according to the dunya wise or Celeste Allah sama can grant you the divorce, then you go and take somebody else. None of them agree to stay away from us who likes a lot.

00:41:54--> 00:41:58

You might say this is just because he's Rasul Allah. No, it is not.

00:41:59--> 00:42:00

I don't see that.

00:42:03--> 00:42:44

You might say this is Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. No, it is not just because he's Rasul Allah salah, it is as absolutely because of the behavior sola sola sama had with me. So I really urge and advise anyone who married and those who are about to marry, please read about the life of Rasulullah sallallahu. Man, his and his family members. You can see how much he cares. You know, some of us when they go out, they travel, they disconnect themselves from from the home. And this is wrong, absolute zero. Some of them at home also they have no time for the family. You go to work outside, but then you come back also with the work inside the house and you become very sensitive to

00:42:44--> 00:43:09

everyone. As soon as a lot. So it's not like that. When he's at home. He is at home. You live with him as a husband and a wife. So he was on a journey. And then he told I shouted Allahu on her after this. I mean, this passing the competitive the prompts a loss. He told me she just go, they asked me also like Is everything fine? He said yes, everything is fine. But I just have something with my family.

00:43:10--> 00:43:11

Okay, they left

00:43:12--> 00:43:35

the province a lot so a coal ash actually came down and then she couldn't find anyone she Sarah Sula. What happened? Is everything. Okay? He said, Yes, everything is fine. He said, Don't you want to race with me? Now she understand why did you bring up now? He wants to give us some something else some refreshment? Is it Aisha? Do you want to do race? She said yes. Yes.

00:43:36--> 00:43:48

And they did. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I lost that ARIS. I shared a beloved one. And then the prophets, Allah Salam, tell her to go back, and then they try to catch up the

00:43:51--> 00:43:55

next time, the prophets, Allah Azza also was on a journey with her.

00:43:56--> 00:44:24

You realize also that she get bored. The professor last summer told the Companions please, you guys should go forward and have some fun with it. So he told Aisha to come down. She came down a professor last summer said I shot can we do the race again? She said yes, of course. She forgot that she wasn't the same Ayesha. Like before. She told them yes, let's do it again. And this time around the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam are defeated. When they come back. He told her this is my revenge. So let's go and catch up.

00:44:27--> 00:44:39

This is an occasion right? There was an event that took place in the masjid of the prophets, Allah Salam o where the people from which you came to, I mean, demonstrate some of the games they have in their own territories.

00:44:41--> 00:44:56

The problems are largely selama at all, Aisha, would you like to watch and these are brothers who came to be so they were having the games amongst themselves in a material pursuit like Salah Salem. So he told Aisha if you'd like to watch it, you can come and watch.

00:44:57--> 00:44:59

So she came and she put her

00:45:00--> 00:45:23

Up, would you call the chin you know, on her chin on his on his shoulder, and he was watching the game. Right? And the prophets Allah Allah so after every moment you ask her Aisha, are you satisfied? She will tell him no Yeah, so Allah Subhan Allah and he kept on waiting for her until the time she told him now I'm dissatisfied and then the profit and loss dilemma to come.

00:45:24--> 00:45:34

So I guess by now you see the difference right? When it comes to brothers pray plain the prophets Allah sama led the sisters come to come to watch. Because what are they watching?

00:45:35--> 00:45:36


00:45:38--> 00:45:43

Fill in the blank, what are they watching? And they're watching the game. So they're watching the players.

00:45:44--> 00:45:56

The games, right? When it comes to the sisters playing the prophets, Allah sama did not want the brothers to comment on what she told her companions. And these are the most trusted entities on earth. He told them to move.

00:45:58--> 00:46:11

Right? Because nowadays, you know, I'm telling the truth if you were to organize a football match between the sisters and themselves, and you tell the brothers to come and watch Who amongst you will go and watch the game.

00:46:15--> 00:46:31

Anyway, I left it, I live in with you. So what I'm trying to say is the emphasis on on the brothers is more on the sisters. And also another reason was due to the fact that the one who gets into trouble are the sisters.

00:46:32--> 00:46:44

True the one who is getting into trouble nowadays because of the ISI while the sisters, because the brothers when they see they might use force to get that which they don't deserve.

00:46:45--> 00:46:59

That's why you can see the emphasis was on them more than more than assistants. But as I said, both are commanded by Allah subhanaw taala to to lower their gaze. So every Muslim is supposed to, to observe, observe this.

00:47:00--> 00:47:09

Unfortunately, we live in a time, which is totally different from the time of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the time of their predecessors in the past.

00:47:11--> 00:47:13

You might be in a community you rarely see

00:47:14--> 00:47:35

the sisters outside and not saying going out outside is is wrong or is not Allah smarter do not make it prohibited. But I'm just trying to make a comparison between the past and the present. And when they go out, they go out decently well mannered and also properly dressed in the way and last minute Allah commanded them to do. Allah says,

00:47:37--> 00:47:38


00:47:40--> 00:48:14

The economy which econo whatever region whatever region Jaya heliad, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says to the wives of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, stay at home. And if you happen to go out, then Allah subhanaw taala says, avoid the trouble rich, what is the average above average is to dress inappropriately, not in the way Sharia prescribed. And everyone knows what she wants, whether you're male or you're female, you know what Sharia wants when it comes to the hijab for both brothers, and the sisters. So the time is different from ours in our time,

00:48:16--> 00:48:33

we technically live in together, both opposite genders are living together. That means the efforts that you shouldn't be making to make sure that you preserve these eyesight should be more than what was done by those generations among the companions of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and the tabby

00:48:34--> 00:49:12

would have to be realistic to so they don't have universities they don't have schools they don't have I mean in in the same form we are having you know, they have different approach. Although both of them goes to the classes when the prompts a lot some is given the lectures until the time this is also demanded from Rasul Allah sama to give them their own special time they both attend the classes in the masjid in a very special way to practice a lot. So my use to design it and prevent any problem that might take place which will put the brothers and the sisters into into trouble. So we have to be realistic and inshallah in the next session we even light Allah I'll be sharing with you

00:49:12--> 00:49:16

them a facet and also a way out of us it means

00:49:18--> 00:49:30

the harms that it happens the negative effect of not lowering the gaze in sha Allah to Allah so I see you in the next session BarakAllahu Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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ready to scan the QR code and you'll be entered a quiz to

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was baggy right Liar

00:58:43--> 00:58:44


00:58:46--> 00:58:49

liar when I shall not have

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you can now plot

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the number of people

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is people

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in the house

01:00:57--> 01:00:58

three Ministy

01:01:01--> 01:01:01


01:01:25--> 01:01:27

stop the genocide Thank you very much

01:01:48--> 01:02:07

night 8763321 go

01:02:10--> 01:02:11

what is the most important

01:02:14--> 01:02:15

meat of

01:02:16--> 01:02:17

this life

01:02:20--> 01:02:20


01:02:25--> 01:02:25


01:02:44--> 01:02:44


01:02:47--> 01:02:53

the next question True or False I shot one boat there is let's see

01:03:15--> 01:03:20

false okay the people will say through please re watch the lecture after this

01:03:22--> 01:03:25

oh now we have a new person with Abdullah money good job

01:03:27--> 01:03:39

all right next question which person is referred to as the dead living person one who displaces displeases Allah one who stays away from Sharia one who uses his site from

01:03:41--> 01:03:41


01:03:49--> 01:03:52

Is it blue or is it yellow? I'm not sure it's yeah too.

01:03:54--> 01:03:56

Good job guys. Good job.

01:03:57--> 01:04:00

Oh let's now we have Cafe station 30

01:04:02--> 01:04:05

was top place we want to give you the gift so y'all come up the stage data

01:04:08--> 01:04:13

next question only man should lower their gaze. Is this true or false? It is false right?

01:04:15--> 01:04:15

Is it false

01:04:20--> 01:04:21

stop looking behind

01:04:29--> 01:04:31

Alright, so let's see who

01:04:32--> 01:04:34

only eight people say true.

01:04:38--> 01:04:44

Guys, please pay attention to the class cafe station that is still top place. Next question.

01:04:47--> 01:04:58

What is the bar Rouge wearing things not prescribing prescribed by the Sharia wearing clothes that does not covered our wearing haram drip

01:05:04--> 01:05:05

What is haram drips

01:05:10--> 01:05:15

are things that are not prescribed the Sharia the job that oh we have a new person on top Okay

01:05:19--> 01:05:24

next question what does the first look mean?

01:05:25--> 01:05:28

It means one good look right for 30 seconds is this true

01:05:29--> 01:05:34

look at it look at that for the first time the one that goes by the

01:05:35--> 01:05:39

goes by and passes the first look and how long you see doesn't matter

01:05:40--> 01:05:42

I think the bears are gonna choose the yellow color one

01:05:46--> 01:05:48

oh yeah a few of them was choosing that so

01:05:50--> 01:05:51

okay still number one

01:05:52--> 01:05:53

I guess it's a go

01:05:55--> 01:05:58

next question looking at an opposite gender from

01:05:59--> 01:06:03

the second time is macro sinful Mr. hab

01:06:08--> 01:06:09

please don't use the blue color

01:06:19--> 01:06:22

21 people over here

01:06:27--> 01:06:29

okay, still winning. I'm very sure this is a sister.

01:06:33--> 01:06:38

Next question, what is Allah's promise to the people that preserve

01:06:39--> 01:06:50

the Sharia hearts will be pure. He will not reach the old age and preserve him. He will be asked Oh, I didn't finish this last

01:06:53--> 01:06:58

oh sorry. 10 seconds Okay. How's it is number one

01:07:02--> 01:07:15

next question. The need for the Sharia of Allah greater than the need for the food and anything in this life? Who said this even Tamiya even can you claim or an hour we

01:07:20--> 01:07:25

10 seconds only dancers people want to even carry him Okay, let's go

01:07:26--> 01:07:28

for Isla stop

01:07:32--> 01:07:40

next question What is the most least according to the Prophet someone who is privately that's a lot of bad deeds to

01:07:42--> 01:07:46

two faced someone who is bankrupt and has lost everything and someone oh

01:07:48--> 01:07:51

come on guys increase the time it was this thing it

01:07:53--> 01:07:54

is it

01:07:55--> 01:08:04

is it all and when is it third place is alias second phase is kwila And the winner is

01:08:05--> 01:08:06

has a

01:08:12--> 01:08:16

good job ASIC you'll be paying a lot of attention. Oh okay. I know which ASIC this is.

01:08:19--> 01:08:23

So whoever won just now please raise your hands because we are going to give you gifts later on

01:08:27--> 01:08:28

please take note

01:08:32--> 01:08:35

Okay, please raise your hands again. Has IC

01:08:37--> 01:08:38

O oh there has it okay.

01:08:40--> 01:08:43

Koya and Ilya zany.

01:08:45--> 01:08:46

Okay thank you so much you have taken note

01:08:57--> 01:09:04

okay, just Dakka Dakka for pastic participating for the quiz inshallah we will now start the second session chef daffodil?

01:09:49--> 01:09:49


01:09:52--> 01:09:59

salatu salam ala Rasulillah Nina Do you know Habibi, now Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was something he was selling about.

01:10:02--> 01:10:08

So Hamdulillah we are back to continue with this noble mission Insha Allah, Allah Samaritan accepted from

01:10:09--> 01:10:13

all of all of us and grant all of us for those.

01:10:14--> 01:10:28

So Inshallah, in this session I will be talking about the deficit and also the cue, what to do to protect yourself from getting into trouble because of your eyesight.

01:10:31--> 01:10:38

There are a lot of assets, negative effects, you know, bad things that happens to the person who did not

01:10:40--> 01:10:47

you know, heed the message of Allah subhanaw taala and listen to the advice of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet and a lot. So in this event,

01:10:49--> 01:11:17

I know it's very tough to live in this time of ours, and also to practice this low lowering of the case. But I do believe in sha Allah, if you understand how much evil that can affect you live in this dunya in the future and also now and also what do we get if you lower what you get from Allah subhanaw taala if you're to lower your gaze to be in the light Allah everything is going to be fine, easy.

01:11:19--> 01:11:27

Number one, as we mentioned earlier that it is a simple act. So which means if you do it, you will get a sin

01:11:28--> 01:11:47

of light now buzz said when he was interpreting the Saint of Allah subhanahu Bucha Allah. Allah Deen age utente, buena kabbah evil if new alpha Heisha Illa lemma it says I do not see anything ashba Willem something that looks like a level.

01:11:48--> 01:12:07

You know that is better than the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said in Allah Ketubah cutterbar Alemany Adam Alvarado. I want to see where women and Xena at their academic and emhart Allah subhanaw taala has written upon the son of Adam is pushing of Xena

01:12:08--> 01:12:25

which is it will be very difficult for him to stay away from it. because mistakes are going to happen in his life. And in this hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said Allah inand it hasn't yet the eye the eyes commit Zina.

01:12:27--> 01:13:02

Most of us think that Zina is that illegal sexual relationship that somebody does with a person which is not halal for him. This is the big Xena. The biggest one, the one that is confirmed by the French as the prophets Allah sama said it said the eyesight committee now there is commits in the hands committed Xena the legs commit Zina the prophets Allah sama said well for wohlford isn't too pathetic, how are you can people but all of these the prophets Allah sama described them as as Zina. So these are the sins that a person needs to repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala

01:13:03--> 01:13:32

and take this My dear brothers and sisters, from me that the most sins you commit, the more you are taken away from Allah subhanho wa Taala nobody can survive in this life without having Allah smarter in your society. You need this mighty Emperor sisters Wallah. You need this you're living in a time of oppression and injustice and unfairness. You need Allah smart Allah to be standing for you. And the only way for you to get it is to attach yourself to what amass mountain I wanted to stay away from your desire.

01:13:34--> 01:13:56

The desire that Allah smarter doesn't want you to follow. One of them is this. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said if you are to do what Allah Samantha wants you to do, even though people don't like it, because nowadays, if you to absorb the correct approach, the correct understanding of the scholars concern lowering the gaze, trust me, you might face problem with with the friends and the community and the environment you're living in.

01:13:57--> 01:14:01

Unfortunately, in some places people think that this is disrespect.

01:14:03--> 01:14:14

So how Allah, we sue, I mean, we contradict ourselves, in many instances, again, one example, about this contradiction that I'm talking about

01:14:15--> 01:14:20

a logo that was an institution where I,

01:14:21--> 01:14:33

I receive a complaint and not be but that one of the departments receive a complaint that one of the members is looking at other sisters.

01:14:35--> 01:14:39

You can either one of the members is looking at the sisters and then become the big issue.

01:14:40--> 01:14:42

You see somebody saying is this suspect?

01:14:43--> 01:14:44

If you don't look,

01:14:45--> 01:14:52

right, and this person, look, a noun also it's a big issue. Why is he doing that?

01:14:54--> 01:15:00

To you good idea, and at the same time in the same place, there is another person who also will

01:15:00--> 01:15:08

was reported the complaint against him is that he doesn't look at the cell saying okay what what method in or should he follow

01:15:09--> 01:15:48

the correct way is to ignore every comment that somebody is going to be making, and just do that which Allah subhanaw taala ask you to do, burn sisters, this is a very serious matter with Allah subhanho wa taala. And what I can remind you about is that this life is temporary. And each and every one of us will be taken to his grave, most likely by the friends and their relatives, those people that used to be shy off, you know, and because of them, you go against Allah subhanaw taala trust me, my dear brothers, sisters they are they're the one who will take and put you in the grave and let you face the questions you know, none of them will agree to deal with you, to help you to

01:15:48--> 01:16:29

support you. They will spend a few time in a few moments next to your grave and ask Allah subhanaw taala and cry temporarily. And then they will go back and share the balance of the inheritance in the left. And they're going to forget you. So at that time, you will be remembering what you're supposed to be doing. And the person who agreed as the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam was informed by last Mahalo to Allah, that the regret of the person who made the wrong choice is going to be very strong at the time where the regret is not going to benefit him. So don't worry about what other people are going to be saying. Make sure that what you're doing is correct. Because you're not

01:16:29--> 01:16:43

harming others. You're not harming anyone. And people want you to look like them. I'm talking about the wrongdoers. If not even our fantasies what that is their NATO and the coulomb decide, and Aquila nessa nessa is a name

01:16:45--> 01:17:24

a person who is committing prostitution, she also wish to see all the other sisters also are going in the same in the same way. So don't worry, just make sure that you identify that which Allah has not asked you to do and get busy with it because it is not going to be harming others. Instead, it will be bring benefit to to the community. So the first month set up that you will gain by stretching your eyes looking at that which allows for her to either prevent you and ask you not to look is to get sin from Allah smarter which needs an exclusion. So the best is not to do because the most thing you commit, the farther you stay away from Allah. And if Allah doesn't stand for you in

01:17:24--> 01:17:30

this life, trust me my Deborah says you will get into trouble living with human beings is not easy.

01:17:31--> 01:18:08

And I know everyone understand this living in time and the time we're living nowadays, a poet says of Voldemort Mishima, regionally for intelligence, the affection for the Latin lie of the limo, you know, naturally, people are inclined to towards oppression, if you find somebody who is not oppressing others, there has to be a justification and of course, for that, so you need Allah subhanaw taala to be between you and and others. And for you to get this is to adhere to the Sharia of Allah subhanaw taala and one of these things that Allah asked you to do is to is to lower the gaze for your own benefit. Because when I look at that, which is how upon me, I'm not harming Allah.

01:18:08--> 01:18:16

Yeah, let's be clear about this. You're not harming Allah. If Allah anything that you commit on Earth, you're not harming Allah in anything.

01:18:17--> 01:18:24

Rather, you're harming yourself. So that's the first thing. The second thing, which is quite scary

01:18:25--> 01:18:28

to lose the light of Allah subhanaw taala in your heart.

01:18:30--> 01:18:34

There is a book written by Shirley Salman Tamia.

01:18:36--> 01:19:18

I mean, it's the collection of his statement on the Tafseer of certain new tips useful to know by shooting simultaneous, this is a compilation by some people, they just try to chase history last year on this too, and they put them together in one place, very interesting, small book that I recommend you to go look for it and read it in this surah Allah Samantha talks about lowering the gaze, right? And this will allow us to ask us to lower our gaze, and in the same surah Allah subhanaw taala talk about his light, it is Allah who knew as someone will art Yeah, so the scholars tried to make the connection between the eyes side, you know, lowering the gaze and also having the

01:19:18--> 01:20:00

light of Allah subhanaw taala in in the heart. You need that light for your iman to be perfected. If that light is gone, a person might be engaging in a lot of sins that will put him into into trouble. So the more you close your eyes, the more light you get from Allah subhanho wa taala. And this light is needed because if you don't have this light, it is going to affect your brain capacity. That's why somebody was right when he said one of the negative effect of looking at the thing that Allah subhanaw taala asked you not to look at it, whether from both sides, male or the female. Is that some

01:20:00--> 01:20:05

Not nest is going to be taken from taken away from your brain. Those people will never be smart.

01:20:06--> 01:20:51

Allah subhanaw taala will take away the smartness because if there is no light of Allah subhanaw taala in the heart, then a person is going to lose his smartness. Because this smartness, you're getting it because of the light that Allah subhanaw taala put in in your heart. I remember a poem that somebody mentioned and they attributed to Imam Shafi. It says to cultivate our caring, so a heavy fall Shalini electrical mousy Wirkkala Elma Nora cannula Hila Yehuda LWRC it said I complained to my chef, okay, even a genre of coffee. You know, one of the great scholars have been very, very noble and a great scholar. And so he taught Imam Shafi Imam Shafi said there was a time when I

01:20:51--> 01:21:27

started facing difficulty in mind, memory capacity, no Shafi was very brilliant, you know, student of Imam Malik, who memorize Mata in a very short period of time, even the Imam was so surprised. How can I spend years writing this book and somebody came in few days is done with the book. So that's Imam Shafi. Rahim Allah very strong in terms of memory, and it is not only Mr. Shafi, these are the predecessors, their sins are very little. So the light of Allah is 14, the heart is very great. I recall one of the

01:21:28--> 01:21:42

scholars, I guess it has an bossley Osage University used to sell as they say it is the oil. So it has at home a lot of gallons, you know, and this is the capital plus the profit,

01:21:43--> 01:21:54

he increased the amount of the capital, so he bought the oil, he brought it home, he came back to the house and he found one of these gallons, or was affected by a rat that was right that fell inside

01:21:56--> 01:22:19

Subhanallah he took away the rat and throw it away. We know the forecast said, if you have a rat that fell inside an oil, if the oil is liquid, then you have to throw it away, because it will turn into the Jassa. But if it is not liquid is Jeremy then you throw it away and that surrounding area and then you can make use of it. But this one is in a liquid form. So he threw it away.

01:22:21--> 01:22:48

On the way when he left the house hiraman But no, this is wrong. I was supposed to throw the whole thing. So he went back in order to check and see which one was affected by the rat. Unfortunately, he did not manage to to recognize it. What did he do? No to Harry, no, nothing is said I will never feed the believers something that is not yours. So what did he do it through the whole thing.

01:22:49--> 01:23:17

And he became very poor and destitute. Subhanallah one day looking at his situation and condition. He said, I know what really happened, and what sin I committed, which is the result of this calamity. And the problem that I found myself in? Is it 14 years ago, 14 years ago, I met a person who is poor, and I made fun of him. I call him Yeah, for

01:23:18--> 01:24:03

how many years? 14 years, is it 14 years ago, I remember there was a time I met a person and I made fun of him I call him 14 It said this is the result of that sin that have committed followed me after 14 years. Even though the only talk about this event, he says Subhanallah you is Colette the global code for animal mean either or two. It says the sins committed by those people. The predecessors are the minimum in comparison to our sin and he's talking about his time. That's why they will they are able to trace which sin when the calamity happens to them, they can link it to it which even Josie says in our time the sins are too many. Therefore, when the calamity comes, you

01:24:03--> 01:24:41

don't even know which which which sins was the result of this calamity. Subhan Allah so Imam Shafi said, I complained to my shed that I'm facing difficulty in terms of memorization, and then I'll work he told him, he said, you have to check yourself and repent to Allah subhanaw taala and stay away from them RC it says because knowledge is a light from Allah subhanaw taala that he casts in the heart of his creation and the light of Allah subhanaw taala cannot be given to somebody who is committing sin. And when we say knowledge, are we talking about the knowledge that is beneficial to you and the rest of the human case?

01:24:42--> 01:24:59

Because Allah smarter might give a person a knowledge that will cause harm to him. So the beneficial knowledge is the light of Allah subhanaw taala given by Allah subhanaw taala and cast in the heart of those people who have this light in the heart

01:25:00--> 01:25:21

So if you don't know you gaze Allah subhanaw taala will remove that light and you can see the relationship between our situation in the schools and institutions right? And this this ayat in Surah to a no so try your best Allah He My dear brothers sisters many of us are suffering you know trying to memorize simple thing but we can't memorize it.

01:25:22--> 01:25:24

always blame yourself

01:25:25--> 01:25:33

and one of the the things to be blamed is your side. Yeah, how much you open your eyes and look unnecessarily at those

01:25:34--> 01:25:41

opposite genders that Allah subhanaw taala asked you not to, not to look at or to look at them. So one of these

01:25:47--> 01:26:29

Okay, one of these facet is that the light of Allah swatter will be taken away from from the heart. One of these Mufasa had mentioned by the scholars is the color palette means stress, you know, stress, you know, the person who doesn't know his his gaze might be tested by Allah subhanaw taala with a strong depression in his heart, you will never live at ease and this is also experienced by by many. And you will like try it, my dear brother and sisters, tell yourself I'm going to close my eyes and focus on that which benefit me in which Allah subhanaw taala wants me to look at you will be at ease. Just have good intention and do it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and try to make

01:26:29--> 01:26:44

your life in the same way. Don't test Allah don't say no, I will just do it today and then tomorrow I go back No, just tell yourself that my life is going to be like this. Even a lie as usual at the vast majority of your depression, Allah subhanaw taala will remove them away from from you.

01:26:46--> 01:27:37

One of these negative consequences that happens in what comes after, after the marriage. You know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said yeah, Marcia Shabaab Minnesota, I mean, common bat affiliate ism, which, in our opinion, Basa wa salam encouraged, Melinda Farley, he does so in the hula hoop with the prophets, Allah is cinema talk to the younger ones. He said, Whoever can afford Ba, ba according to interpretations of the scholars means financial capability and physical ability to support the wife and to also have relationship with with the spouse, whoever can afford this the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam I said, let him marry, because marriage is the best method to help a

01:27:37--> 01:27:38

person to lower his gaze.

01:27:39--> 01:27:44

Yeah, the person who married he's not supposed to stretch his eyesight and look at others,

01:27:45--> 01:28:30

unless if it is necessary, is not supposed to do that. So the prophets, Allah Suma says, manage helps you to know your case, Watson live, it helps you to to protect your your private part. If you cannot do that, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said you should fast. We'll talk about this later, inshallah. So there is a lot that there are a lot of complaints by people who are married. You know, many of them are saying that we couldn't find marriage interesting. You know, and it's supposed to be, he married the system. And he's not finding the marriage that interesting. And as such, he's still going to look at at others having bad relationship with others. Yeah, this is the

01:28:30--> 01:28:59

result of too much looking at those pictures and images and also physically looking at others, it contributed to this, that you will not be able to focus on your wife and your husband when you're married. Trust me, there are cases like that, whereby a wife is suffering or have a husband is suffering from both side, we do have cases in our communities where the wife is suffering, because the husband is busy watching other things which he knows that haram but he cannot be patient.

01:29:00--> 01:29:21

Why was that because he was too much, you know, looking at other things which are not halal upon him. So when he married this person, he's going to be seen how, you know, their night 24 hours. So that attraction that is supposed to remain between them will be taken away from them by the reception of the shaytaan shaytan makes other things more beautiful to him.

01:29:22--> 01:29:50

And the same goes to the husband who are complaining that the wives cannot lower their gaze and they wash other things which are not halal for them. So please pay attention to this as even with me and used to say that you need this strength and you need this power and you need this ability. And you need this, these pockets out here after you marry. So if you don't lower your gaze, you're going to end up not having interest on the spouse you will be staying with when you when you marry.

01:29:53--> 01:29:59

And also they said it reduces the capacity of the Archon and I guess this one I am

01:30:00--> 01:30:24

address it. Earlier when I said it makes a person looks so stupid mentioned by, by some scholars, there are many other facets mentioned by the scholars but I do believe the time will not permit me to talk about each and every one of them. It is more than enough to know that this is something that is descended, tested about last Muhammad who were to Allah, that it earns you sins and takes you away from Allah subhanho wa taala.

01:30:26--> 01:30:36

Now, what do I do to protect myself from from this? What do I do to protect myself from this? Number one, tap on my hands

01:30:37--> 01:30:42

to fear must run Cortana. And remember that death is guaranteed.

01:30:43--> 01:31:01

And Allah smart, Allah did not promise any one of us that He will send him a notice before he takes his life. Imagine that the time you are looking at somebody that Allah smarter doesn't want you to look. And then the Angel of Death comes and take your life. Would you be happy with that?

01:31:03--> 01:31:05

I know every one of us will say no.

01:31:06--> 01:31:09

I remember one of the scholars, I can't recall his name.

01:31:10--> 01:31:27

But a sister was talking to her husband. So Hala, we have these type of lunatic fringes in our communities. You know, she adored herself. She beat herself. She beautify herself, she put every cans of makeup she can put when she looked at the mirror.

01:31:29--> 01:31:32

She was amazed with the weight loss monitor created.

01:31:33--> 01:31:36

Very beautiful. And then she looked at the husband who was a loser.

01:31:38--> 01:31:44

And she told him, Do you think that is somebody on Earth who see this face and will not get distracted?

01:31:45--> 01:31:52

The husband said shake so and so on. So Hala miskeen she was there, but they're planning against him.

01:31:53--> 01:32:01

That's why I called the husband loser. He said checks one. So she said no, even that one cannot be patient when he sees my face.

01:32:03--> 01:32:07

So she said, the husband insisted that this one cannot be distracted.

01:32:09--> 01:32:42

And subhanAllah he was in the wrong thing. Because when she asked him, Do I have permission to go to him? He said yes, you do have a permission to go. That's another evil mistake he made. So she went to the chef. She covers her face that she doesn't know who she is. And this happens in the muscle muscle Hara. So she won't she went to the chef and she told she actually has a private question. She said no problem. So the winter place people can see them. But nobody is closer to them to hear what she's saying. And to holla at the moment.

01:32:44--> 01:32:48

He told her to finally you know, what is your question? She opened her face.

01:32:50--> 01:33:15

That face that she said he's going to get this thought. So the chef put his head down. And subhanAllah Allah protected him. He told the woman because she said actually, I'm not looking for a question. I'm looking for an answer to my question. I don't have any question. But I'm just here to give myself to you free Subhanallah the chef told her Okay, no problem. But I have one question to you.

01:33:16--> 01:33:29

It turns out this question that I was just asking him, he said imagine, I just did whatever you want me to do. I give you exactly precisely what you have asked me to give. And then right after that, the angel of death

01:33:30--> 01:34:11

will show himself and take our soul. Would you be happy with that? He said no. He said optimal biller? No, I would not like this to happen to me. He kept on taking out the basis of these questions until the day of judgment. And subhanAllah I love the kind of punishment and last month and I gave that husband because that sister she was really affected by that mo result which is very simple because the sheriff told her that I don't mind. But my worry is one that if I do, I might not be able to repent. Because right after we finished the angel of death might come and take our soul. We are told in this life there are people who died while committing the sin. How do I know I'm not

01:34:12--> 01:34:49

in I'm not going to be one of these ones. So Hala she accepted that advice he told tefillah Allah Smarthub is told you with the Nirma of German preserve it and observe Schuco to Allah smart Allah before he takes it from from you. But she go back to the house. She became Rahima in a Raha like a monk. Every day she is fasting. And every night she is crazy. That man is always cursing the chef and saying that what I don't even want to hear the name of the chef. My wife used to be the most bit Malika to Jamal as they say nowadays, but he turned her into into Raha

01:34:50--> 01:35:00

so my dear brothers sisters, remember that Taqwa save you from this remember Allah's mortal watches that Allah subhanaw taala doesn't want to see you doing that, which he he

01:35:00--> 01:35:10

He tells you not to do. Number two prayer. Why do I choose prayer because Allah subhanaw taala says in the Sultan Highland, Fashi, all monk,

01:35:11--> 01:35:44

you know the person who goes to the masjid and pray to Allah subhanaw taala on time is supposed to be among those people who will lower the degrees. The least, are supposed to be the people who are praying in the massage. If your prayer is not helping you in this regard, I advise you to check and see how you pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala because prayer that Allah smart Allah wants from you is not any other prayer, like the one we see nowadays. Trust me my diversity says most of us praise but they're wasting their time. Because if you pray like Khaled

01:35:46--> 01:36:12

which we see nowadays, including the ima in the massage your prayer is useless. This collodion Rafa came to the masjid and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting down with the Companions, he went to the solar salah, so after he prayed to Ricard, he said As salam o ALLAH, Rasool Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said why they can set up LJ facility for inoculum to Sunday. He said, Go back and pray because you do not pray.

01:36:13--> 01:36:20

He went and prayed. They came back to the prophets, Allah Salam Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I told him go back and pray because you do not pray.

01:36:21--> 01:36:26

It happens twice or thrice. And then the man says Yara, so Allah will let the

01:36:28--> 01:36:30

law of sin of Abraham Heba Lindy,

01:36:32--> 01:37:13

I swear by the one who sent you the truth, I cannot pray better than this. Therefore we also teach me how to pray. The prophets Allah so my two of them is if they emit other heavy metal and David Minda is if you're to die, praying like this in the way you are praying, you will die upon something else but not Islam. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I taught him how to pray from A to Z. It is demonstrated for him the first Raka and the first Shahada. And then he told him to pray in the balance of his prayer, like what he did in the first and the second record. This caller said what was lacking in the prayer of that person is the tranquility. How many times you see the Imam

01:37:13--> 01:37:17

nowadays you know Subhanallah you can not be able to maintain the tranquility in the prayer.

01:37:19--> 01:37:34

The prayer of that Imam is volatile and he also is going to be affected that so when you follow on imam who is just like this, no touch and go I call them you have to disconnect yourself from him and play and pray alone. Otherwise your prayer will be will be useless. As soon as Allah sama told Maliki when

01:37:35--> 01:38:14

he and his friends who came to the Prophet Salla sama to learn about the religion. He says, Pray as you have seen me, pray, Rasul Allah, so I used to go on top of the member and pray and then he would tell the Companions I was doing this so that you guys will know how to how to pray. So how to pray according to the way Allah Sparta wants you to do, you have to observe for things. Okay, I make them so simple for things. Number one is sincerity, to pray for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala not for the sake of others. This is a prayer that helps you to stay away from them assay number two, to pray according to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, if we pray according to

01:38:14--> 01:38:57

your own way, and according to the way given to you by your share, which you know, it is opposite and contrary to the Sunnah of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, because unfortunately, nowadays, we live in a time, whereby I only recognize what is mentioned by my chef, and I believe that this chef is infallible, it doesn't make mistake. Yeah, this is what we are all about. And now it is sometimes also I can favor what the culture is saying, even though I know that Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihe Salam has something else to say. So do remember that a custom and a culture can only be followed and you have to follow the custom and the culture, as long as the culture is not going against Allah

01:38:57--> 01:39:14

smarter and the Prophet sallallahu sallam. If you see that the customer the culture has given the I mean the preference over the Sharia of Allah subhanaw taala then pursue less Allah so much he didn't talk to the Quraysh you know about what they're doing which which is wrong, but he talked to them and he asked him to stay away from it.

01:39:15--> 01:39:58

And knowing that the culture also is saying otherwise, but still the prophets Allah Some ask them to stay to stay away away from it. So my dear brothers sisters don't be so attitude. Make sure that you do it correctly. Otherwise you're just wasting your time. oximeter, Allah. Oxy oximeter villa. If you are to pray the prayer of that person that the prophets Allah Azza told them you're not praying. This one is not I mean that it is better for you oximeter biller to sleep at home, because this prayer is useless is a waste of time. If we don't go into making mockery and disrespecting Allah subhanaw taala and imagine who is in front of you and who you pray to Allah Allah Allah me. Observe

01:39:58--> 01:40:00

the tranquility, you know

01:40:00--> 01:40:24

When you pray like the prophets, Allah Azza, you need seven to 10 minutes maximum. If you're going to be to be moderate, Allah did not demand from you more than that you have 24 hours in a day. If you're going to pray every prayer 10 minutes, you're just taking 50 minutes out of 24 hours. Why can't we do this for our own benefit? Number three who show in the prayer?

01:40:25--> 01:40:35

Yeah, many prayers when they pray, we didn't have a clue. So when they might finish if you if you're going to ask somebody who was with the mom, what did they mom read? Most of us forgot.

01:40:36--> 01:41:10

Yeah, if you don't forget even you what you already did in the prayer that you pray in alone. So what is crucial? Many of us think that crucial is to cry in the prayer. Do you know that some scholars said If you cry, by forcing yourself to cry just because the mom is crying, you freeze your brain is affected. There are some people who are saying batalla salatu although we don't go with this opinion, we will say that it is disliked for you to cry just because somebody is crying in the in the prayer. Because in the in the tearaway we hear when the mom starts crying, then the whole must describe

01:41:12--> 01:41:19

who she is not based on crying, or shoe is based on what attentiveness of the heart is that her Lulu was going

01:41:21--> 01:41:39

to have your heart been very attentive in the prayer. And also your limbs are not moving here and there unnecessarily. And the last one is to pray, to pray on time. This is the prayer that saves the person in this life from democracy and also in the hereafter. It will save you the Prophet sallahu sama said

01:41:41--> 01:41:45

and I hope every one of us will listen to this. It said Menorca shall hisab

01:41:46--> 01:41:51

if Allah subhanaw taala is to observe hisab on you, you will definitely be in trouble.

01:41:52--> 01:42:32

Man no question he says if the real hisab is going to be done on you, you will get into trouble. So I shall set jasola But I hear Allah subhanaw taala saying I heard the last martela seen for Sophie has ever hit seven yesira There are some people who will receive it very easy he's up the prophets Allah sama Cydia Aisha in America, what is the this is the moment where Allah subhanaw taala will bring the slave and the prophets Allah sama said the other houfy kind of Allah put him in his own hijab a lot of put a barrier and cover him in the way nobody will know what is going on between Allah smarter asleep and Allah will mention to the slave what he did that is wrong in his life. And

01:42:32--> 01:43:10

at the end of the day, Allah is what I will tell, tell him go to Paradise, I was the one who consider your affairs in the dunya and today and forgive all of your sins, go to Paradise as soon as Allah some asset on to make connection to this. He said, If you pray to Allah subhanaw taala and your prayers completed on the Day of Judgment This is the first time that Allah smarter will start with if the prayer is perfect than Allah smarter will ask the angel to take you to paradise. You can see how to bypass all of those obstacles that might be faced by some of us if you pray correctly, but sometimes your prayer and actually all the time our prayer must have some deficiencies, right

01:43:10--> 01:43:30

you need something to to complete that deficiency. And here comes the importance of the Sunnah prayers. Don't you ever live a life whereby you don't pray the Sunnah prayers, try your best to them because you need them. You might not understand my word now but when you meet Allah when you meet Allah subhanaw taala you will understand what I'm saying that we need the Sunnah prayers

01:43:31--> 01:43:33

according to your capability

01:43:34--> 01:43:42

because on the Day of Judgment, if you have a deficiency in the warranty that Allah will take from the Sunnah prayers to complete your deficiency and then it will depend on their speed. And

01:43:43--> 01:43:46

this is how you can bypass that heavy ASAP.

01:43:47--> 01:44:15

And you need to have this because and you can I mean you need to understand this correctly because if you pray to Allah, prayer is going to stop you from committing the sins be evil as origin, your sins will be at the minority, be the law because your consciousness is always going to be there. Five times Allah is what is inviting you to him so that you can be reminded that's why you need the show. Because when you pray, you have the the feeling that you are praying before Allah subhanaw taala and the last point is watch.

01:44:16--> 01:44:54

So it's like you are checking yourself and checking your life with Allah's point and remove renewing the covenant and the promise between you and him. So preserve your prayers, my dear brothers sisters, especially praying in the massage for the brothers and sisters to pray on on time. There is no deed, perfect deed for somebody who doesn't pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala and also one of these means to protect yourself from from this evil attitude and evil behavior is too fast. And I guess I mentioned this in the hadith of Shiva when the prophets Allah Azza wa said If you cannot afford marriage, you should you should go and fast. And one of these methods mentioned by the scholars is

01:44:54--> 01:44:59

the remembrance of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. This is necessary remembrance of Allah

01:45:00--> 01:45:38

spirits bring comfort to the heart. And when you have the comfort to the heartbeat even a lie as though that will be reflected, you know in your eyes and you will be able to know though Yogi's Allah subhanaw taala says Alladhina amanu we're talking about even Apollo who did the killer and I basically light up my No clue. So try your best do the cube every single moment that you have a free time engaged in the vicar of Allah subhanaw taala as long as the thicker is attributed to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam get busy with it for mystic far, utterly, you know, attorney that has be anything that is reported to be practiced by Rasulullah Salallahu Salam do it it brings you comfort in the

01:45:38--> 01:46:19

heart. And nobody can tell you this except somebody who, who experienced this. The most important thing in this life My dear brother and sisters is to have an honest biller as the origin. Allah smart Allah to grant you that comfort, to be at ease at any moment of your life and that can only be given to those people who remember Allah subhanaw taala a lot. Somebody said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Yasuda Lai el cine jasola Advise me is Eliza Lully Sanlucar rochman Billiken Allah. Make sure that your tongue is constantly remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala is a very great means of protection against the devil. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, you

01:46:19--> 01:46:59

know, not lowering the gaze is coming from who from the Shavon and nevsun Amara de su and the Prophet SAW Allah Allah usermod set the example and this is mentioned in the hadith of poor care, even the career where the professor last summer said the example of somebody who is remembering Allah constantly, it just like somebody who is chased by an enemy. And this enemy was looking for him. They managed to find him and the guy ran away and they kept on chasing, chasing him and the man Alhamdulillah at last he found a strong fortress and he protected himself from from them. He said, This is the way Allah is protecting you from the evil of the devil if you are remembering him all

01:46:59--> 01:47:30

the time. So that's what he told that person who asked him to advise him is Eliza Louisa Luca Rothman with Akela he, as long as it doesn't make sense you are remembering Allah, but at the same time you are, you are committing committing sin. One of these methods to be taken by, especially by those people who are unfortunately, affected by this evil behavior, have been busy wasting their time looking at this images that are doing nothing other than destroying their heart is Adam will inherit you will Hello.

01:47:32--> 01:47:33

Being alone, don't be alone.

01:47:35--> 01:47:45

Yeah, don't be alone. That's why this call is talking about the best method to be adopted. Whether Being alone is the best or to mixed with others is the best.

01:47:47--> 01:48:26

And the best is to mix with others and be patient with them. This is what is told to us by the Sunnah of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam. The only time that he should be alone is when the when the calamity is rampant in the community, you cannot protect yourself if you're outside. And in this case, you have to be alone. And that's the reference to the Hadith of the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he says perhaps we're about to see the time when the best wealth that a person has or his sheep that he takes away from the city and go on run away from his I mean with his religion, from the tragedy and the test that is taking place in in the city. But these are rare

01:48:26--> 01:49:06

circumstances. In the normal circumstances, it is always better for you to come out and engage in benefiting others and observe patients. That's why when Nancy and Linda's so the method is given to us on how to live the tree ever say that? No, if I come out I'm going to look at things which Allah Sparta doesn't want me to look at them. No, as long as there is somebody who is looking for that which Allah smarter granted you is better for you to go out and benefit others and get benefit from them and the patient from the harm that will affect you from them. So however, being alone is only recommended when you are afraid of fitna when you go out otherwise it's better for you to engage in

01:49:06--> 01:49:18

being productive and benefiting the community. This is what we got from the Sunnah of the Prophet Salah Salem for those people who are affected by this disease. I really advise them not to be alone.

01:49:19--> 01:49:45

Not to be alone. If you're too much looking at those unnecessary things through the online things that you're getting, because nowadays, we don't invite them before you have to subscribe, subscribe, but nowadays you don't need to subscribe. You know you open an account part of it you have to accept that they will be sending you adverts and you know what does that mean? And sometimes if things will come wash up, destroying the heart

01:49:46--> 01:49:54

you know when you delete them they ask you to make comment and give you a series of options. Why are you deleting choose the offensive one.

01:49:55--> 01:49:59

Anyway, so my suggestion to those people who are

01:50:00--> 01:50:13

You know, Subhan Allah tested with this disease is to cut off their attachment to the cause. Because there is no way for you to stay away from something that is bothering you and harming you unless if you're going to cut off your attachment to that thing.

01:50:15--> 01:50:38

You know, if you are telling me that no, you can still go to it and preserve your iman, I will tell you, this is not being realistic. This is exactly like the poetry set by one of them. And he says, aka hopefully me, Mark tufan workato era yak and Bill Nye is if you bring a person in, you tie him you throw him in the water, and you tell them if you touch water, I will punish you.

01:50:39--> 01:51:17

What do you want him to do? Like that boy that I narrated the story and this is true story. You know, I saw this with my own eyes. And I saw the boy who was saying that the teacher complaint against him that he's not focusing in the class. This is this is one of the best example that I should be bringing to talk about lack of focus, you know, that those people who are watching this evil, you know, an illegal, you know, views you know, are going to be suffering from so this boy, he talks about discipline master, that the reason why he lost focus in the class, it is because the teacher, when she decided to punish him, she put him in the middle of the goals. He said when I lost

01:51:17--> 01:51:31

my focus you Allah, I was telling the dissident monster that this person shouldn't be, shouldn't be punished. Because you can tell him not to lose focus and you put them in the in the middle of what can cause him to lose the focus.

01:51:32--> 01:51:55

You get the idea. That's where we have to be realistic. When you are in a place you know of fitna and you tell yourself No, I can observe my Eman. No, it is not like that. It's going to be it's not going it is not going to be easy. For prophets, Allah Allah selama give us an example of how to protect ourselves from the evil of the day job. So when the gel comes, if you hear about him, don't show ever go to him.

01:51:57--> 01:52:06

Allah Hey, see these fitten that are taking place among us it just like the job Rasul Allah sama said, Don't you ever go to the place where the gel exists?

01:52:07--> 01:52:07


01:52:08--> 01:52:17

Because we do have this curiosity to go and know what exactly is happening. The prophets Allah sama said the John has a lot of Shiva in in it.

01:52:18--> 01:52:54

You might be going to him thinking that Eman is so strong, but he might lose that Iman out of the Shiva you're going to be seen how many people get into trouble because of one image they see and they know how to put it, you know, you're watching and then keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going and then it becomes part of your behavior, that you have to struggle a lot for you to stay away from it. So therefore it is my personal advice that you have to fear Allah subhanaw taala whenever you open your device, remember that last mortal watches an angel of death can come to you at any moment. And if you are among those people who are tested by being busy with this evil

01:52:54--> 01:53:36

behavior, I really advise you to cut yourself from the internet unless if it is necessary, processes is worth it. You know, the compensation will be generally isn't like as diligent staying away from these dunya marches should be very simple for you. Knowing that what Allah is smarter prepared for you is much greater. So don't stay alone. Be with your friends who He is Allah subhanho wa Taala then choose the loons is the one that will motivate you to go and do that which Allah subhanaw taala doesn't like. And one of these metals mentioned by the scholars is Majelis to Salah Hey, staying with the good ones, choosing the best people to be next to you. Because these are the ones that

01:53:36--> 01:53:58

whenever you see them they remind you about what you're what you're supposed to be to be doing. And the last thing I'll be mentioned mentioned is to make dua to Allah smart Allah to protect you from any fitna. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam advises, whenever we pray, to ask Allah subhanho to Allah to protect us from the fitness and Maya will match the fitness of

01:53:59--> 01:54:38

fitness in the fitness of Allaha. What is the fitness of any calamity and the fitna that happens to you from the time you are born until the time you reach degree. And there are a lot and one of them is this fitna that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said matter of too bad if it's nothing, he will reject me and Nisa, I have never left behind me a fitna that is worse than the fitna that come from the sight of the sisters. But he doesn't mean that the sisters are bad. No, they're not. They don't have problem, I have the problem, you have the problem because Allah is going to ask you to lower your gaze and you don't. So when you don't know your gaze, you're going to be distracted,

01:54:38--> 01:54:51

you know, for something that you might not be able to reach it. There are many people who lost their life. In this, you want to, you know, subhanAllah see the truth of my words going to read the book written by him. Look at that word.

01:54:52--> 01:54:59

In the middle of the book, he talks about the stories of people who lost their life, rather than say La ilaha illAllah. But those images

01:55:00--> 01:55:41

To stop the heart and dominated the heart they died mentioning the name of those whom they loved in this industry now, that's tragedy people are telling you to say Leila Illa. But the images are covering the heart of that person he sees nothing except them and he died seen those those names. So ask Allah smarter to protect you from from this evil behavior. Every single moment you pray to Allah subhanho wa taala. In the end, my dear brothers, sisters, I have a lot and there are some points also people reminded me to address but I don't think the time given to me will let me address those points, such as minding your business as part of lowering the case. I don't think the time might

01:55:41--> 01:56:04

permit me to go through them. My advice for each and every one of us in conclusion is to fear loss. Mannahatta Allah, Allah says well occurred Watson was Satan Levina OTP development company como el, and it took a lot, telco is they will see of Allah subhanaw taala to all of us and is the essence of the success in this life. There is no way for you to succeed if you don't have the taqwa.

01:56:05--> 01:56:42

But what is taqwa? Taqwa means to preserve the religion of Allah subhanaw taala and to practice the Sharia according to the Sunnah, and the book of Allah subhanaw taala. In the way the predeceases interpreted the religion of Allah subhanaw taala. It's as simple as this. Taqwa means to put between you and that which you are afraid of something to protect you from it evil, you don't want to go to hell. The best way to avoid going to hell is to have the taqwa. And what is the goal is to to practice the religion of Allah subhanaw taala How do I do it? Just go to the book of Allah Subhan Allah to Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet Salah Salem and do whatever Allah asked you to do. And

01:56:42--> 01:57:13

don't worry about the content of the others, there's not going to harm him. Allah subhanaw taala promise to stand for you in this in this life. So lower your gaze my Deborah sisters, in every community you find yourself it is not an excuse to be in a class where the opposite genders are to stretch your gaze. You are not amongst those exceptions. Allah subhanaw taala grantors good until we can be with us wherever we are in the home ecology meeting Kofi Subhana Colombo the Handicare Chateau La La Land as the Forgot to be Rekha Santa Monica

01:57:28--> 01:57:31

now let's move on to the questions and answer

01:57:32--> 01:57:33

a lot of questions

01:57:42--> 01:57:46

first question is is it possible to look at

01:57:54--> 01:57:56

caves, Rahim o salat wa salam ala.

01:57:57--> 01:58:00

Nina Do you know how do you mean Muhammad sallallahu alayhi

01:58:01--> 01:58:42

salam about honestly speaking I don't know where this opinion comes from. There are many many of us who believe that if a woman is fully covered then it is okay for a person to look I don't know where it comes last Martin asked you to lower your gaze he doesn't say the look at what is exposed is it isn't always the case. Yeah, so it is not okay a person should lower his gaze be next to the opposite gender gender provoke the desire good idea so that's why last month will ask you to lower your gaze whatever is not necessary don't do it unnecessarily things do them in the correct in the correct way. Allah grant is good

01:58:52--> 01:58:56

I think I have answered this right. Is it permissible or not? No right okay.

01:59:07--> 01:59:09

Not open social media

01:59:15--> 01:59:54

some people think that no, it is only impermissible when you have somebody physically standing in front of you. A person should lower his gaze. If you know that whenever you open the social media, whatever media you are dealing with, you're going to stretch your eyes and look at that which Allah smarter make it prohibited upon you then you have to consider it. Yeah, we give a lot of excuses. But all of these excuses are useless. Even law they're just putting you into trouble and you know you yourself deep down from inside that you're doing the wrong thing. So we have to be Allah smart and all our activities. May Allah smart Allah grant us good advice. Those people who are dealing

01:59:54--> 01:59:59

with the social media, you know, to do their best to make sure that they don't go beyond that.

02:00:00--> 02:00:09

limitation. And if you know that you cannot do it, because there are some people who said they cannot do you will not have a person who said I cannot do

02:00:10--> 02:00:21

what must you do to cut himself off from those social medias and be busy with something else. And Alhamdulillah we have a lot of things to be busy with. Rather than putting yourself into trouble, just put it off.

02:00:22--> 02:00:33

It is not difficult. That's why you have to train yourself also to understand the value of your time to reduce the amount of a visit to the social media. Nowadays, our life is all about media media.

02:00:35--> 02:01:13

When you go out of your room, have a look at the people the vast majority of the people are with their phones, right. Either talking or reading messages or doing some other things and the vast majority of these things are useless things if I'm to be honest with myself, I will say the vast majority of these are useless things. These are things which are not adding to my life, you know anyone, they don't add the dunya value they don't add the akhirah value also. So understand the value of your time whenever you use this phone or the computer, make sure that you're utilizing every single moment of your time in that which benefit either dunya benefit or the accurate benefit.

02:01:13--> 02:01:26

If you don't have one of these I really advise you to close it and just sit down even say nothing is okay it's better than watching that which will take away your time unnecessarily. Allah grant is good until

02:01:29--> 02:01:30

more serious

02:01:32--> 02:01:33


02:01:36--> 02:01:38

not know how.

02:01:41--> 02:02:22

This light of Allah subhanaw taala is given to the believers, somebody who accepted Allah subhanaw taala for you to qualify this light a person has to accept a mask which so all of our conversation and communication is directed to to the believers in Allah subhanho wa Taala although the non Muslims also are commanded also to follow the Sharia of Allah but we don't hold them responsible it does between them and Allah subhanaw taala unless if we have Iman but every single human being that is created by Allah is responsible to practice the Sharia that's why those people who go to hell Allah subhanaw taala ask them masala confessor can follow them no criminal masa Lee, you know, they

02:02:22--> 02:02:36

went to hell. Allah will ask them why are you here? They said we are not praying to Allah. So that means they're supposed to pray. But you know, prayer has conditions right? One of the conditions is Islam. Allah subhanaw taala grant is good.

02:02:46--> 02:02:54

Usually, he usually kept the same arrangement in the masjid, you know, the Muslim, the Prophet sallallahu sallam. In front, you have the brothers.

02:02:55--> 02:03:34

And then children or children will be mixed with the brothers and the sisters are behind. Right? Yes, this is behind. So what he actually does the prophets, Allah, Allah cinema also asked them to select one of the doors. This is only for the sisters, it prevented anyone from using that tool. Only policies, they use that tool. And he used to finish the prayer and look at the brothers, you know, look at them and complete his decal, and then stop anyone from moving until the time businesses goes first. Let's see if he has a lecture I want to advise people and the sisters remain in their own position and the purpose of law some will talk to everyone while they're all in

02:03:34--> 02:04:09

domestic. They're all inside domestic together. So this the arrangement of the music in the time of Ursula Salah cinema hamdulillah even in our time also almost all of our masajid with the exception of that Masjid in the US where they don't see or record they don't see it wrong to have brothers and sisters been praying in one place also mixing with each other in the same software you have brothers and sisters together. And this is wrong and Islamic against the Sunnah of the Prophet Allah so not against any culture actually. Now last modular guy, those who are doing that

02:04:23--> 02:04:24

I was really

02:04:26--> 02:04:29

allowed to honestly pursue

02:04:30--> 02:04:31

one time

02:04:33--> 02:04:35

on social media.

02:04:37--> 02:04:45

I don't know where did he get that? I don't know where exactly a question about that. What I know is Allah smart Allah asked us to do our keys.

02:04:47--> 02:04:59

And the only one that is permissible is the one that that comes accidentally as long as a person turns away his his eyes his head, then he will not be responsible in that. Other than that, the more you look, the more you get

02:05:00--> 02:05:02

In written by the angels in your account

02:05:08--> 02:05:10

once the system is allowed,

02:05:12--> 02:05:15

but why did you go to the physical look?

02:05:16--> 02:05:37

Yeah, because pictures deceive, right? Yeah, many times you see something in the picture, but realistically, when you see it, and I believe it, I know there are people who look at their sister or the sister look at them, you know, through the pictures, but when they meet, you know, they happen to meet, they don't agree. But in the pictures, everything is fine. Right. But out of the picture, people will see the reality.

02:05:38--> 02:05:47

That's why some scholars who agree with this, they said this is just permissible in a very narrow situation, as long as a person will just look and delete that picture.

02:05:48--> 02:06:25

Who is capable of doing this, if people are going to be honest to themselves, that's why as long as you can reach that person, the best is to go to them and look at that. And this is better for you rather than focusing on the picture. And then when she comes or you come and then both of you are seeing something, which is not that what she got from them from the picture. So allows me to make it harder for a person to look at the person that he wants to marry. Not just Hello, it is recommended actually is wrong for person to marry a sister or a sister Marina brother that they both don't know them. And knowledge here I'm referring to look into see whether they will agree or not, not

02:06:25--> 02:06:50

knowledge in the sense of what we say nowadays that I have to keep talking, she has to keep talking, we have to keep on exchanging messages, which is taking the prestige that is supposed to happen and take place in the marriage. The more you talk, the less prestige you have in your marriage, the less respect you're going to have in your marriage. Trust me, my dear brothers sisters, the more you talk to the girl that you want to marry, the more she talks to you, the less respect you're going to have him in the future.

02:06:51--> 02:07:31

That's why once you have identified the person that you want, don't take long, cut the period short, you know, make it as quickly as possible. If you're ready for that this is better for you and better for her and be an ally as the agenda you will be able to, to stay longer. So in Islam, what Islam asks you to do is to look not to keep talking Yes, you can talk to us questions which are necessary. But other than that is better for you to detach yourself from any unnecessary things until the marriage is solved. itself. And let me tell you this valuable assistance, believe it or not, all of these claims that we hear from our brothers and sisters that I just want to know the nature of my

02:07:31--> 02:07:56

wife, how does she think, you know, my future wife? How does she think? And the girls were seen that? I want to know, how does he think you know, and then we marry? And still we have them getting into trouble from time to time, and sometimes right after the marriage, right? Because we deceive ourselves with this fake information that you can know exactly who your spouse is, before you marry them.

02:07:57--> 02:08:00

This is a joke, I'm telling you by the rest is this a joke?

02:08:01--> 02:08:27

There reality is that you can only know who she is, after you marry her and she can only know who you are after she married you. So what we need is to know about their religion and their behavior and this will we get it from others not from them. You ask others Is he okay? Yes, she prays. He prays, you know, they've asked Allah azza wa jal, they're very kind Well, behaved with others, you know, this is what you need to confirm.

02:08:29--> 02:08:32

Other than that, when you marry then you will know the truth.

02:08:33--> 02:08:51

You get you get the idea. Otherwise, you're going to lose that prestige and that respect that you shouldn't be having which can protect your marriage, Inshallah, you're going to lose it if you too much, too much talk. And why do I say after the marriage, you will be able to know because nobody is able to hide his true identity forever.

02:08:52--> 02:09:18

During the marriage, each and every one of them is hiding the true identity. Yeah, you can dress up and she's also dressed up and everyone is nice, they're good looking, you know, and they talk nicely in the way the other one will be happy with. But after the marriage, the truth is going to be to be there. So be careful. Please take the advice of Allah subhanaw taala and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and trust me you will succeed as a professor lots of asset and it can be that deep televoting Allah grant us good

02:09:38--> 02:09:39

so can I just run

02:09:49--> 02:09:49


02:10:00--> 02:10:00

All right

02:10:24--> 02:10:24

sounds good