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How much did the Companions love the Prophet Sosa? Right? And when he died, how devastated were they? And in that moment for them to believe in number allostery

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Yeah, okay, I'll select Yeah, the one who's friend is picking up her hand. Yes.

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Said I want to make because Saddam and how does severe and twisting and Allah looks like in practice when you're going through a really difficult time, like say you hoped and planned for something and it didn't work out. And now you're like, just overpowered by your emotions and you're like, you know that Allah has the best plan for you. But in that moment, it's just so hard to realize and what can like one do to realize that, okay, so

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I don't want to ask too much because it's personal. Right? But I'm gonna give you two scenarios not I'm not going to Pro.

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You were applying for a job that didn't work out? That's a matter of this, isn't it? Right? And you're really hoping you would it would work out? Are you really hoping you would get accepted into the university, you didn't get accepted into the university? Right? Those are the those are the kinds of tests where, yeah, you could feel depressed, you could feel sad, but you can't live in that sadness. And feeling those emotions at first doesn't mean you don't have support and our culture, you can have those feelings. And you can feel those emotions and then you can pick yourself up and inshallah try it again. Right? So you can have a dip, you can have a low and a high. That's, that's

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being human, right? Allah didn't create us angels. But a lot of times these kinds of questions also have to do with oh, I had an engagement and it broke off. Or I had a marriage that ended miserably or I had, you know, something, or I didn't want my parents to get divorced, and they got divorced or something like that, right? Or I wanted my, my sister's fighting with my parents, and she's moving out of the house. And I didn't want her to move out of the house and she moved out of the house. In other words, all of those situations are about people. Right? People ending up doing things that hurt us, or people doing things that we wish they didn't do. Right. And they're I think the summer

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to me, at least comes from the stories in the Quran. Were people that are much better than us, like Jacoba they Saddam had no control over his family. He didn't have any control. Ibrahim Ali Salam is incredible human being had no say in his father as fathers choices, right? We cannot control other people's choices. Sometimes those choices hurt us deeply. And those people that were much better than us, they were hurt very deeply. being kicked out of your house is not an easy thing. Know how they slam being married to the woman that he's married to is not an easy thing. Asya being married to frown is not an easy thing. Musa alayhis salam running away from home, it's not an easy thing.

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These people were really traumatized by many terrible experiences, right? But Allah taught us through them, that we can only control what is within our grasp. And we have to learn to let go what isn't? Right because in the end, and not in that he went to heal on your own. This is what we say when and we'll see what strikes and Latina either Asaba Toombul, Siba in la la una de la John, whenever something strikes them, they say we belong to Allah to him, we're going to return any problem I'm having. How long is it going to last? Well, as long as I last I'm not here for that long.

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And and when I when I think about the grand scheme of things, this problem isn't as big as I think it is. You understand? And of course Allah has given us hope to in number three, use one after every difficulty there is great ease now you just put yourself in the shoes, how much did the Companions love the Prophet Sosa? Right and when he died? How devastated were they? And in that moment for them to believe in Allah, Allah mostly use one because the Quran is still there. The Quran is still saying with difficulty comes twice the ease. That's what the Quran is saying. And they, they weren't devastated. They weren't in tears. They were they were broken, but the their faith allowed them to

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heal from that and move forward.

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Right and Allah created so much ease for the OMA afterwards. Right? So that's just this life. It's just going to come with trials and difficulties. Allah has made us mentally prepared that life isn't going to be easy. He said it many many times. And you we all have trials that nobody don't don't believe somebody else has an easy life because they have an easy life on Instagram, or on tick tock right or somebody just those influencers say hey, I'm going to talk to you about the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah.

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That doesn't mean they are just showering and blessings every morning and they have no issues the moment the recorder goes off, what is that?

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typo. So we unfortunate Sometimes we run after things that are that are not as real that actually fake. But we believe them to be real, because somebody else has them so that they must not have any issues. They must not have any challenges. You have things that are causing you hurt the person next to you is things that are causing them hurt. I have things that are causing me hurt, everyone has them. Everyone has to deal with their own pain. And so Allah tests people differently. But the problem is we don't see the other person's trial, or we don't see that their trials that is exactly the same as ours. So we start saying, How come Allah is not testing them? He's only testing me, or

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how come I couldn't have it easy. Like they have it easy. You don't know if they have it easy or not. You don't know how you don't know that. Right? So these things give us a little bit of comfort that whatever trial Allah has picked for me, whatever loss Allah has picked, for me, whatever he experienced, the last pick for me, is something I'm supposed to learn from, learn and grow. That's it. Keep moving forward.

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