How can Non Muslims Touch the Quran when it says, None can Touch it Except those who are Pure

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Muhammad Nadeem from Pakistan. The Quran says none can touch it except those who are pure. However we see

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that any non Muslim can take the foreigner does it not go again the verse of the Quran quoted that none can touch it except those are pure. I do agree with the brother if you go under the supervision meaning of the Quran, what is referring to is a verse of the Quran from Slovakia, chapter number 56 verse number 77 to 79 we say this is the Quran most honorable, a book well guarded, who none can touch except those of you. If you go supervision meaning Yes, I do. I'll give you the non Muslim who's unpure can easily come and type the Quran and the Quran is proved wrong. If you see the loose rule of Quran, when what these verses revealed, it was revealed when the allegation made by the

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pagan Arabs against the Prophet, that what the prophet is getting the Quranic revelation, it is actually it is from the devil from the Shaitan knows Bella. So then this verse was revealed that this is a book most honorable, a book well guarded, who none can touch, except those appear. So this worse is not referring to the nominal most of the Quran that we have. It is referring to the Quran in Mohammed fools in the heaven,

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that none can touch it, except those who are pure, indicating it's not talking about the bodily purity that if you would do you can touch no doesn't refer to that. It is referring to not only purity in body, but purity of mind, purity of sense, total purity talking about the angels, referring that no one shall be able to touch that Quran, the original tablet in the heavens, not even the shotty not even the gene except the ages and cross reference. It says in Surah Budaj Chaplin 85 was the mu 2122. That this is the Quran in a tablet well preserved. So this was of the Quran is talking about the Quran in the llama fools in the tablet well preserved, no Satan can go

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close to it like the allegation led that the Prophet is getting these, all these revelation from the Satan knows Billa none can touch except those who are pure, totally pure talking about the angels. This was is not at all talking about the most of the copy of the Quran that we have this Quran. Of course, a Muslim can touch it with Voodoo candles without was also this was not referring to do is talking about total purity. A non Muslim can very well touch the Quran.

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Even a Muslim it is Mustafa Muslim to be Voodoo. Even without Voodoo, a Muslim can read the Quran it is not a further that a person should be in Voodoo. Though there's a misconception among some of the Muslims that you should have been booted the Quran is not a fun, it is a well it is most up it is preferable, but this was is talking about the Quran in Loma fools the original copy it's not about the most of the copy of the Quran that we have today.