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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala. So the car is our head he completed so what sort of catch today and he moved on to solid Maria mashallah, what an amazing solid, solid medium. And then after salt Maria, we will also have a little bit of soul often sort of aha, that no sort of country so Allah has 1 million perhaps, and it is a bit of an MBA the profits.

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So where can I start?

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from Ghana, we spoke about it yesterday. But the very last thing that we didn't I didn't talk about with regard to his death yesterday, the fourth fitna, I mentioned that you know, the whole Surah talks about four different trials. The fourth trial is the trial of power. And that came in the form of the the codename with this this very powerful man who used his power and authority to serve the communities now sold off millions so let's million it's a wonderful, beautiful heart Soutine sola. It is a Mickey soul. It will make use of any facts of Panama, it was revealed when the Sahaba while migrating from Mecca, the very first migration from Mecca to Assyria to habitat and the Prophet

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Muhammad, he knows why he does not want the unseen but Allah knows that they will need this or when they go to have the Shah, whereby that dialogue that happened between Ashesi and

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the government, the Prophet Mohammed Al Salam, and then he recited when he asked him, What does Islam say about Mary? What does Islam say about you know, your community right, something will recite something from the Quran, and he recited so that million needless ordinary, he could have recited

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but that was that wouldn't be that would not be an intelligent and smart. So he recited the beginning of soft medium and the miracle of soft medium.

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It's just number 16. It is also called SWAT

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only saw God

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this is called Health.

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Of course, everybody knows that one follows the dead. Yep.

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All right. So this is the name of the solar so it starts with the Zekeriya and he said Suplee kijken. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to bless him with a righteous son, and he was all and his wife was barren. And Allah subhana wa Tada answered his call with us as Acharya said first number five, what do you mean me? What are you What can your Apple have happening in the dome cover here is

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a poem which I love, which I love is IKEA.

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And then in verse number eight pod Obi Wan Allah as an astronaut, he is going he says, Hello, we

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at Walla How can I have a baby? How can I have a son my wife is pregnant is barren. She's also older. She's very young, she cannot have children no more. She's over 60 years old, she cannot have children no more. And I'm old. He says Well, I'd love to give you an idea. But brothers and sisters Allah subhanho wa Taala he provides with means and he provides me that means and he provides against the means. He said to this when the means which is bad without ASVAB and against the ASVAB Subhana Allah He is so heavily remember this name for Hadley. He used the name of Allah and the verb he has yet about whatever he better almost diva what is Heba is a gift from Allah as origin for heavily in

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India don't care Walia, Allah subhanho wa taala. That's the agenda for for this particular guy. And then he says, how to interview and then Allah subhanaw taala talks about the story of Mary and her the birth of Isa and he said, when she became too many to bless her Oh, to give her the idea of of her being pregnant. Then when she saw him harder in them and as well who are you marry? She's there in her place of worship worshiping Allah subhanaw taala serving the pilgrims that come to bathe them up this and then all of a sudden she sees this man who are you collecting? You're only gonna rush man and you can

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be fearful to Allah. Who are you? He says Father in another super hot bikini ever one more time they will have brothers and sisters, those of you who are married and they want children to use the name of Allah and we're helping with the heavily family you have a giver from Allah subhanho wa Taala she says or he says in a big I am a messenger of allah of your God we have and that you will demonstrate here

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To bless you, we'll do more than that here.

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And then she got pregnant. And then after becoming pregnant, she went to the brink of childbirth. And then she says verse number 23. On NCI, they told me to come to the strip and see, Jesus, I wish I had died and never have to witness this. What would people say? What would my family say? What would the neighbors say? You know, I'm pregnant. My father was in it. My mom was not was not suffering, but she was not I proceed to ignore Ozai. What would people think? She says, Yeah, listen,

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I wish I was dead never have to face this further than Tatiana came up again to give her the blockchain and

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don't be self conscious.

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And here's I'm going to jump sisters, I want to ask you this question. Why did you come to sell? Here's my question. Well, I want to see like a vision in how to solve it.

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Journey. He told her she's a woman. She's giving birth, right? And she's a weak woman. And there's this huge palm tree and he told her to shape the trunk of the palm tree for days to fall. Yeah, and he sister tell me what is going on here. Why is he telling her to shake the trunk of the palm tree? She's going you need more than 100 men to be able to shake up on tree she is one woman she's pregnant she's delivering this baby. And as you please send her send the palm tree save the trunk of the boundary. Was she going to be able to shake it?

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No know why did he tell her to save the palm tree sisters

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are you a

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to give her give her chocolate Hey.

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Give her

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chocolate dog

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Chocolate? Yes, Allah wants to make an effort lamented to make seven. This is why it needs to use the means but don't put your trust in the logo the means to kind of who what?

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And then

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a Sadie Selim was born, a scientist was born and he spoke. If you one of the three babies that spoke at birth, you have a salary salon, and you have the the maid of finance bar. She had a baby he also spoke and then the son or not the son July is the story of this man Paul Joyce. It's a very well known story who he was accused of committing Zina and this woman who she was a prostitute accused this man who raised her baby he brought the baby says bring the baby and then he told a speak or baby speak Who is your father and the baby spoke said my father is so and so. Three babies that spoke on birth. Let me do this and he said that I thought Allah subhanho wa Taala talk about the

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quality of the body all the children right here all the sons all the youth right here, Ibrahim and his father Ibrahim is given to his father Abraham is talking to his father number 42 He says if already I believe

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in Adobe we say what we call a BBC in order to say write in audio say Avi he says yeah

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we suffer the

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inability to make it more sweet to make it more beautiful more so the yeah

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yeah Betty limita

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cache on my father while you're worshiping something that cannot benefit you that cannot hear nor see why. But then the Father Look he was so kind to his father was talking with other with his dad, how do you talk to your dad's

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even this that was not a believer man he was he was a Catholic and then he was talking to him nicely. So how am I

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brothers? We saw now a son a belief in son talking to a non believing father. Couple of days ago when we talked about solid food. It was

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it was a believing man father talking to a non believing son who was he

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and he

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no, no she

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was ever sister. Give her can give her give her she's on just keep it you know, right around the sun. So the father

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Please just donate for the

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and then at the very end verse number 96, beautiful, beautiful it was kind of deficits in the learning.

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He has he would have more work no no would

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in the deal judgment, a lot of talks about the hush up and then when people will terrify when people will be terrified I was panel jealousies, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada was appointed for them, his love his affection, you have nothing to worry about the

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solar power, how quickly so it's also making solar. This is the solar that led to increase is

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only a little bit of the solar journey but high versus spa man as an advocate.

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You heard that and he wanted the Prophet Muhammad and he displayed his Islam, Allah azza wa jal talk a little bit here in more detail about the story of Musa alayhis salam, very long story. It's probably Musa here in Salah perhaps in more detail as Allah subhana wa Tada said Musa to face fill out who, who was who enslaved and a bucket of bananas or eat. So he said, here's the gym. A lot of people you know, they when they before they speak, if we want to speak or give a speech or whatnot, maybe you can say this to her. He said first number 2526 2728 He said, Ha Beshara honey Sabally before he wants to meet Musa to return to confront him, he said Pardot Beshara funny so the only way

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you're civilly Imani 100 million is your problem. How will he Musa used to start her?

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Used to suffer right so he said rubbish Luckily somebody opened my breast or put in my heart while you're sitting on money make things easy for me when

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you open this not that I have in my tongue so that they may understand me.

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And then Allah azza wa jal told them verse number 4344 is hubba Elantra him and his brother humans but Subhanallah the most immediate for his brother to become an MP how it was not a prophet but he was still the daughter of Musa and he said do you make you make dua for your brothers or your sisters meter for one another the DA of Musa was answered he says send my brother with me I cannot go confront Infineon alone send my brother we'd meet now he's Bolivian Prophet Yaga take you by the with you and low income from it.

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So cool that level look Allah knows

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yet he told him yeah Musa

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season brother

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in law

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in Abu Dhabi thought

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Oh, yes.

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Go to Phil. He caused Terry on Earth. Say something nice to him, talk to him, let him talk to him kindly given that kind of give him a good donation.

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And then around and Musa that very wise, we talked about the dialogue between the two. If you can see, he says the magician's 70,000 Magicians came in one generation 80,000 musicians. And then they saw the man was actually American because the musicians they know the trick, they know the trick. But when they saw the miracle from most, they certainly knew that was not true. They made sure to Allah subhanho wa taala. He said in the morning, they were Sahar, they were magicians. They were wrong. There were messages during the evening they became sure that because we killed them all. And then we will end with first number 124 Allah subhanho wa Taala says by documenting astrology, women

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our degree for in another home at a certain banca one actual young man with the mighty Atma and whoever stay away from the remembrance of Allah from an autobiography into the Houma Aisha from Blanca he shall have this very tiny slice this very tight very dunk dunk immediately. Darkness life or NASA was on actually on Oklahoma. It was Russian they wouldn't be blind brothers and sisters in the vehicle of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada because Allah Subhana Allah

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that Allah will afford to the left and the sweetness and the icing on the cake is salutations about Prophet Muhammad from blah blah I will send a salah I love you all of you shall go along most of you will send them an email Muhammad. Allah from second law head said mid contemplate