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Whether you conceal what is in your hearts or reveal it, it is known to Allah. For He knows whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. And Allah is Most Capable of everything. [3:29]

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Keep me on this path to

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survival. It's what drives us every morning to wake up, have breakfast, spent endless hours of working, and proceed throughout our day. Our actions are usually rooted up thriving in life, all so we can survive. And so I'd like you to think about your survival for a moment.

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Everyone knows the importance of water, and how we can't live without it. But what if you only had one jug of water left? And it was essential to ensure your survival? Would you cover it and protect it? Would you allow for anything to pollute it? What if there was a little bottle that claimed to have the most delicious taste and provide the most refreshing feeling? But there was a label on the side that read caution? This bottle contains poison? Would you add a drop so you can experience its flavor? Despite the fact that it could possibly kill you? Would you say it's only one drop? It's not a big deal. I want that pleasure. How about our actions and our deeds? Would you allow for it to be

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poisoned with even a drop of spiritual poison? Take a moment to reflect as we go throughout our day, when we wake up for fudger and pray when we volunteer at the masjid when we attend the fundraiser and raise our hand and give charity. These are all beautiful, noble actions. Now think about all the things that we do throughout our day for others.

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What if there was an ulterior motive?

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And your actions were not for those people that we said they were for?

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Imagine if someone gave you a gift, but it wasn't because they cared about you and they wanted you to be happy or pleased, but rather, because they wanted to get some favor in return. Or to be able to post about it and brag about it to others online.

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What if their real intention was revealed to you? Would you feel betrayed?

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Would their insincerity make you feel this taste and possibly anger towards them?

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What about the day when we will present our deeds to the King of all kings, to our master, to our Lord, to Allah subhanho wa Taala Do you think it will be presented at just its face value? And what's apparent on the outside? A lost pen with Allah said in the Quran. They were only commanded to worship Allah alone, with sincere devotion to him.

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For one's action of worship to be accepted by Allah. There are two conditions that need to be fulfilled. The action must be correct. And that has to be done for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala the Lord

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done with no other reason than to please Allah subhanho wa Taala and Jordan near to him.

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Allah Subhana Allah said in a hadith could see the most beloved act with which my servant worships me as sincerity for my sake.

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to nurture our relationship with Allah, we have to worship Him in the way he sapan with Hannah loves,

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