Why Seek Forgiveness?

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The transcript describes a segment of a YouTube video where a man named Salatu tells his people to stop drinking alcohol and start forgiveness. He also talks about how rain is a factor in people's views of reality. Salatu emphasizes that forgiveness is a key to achieving a better state of mind and achieving a better life.

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So mohalla is Salatu was Salam. He says, For Kuru, to stop vino back home, I told my people say a stone Villa turn to Allah ask Allah for forgiveness. See the same statement we are saying today? What is the moral of today's message? a stove Allah seek Allah's forgiveness

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that is the model. So, he told his people the same thing. And then he explained to them why he is saying that, why am I saying siesta villa in who can have point number one, because Allah is very, very forgiving. You see, there is a difference between the four and have far what is the difference of a four is one who is forgiving, and how far is one who continues to forgive all the time. He my brothers and sisters with Allah subhanho wa Taala he will continue to forgive you repeatedly again and again until the day you die. No matter how many times a sin is done, Your duty is to keep on asking Allah for forgiveness. When you ask us forgiveness, you need to be genuine not to go back.

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But if shaytan has trapped you again and you went back after having planned not to go back still you will find Allah most forgiving, Most Merciful. That is the meaning of Far, far meaning one who just keeps on forgiving. He just carries on forgiving. That's the name of Allah and it's the quality of Allah subhanho wa Taala so no other incidences I told my people keep on asking Allah given us a stone Villa because he will keep on from leaving you.

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For as long as you keep on asking Him He will keep on giving you Subhana Allah so don't lose hope. ask Allah forgiveness every day and ask him forgiveness because asking forgiveness will elevate your status even after your sin is forgiven. Then what will happen Say for example, I keep on asking Allah forgiveness all of them give me all of them give me he says you will see this summer.

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He will grant you beneficial rain from the sky through watch through a federal law. Because I said Forgive me Oh ALLAH forgive me. beneficial rain, what is the meaning of rain? What does rain depict? Rain depicts the flourishing of the earth and the beauty of the economy and your entire nation begins to flourish because of the beautiful rain. The cup is produced people are eating people are happy, the rivers are flowing and the water is there. So everything is beautiful. That is rain. How did we get it? a stove? Allah, Oh Allah I seek your forgiveness.

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Now the young people of today they have a problem. If you tell them a stove, Allah will give you rain they will tell you I don't want rain I want money.

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Show you know that. It's only give me you know, fruits, I need the money. I need the cash. I need the ring gates and the dollars. What about rain rain comes along comes I'm not worried I need the money. Now that is shallow and it is narrow mindedness because obviously you will only get money through hard work. And that will only happen if your economy is flourishing and you have a job and so on. So Allah says we will grant you the rain but because Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to give us even more guess what he says immediately after he speaks about rain. Listen to what he says well you need a

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bit more

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and he will strengthen you with money. Which means Don't worry, we know what you want. You want the cash we will give you the cash also through what

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Allah says we will give you the wealth, we will give you sustenance we will sustain you we will provide for you we will make sure you are provided for be happy and content No need to steal and no need to live a life higher than your means. Get down to your means you earn 1000 ringgit manage your month so that you will not use more than 1000 that month you earn a million manage your month so that you will give away a lot of that million inshallah to a good cause. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us and open our doors. So Allah is telling us he's going to give you um, one wealth, and then you know what he says?

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Well, Bonnie, you need to be a man. Do you have any he will grant you strength through sustenance, he will provide for you and He will give you offspring children what type of children number one those who don't have children will be blessed with children you know what that means? A star Viola will open the doors of marriage for those who are not married. Because you can't just have children in order to have children you need to be married. So if Allah says we'll give you children with means we will get you married someone good and inshallah you will have children by the will of Allah so number one you want to get married stones, little last little law Oh ALLAH forgive me. Lots of

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give me 100 times a day a million times a day for 10 years, five years whenever it is, and you find the doors opening one after the other.

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And after that, may Allah bless those who don't have children.

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with children, but some people don't have kids in a rush. Don't lose hope Allah knows if it's better for you and when it's better for you, but what will open the door, it's a door that might be sealed for now you can open it through a stove, Allah, Allah forgives me open the door. And on top of that, let's continue. If a person does have children, sometimes they are depressed because the biggest form of hurt that a person can feel is the hurts that comes from his or her own children against him or her. That's the biggest hit. If you want to be hurt by your neighbor, it's fine because you know what? I can shift my house if you were hurt by someone else is one of them. But when you are hurt by

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your own child, it hurts you much more. How what is the solution for that stuff? It'll turn back to Allah you turn to Allah see, they will turn we disobey Allah and we want our children to obey us. Who are we? May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us. That's why we say little law stuff. So he will grant us children and on top of that the children will be the coolness of our eyes.

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Why are Gen? Con Gen.

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Y john, come on.

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Ultimately, we all want the gardens, the gardens of Paradise. We all want rivers to flow. Allah says that same stuff, Allah will take you there as well. That same stuff.