Given Our Limited Knowledge, When Can We Start Doing Dawah

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AI: Summary © A sister has a question about a problem with a brother's knowledge of a phrase, and the sister asks the brother to confirm whether the brother's knowledge is true or not. The sister then asks the brother's opinion on a problem with GFP, which the brother says is a problem that needs to be addressed.
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and sisters have any question? Salam aleikum. Warahmatullah wabarakatuh walakum wa salam, or rather, the question is regarding the first question that the brother has that even if we want to do dava, or we have to say something about the knowledge that we have about Islam, but since it's like a, as it was said by the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam that even if you have been higher, you convey it to others, but when we are telling it to the others, they are telling that the most common phrase that they use a bit too much Mr. De Naga, or a beam of Chile YOLO. So what should be our answer in regarding to that? The sister asked a question that when you start with Nava, the prophets that

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Bhagwan Neville Avaya propagate even if it'd be one verse, So the common reply she gets his Doomadgee man didn't know gotta be chilly, at least started. So if you start but naturally have to convey so you have to say that for the Prophet said that Joomla Joomla and dinky servers been a void in most Oktay if it's the Muslim Doom to Joomla Joomla the nonprofit said If If one was to tell your friend and this thing can be told to a Muslim or non Muslim you know tell you this Joomla Joomla and Ninja dialog a Muslim delude so you see when Joomla Joomla they needed to let you might imagine if I hear in the morning I can deliver the same morning so even if I agree with you profits that

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immediately so do you believe in cyber how do we build in the profit so turn the tables over rather saying that you might you might they know when I'm visually okay fine you said you didn't agree. The Prophet said immediately believer Nivola because this was a Muslim or non Muslim will tell you this a non Muslim really where the thing or you muslim that like that you are merciless, so how to repair the different technique. So sister the better way of being tava is instead of opposing

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in martial arts, when you want to fight it is preferable to use the power of your opponent and throw him down rather than use your power he may be a big giant if it either comes down punches you to take a step forward uses force and three more because then he cannot track back or she cannot track back. So you agree okay fine to hear but the Prophet said again, same was Tala will icon with him so I'm gonna win my mongering you

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agree no problem. You agree I agree. This is a technique which will come out of experience sister it will come out of experience how to reply and don't feel shy or afraid that if they pose a question that you you have to reply

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see that will come in sha Allah the more you strive Allah will make you in the position no one thing oh you know as I hereby answers on the spot, so that inshallah you will be better than me. Maybe after a few days, the monument didn't know maybe after a few years.

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The thing is systems that you start make beginning at least. And when you make a beginning you may not be able to reply that wittingly on the spot but Insha Allah, the more you strive, Allah says in the Quran and Sunnah and kaboodle, chapter number 29, verse number 69. You strive in His way and he will open up the pathways. So the main thing has been GFP salmonella problems